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tv   Washington Journal Representative Thomas Massie Discusses Concealed Carry...  CSPAN  June 22, 2017 11:22am-11:33am EDT

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coming up shortly here on c-span, house speaker paul ryan will also be briefing reporters. that's scheduled for about eight minutes from now at 11:30. you will be able to watch it on c-span. after that at noon eastern, the u.s. house is back for legislative work. on today's agenda will be a bill to speed up the permitting process for construction of water on c-span. after storage projects on federal land. along with that a bill setting policy for career and technical education programs. also today, the house will start construction and consideration of legislation to set up programs to subsidize the wages of people on the temporary aid to needy families program. it's anticipated that the house will wrap up work on that tomorrow. when the house comes back in session, of course, we'll have live coverage here on c-span. continues. host: at her table, thomas massie who sits on the government reforms committee.
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congressman, after that shooting was to place in virginia but was targeting members of congress that's been a large amount of their time in washington d.c., what did that reveal to you about your safety and the safety of your colleagues? people may not realize, but there are very few members of congress that have a security detail in washington d.c. 90% of us are basically sitting ducks when they come to washington d.c. because even though a lot of us have concealed carry permits and a lot of our staff have concealed carry permits, and we in ourirearms congressional district, when we are in the district of columbia, we cannot do that. bill have introduced a that would make d.c., washington d.c., honor the concealed carry permits from the various states. over three quarters of the state has some reciprocity
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arrangements with other states. and d.c. is sort of an anomaly because it does not organize any states for concealed carry permits. this is a common sense situation that does not cost any money because there are discussions in the capital about how do you protect the other 98 percent of congressman who don't have security detail? money if you cost signed all of us a security detail. and frankly, we want the ability to take care of ourselves. host: do you have a concealed carry permit? guest: i do. host: so when you are in kentucky, do you always have a gun on you? guest: i will not disclose, but that is the benefit of having a concealed carry weapon because there is a moment of surprise. unless it is a star or police officer -- unless it is a spouse or a police officer, i do not brandish my weapon or tell anyone if i have a weapon on me. host: would you have brought a
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weapon to a baseball practice if you are going to play baseball? guest: i would have had it in my car. when i am back in kentucky, i do. the other thing is my bill would extend reciprocity to any citizen, not just to congressman. , forack in the district instance, my staff carry firearms. and at the baseball practice, there was congressional staff that were not playing baseball that could have been armed, just like back in my district. now, i was not at the baseball game, but i talked with five of my colleagues who do have concealed carry permits, and some of them believe that the outcome could have been very different if they or their staff could have carried that day. it is important to note that the shooting happened in virginia. in virginia has reciprocity with other states.
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they will recognize any state's concealed carry permit, but for practical purposes, these congressmen and the staff could not carry that day because they started their day in washington d.c. when he woke up. traveled to virginia for the practice and then they were going to return to washington d.c. and so, for all practical purposes, they were prevented them carry a firearm because washington d.c. did not allow them to carry. host: talk about your experience with getting this concealed carry permit? how do have to go about it? guest: the state of kentucky were ours a class can compete in a day and it has and arrange component where you have to qualify with a weapon. there is a target you have to hit. so you learn about the laws.
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they do not teach you tactics, but they teach about the loss you go to, and then the range and demonstrate proficiency. that point, they issue you a conceal carry permit. host: how long is the permit good for? guest: for a few years. it is honored and 70% of the states in the united states. host: how often do you go back to the range to stay proficient in handling your gun? guest: in louisville, kentucky, sometimes your range is your backyard. i was at the range this weekend, which is my backyard, with a very safe backstop. i live on a farm. host: so you practice often was to mark guest? guest: absolutely. you never know what is going to happen, but also to gain proficiency. and then oftentimes i shoot with
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my children. they enjoy shooting and i would like for them to be proficient with firearms, and practice safety as well. -- and we practice safety as well. host: have you and your children been threatened? guest: i have not received any serious threats, but there has been threatened my district office. we occasionally get shady characters who show up. and we have had to call local law enforcement. i continue, my staff in the district does carry firearms. host: have they ever had to display? guest: no. they have never brandished a weapon in the district. it has never gone to that point. host: the congresswoman who represents the district of columbia said, representative thomas massie is shamefully using the district to move the
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goal towards national conceal carry reciprocity. if you wish to to his principal, he would introduce a bill to allow guns in the capitol complex and other federal buildings. at a time were numbers have to come together -- members need to come together, thomas massie is byng after the opposite going after the gun safety laws that protect d.c. residence. guest: in itself, it is inexcusable. some people who were at the ballpark is in being shot at could not defend themselves who were sitting ducks. it is not political fodder. this is the solution to a real problem. jurisdiction,bout you know, she implies that our jurisdiction over washington d.c. ends at the capitol grounds. she should consult the constitution. the founding fathers were very wise. they anticipated a scenario
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where they would be meeting to gather in the city, the federal city, which they anticipated. and they wanted to make sure that the laws of that city, in which they met were controlled by them, and not some other you read the, if founding documents, they were pretty prophetic. this is the exact case they anticipated, ok? we are members of congress representing 50 states and we are coming to this city. and the existing laws of this city are compromising our safety. and so, that is why the constitution says very clearly, that congress shall be in charge of all the legislation and the laws over the capitals. host: let's go to edward in new jersey, a republican. good morning to you. caller: yes, my comment is
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basically about the idea of gerrymandering and the people's voting being subverted. guns, you willng be needing armored vehicles if you keep subverting the will of the people. that is the real issue. host: edward, i think you are getting at animosity towards congressman or washington? thereistrict that is out that people who are sent out here are not working on behalf of americans. guest: let me be clear, my bill extends to everybody, not just congressman. i think it is important to point out that the second amendment is not a privilege we grant to certain classes of people. it is an innate right that everyone is one of the right for personal protection and to defend themselves. the caller gets to a point i hear a lot.
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and i think it is a dangerous point that the media, not c-span, but the media is complicit in advancing, and that is the question -- and that is to question the legitimacy of our electoral system, and also the election of congressman. he mentioned gerrymandering. gerrymandering, by invoking that, what he is saying is that he does not trust the election process. somehow he things that republicans are in charge because of the way that the lines were drawn. and i do not agree with that. it is certainly not the case in kentucky. we have five republicans and one there isucky, and literally no way you could draw the lines to get two democrats from kentucky. it is >> and we'll leave this "washington journal" conversation to go to the weekly brig


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