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tv   Washington Journal Representative Steve Cohen Discusses the Russia...  CSPAN  June 21, 2017 11:42pm-12:10am EDT

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senate republicans and felt their health care law thursday. debate expected to begin next week after the legislation is scored by the congressional budget office. the vote did come next week. watch live coverage of the senate health care debate on c-span two, c-span and our free c-span radio app. next, a look at the russia investigation with congressman steve cohen, a member of the judiciary committee. he talks about his call for in investigation into the financial charity.of eric trumps this is 25 minutes. >> congressman steve cohen back at our desk is it democrat from tennessee, a member of the judiciary committee. a formal probe of russian interference in the 2016 election. democrats on the committee want one in light of what has come out of the course of the investigation. what would be different if the house judiciary committee got
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involved and what would your lane be here? i having courage the chairman to take up some of these issues. the judiciary committee is the proper form for discussions of the fbi there, the issues around his firing. fbi'ssues around the morale and what is going on ivf ei. it comes under our jurisdiction. firing and the wiring that was set to be because the fbi was demoralized and people were not happy with director call me. thatrom the trump team on day. we should have a hearing. we should also have hearings on the process. a lot of people, especially on my side of the aisle think it is too early to talk about impeachment. yet.acts are not very that is what special counsel will were will not produce.
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i think the procedure is something we could look at or leave some issues concerning the statements that have been made about the judiciary, my subcommittee that i am a ranking president has been disparaging of the courts so-called judges. judges and about woody have trump university losses. he complained about the judge because of his ethnic heritage that he apparently cannot get a for somebody that was a hispanic american. what has the chairman told you as you asked for the hearings to be brought? he said the intelligence committee is taking up certain matters with the russian elections that the f the eye situation again is with his dismissal for the special counsel.
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everything you can come up with. rational responses, but nevertheless, there is code jurist diction with the special counsel and the committee, and has similarhat jurisdiction. the senate judiciary looking at some of these issues. senate intelligence is taking up these issues. host: along with the house intelligence committee with their issues as well. focusing on robert mueller and the special counsel, du believe he can conduct an investigation fairly? guest: probably the best person in the united rates of america to be chosen for this position. my recall onefresh robert mueller when he was reported. of theback with some times that he and i had interchanged on the committee over the years. always a gentleman, always on top of the case. down to the line, good, outstanding fbi director and inspector. host: william otis is former
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special counter for president george h.w. bush. he writes in a column, from -- former fbi director, 15 years they were partners. dust that define comey more than any other in public service. it would be surprising if they had not formed a permanent bond together. there is no way comey is anything but a central witness in this investigation, if not a subject or it molar could be accepted -- expected to evaluate comey's credibility and his objective sharp eyed that this job demands. guest: a the key has an object of sharp eye. at the key has objectivity on all of those things that mr. otis said that he needs to have. the fact is, and i guess this is a fact in my opinion. was not thrilled with james comey's decisions on hillary clinton, but i thought those decisions where errors in
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judgment, but not errors in integrity or honesty. he felt that he had a duty after he told the committee that the --estigation was over your over, to come back and say they investigation continues. he felt like that was his responsibility. i don't think you need to have -- i don't think anybody can promise lycee james comey is not honest and forthright. ministry should is doing it, they are putting out falsehoods to defame a fine gentleman, a man that served our country well with justice and the fbi. i do not agree with any criticism. there is nothing to judge. people -- yes,in albert einstein is very smart. those whowere one of called for james comey to be fired amid hillary clinton's investigation. guest: at the key should resign,
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which is a difference, but if the key should be fbi director today. the mistakes he made were political judgments to get involved in violate the justice department policy. he got into it with loretta lynch. general lynch did make an error, it was in error with her having a long discussion with president linton on the tarmac. -- president clinton on the tarmac. comey felt he had to take certain actions and leadership positions to show that the fbi was independent of any collusion that might've existed between clinton and loretta lynch. i think what he did was because it was necessary and because of his upbringing of doing the right thing. i do get run politically. the elections. i think it get through the election. there were certain questions about secretary clinton's character from the clinton foundation and the way money was
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raised and actions were taken. some within the state department. i think that that possibility that she could be under advised -- you will be indicted, locker up, all things turned a lot of people who were on the cusp over and said we cannot have that. they voted for the lesser of evils. if comey would not have done that, hillary clinton would have been president. once he got into the investigation of president trump and russian interference, then it was important that he continued on that thread because that was not going to be a political judgment to come down -- it was to agree our democracy in jeopardy? is there a question about treason on any people's part and collusion? for the president to fire the man who was directing that investigation after he apparently asked several people to get them to drop the investigation on flynn, more and
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more we see here about michael flynn, the more more incredulous in an leasable they allowed him in the hearings when he obviously had been undisclosed and working for the russian government and the turkish government. i think comey should not have .een fired when he was in the trump administration, if trump wanted to our him, he should of art him on day one. once the -- he should have fired him on day one. host: democrat, good morning. -- caller: i have a major concern and that i truly believe the russians were involved in they did penetrate our voting systems through cyber attacks. for thern is that recent elections, i hope that will sendr mueller
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some people in, especially into the atlanta area to verify that the russians did not impact that election by cyber attacks. i want to make certain that we maintain the integrity of our voting systems from this part moving forward and that there are resources so that voting is fair and honorable throughout our nation. otherwise, the russians and trump and his people will always run this country. your job is in jeopardy. everybody's job is in jeopardy and our democracy is in jeopardy. very well said. i could not agree with you more. the voting system in georgia, i do not really have questions about it, but it do have questions in general about voting systems. i know they do not have a voting trail.
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one of my constituents brought me about it this morning. a lot of people are concerned about voting irregularities and outside group. whether it is the russians are a political group. it is possible that there was interference -- there definitely was an attempt by the russians to find out voter rolls in certain states and certain information from election commissions in certain states. they were not doing that for sport. holding a hearing on russia's iver efforts against u.s. election systems in 2016. we are showing that on that is starting in about 15 minutes after we finish up with congressman cohen. you are bumping me once again? host: we have about another 15 minutes left. independent, go ahead. morning, good
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morning c-span. i amuld be great because independent, it would be great for you to be honest when it comes to this last election and be done with it. , most commonsense people and reasonable people know that what happened was, it your party spent a billion and you loss. in the middle of that your servers were hacked and expose the fact that there was collusion between the media, cnn specifically donna brazile, and many other people. that collusion led to a fracture which was the party with bernie sanders. you had a lot of disgruntled employers inside the dnc. that is where happened. this is all a distraction so you can stop the trump agenda. guest: first of all surya are not independent you are obvious the a republican.
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there were several reasons for losing the election. we did not get enough votes. we did not get folds in pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. it was a mistake for hillary clinton not to go back to wisconsin or have as good as policy on certain issues that would appeal to young people in ann arbor, wisconsin and medicine to bring that vote out. the interference in the election by the russians, and bringing out a bunch of stuff that was unnecessary and cause people to have questions, they had fake news out there to make hillary clinton went bad. i have no question in my mind and i don't think a reasonable person, or comments is person would think the russian influence was considerable and in my opinion it did. nobody else could see it might have contributed to the election of donald trump. that's why don lewis called it in illegitimate election. we will deal with it as long as he is the president.
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we will resist is legislation it is harmful to people and the justice of the system. mostly what they are doing is giving tax breaks to their upper 1%, that is part of what they are doing behind the work on health care. it is to get drug companies and and thee companies wealthiest one and 2% in the country big, big tax breaks. hundreds of thousands are it millions of dollars in tax breaks and putting 23 million people off of insurance. away from health-care and killing medicaid. the program is help to set up the disabled, seniors and mothers who are pregnant and poor. that is unconscionable. this will catch up with them and the american people will not stand for it. host: to california, line for republicans, good morning. caller: good morning john, good morning representative: --
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representative cohen. how did the russians influence the election? from what i understood from all wasnews, all of the voting off-line, there was no way that they were able to get into the voting booths for the voting machines. also, on the clinton situation there, which one is it that democrats are saying they lost? they lose either by the investigation on clinton, or is it the russian influence that i personally feel does not exist other than the fact that they may have got into the dnc. put out basically what was the emails in the dnc. you on theree with election apparatus. i have seen questions about the integrity of the vote counts, or
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the voting machines, but i am not one of those people. i think we lost in numbers in the state they came to be electoral victory. i think the russian interference affected the mood of the public and a lot of people on the edge that made a difference. it would not have done that if the fact that she was "being investigated" from the russian angle. why did much upward last 10 days election saying she is under investigation and saying she is a criminal. he knew that from pulling that that would move a certain number of voters his way, and he was right. it may not may say have been polling, it was got. -- gut. information and he also used the russians. he went on television and said if the russians are listening, find those emails.
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he placed everything right on his sleeve and he knew the russians were listening. i think he gave himself away just like when he had -- i said to myself, trump this investigation is not going so well, let's get rid of comey. it is disparaging to the russians. that to me is un-american. no matter what you think of that james comey, he is a fine upstanding decent, honest american patriot. alan is a democrat in brooklyn, new york. courts --e reason the the election immediately was the state of vote count they felt would eat irreparable harm to the president the of the apparent winner george w. bush. compared to the situation we have now it's eames that we have a far greater likelihood of irreparable harm being done to the country's from permanent or
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lasting actions of a president whose legitimacy may be determined to be void after the facts. lower court judges changes in the paris climate treaty. irreversible changes in the physical condition of the environment that cannot be turned back. given all of this and the slowness of the investigative process and the impeachment process, do you think we need to 25th amendment to allow another condition aside from the illness. where he is under a sufficient cloud that the legitimacy of his acts would be impossible to reverse. found to be illegitimate after-the-fact third certain actions will be impossible to reverse, therefore there will be another avenue to put in some kind of temporary power by the investigation is being completed. otherwise there is no way of trunk -- trumpat
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is even holding office legitimately. it is an interesting proposal, i don't think you would get anywhere. power to,ou give the it would give them power to override the election. impeachment is not just a legal proceeding it is political. hopefully the republicans understand it is damaging their plan, they will come and take action. it reminds me of that movie about the domestics in the south with the african-american woman who are constantly serving the white folks and what they put in the cake sometime. host: why do you want the president's son -- why are you calling for an investigation into eric trump? guest: children research
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hospital is one of the finest institutions in our country and the world. nobody is charged to go to saint jude. they are doing great research to cure cancer. trump has raised up to $16 million for saint jude. through some sources he will end up raising the by others helping . i do think it is wrong to charge expenses for the golf tournament at his father's suggestion, which will give him free. for the first five years everything was free. the golfing, the food, the trinket, you name it. donald trump saw all this in the money that we do not give this away. it went from nothing to about 16,000 to 20,000 to fit the thousand. -- to 50,000.
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i know a lot of people who know a lot about charity golf tournaments. they say there is no way that tournament should cost anywhere near that. --t amount of money trump and loving eric trump was at fault, he listened to his father. donald trump transferred 100 thousand dollars from his charitable foundation to the air trump foundation to cover 100,000 of expenses. still 223 out-of-pocket for him saint jude, but that 100,000 that donald trump got was from other people that gave him money. we see he has taken that fund to make contributions with secretary of state in florida who was investigating. a $20,000 check or something. he did things like that like it was his personal money and violated the law. when he took that money out of his pocket and gave it to eric, it was money he got from one source, gave to eric to free up
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$100,000 and came into his pockets as revenue. that is illegal. that is why he needs to be investigated. host: has the justice department shown any interest? shouldno, they said it go to the fbi with proof and the local jurisdiction. jude is is that seeing appreciative of the money they got from trump. i'm surethey with -- they wish the charges were not made, if it was the case they would have about another million dollars. they appreciate what eric trump has done. i want to make clear that i think eric trump has done a lot for seeing jude and i commend him for that, but i don't think giving the money to his father was the right thing to do. good morning. i want to introduce myself. voter andck obama voted for donald trump. somebody called earlier and says he was an independent.
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the congressman chooses to say you are a republican. i was listening to him early and meeting --ing about he calls it in error. just imagine if you was a republican doing that, he would be shouting. you told him about the relationship between james comey robert mueller. even start any problem. he just said james comey is the best guy. whye wants to know democrats will keep losing, this party -- you have heard black people for too long. black people for too long. when we keep listening to people like you congressman, you
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energize us to go out there and support this president. there is some truth to the fact that the more we question and bring out policy of trump that hurt middle-class and poor people with health care and taxes and environmental causes, , hising water and etc. supporters will institute of not want to in mid-that they made a mistake and are getting taken advantage of. that is something we have to deal with is how to get our message across. message about jobs, message andt justice and fairness, collective good, which is what the environment is. all of these regulations that are repealed and end up helping the business a lot but hurting the populace -- populace because
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of problems put in the air and water. this affects people's lives and kills people. that is a problem we have generally been concerned about and it is raymond j laissez-faire attitude. we might lose some folks. until we get a new brand of kool-aid we will have some of those people. host: it is in your district? guest: it is right out of it. caller: line -- good morning. how is everybody doing this morning? guest: every day is a good day. caller: about the investigation about russia, people are forgetting that trump was the one who invited them to hack the emails while he was running. you all forgot to say that. he was the one that invited russia. russia played us.
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now all the people that work for him, he is doing everything he can to distract them. the grown-up and he is both the be the leader of our country. when benghazi was going on, the work saying benghazi. now in this invest in it -- investigation about russia they are saying it's a witch hunt no it's not. keep it up. me and jerry garcia are going to keep on trucking. i agree with you, totally. this is a serious threat to our democracy. editor and may publisher as well of the nation magazine. i begin was the new york times yesterday about how this discussion about russia has taken the people's interest away the issues that matter, like climate change, like health care being behind doors.
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this has helped trump. all of the talked about his involvement with the russia invest edition. trump to make and do that put her that he does so well. she was right about the election. wish the gentleman who i never heard of until yesterday in south carolina what have one. the fact that the democrat in south carolina time -- came with a two percentage rate with beating a republican, time perez was down there was not a lot of money. that is amazing in a south carolina district. even he was coming in five or six points. it is pretty amazing in that district when you consider it is a pretty rural republican area. he did not live in the district according to law, but he was smart politically.
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the fact that he kept talking about how he was staying with his girlfriend and how that is commendable, i'm sure in some places in georgia that did not play well that he was living with his girlfriend. he said they have a nice relationship and she is been to be -- going to be a great doctor, but that did not play out there. move into the district, the real, you might have one. the: we are going to spend last half hour of our program opening up on that topic. the republican special election in georgia specifically but also south carolina. colors can start calling in for lines for republican, independents and democrats. i want to thank you. come back and join us again. senate republicans unveil their health care law on thursday. debate expected to begin next week after being scored by the congressional budget office.


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