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tv   Senate Democrats Condemn GOP Health Care Bill  CSPAN  June 22, 2017 8:59pm-9:23pm EDT

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but that is not a do or die. i will vote for the bill and the context. behind closed doors with the members, a vote within a week, what is your preference? is aor paul: my preference committee hearing, but absent that, i am interested in context. repeal obamao care. the current bill looks like we keeping large parts of obamacare. jonathan gruber has come out and said, it looks like they are not repealing obamacare, and i think that is accurate. we are keeping and boosting , and ies for risk pools think it looks a lot like obamacare. we have to go. the democratic leadership in the senate held a briefing to talk about their objections to the health-care care law replacement bill.
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it starts with chuck schumer. this is 20 minutes. senator schumer: ok. hi, everybody. sorry we're late. it is not senator murray's fault and it is not senator wyden's fault. make your own deductions. i want to thank them for doing the fabulous job that they are doing. now, when the white house passed their health care bill, a bill that president trump called mean, i thought would it be and it is not senator wyden's -- it would not be possible for the senate republicans to conjure up a bill even worst than that one. unfortunately, that is what they have done.
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meaner. can you read it? do i have to color it in? senator murray: yeah, you do. [laughter] senator schumer: how's that? meaner. ok, the senate version of trumpcare is even meaner than the house bill. there is a lot to unpack in this bill, but it's general outline is very simple and very clear. and they are getting up and saying it's a draft. but i asked mitch mcconnell on the floor is there anything that i said that is not in that draft and he just sat down and he didn't answer. so my guess is, it's all in there.
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the bill takes dollars out of health care from millions of americans and puts them right back in the pockets of the wealthy. it cuts health care for those who need it most, just to give a tax break for those who need it least. senate republicans with this bill are proposing to defund planned parenthood, to drastically slash medicaid which helps middle-class families with loved ones in a nursing home and sends those dollars to the very richest people in america. senate democrats have been pouring over the bill. now it has come out from behind closed doors and here are a few of the things that this bill will do. first, it will cause health care costs for middle-class and working families to go up. by cutting back on tax credits and making americans paying a
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bigger percentage of their incomes for their premiums, they will send health care costs soaring. it will cut off millions. if you have a loved one in the nursing home, the cost of that care is going to go up. third, it abandons people with pre-existing conditions, putting at risk maternity care, mental health coverage by allowing states even more latitude by getting out of covering. fourth, it defunds planned parenthood making it harder for women to maintain the health care they need and deserve. why is a doing all of this -- why are they doing all of this? they provide a giant tax break to the wealthiest americans. simply put, the bill will result in higher costs, less care, millions of americans will lose
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their health insurance, particularly through medicaid. it's every bit as bad as the house bill and in some ways, even worse. the president has said that the senate bill needed heart. the way this bill cuts health care is heartless. the president said the house bill was mean. the senate bill may be meaner. the senate republican health care bill is a wolf in sheep's clothing. only this wolf's teeth are even sharper than in the house bill. somewhere in america, mr. president, there's a family who takes a trip each friday to visit grandma or grandpa in a nursing home, who sacrificed all of their savings to pay for their health care and now they rely on medicaid to help pay the costs of long-term care in the
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nursing home. somewhere in america, president trump, there's a father who is eaten up inside watching his son struggle with opioid addiction and knows that his son could go on with a healthy and fulfilling life if he could afford treatment to get him out from the devastating addiction. somewhere in america, there's a parent whose child has cancer. a mother and father who stay up late at night worried that their insurance will not be available or run out before their family needs it most. in that america that my republican friends envisioned with this health care bill, those americans and many more beside might not get the coverage they need. we live in the wealthiest country on earth.
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we are proud of it, as we should be, but surely we can do better than what the republican health care bill promises. every american should be asking their republican senators one simple question this weekend. why do the wealthy deserve a tax cut more than we deserve health care? senator murray. senator murray: senator schumer, thank you. today, it has become abundantly clear why exactly why senate republicans have been hiding this trumpcare plan from patients and families from democrats and even from many republicans because based on what we are now learning, their trumpcare plan is ever bit as bad as what the house passed. it is mean, to quote president trump, meaner, it is heartless and it is an enormous broken promise to people across the
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country. they are ashamed of their plan and rightly so. after seven years of refusing to work with us as democrats on actually helping families get better health care, of obstructing progress, playing partisan political games even when it hurts their own constituents, what republican leaders have put forth is truly shameful and needs to be stopped. and i have to say, it speaks volumes with only today with days they plan to vote on the trumpcare bill, the republican leaders think it might be a good idea to release their health care plan which would impact americans. just today. now of course, senate republican leaders have done everything possible to prevent people from seeing their version of trumpcare. it has been truly unprecedented. there have been no hearings, no scrutiny, no public input and
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it is clear why, because they did promise to lower health care costs. and this plan will actually raise them, especially for seniors and those with pre-existing conditions. they promised not to pull the rug out from under patients. this plan will take away coverage. they said that under their bill, no one, no one would be worse off. tell that to a woman who will have to pay $1000 extra for maternity care or will have to see her planned parenthood center shuttered. they said their bill would protect patients with pre-existing conditions. read the fine print. this plan is a back-doorway to put those patients' fate in the hands of insurance companies. the senate republican trumpcare plan is every bit as bad as the version of patients and families rejected in the house. if republicans jam through this plan, they will own the
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consequences. i know many senate republicans have said they are not happy with this secret process. not happy deiters -- with this secret process republican leaders have conducted. they want more time to review the plan and they understand what it means to the people they serve. well, my message to each of them is saying you are unhappy is not enough. saying you are frustrated is not enough. you have the power to do something about it. so i urge my republican colleagues, join democrats, tell leader mcconnell you want more time and you want an open debate. do the right thing for patients and families like those who have come to the capitol to make their voices heard all of this week. all of the people who called, e mailed and posted on social media who deserve the opportunity to scrutinize this plan. we call on those republicans who say they are frustrated and this is a bad process, do the right
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thing. tell leader mcconnell to stop. thank you. senator wyden: the leader and senator murray have said it very well and i'm going to make a couple of extra points. in my view, the senate republicans are trying to con americans into thinking that they are fixing problems here when in fact what they are doing is causing new ones. the reality is they basically doubled down on everything that the american people rejected the first time around. and what's clear and we saw it in the discussion on the senate floor this morning is that senate republicans are going to keep telling americans they're fixing their health care right up until the second when it gets taken away. now the president said this was all about finding heart. that was what he really wanted to see in this effort in the
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senate. it doesn't strike me as heart to put at risk not just seniors who depend on nursing homes, but let me lay this out, because this is my background. if you have a baby boomer, for example, who has had a stroke or maybe early onset of alzheimer's, they are going to find it very difficult to find long-term care and this bill is going to make it harder for them to get medicaid. and it is not just seniors and it is not just baby boomers, but kids with special needs, disabled folks. that's what this country has always stood for, that we would be there for folks who didn't have clout, folks who didn't have big powerful lobbies on k street. we are not going to turn our back on them.
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i will close with two points. one deals with substance and the matter you heard about on the floor. the republicans have tried to twist and distort a provision that i wrote in the affordable care act to allow states to offer innovation waivers and there are very strong consumer protections in this so that states are given the right to do better under current law. what republicans are clearly trying to do is to gut those consumer protections that we insisted on and really turn back the clock and strip americans of their rights. one last point deals with this morning, there were comments made to the effect that somehow democrats were disinterested in working in a bipartisan way. that's what i made my focus. -- that's what i made my focus
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in my time in public service is working in a bipartisan way. and our colleagues very much on the finance committee wanted to work in a bipartisan fashion with respect to the affordable care act. we know there are ways. and the leader has outlined this with respect to the private insurance market in which we could strengthen it. not once, not once, have we have been asked to a single republican to work on this bill or discuss fixes, bipartisan fixes to the affordable care act. the statement this morning that democrats refuse to work with the other side is not just a fiction, it is a gross fiction and you probably get my sense of the drift on that. thank you, mr. leader. senator schumer: one point i would add to senator wyden. they put reconciliation in on january 4. they put in the budget, they don't want -- they put in the budget, they don't want democrats to work on them on january 4. so much for bipartisanship.
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green tie. reporter: you mentioned that your concern is that this bill does not protect coverage for pre-existing conditions. can you talk about that a little more in specificity and why you believe your read of the bill -- senator murray: my read of the bill is very clear. people will not have the protections of pre-existing conditions. there are often outs in there, and we will go back to the time when people want to buy insurance and find out it does not cover what they thought it did. and believe me people don't want to go there or they will not cover pre-existing conditions. in one way, by not covering them, in another way charging them more. so all of the sudden you find out if you want to buy maternity coverage or mental health, you have to pay $1000 for maternity care to get that coverage. that is not what we have today.
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they are taking away coverage from people. reporter: one of the provisions in this bill that is popping up, stability in the market. they put tens of billions of dollars in the next four years for states and counties -- how do you address that issue? that is their approach, but how do you address that issue where states and counties do not have it? senator schumer: they don't need it in the bill. it's current law and can do it right now. it's nothing new. but second, you can't destroy the whole foundation and then say you are going to patch a hole in the wall. the whole construct will collapse around people who need health care and the small amount of salve is not close to enough. what they are trying to do here -- this is a nasty bill. and they are trying to cover it up with little things here and there. so, you know, people -- states
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won't require those states that ask for additional medicaid won't be required to drop out instead of 2020 later. but they start cutting medicaid immediately. --y are trying to disguise if they had the courage of their convictions, it would be a totally different bill and they would say, yeah, we are cutting medicaid, we don't think the government should be involved. but they know the american people so they come with this. so they come up with these subterfuges. reporter: republicans came out of the meeting said they have to pay more for it. and i wonder what your thought is? senator wyden: the states are going to pay for more it. we will have more analysis on -- butortly, what overall the medicaid cuts are deeper. you know this whole construct, this whole arrangement is set up to try to give people a sense
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that they have fixed from this stuff that went over so badly with the american people. and the reality is that on key issues like medicaid and that's why i mentioned the kids and the baby boomers and all of those who are walking on economic tightropes, overall, the cuts are going to be deeper. senator schumer: i think people who have coverage, seniors, parents in nursing homes, well, maybe the states will give it to us after the feds cut it off. that is a small consolation. reporter: as long as you have been here, both parties have been talking about entitlement reform and -- bipartisan desire, but never being able to do it. do you think the medicaid program needs to be changed and is there a way to do it --? senator schumer: they are not trying to change it but cut it.
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the are always willing to look at ways to reform and have done that. but this is not reform. basically, if you talk to some of these people, the most conservative, they don't believe there should be medicaid at all and this is a step to eradicate it. senator wyden: not only are we open to reform but democrats, if you look at the last few years have been supportive of the idea of introducing a bigger role for the private sector in medicaid. so we have been there. and that was why listening to all this that democrats don't give a wit about working in a bipartisan way, that is a fiction. we have a history of working with republicans to bring the private sector in a bigger role in medicaid. reporter: why haven't democrats forward their own plan? senator schumer: we have. we sent a letter signed by every one of the democratic senators,
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saying work with us and here are the changes we propose to make a.c.a. better. what do you propose to make it better? and we got no answer. >> at the white house, the president, did -- commented briefly on the bill. mp: we have busy schedules and we have a thing percolatingh care on the outside as we discussed. i think it will come out that obamacare is a disaster, it is dead, totally dead, and we are putting in a plan today that will be negotiated. we would love to have democratic support, but they are obstructionists. they will never support. but hopefully we will get something done and it will have heart and be meaningful. now that senate republicans
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have presented their draft health-care bill, the congressional buzz it -- budget office will score it. once the cbo concludes its theysis in the next week, full senate will debate the bill. for all of the debate live on c-span3,, and the c-span radio app. >> sunday on "q&a." the full senate will debate the bill. i covered reporter, politics, i got interested in political power. and i conceived of these -- urban power, national power as studies in political power. but i thought -- when you are a of -- i, i ran a couple want a couple of minor awards. i was 24, you think you know everything. the first time robert moses
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started talking to me, i realized i knew nothing about power. >> he talks about his project looking at the evolution and exercise of political power in america. he shares his projects -- progress on his biography of lyndon johnson. book that in the ambition was the overriding consideration with him. it was only when it comes and ambition coincided when he was in the senate, he realized if you wants to be president, he has to pass the civil rights bill, that he turns to this. so was he feeling false? not at all because all of his life he wanted to help poor people, and particularly poor people of color. >> at his weekly briefing, house speaker paul ryan discussed the
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senate health care bill and the federal budget. this is 10 minutes. speaker ryan: first off, i want to begrudgingly congratulate the press corps on their victory last night in the congressional women's softball game. it was a pretty close one, right, 2-1? who played? come on. [laughter] all right. well, congratulations anyway. you know, it was really cool to see special agent krystal griner throw out the first pitch. i don't know if you watched it, but she had it just got out of the hospital yesterday. to see her throw out the first pitch was a very, very cool thing to see. i saw steve this morning. his spirits are up. he's talking. he's doing well. and he sends his regards and his thanks for everyone's thoughts


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