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tv   Washington Journal Scott Maucione Discusses Projected Increases in...  CSPAN  June 26, 2017 11:43am-12:00pm EDT

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that can violate the constitution. i thought one person one vote, i got confused. guest: one person one vote means the district in the state have to be the same population size. that doesn't answer the question completely of how you draw the district. host: this wisconsin case that we have been talking about, when is it expected to be heard and when could we see a decision? guest: october or november and december not until next year. host: hopefully you will be back on the program before then. you can see supreme court coverage and washington journal segments online at and a live look here outside the
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supreme court on the last day of its term. reinstate the travel ban. the court will hear argument in two cases on this issue set for the fall term. they are siding with religious institutions over state governments when dealing with safety and state funding. and the court also deciding not to year two cases dealing with the second amendment.
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>> just across the street the u.s. house will be gaveling and today in about 14 minutes new in eastern time. before they do that we will take a look at the projected increase in military pay. this is a conversation we had today on washington journal.
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host: talking about the topic of pay.ary and -- military federal news radio, what is this? guest: it is completely private. everything federal, federal workers, policymakers and everything in between. all the way up to the high policymakers for the president. host: one of the things when it comes to the military is pay. what is a discussion on capitol hill regarding this? ,uest: there is a difference the house arms committee what a 2.4 percent increase for military pay.
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the president wants a 2.1 increase. lot when itup to a comes to people that have real jobs in the military. some people in the military are on food stamps because their rent is high and they can't afford it on a military salary. translates for officers may $250 here for enlisted soldiers between 85 and a $40 the year. it doesn't seem like a lot, but it's a big deal. it is supposed to be the military pay raise each year. whatndex is a rating of the private sector gets in wages every year. say.hite house gets their they expect that by doing 2.1% instead of 2.4 that would save
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$200 million next year and 1.5 billion over the next five years. host: the defense department shows the rate of increase over year and we site going back to 2014 a 1% increase. we are 2%. why are we seeing that as opposed to the earlier years we saw the larger increases. guest: the climate at this point is not as great. itselfe defense budget ,as been in dire straits congress has to hedge its bets. they are just trying to stay and not overshoot. last year, president obama suggested 81.6 increase, which was -- a 1.6 increase.
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host: talking about military pay. if you want to ask questions about the back and forth and the topic of pay overall. -748-800,ty military202 retired military 2001202-74 8-2002. now that the lines have been drawn between lighthouse -- the white house and congress will happen? guest: there are still three other committees that have a say , the house appropriations, armed services committee and senate appropriations committee. they all have to come to agreement. there are a lot of negotiations,
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john mccain a big hitter when it comes to military pay, he has been trying to push for a little bit more money. we will see what happens with that. republican mike coffman of colorado, back and forth with the defense secretary james mattis on this idea. >> military service already are having trouble recruiting men services to join the due to competition with improving economy. how do you maintain a all font air force if you won't pay them a competitive wage? >> i think our analysis shows we are paying a very competitive wage when you stack them up against high school graduate for the it listed ranks, we have a benefit -- better benefit
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package than most places. outall of them, there are some out in silicon valley that could be done. when you look across the u.s. we are drawing in very high quality people because we are competitive. host: give us some insight on what the defense secretary's talk about. guest: they are trying to keep their best people are at but those people are going to google and who were and other companies because they pay them more and they get better benefits. he's right that the military gives a great benefit package but the pay is not competitive, according to pete -- most people in the military. what the military has been trying to do, they know they can always give the money they want so they try to add incentive packages, military pilots, the , the airlines are
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picking them up because they can give thousands of dollars per year. they are adding bonus incentives for reenlisting. you get a certain amount of money and the house armed services committee has an incentive package that will add $15,000 toe, up to re-sign for being a pilot. tennessee, from federal news radio go ahead. caller: thank you for c-span. in your work you are doing, one of the reasons i am now an independent is i can't vote republican anymore. it seems to me if the president i thinko cut the budget the military men and women should be paid. news all kinds
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, some oful contracts them no-bid contracts. in your reporting have you made an argument for increased theicemember pay by cutting overages of some of the wasteful unfortunatelyh republicans and a lot of .emocrats in congress reporters are not get making any argument for anything at this point. armed services committee is proposing a 640 ilion dollar budget. that's a lot of money, more than half of the discretionary spending of a whole federal government.
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the trump administration has asked for 600 $3 billion. -- $603 billion. tryingense department is to cut back on all these wasteful contracts, but you , contracts back -- there are cost problems and things like that. the defense problem -- $125 billion in savings without firing a single person. that comes from streamlining i.t. systems and making better contract. florida,ksonville, line for retired military. good morning. caller: i served for 40 years
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and i was in the national guard. i want to give a perspective that a lot of people don't think about. you have young soldiers coming rankgard that are at a low . that 2.1 or 2.4 means a lot to , in the sense that these guys are highly qualified people, and this is a great impact, it means gasoline money or milk for the family. it has to be looked at from the perspective from the garden --guard, it has a great impact as well. guest: thank you for your service. you are right on that. this can add up to a lot.
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that is especially important because a lot of people in the military are from the south -- theraditionally benefits are not great because some of the states don't have the infrastructure that northern or western states do. the military is starting to focus on other parts of the military host: to get these recruits. host:washington, d.c.. i was in the army for six and a half years. had isthe problems we people don't look at the issue ,f how people join the military private make $17,000 and has a family of three.
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what we noticed his a lot of were joining the moment they got in the system that had a whole family unit -- when you guys talk about the it can waver up to 50%. if you are married man unwilling to deploy, they say they don't want someone with four kids and a high school education. guest: a lot of military people rely on that to pay their rent
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in places like san diego where rent is outrageously high. this is a supplement that goes on to your salary in order to pay for rent and things like that. the armed services committee last year tried to add a provision that would keep dual military couples from both -- from receiving the spirit that did not make it in. they do need help on their , the salary was always competitive, especially when you are living in areas like washington dc.
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there is a chart that is put out by the federal government that shows where a person starts. we are talking $1500 plus. to anes that compare enlisted officer? general theystar are making hundreds of thousands of dollars. , about a hundred thousand dollars at the top end. differentlot of incentive pays an different variables that go into it. one of the things that may make , and enlistedher officer who becomes an officer.


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