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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  June 28, 2017 9:32am-10:00am EDT

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instruction of justice. i didn't recommend burning subpoenaed tapes. they were his property. there was executive privilege and ever but he knew it. he simply got rid of a -- got i thinkhem and said, you would have moved right through it. president nixon said in his memoirs, if he had burned the tapes, as i had urged him to do, he would have survived and i think that is right. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. >> washington journal continues. john: it is open phones to end our program for the next 25 minutes until the house comes in. we want to hear from you on any issue you want to talk about. (202)icans, it is 748-8000, democrats (202) 748-8001, independents (202) 748-8001.
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a few non-health-care related issues, the story on the fresh cyber attacks hitting big companies around the world, including the russian oil producer, u.s. pharmaceutical and an advertising firm were hit by a cyber attack similar to the rent somewhere assault that affected 150 countries last month. a lot of reporting on that story. in usa today, the syrian government rejects allegations that a chemical attack the thean government rejecting white house is a search and that the regime was preparing a chemical weapons attack. the denial coming after the press secretary, sean spicer, said the united states had identified potential preparations for another attack by the us on regime that would best by the assad regime. he warned that if he conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his
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military will pay. ." heavy price a lot of focus on that statement from the press secretary. in usa today as well, a chart focusing on the lawyers that have been lined up, the private lawyers lined up in the wake of the russian hacking and election interference investigation focusing on the president's lawyers, a group of lawyers including marquess with and jason hello. the vice president has lined up richard cohen and jared kushner andhired a lawyer along, jeff sessions, his private lawyer, charles cooper, the chart in usa today walking through all of the latest private lawyers that have been lined up. the phones are yours and it is in middleborough, massachusetts, line for independents. go-ahead. i have two comments. why thei was curious
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people that represent us in washington don't have the same health care as we do. why do we not negotiate nationally with pharmaceuticals to reduce the cost as countries like canada do. i think we can do that without having socialized medicine. thank you. john: as julie rovner pointed out, members of congress did have to go on from the afford with kerouac with members of their staff after that. we focused on that about a month or two ago. health-care plans for members of congress. all of our segments are available online at is in silverdale, washington, line for democrats. go ahead. caller: it is time we all face the truth. we are dying out here.
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republicans and democrats alike. all the pollution you put in our waters and in our airways. the united states government has backed those corporations. -- you can'ttry put 22 million people under the bus. and treat them like they were just dirt. you can sweep them under the carpet? we are here. republican policies have made this all possible for us being so sick. with many other diagnoses. the environmental policies trump the rules.back it is time we have universal health care. we don't care who pays the bills.
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john: that is adrian in washington. a few tweets have come in on the topic of health care as we have been having this discussion. "i question the logic of unlimited health care for everyone, unlimited health care is not an entitlement, it is not a right. " stephen writes in "it is a math problem. ": pass it before anyone reads it." "the health care industry has decades." for accounts don't work for people working paycheck to paycheck." is atersation on twitter c-span wj. feel free to join in. bill is in ohio. line for republicans. good morning. caller: good morning.
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i would like to state that i am a lifelong republican but i just cannot accept what the republicans are doing. this is just wrong. i will give you an example. i am fairly well-off. i've got health insurance and i am getting a tax cut under the health care bill. my poor neighbor who works at the local steel mill no longer has a job, has a couple of kids and is struggling on medicaid and he is going to see his costs go up if he can even afford health care. this is morally wrong. -- nnot john: what happened to your health care under the affordable care act? well, robert is in california on the line for independents. caller: that is me? john: yes, sir. caller: i am a disabled vietnam that. nobody say thank you for my service. are you hearing me? john: i am.
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i was drafted, i had no choice. caller: about 25 people in my company were killed or captured, it was pretty nasty. thank you president johnson for that war. my comment is something. i got into law enforcement and i was watching this as james comey, the head of the fbi, he said he was a coward about mr. trump, it was very interesting. the first thing you learn in the police academy is you have to be brave. that is what you are paid for. no cowards, please. not in law enforcement. if mr. comey would -- when he made that remark, a coward, i said, i don't know why trump or obama didn't get rid of him. you cannot have a coward leading the fbi. i wish this country would learn how to not pay attention to either side of the cable news equation.
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they are both lying, both sides. c-span is not bad, but there is work to be done but i just wish the best for the country and just be careful what you believe in. thank you. john: work to be done, what would you like us to do better? how can we improve? caller: this would be impossible, but both of the parties run the country. you need a third-party. i don't know what kind of party would be the best way to run it. sose two parties are entrenched, going back before the civil war. deep, it iss so just systematic and all that. just, good luck. thank you. john: marilyn in dallas, texas, line for democrats. [indiscernible] your phone sounds like it
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is underwater, i am sorry. we will try to get that line better for you. sally in olympia, washington, line for independence. caller: i just wanted to say i went to school with brian and i hope to see him later this year and we have a lot to talk about, especially about health care and the various parties. today, i have been enjoying this and i am taking notes on today's show. thank you. john: thank you for the call this morning. arelines for republicans (202) 748-8000, democrats (202) 748-8001 and independent (202) 748-8002. we are talking that any public policy issue you want to discuss. we want to show you this article from the washington times, a topic we have discussed before. commission onp's voter fraud and suppression will
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hold its first meeting next month after a "painstakingly slow vetting of its members." kansas secretary of state chris kovacs expects to meet in washington sometime in the second half of july. created theump commission after claiming hillary clinton received millions of illegal votes from noncitizens to help her win the popular vote. she -- she lost to president trump in the electoral college. joe in maryland, line for republicans, go ahead. caller: the one thing i have never heard democrats or republicans mention for people who have long-term health care issues is it is a very simple solution. there are long-term care insurance policies you can buy where you can sit down with an agent and they will figure out what you would need in terms of coverage. the premiums are fairly reasonable.
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not everybody can afford it, i understand that, but people who are economically in good shape, they don't have to lose all of their assets by paying for if they juste invest in a long-term care policy. their disappointing. neither the democrats or the republicans have mentioned this. it is an easy solution for a lot of people. thank you for listening and hopefully, the congress will wake up and start talking about this as a solution. john: glenn in maryland, line for democrats. go ahead. caller: i am disappointed i missed the conversation that i was kind of hoping that number one i could ask the question and then make two comments. i was wondering, my question, whether anyone has been thinking about whether the insurance company has been orchestrating the failure of the affordable care act. that they have the money to do it. they have the ability to stop
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functioning for a short period of time to create the impression that the act is failing. secondly, i want to mention two comments about the single-payer situation. i looked up the ceo salaries for the largest incomes. one guy was earning $22 million and adding it up it was $250 million. so if you had all the rest of them plus the amount of money that was being siphoned off by investors for the publicly traded companies, you are probably talking about billions of dollars that could be saved if we went to a single-payer system. people often say, how do you pay for that? that is one way to pay for it. lastly, canada, by having a
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-- a socialized system of medicine, a lot of companies have been moving to canada so they don't have to pay the insurance for their employees. , a socialized system that is actually good for capitalism. you will never hear the republicans say that. you are never going to hear the democrats say that either. that is what i've got to say about health care. i am promoting a single-payer system and i will fight that -- this fight to was a compromise and i blame the republicans and mr. trump are doing this. john: before you go, you think the afford will care act was a compromise? caller: sure. john: what about it not getting republican votes? caller: it is not getting republican votes because they want it gone altogether.
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john: i mean when it was passed originally. yes, of course, they wouldn't want to. why would they want to? they represent the insurance company, they represent the corporations. that is where they get their funding to get reelected. so of course they are not going to vote for it. john: that is john in california. lynn is in columbus, ohio, line for republicans. good morning. i don't think a lot of people understand, they think a single-payer system will solve their problems. we now have, in 23 states, managed care organizations, and that means that medicaid and medicare give over the insurance to managed care organizations and they cut benefits. people don't understand that their benefits are going to be very low compared to what they had before.
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i know people from canada and ,olland and other countries personally, that come here for health care that they cannot get in there socializes medicine countries. one man from canada had a kidney stone that he couldn't get busted up and he said they had one machine to do it and he couldn't wait in pain six months. because he had to come here and do it. able don't understand the restriction. once we get the socialized medicine, you find out that you really don't have the care that you need. that you thought you would get. it is just these managed care organizations getting rich. of what they take their cut out of. every time you add another company to the mix they are going to want profit. you.ey take away from
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john: here is some more front page is that americans are waking up to. after the senate postponing that float on their version of the health care overhaul bill. this is the gazette out of western massachusetts that its shelves to health care plan, a picture below that of elizabeth warren included in the front page. she is holding a sign that shows a picture of families in her byte that have been impacted the health care debate, that have been impacted by the affordable care act. members of the senate gathering on the east front of the capital for a press conference yesterday in which each democratic manner -- democratic member held at pictures of people in similar situations. the front page of the tampa bay times this morning, senate gop helps the bill setback, that is the headline. also a shock from the press
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conference on the front steps on the east front of the united states capitol. the front page this morning of the denver post, the senate postpones the vote in the headline there on the front page of the daily news miner out of alaska. "these senators will make or break the gop health care bill." the picture there of president trump sitting between susan collins of maine on the left and alaska on the left, key votes on the debate. dan sullivan, a senator from alaska, will also be a closely watched vote after they express his concerns after it was postponed yesterday. >> next is john, from texas. independent. go ahead. >> this is john from plano, texas. you mentioned elizabeth warren earlier and i believe she is fighting her fight, it is fine, but i saw a study by the
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it went upthat during the aca and someone like elizabeth warren is always touting that this health care bill will kill people while it is not perfect. there are many things, where people can combine into groups, they have like, know your members. they will let those people line up into a group and pay a much lower cost and not have to be dependent on their employer and just being a member will qualify them. it came out recently that cnn basically pushed the narrative and one of the producers said it was fake. i think when people see that, i believe it is true, because of something like that, and i readng health, to stay healthy and that is how i think the new health care bill will help health care. john: that is john in texas. max is in california, line for
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democrats. it is open phones. what do you want to talk about? caller: i love your program and i have been watching for years. . have two boys, young men i am 64 years old right now, just waiting to get social security. i've worked 32 years for one company. i was retired, a teamster union truck driver. i got attention but no health care. i had to buy obamacare a few years ago. i fell off of the latter, house, 3, in front of my 2016. i broke 15 ribs and my pelvic was $290,000bill at kaiser. they saved my life. i had to pay $6,000. that was my cap for the year. thank god for obamacare. people were one accident away. i am a good american, i have a >>. in my house
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may i ask before we leave the story? john: would you not have had health care if you are not forced to buy it? caller: i had to buy it, but -- john: had it not gone into effect, would you have continued to live your life without? you didn't think you needed health care? caller: no, i had health care when i retired, i had to buy it, it wasn't part of my contract. here is my second point. the republicans think that they are giving us money that they have earned. all of the tax money, brothers and sisters, that we pump out to washington, california is actually a donor state. some people that know about that. we are only asking for our own money back to help the poor and the people that need a hand lifted up. please, americans, these
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republicans -- i love all of my american people -- but i am a democrat and i know why. i just saw the democrats stand up and keep hollering and they got america's attention. remember, mcconnell said "my number one job is to make sure obama never gets a second term." thank you, john. john: if you tweet says we have been having this discussion, vivian says "publicans think it will make them look good, less government and lower taxes if they push things back to the states. we suffer." matthew says they treat health care like any other product on the market but health care decisions can be life or death. one more tweet saying "i want the government out of the health care business." anna in bloomfield, new york, republican. go ahead. caller: a couple of comments. i was listening to the bysentation on health care
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the kaiser representatives this morning. i brought back that nixon and were thermanente originators of the hmo industry. that was supposed to be the thing that would keep costs down, provide better coverage, and it just has been a dismal failure. so far as that intended purpose. the second point is that the concern about medicare and social security funding being depleted as it ties to health care is, as one caller said, she became disabled and was on medicaid and then it switched to after a. -- after a time.
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it has been no mention of what they plan to do with the definition of disabled. a saying, maybe a year and a half ago where there was a time where tens of thousands of people were put on a disability going tothey were retroactively look and see what their eligibility was. did they really meet the criteria for being disabled? caller mentioned a large percentage of the individuals that have substance abuse or addiction issues are on medicaid. and from working in that field, i can tell you that the costs of -- in some cases -- lifelong treatment is astronomical. it is a program that this fromtivizes individuals
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medicalg treatment as a intervention and it becomes a second lifestyle. john: whatjohn: kind of work did you do in that field? caller: i worked as a nurse and as a qualified health professional. so i did some assistance the case actsh with the counselors. john: our earlier guests were from kaiser health, and editorial, an independent news website covering health news. their articles appear in a lot of different publications around this country. julie rovner and mary agnes carey were our guests. two minutes before the house comes in. been in hoffman, north carolina, ependents.ind caller: i am calling about the insurance companies and it would
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be interesting to know exactly how much these politicians in -- taken andd donate from those companies. when you put that personal mandate on every sold in this insurancehan the companies can charge whatever they want. i have seen it with all of the first insurance when they introduced it in the state of maryland. .nsurance rates went up as long as they know you've got to have insurance they will charge you whatever they want to charge you and these congressmen on this house and in the senate on both sides of that oil -- of that i'll are in cahoots with insurance companies and pharmaceuticals. and until they are shown to be what they really are, nothing is going to change. that is one of the biggest change, the subsidies. the subsidies go to the people
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but the subsidies actually are going to the insurance companies. not only are they charging outrageous rates for insurance but they are getting a bonus with all of the subsidies for the federal government. that is what they to eliminate and they need to investigate that. john: a good place to investigate donations is open run by the center for responsive politics. political donations, lobbying, influence, good place to start if you are looking for the information on your own. chris is in middletown, indiana. line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning, how are you? i am a little bit nervous but i had to call in to reply to the lady from ohio. i was born and raised in germany. we have national health-insurance. we do not call it socialized medicine, we call it national health insurance. it works. i had a mother who was 96 who
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was so well taken care of, we had a system who had a triple bypass, with that outcome and this lady was talking about some buddy from canada. who and canadian people live in the united states, you ask whether don't give up their citizenship in canada? because they have to go back to canada if they have a medical problem they need to be taken care of. i am so sick of people saying we are waiting in lines and we don't get the doctors we want to see, that is all not true. health insurance works, national health-insurance. i would vote on that trying to get it into this country also. one more thing, you find out in medicalall of their offices are free and who is paying for it? they are. they have free medical insurance, they do not. john: that is going to be our last call before we end


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