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tv   Washington Journal Andy Slavitt Discusses the Future of Medicaid  CSPAN  June 29, 2017 11:06am-11:31am EDT

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speaker paul ryan at his briefing set for 11:30 this morning. we aim to bring that to you live at 11:30 or when it gets under way. in the meantime, part of this morning's "washington journal." of new york. appreciate your time. please come back again. slavin --w to andy it.y slavi headlines was your promise. i want you to explain what specific promises are being ok. democrats,alk to you'll hear the same about health care coverage.
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if you talk to republicans, they will talk about health care costs, but this bill does neither and that is the real problem. that it was rush together by a couple of staffers in a very short amount of time. the congressional budget office -- and that obviously -- on the other hand he leaves the infrastructure in place with republicans don't toe so that if someone were buy a policy in obamacare. if they bought the same policy for trumpcare, it would cost 74% more.
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host: we are going to be talking to senator chris van hollen. we will go to him when he does join us and we are taking your calls. andy slavik, that the record, we're talking about medicaid reform and the need for it. only do recommend specifically on the medicaid portion for ways to improve medicaid services and the cost as well? nothing that betsy said was correct and with all -- we had anr,
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election about these changes. but we ended up with is a bill that takes 26% out of the medicaid program and money to american families from hospitals and communities. break to ag a tax very small number of individuals. what we have to do this if we want to have a serious conversation about medicaid and making it more efficient and making it work better for the people it serves, that is great. we would have hearings and experts say it and come and talk about the medicaid program and how it works. funds just take care
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of people living with a disability or the nursing home and much of it takes care of come talk about the scare tactics and medicaid will take care of lazy people, these are people who don't know about the program. obviously, all parts of health care lead to the better, but if they want to do it right, they cash ands on the create a thoughtful process to get people to look at the medicaid system. i'm sure you saw yesterday that president trump tweeted .bout the medicaid program
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trump tweeted this yesterday. can you walk through what that represents and whether medicaid spending is going up or being cut? is disingenuous. i don't know if he knew what he if doing or he didn't know americans were not getting older, that the one thing. if the cost of medicine was increasing every year that would be one thing. came medicaid as it is, but that is not the reality. truth is, nobody can sit here and fix the amount that we
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are going to spend on our health care system in 2025. aging baby boomers 2025 that is 80 in when it gets cut. -- which is a much more constrained per-person. we have to decide if we want to move to a place where we say for the vast majority of places, we are going to fix the amount of .ealth care that is a very big step we would have to take.
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host: we will get to your calls in just a minute. being joined from capitol hill on the senate side. welcome chris van hollen to our program. republicaning about rewrites. democratic strategy as that process takes place? >> what is this plan by democrats to fight legislation. andks the republicans senate and house need to blow up the affordable care act specifically, the health care exchanges. there are things we can do to
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provide more certainty and stability, but as you and andy -- has beening, the to dramatically cut medicaid very significantly in order to provide tax breaks to the wealthy people. warren buffett was on tv yesterday saying he does not aally need his tax break gives tax breaks to wealthy people and then cuts it for millions of americans. they need to put that aside and work with democrats to improve the exchanges. any cuts to medicaid exposed byuests -- democrats.
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you have a lot of colleges make in the point that even today it is hard to get some providers to provide services and then they turn around and say let's cut it even further. the reality is medicaid is one flexible current as you and andy were just discussing, most of the money goes through folks who are in nursing homes. and then people with disabilities. host: if medicaid is off the table for you, where are you willing to discuss the reforms? point out during the campaign, donald trump said he's not going to cut medicaid.
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the reality is they fundamentally slashed medicaid. in the exchanges, many of us have put forward. i believe we should have a .ublic option it would create more competition in nature everywhere in the country you had at least one insurance plan and the congressional budget office says told us it can reduce the evidence. whicho get the tax credit helps it be more affordable.
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but -- good ideas, your busy today. how much celebrating was democratic side and how much were you thinking about the original delay before the hospital was passed. >> we were pleased they do not have the votes to proceed. add that thisto from over. know inointed out, you most recent polling shows only about 12% of the american people like this bill in the more they understand what is in the bill,
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the more they hate it so it is really important that people throughout the country talk to and i will weigh in on these issues. >>. -- host: chris van hollen from maryland, think so much for time. calls, yourt to the takeaway from chris van hollen's statements. most people will tell you this bill is not physical -- fixable by trimming along the edges. there was a statement by the white house that i cannot almost believe.
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to livewe will be able the senators. i think this goes to show you what i think the exercise is all about. to do giveaways so he can -- as opposed to doing what i would do . we started out with the best intentions but ended up in another place. let's actually get something more permanent and long-lasting. actingnd silent was the -- he's here with us for the
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next 30 minutes. --hel, line from independent caller: it is not what is in the bill, it is the fact that trump said he was going to replace the bill. it is not about us. it is about trump passing it because he he was going to do it. we have these senators in them going to the white house to eat itner with the president feel like they were bribed. there have been so many lies about the affordable care act. were ablee people who
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to get covered by that. it might not be here next year. i want andy to pick up on that last point. the market now. guest: it is a great point and i think what rachel is saying is that the reason there's so much uncertainty in the people committing to the market is the administration has purposely to meetingnot commit the obligation of the law. host: can you explain what that is? important ones give --rance companies their deductibles are lower so they can afford them.
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it is a smart part of the law and if president trump and is aboutagree, there $8 billion of funding that goes to making those commitments. the administration can't pay them and they are doing this to put pressure on the insurers and everyone else to say we have no choice but to pass a bill. they are crating this uncertainty. and the other one is -- i will just leave it there so we can get more callers. i think the caller made a very important set of points which is nobody expects any loss of the perfect, but what americans do expect is we take the work and
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keep them going and take the pieces that are working and fix them. they don't expect us to throw out the things that work. americans support the senate health care plan. in that survey, 53% said leavess should be able to the law known as obamacare alone and work to fix it. george, go ahead. thought that the had a lot of good points. i've used to see president obama come out here and i got to rental.past his
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politics is tough. it is almost like he needed boxing ring down there or national guard with rifles off trailers ford bathrooms and those trailers are eateries and you keep the monikers in their working on making laws. if you force them who did not have something better to do and work on the legislation, they might actually come up with the law. i actually think on our money, it says in god we can trust.
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and think about that, in god we trust, we might need prayers to this, not just human effort. >> thanks for the comment. rachel is in tennessee, line for democrats. you're on. caller: hi. sort of a question, but a comment. the majority of the public are toward the independent side and more and more single-payer alternative. we're getting comments, such as
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obamacarets about oh, has done this and helped so many people get insurance. architect of obamacare was actually well point insurance lobbyist. mean, they -- the insurance ompanies get $500 million in subsidies and they are not required to spend that on the public. for just feel like, you know, there's no regulation, so we be about there needs to more competition. if the government doesn't rovide oversight and regulate people, insurance conglomerates ave merged and if you look at the insurance company profit ince obamacare was passed, they're up double digits in profits. the public has been this f deceived as far as
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republican democrat kind of ping-pong game. host: thanks for the call. andy slavitt. uest: yes, this is an interesting question and something very important in this ill, the senate bill, that speaks to rachel's question, that i don't think people have bill, aon, it is a long short amount of time. something in the a.c.a. medical requirement, what it is, requires every insurance it's y for the first time been 85% of the money that they et paid by consumers on their healthcare and they can take no more than 15% for the dministrative costs and whatever profit they are going to take. in this t is being proposal, that is being allowed eliminated by any state that wants to eliminate it and be eliminated permanently. what that means, if the bill were to pass, no longer would ou know your premiums are covering medical cost, premiums
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could go up as high as they wanted to. now, you have a place you have one or two insurers in the arket, insurers can't raise their price, they have to give 85% back and if they don't, they give rebate check to consumers nd consumers have gotten billions of dollars in checks and they will get more. this is another piece, if you take a look at the insurance company piece versus the government piece and what with this law, that is important. another point rachel made, i time to w if we have talk about, single payer, we can talk about that if she likes or like. host: the beauty of this program, we have the time to do we have a couple more calls, but go for it. to the pointe been of getting out of washington, out visiting and doing town halls in communities to talk about healthcare. talk to a number of great democrats, republicans,
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what is very interesting is that whereas six months ago i think the idea of single payer is one would have probably told you is unrealistic for this company or medicare for all. i don't know that that is true anymore. i think people are so frustrated at what this bill has in store hat if this -- particularly if this bill passes, i think the demand from the public are ecoming greater and greater, i don't know what form it will take or if it will be national or state level. i do think that what this caller is talking about is sentiment that is out there, the american public and i will say that i left t from people on the and on the right. i was on a conservative radio the host said, you know what, i think we should go to medicare for all, i think
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speaker ryan: good morning, guys. i want


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