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tv   Washington Journal Representative Ro Khanna Discusses Apprenticeship and...  CSPAN  June 22, 2017 10:43am-10:53am EDT

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to talk about the republican health care legislation on the senate floor. can you see that live on our companion network, c-span2. also, on the house side of the capitol, 11:30 eastern, house speaker paul ryan will be briefing reporters in the capitol. that will be live here on c-span. while we wait for those things to get under way, a conversation from this morning's "washington journal." democrat of californi, congressman ro khanna, member of the budget and armed services committee. let's talk about the big tech ceos making their way to washington to meet with the president. elite comes to trump's washington. the discussion was h-1b visas. what are they and why is this important to our economy in your opinion? was --the immigration
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the immigration topic was a huge topic. visas allows people to come over who have special skills. some employers have brought individuals at lower wages, and i have a bill to help reform that to make sure every person would earn a median wage. but there are a lot of people who have contributed like elon musk or the ceo of microsoft. so we have brought in the best and the brightest. we need to continue the program, but make sure people are earning the median wage. guest: how does the program work and why do we need to continue it? guest: if you have specialized studiedr if you have and one of our universities where we subsidize, and we need those individuals in the united
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if there is no one in the united states aixa and a particular job. as a result, we have had some of the best and brightest from around the world come to the united states, people like elon musk. it has helped our innovation and our economy. at the same time, it has been abused at times. it has been used by some corporations to replace american workers for cheaper labor, or you have had individuals come in being paid below-market wages. that needs to be fixed. host: what does the technology companies tell you about the need for more h-1b visas because the american workforce is not way -- workforce is not where they need it to be? guest: they do not want to eliminate the program or take a sledgehammer to it like some have proposed. continue toneed to
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be the place that attracts people from around the world. a key component of that, but we are open to some reforms to you are paying the median wage. a lot of these tech companies are paying $130,000 on average for h-1b beezus. -- h-1b visas. there are some abusing the process. that is what we need to fix. we want immigrants, but we want immigrants to be paid well and be treated well, and at the same time, we have to invest in those in our country so we can continue to have the best talent here. amazon's ceo what jeff bezos told to the president talking about ways to retrain american workers. take a look. [video clip] >> when we met in december, i
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encouraged the ministry shen to be a developing -- when we met in december, i'm cursed this administration -- i encouraged the administration. on --ing you can't focus one thing you could focus on is using commercial technologies whenever possible. it would save taxpayers a lot of money. the second one would be to continue to work hard and figure out ways to retrain an upscale workers all of the the u.s. athave a program at amazon --we have a program at amazon called career choice. and the third thing to keep your eye on is the united states needs to at every level be working on artificial intelligence. thatd be used in every --
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can be used in every part of government. host: response to that aspect. guest: it is insightful. intelligence and machine learning our future jobs that we are going to need to have. we need to train people to know how to understand how to use robotics and machines, and understand basic, graphic design. appalachia, there was a very successful program training coal miners and kids on basic software for apple and android software. but these things need funding. but the reality is the president's budget has zeroed out these training programs and cut the budget for the appalachian regional commission. and cutting budgets on workforce development. my hope is that they may
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reconsider that. host: the president has been talking about apprenticeships, and wanting to focus his attention on those. this is from the associated press on the president's executive order. the 2017 budget provides 95 million for these apprenticeships and only 5 million more than the obama administration. it would be set by the labor department and eases the regulatory burden for administering apprenticeship programs. guest: it is a great goal. i think we need to have more apprentice programs, but we have to find it. you can not have the same baselevel funding and say who will have 10 times more apprenticeship programs. plus, these programs must be in
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advanced manufacturing, but also in the new digital areas. one place at that can happen is an initiative that was in the obama administration have brought together people to train for tech jobs in the future. my hope is that the president will put the resources behind the rhetoric. host: we are talking to congressman ro khanna about works training, and how to upscale american workers. we want to know your thoughts. republicans 202-748-8001. democrats 202-748-8000. republicans 202-748-8002. >> there are 6 million job openings in the united states.
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this is the highest number of job vacancies on record. americans want to hire. american companies want to hire americans come and americans want to work. that there is a skill gap between skills available and the skills that workers currently have. apprenticeship teaches the skills needed to find good jobs and to succeed in those jobs. apprenticeships combine a paid work component with an educational component. apprentices earn while they learn, avoiding the burden of student debt. throughout his career, president trump witnessed firsthand the success of apprenticeship programs in the building trades. throughout his campaign, president trump committed firmly to expand job opportunities here in america. the president knows that apprenticeships offer participants good jobs and freedom from excessive loan
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debt. and the president knows that apprentice ship programs work. reducee the best ways to the skills gap. congressman? guest: apprenticeship programs to work and he gets back to the funding issue. why are we not been funding more than the same baseline budget a past years? >> we'll leave "washington journal" here to bring you house minority leader nancy pelosi's weekly briefing. ms. pelosi: good morning, everyone. i just came from a speak out on the east lawn here of the capitol on behalf of voting rights. two bills, one introduced by john lewis, voter empowerment act. another introduced by terry sule -- sewell to advance the voting rights in our country to correct the mistakes made by the supreme court on that score.


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