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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  June 30, 2017 7:00am-8:08am EDT

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week on capital hill. in the latest, senate healthcare bill, roll call, and gabby ♪ host: good morning, everybody, june 30. turn off our show, please. the morning joe hosts respond this morning in a opinion piece to the president's tweets yesterday. and "usa today's" front page said the president's commentary turned stomaches in washington. with lawmakers, some of them saying it was beneath the office of the presidency. we turn to our viewers. what do you think? are the president's tweets beneath the dignity of the office? democrats 202-748-8000 and
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independents 202-748-8002 and republicans 202-748-8001. we'll get to your thoughts in a minute but the morning joe co-hosts writing in "the washington post" with the headline donald trump is not well is what the two of them have to say. they begin their piece with this, president trump launched personal attacks against us thursday but are concerns about his behavior go far beyond the personal. america's leaders and allies are asking themselves yet again whether this man is fit to be president. we have our doubts but we are certain the man is not mentally equipped to watch our show morning joe. they end it this way, we have known mr. trump for more than a decade and have many fond memories of our friendship together but hasn't stopped us from worrying about his fitness and abhorrent behavior. during the height of the
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presidential campaign joe often listened to trump staff members complain about their boss' erratic behavior including a campaign official who was as close to the candidate as anyone. we, too have noticed a change in his behavior the past few years and perhaps why we were neither knocked nor insulted by the president's terrible apack. the donald trump we knew before the campaign was a flawed character but one who still seemed capable of keeping his worst instincts in check. lawmakers on capitol hill were asked about the president's tweets yesterday. some of them reacting and saying he's unfit for office. this is a headline from "the hill" newspaper with senator hatch, republican of utah, saying every once in a while, about the president's tweets, you get a dipsy-doodle. then the reaction on twitter from the republican from alaska, stop it, the presidential platform should be used for more than bringing people down. lindsey graham of south carolina. mr. president, your tweet was
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beneath the office and represents what's wrong with the american politics, not the greatness of america. and ben, please just stop. it isn't normal and beneath the dignity of your office. and lynn jenkins, this is not ok. as a female in politics i'm often criticized for my looks. we should be working to empowerer women. and susanne collins of maine, this has to stop, we all have a job, three branches of the government and media, we don't have to get along but show civility. we must work to build better politics free of attacks and vitriol and leaders must set the example. adam kin singer, mr. president, it's incumbent upon all of us to tone down this divisive political rhetoric. we turn to you to ask, do you think these tweets are beneath the dignity of the office as some of those lawmakers have suggested? the spokesperson for the white house yesterday sarah sanders was asked about this at the
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daily white house briefing. this is the response she gave to the question of whether or not the president should be making this kind of commentary on twitter [ [video can clip] >> i don't think so. i think the president has been attacked mercifully by viewers on that program and i think when he gets attacked he'll hit back. the american people elected somebody who is tough, who is smart and who is a fighter and that's donald trump. i don't think it's a surprise to anybody that he fights fire with fire. the things that this show has called him and not just him but numerous members of his staff including myself and many others are very deeply personal. so to then turn and pretend like this approach is -- i guess it's like we're living in the twilight zone, they do day after day after day and then the president responds and defends himself and everybody
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is appalled and blown away. frankly if this had happened in the previous administration, the type of attacks launched on this program, the things they say utterly stupid, personality disorder, mentally ill, constant personal attacks, calling multiple members liars, liars to their faces while they're sitting on their programs. the rest of the media would have said guys, no way, hold on but nobody does that. but the president is not going to step back, he showed that. >> if i could follow on that, sarah. a couple of the criticisms from supporters of the president have been this particular tweet was beneath the dignity of the office. where does the president draw that line on the dignity of the office? sarah: look, i think that he shows that every day in the decisions that he's making, the focus and priorities he's laid out in his agenda but he's not going to sit back and be attacked by the liberal media
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and hollywood elites. and when they hit him he's going to hit back. host: from flushing new york, independent, what do you think? caller: good morning to you. for me and for most of us who supported donald trump, this is not so surprising. we haven't heard much words than this one. the question for me, if you're asking me in new york city what most of us are thinking, we're thinking of our fallen infrastructure. that's the issue for most of us stuck in the train station. such very minor thing for people. it doesn't give sense at all. there was a huge debate about the health care and about immigration. the media broke these things and yesterday the whole news was about donald trump attacking a woman. so what is the purpose of this thing? i don't understand.
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we cannot change the character of the presidency by giving him a lesson, you should not behave like that. we voted for him. we know we get this package. so for me this is just nonsense. we better concentrate on the interests of the american people. host: do you feel the president is focusing on the american interests? caller: well, the president is not leading but the senators are doing their part. the congress has did their part. and those people that are working in the congress are doing their part. but the media wants to pick what to concentrate. the media wants us to concentrate on the behavior of the president. that's why we spend yesterday, the whole day, other than the reporting on issues on immigration or health care, nobody talks about that. the president's character. we didn't vote for a man who has a perfect character. we know it's a flawed
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character. that's not the issue. the issue is will this man deliver on his promise and that's why donald trump has to be journaled not about his character but the media was to tap in on these things. i'm afraid if such behavior crosses a line and attack foreign leaders, be it a woman or man, it would be a very big embarrassment for the country. host: what do you say then to the president? because -- and to those who say if he had not sent out that tweet the media would not be reporting on it. what do you say to the president about tweeting? caller: mr. president, maybe he ould really have time to select. i don't agree with the idea he should not tweet. he should communicate with the people directly. but how could i tell him, for example -- just like a father and his son. he's an old man, a godfather, he's a family man, respected by his family.
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so the familys are closest to him. if the families are not embarrassed on his behavior, why should we be embarrassed by him. the most important thing is should not msnbc attack him on his mental ability or status and nobody says anything about those guys. they are immune 24/7. host: ok. i'll leave it there. "the new york times" frames it this way on their front page, the tweets ended five months of relative silence from the president on the volatile subject of gender, reintroducing a political vulnerability. his history of demeaning women for their age, appearance and mental capacity. bianca in chicago, a democrat, your turn, bianca. go ahead. caller: i'm in between democrat and republican, i'm a registered democrat but no
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longer. i'm a trump supporter. all the way. and i just want to say i live in chicago which is a state of illinois run by democrats. they've ruined the state of illinois. everybody's trying to get out of illinois, trust me. and it's because of democrats. and i despise democrats. it's not so much that i love trump but i think he says exactly what needs to be said. i am so fed up with the media, which is all over trump, the republicans all over trump. they can't get over the fact that hillary clinton lost and she lost big. 2020, he's what, going to win again because he has mobilized so many people. you have no idea how many black people in illinois in chicago
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are rooting for trusm. it's not because they love trump so much, they despise the media, they despise the democrats. we're going to have a civil war going on any time. it's going to happen. this is so demoralizing for all of us. the way that the country has turned on itself. host: what about the president's rhetoric? caller: we don't care about the president's rhetoric. look what they're doing to him. msnbc, joe on the whatever his name is and his sidekick mika. they're nothing but buffoons, big buffoons. they don't even deserve to be on tv. why are we talking about them? they're nothing. host: do you watch the show,
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bianca? caller: i used to watch it a lot. i never watch it anymore, never, ever. i don't know anybody who watches it. host: bianca in chicago. joe scarborough and mika brzezinski are slated to address the president's comments on their program. they were to do that at the top of this hour at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. we'll bring you what they have to say here in just a minute. the caller brought up chicago and illinois. just want to share this quick story, illinois is approaching its third year without a budget. i don't know if this is what she was referring to. road construction and bridge repairs may come to a halt. one agency may downgrade their ability to junk and perhaps the most visible and immediate sign on the pressure of illinois leaders to solve their budget standoff at long last, the multistate lotteries, mega millions and powerball are to be suspended.
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the president this morning also tweeting about chicago and the killing reached so high i'm sending in help. 1,714 shootings in chicago this year. i am asking to you let washington know what you think about the president's speech yesterday, how he reacted to the morning joe host, earnl right before the tweets. what was being discussed on the show is the face time his magazine covers. the president has at his properties. he sends out these tweets as you all know, you've seen them, washington reacts. the morning joe hosts have an opinion piece in the washington post and here's what they said moments ago on their program. >> you know what, it's been fascinating and frightening and really sad for our country. [video clip] >> i've been getting a lot of
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terkts and hearing you talk thank you. i'm fine. my family brought me up really tough. this is absolutely nothing. but for me personally, i am very concerned as to what this once again reveals about the president of the united states. it's strange. >> yeah, i think so. we had so many people saying, we hope you're ok, we hope you're ok. had calls and texts and emails. we're ok. the country's not. it's so funny yesterday, i actually asked mika, it was 8:45 and i wanted to shock you and i said i'm really tired, can you do the last 15 minutes of the show? and everybody came in and ran and showed me the tweets before she came down the stairs and i looked at them and i was like, this has to be a joke. the president of the united states, as bad as he's been in the past he hasn't really gone over the cliff. unfortunately we've learned what we've always learned and that is he for some reason
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takes things so much more personally with women. he's so much more vicious with women. host: what do you all think this morning, is the president's reaction beneath the dignity of the office, the commentary he put on twitter? from indianapolis, your turn, a democrat. caller: unlike the other two nut jobs that called before me, this president needs to grow up. he's very immature and he knew what he was doing when he got in this office. he doesn't even sound like a good businessman. you have presidents in north korea, i can understand his behavior because he's a kid or the president of france in his 30's. this 70 something old man needs to step down or grow up. that's all i got to say. host: terry in alabama, a republican. good morning. caller: good morning. that guy right there that just called, that's why we voted for
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donald trump. donald, we got your back. i want to tell you that right now. him listen to the hate that's come out of the media. i remember hillary clinton in one of the primary debates when she was asked who her number one adversary in the world was. or sn't russia, isis, but al qaeda. but this is about a woman, and you hear it on the program every day from democrats that we're part of the plan, that we hate black people, that we want -- we have a war on women. we want to expel all mexicans, muslims and kill all gays because we're only for the rich and to the woman from michigan the other day that called in
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and was offended because she's a democrat. and we called her an elitist. you are an elitist. you are the bigoted ones, looking down your noses at all. he democrats -- host: hang on the line. i want your reaction to the speaker of the house who held his weekly briefing yesterday and he was asked about the comments of the president. let me show you and get your reaction. >> obviously i don't see it as an appropriate comment. what we're tying to do is improve the tone and civility of the debate and this doesn't help do take. reporter: how do you get past that, you said strong things on the campaign trail. >> look what we're doing today, 're making up on our promises. yesterday we did military reform and we're going to walk and chew gum at the same time
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and what our constituents care about, are we solving their problems? are we doing what we said we'd do when we campaigned and asked for this opportunity to serve? the answer is yes, we did medical liability reform yesterday and we're doing two important promises on immigration today. that's what we do. we go to bad and consult on peep's problems. host: so the speaker of the house says this does not help with the tone and the civility in washington. what's your reaction to that? caller: the tone and civility come out of cnn or msnbc every single day on how we want to kill people or bernie sanders standing on the floor asking my policy going to kill somebody? or elizabeth warren saying how i think that health care should be because we want to take the waste out of it? that i want to kill somebody?
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it looks to me because when we try to do reform with money, each state in washington screams their head off because they're getting their cookie jar being took away from them and there's something else about the media. you never, ever, ever hear how that town behind you spend our money. the i.r.s. wants to know down to the penny what we make but we cannot ask how that town spend our money. 729 bridges we paid to have fixed and a democrat came and sat in front of you, ms. edwards, saying the republicans ain't got the money to fix the bridges. blame the republicans, they're the evil ones. that's why donald trump is president. have a good day. host: in canton, north carolina. cameron, waldorf, maryland, independent caller. caller: good morning, gretchen.
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with all due respect over the last year the media has attacked mr. trump, his family, his kids. they've held his head up chopped off, they have a play killing him onstage. for the media to sit back and act shock the way they've gone after this man which you have to admit nobody has been attacked like this man has. his family has been attacked. and what is a man if he is not to defend himself and his family to sit back and act as the media is holier than thou. we're talking about two people, joe scarborough who left his wife and children for a home wrecker, mika brzezinski. they blame to be the arbiters of what is right and holy in it country when they're absolutely the scourge of the earth. they've called this guy everything they can call him. he is dead right, god bless trump like the man said.
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i got your back any time you need me down there, you just holler and i'll be there and bring a bunch of these boys down here from southern maryland and we'll come on down there and we'll have some fun. but the media -- host: so violence, robert? caller: nobody is talking about violence. you're the guys talking about people killing, ms. gretchen. who is talking about the killing and the shooting? who is doing the shooting? you want to bring up the violence? who shot who? that's violence. that's the violence. you guys are talking about the violence. host: let me ask you this. caller: why is it not fair for someone to defend themselves against you guys? you guys attack, attack, attack. you're the guys using the guns. but you cry like little babies. host: we'll leave it there. back to mika brzezinski and joe scarborough's piece today in "the washington post." they go on to write this, that
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mr. trump claims we asked to join him at mar-a-lago three nights in a row, that is false. he also claimed he refused to see us, that's laughable. the president-elect invited both of us to a dinner and joe attended because mika didn't want to go. after listening to him talk about his policy plans he was asked by the disappointed trump the next day if mika could visit mar-a-lago that night. she reluctantly agreed to go. after we arrived he pulled us in his living quarters with his wife melania where we had a conversation and declined his invitation to attend a new year's eve party and he said he was bleeding from a face-lift, that's a lie. putting away a an obsession with women's blood, mika was perfectly intact as pictures reveal. the president's attack against another woman's looks compel us to report mika never had a face-lift. if she had it would be evident
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to anyone watching morning joe on their high definition tv. she did have a little skin under her chin tweaked but this was hardly a state secret. her mother suggested she do so and all those around her were aware of this mundane fact. joe scarborough and mika brzezinski writing those words in today's "washington post." karen, republican in crystal river, florida. hi, karen. good morning to you. go ahead and share your thoughts. him caller: good morning. i've been hearing so much vitriol this morning from my fellow americans, it's unbelievable. irst off donald trump is not a republican but a populist who ran on a republican ticket. let's get that very clear. he is president of the united states. there's been some problems when any time any sort of discussion that is adverse to what donald trump has said then there's all
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kind of craziness and vitriol and people start bringing uphillry clinton so they don't have to answer any questions. hillary clinton was a senator and not president and never made any policy. let's get that straight. number two, i'm very upset if any official in this country says anything disparaging about black people who are 12% of the population, cities burn. but it's all right apparently for people to continue to disparage females which are 50% of the population in the united states. this is a continuing problem and we need to continue to work on that and we also need to tone down the problem as people don't have an intelligent answer to a question that they just don't want to hear, then they just got to start screaming hatred, this last caller talking about bringing his boys down from maryland.
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guess what? we've got boys down here, too. we're not afraid of anybody. but this is the freedom of speech and we're not going to shut up. the karen, what about argument from the white house the morning joe hosts have day after day disparaged the president, called him mentally fit and have said words like that, the white house saying he's going to fight back. caller: i remember eight years of a democratic president where there was all sorts of things coming over the tv. they didn't even say he was an american. let's be fair here. we're talking about the president of the united states. he's supposed to do the work of the president of the united states. he's above this. e's above his tabloid b.s. host: from her mosta beach,
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you're next. -- hermosa beach, you're next. caller: good morning. everybody is way too p.c. worrying about what everybody is saying. everybody just needs to basically go back to work. and stop with this. you're wasting time on things that don't matter. we've got people on the street. we have problems with health care. we have all these problems but we're worried about some stupid comment that was made. people elected him. that's what you want. that's what you got. deal with it. move on. go back to work. that's what i say. host: all right. well, t.j., in other news, on health care, "the washington post," front page this morning, g.o.p. talks, it's richer versus poorer and it says the majority leader mitch mcconnell of kentucky is rewriting his
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proposal to provide tens of billions more for opiod addiction treatment and assistance to low to moderate income americans in part with a major policy shift that's already alarmed conservatives to oppose it potentially preserving a 3.8% tax on investment income provided under the a.c.a. that the current draft of the senate bill would repeal. at the same time the republican leader hopes to placate the right by further easing the existing law's insurance mandates and providing higher tax deductions for health care savings accounts. this is what president trump had to say on health care this morning on twitter. if republican senators are unable to pass what they are working on now, they should immediately repeal and then ed a a later date. that seems to be a different strategy from the white house. we'll talk more on the washington journal. then there's this piece in "the wall street journal," operative claiming flynn ties sought
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emails psms before the 2016 presidential election, a g.o.p. opposition researcher mounted an independent campaign to obtain emails he believes were stolen from hillary clinton's private server likely by russian hackers. in conversations with members of his circle and with others he tried to recruit the g.o.p. operative peter smith implied he was working with retired lieutenant general mike flynn at a time the senior advisor to then candidate donald trump. emails written by mr. smith and associate show a small group considered mr. flynn and his consulting company to be allies in their quest. what role if any mr. flynn may have played is unclear. in an interview with "the wall street journal," mr. smith said he knew mr. flynn but never said mr. indian was involved and mr. flynn didn't respond to request for comment. mr. smith, the operative, died at age 81 may 14 so days after the journal interviewed him. the operation he described is consistent with information
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examined by u.s. investigators probing russian interference. they've seen reports from intelligence agencies that describe russian hackers discussing how to obtain emails from mrs. clinton's server and transmit them to mr. flynn via an intermediary according to a official with knowledge of the intelligence. it isn't clear who that intermediary may have been or if mr. smith's operation was the one allegedly under discussion by the russian hackers. this story in the pages of "the wall street journal" this morning. also yesterday president trump's travel ban went into effect. the front page of "the wall street journal" and other papers have the story that under the new rules issued by the administration in statements given to embassies around the world, a sister or husband of an american citizen wouldn't fall under the ban but an aunt or grandparent would. late thursday the mgs reversed
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course and included people engaged to be married with those with close family ties who are exempt from the ban. the new rules also came under immediate legal challenge. challengers in one of the two principal legal cases in hawaii made emergency court filing late thursday asking a federal judge there to clarify what the trump administration can and can't do with the partial ban. they argued for a broader set of exemptions. it was unclear when the court would rule. back to our questions for all of you this morning. yesterday a lot of discussion, in washington and elsewhere, about the president's reaction to msnbc morning joe host and lawmakers, some of them calling his commentary beneath the dignity of the office. what do all of you think? jonathan in maryland, independent. go ahead. share your comments with us. caller: hey, gretchen, how are you doing? you read a bunch of really good headlines right there.
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probably quite a bit more important than a discussion between political commentary and the president on who is saying what to who. i think the majority of the american people really just do not care about their conversations. the majority of people in america who voted one way or another want to see some good, positive change in the country. host: can that happen, though? caller: i understand this is really important to media and so it's really important to a lot of politicians, especially in congress. i work for the government. i understand that. i work for the government in d.c. i understand how this all works. but the majority of the american people are completely lost in this discussion. you read off seven to 10 fairly important headlines now and then go back to talking about drama and opinions between two people about topics that really don't matter. and a lot of the presidents in the past have been so used to being punching bags and have
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been ok with that and were told don't fight back against the media, they're allowed to do that, this and that. really a lot of times in the past the presidents weren't very good at being vocal but really good at reading scripts and thinking of their political agendas than speaking in front of an audience. when it comes to thinking on their feet, a lot of presidents aren't very good but not that trump is good at speaking but disease speak on his feet and has practice in doing that whether people like it or not. host: may i jump in to have a conversation with you? caller: go ahead, gretchy. host: the question this morning is not about the back and forth but is it beneath the dignity of the office? caller: that's quite an opinion, isn't it? the dignity of the office, is it about the tweet itself? there's a lot of people communicating via defeat, or is it about the content of the tweet? f it's about the content, then
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it goes right back to the discussion of well, what are we talking about? is this really significant enough to continuously report in mainstream media. does this have enough importance to merit such a high level discussion that's broadcast at really internationally, right, if you consider the internet and where this all goes and all the other news networks, is this really that important of a discussion or is it more important of a discussion to read one of those other headlines you talked earlier and have a real discussion on that. and you heard this not from me but i heard it now from maybe 10 people this morning. a lot of these people call in and are representing the people but the people don't care about this stuff. host: it's an important point for all of you to bring up. that's why we're having the conversation. you're calling in and letting washington know you don't care but other people call in and they might say that they do care. host: so a better question
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along this line, i guess a more generalized conversation would have been should the mainstream media report on this type of information or should the mainstream media focus on bat majority of the american people care about, right? that's about as specific as we should get on this type of topic because the majority of the american people just do not care. host: all right. jonathan from maryland. brad, cape coral, florida, republican, hi. caller: thanks for taking my call. i think the guy before was very informative but i do want to say that as a person who voted for donald trusm and supported all the things that were spent and passed yesterday, i do not agree with his twitter usage. i think that some great things happened and what ended up happening was it got overshadowed by an extra "the y media, cnn, msnbc,
7:35 am
new york times" because they have committed themselves to being opposed to president trump since the day he was elected president. let me say this. i don't think it's just president trump who has a responsibility. so for all those people calling on the democrat line and support all this radical resistance going on. there is a cause behind president trump's outrage. a homeless lady was beaten up by people who oppose donald trump because he was protecting his star on the walk of fame. when people were attending rallies in san jose, california, they were assaulted by mobs who were anti-donald trump. chicago, candidate trump tries to have a rally and people shut it down deliberately. bernie sanders has been on television nationally. every time a conservative or republican has a policy that
7:36 am
differs from the media or the left, they use home phone, massage insist, xenophobic. all these turns. people are tired -- me as a republican, a conservative, who actually wants a civil tone, i am tired of it, too. to e sanders is connected that. it's worse than anybody said. joe biden, want to put you all in chains. barack obama, republicans want blacks to stay at home. you guys in the media have a responsibility and yes, it is beneath the dignity of the presidency but far worse beneath the dignity of the media to continually attack the man for simply getting elected president and for condoning and misreading, misleading with news headlines. cnn does it all the time.
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host: ok. in florida. st. louis, missouri, linda, a republican, you're on the air. caller: good morning. yes, i've been listening to the show all morning and i just -- it boggled my mind. i voted republican. i voted for donald trump. two weeks after the election i regretted it and i admit it, i was stupid. it boggles my mind, i believe the majority of people do care what comes out of his mouth because he's speaking for the united states of america. he's embarrassed our country to i don't know how many ways. he constantly lies and is getting called out for his lies and his supporters still continue to stand behind him. i can only assume his supporters have the same sick mentality this man does. i'm ashamed of them. i'm ashamed to say he's my president. i can't even call him a president. i don't know what else to say.
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i'm totally disgusted. the media needs to call him out on this. we need to know what his thoughts are. it's just ridiculous. host: linda in missouri. republican. fox has a poll out, 91% say the president's tweets are hurting his agenda, 17% see the tweets as helpful. the poll conducted sunday through tuesday evenings before a tweet of president trump about the members morning joe host. do voters consider the president's online post official statements? it's a close call. 51% say yes, 41% say no. overall, 13% approve of trump's tweeting. it was 16% in march, 46% disapprove while 39% take the middle ground and wish he'd be more cautious. brett in washington, d.c., independent. hi there, brett. good morning. go ahead. caller: henl health is --
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mental health is the first thing sarah said mika called him with a personality order and if you've been diagnosed with one that i have, you know it's the scariest time. that psychiatrist is no longer my psychiatrist but the main point is with personality disorder, the point about paranoid, parent yeah, and the poem if you can sit with a common man or kings, vulgarity is probably the second greatest form of art i think can of offhand. mr. trump just needs to improve his use of vulgarity. it's really offensive for commentators to make mental health a philosophy. you know, they don't want to get into the specifics. can say mika sounds like a self-conscious hypochondriac, so frightened and emotional but it would be irrelevant because i don't know her. if you had been diagnosed with
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a personality disorder, you should take offense unless you really have one and then you should really think about how your paranoia might affect the world affairs. who is the attack dog in washington is a big question. people want to say traditionally the vice president is. joe biden wanted to punch mr. trump in the face. that's probably not that great of an attack dog vulgarity. let's improve our vulgarity, folks. host: devin in maryland. a democrat. good morning to you. caller: you know, it's not surprising what donald trump says anymore, really. everything he says is given a pass. there's never been a president in my lifetime that's been given more passes than this president. in the primary he said offensive things, as president he says offensive things. what's more surprising to me is the conservatives, used to have for ethics and
7:41 am
morals and they let him do anything he wants which is shocking to me because i'd rather us focus on the policy. and i think donald trump does this intentionally because policy after policy he's working on will largely support and improve the wealthiest of us, not the working class, the middle class but i'm blown away by folks that respect the conservatives that seem to give this guy a pass day in and day out. host: what should they do, devin? how should house speaker ryan react, how should mitch mcconnell react, the majority leader in the senate? caller: there's a few times, this is a handful -- think about this, a handful of folks that periodically step up and say the president is out of line and acting inappropriately.
7:42 am
would you want someone saying that about your daughter, your mother, your wife? somehow when this president attacks whoever it is, john mccain who is a hero, this is not about partisan. this is not about democrat and republican. donald trump is not a traditional conservative nor a traditional republican. i think he insights as you hear from your callers this real sense of anger and hatred and viciousness that comes out and always deflects back to democrats. i'm a democrat but very independent and george bush sr., one of my favorite presidents because he had this sense of integrity. george bush jr., at least he made us feel proud, he felt about the presidency, there was a standard i'm told, barack obama, again, a high standard. you can disagree with policies for each president but you can't disregard conduct in office, keep tweeting about
7:43 am
people's personal things, attacking people. i'm just really so surprised so many americans are so angry that they give passes to these vicious personal attacks that are so inappropriate and we'd never want our children to do. it's really i think donald trump, he's really a bully and nothing worse to me regardless of your party when you really are a bully and show the worst of your character. host: you should respond to the first lady, through her spokesperson, the office of the first lady had this to say, as the first lady has stated publicly in the past, when her husband gets attacked, he will unch back 10 times harder. caller: punch back around policy. it doesn't have to be personal. she's a nice lady and stuck in a terrible position. she's somebody that wants to deal with cyberbullying, right? and when someone disagrees or questions even sometimes
7:44 am
they're questioning something about you that may not be about a policy, the way to win is elevate the conversation and then highlight why you're succeeding and why you're doing such a great job. not to then kick people in the shin, return tit-for-tat. it's middle school conduct. i don't know how we get to this point of being bottom feeders and starting to go back and forth in this tit for tat and this is the president of the united states. the world is watching all this. i can't imagine the world looks at us now with a little less pride about, you know, america used to be the best and the standards and the conduct and now i feel like as americans we're so partisan and instead of being more patriotic. host: "the washington post" editorial, the duty of the rest of us. the president's behavior won't improve, it's up to other citizens to fill the gap on american values. what gives us hope is the
7:45 am
conviction the american people are better than the misogyny and rudeness we see spewing from the white house. our politics have always been rough and tumble but most of us don't want to see this kind of ugliness become the dominant trait and we should see whenever the trump era end, the flame can be rekindled into the discourse that would make the country proud again. that's the editorial board with their opinion this morning. "the new york times" cataloged the response from other media outlets yesterday to the president's tweets. is that necessary asked the fox news anchor, bill hemmer referring to the graphic nature of his comments, the white house press secretary argued president trump's harsh words. the veteran fox newsalist called it absurd that a president could feel bullied by the hosts of a cable news show.
7:46 am
mr. trump has been particularly upset by the host's questioning of his mental state, one official said, viewing it as a form of personal betrayal. mr. trump in the morning joe duo once enjoyed a relatively friendly relationship. mr. scarborough and mika visited the estate in mar-a-lago this past new year's nd cnn, one of msnbc's chief rivals issued a support of mika and spoke to a growing sense among journalists that they must unite convince the anti-press barrage from mr. trump and his aides, particularly after weeks ms. sanders encouraged americans to watch an anti-cnn video, whether it's accurate or not. some precincts of the right leading media refrained from criticizing donald trump and downplaying the remarks and other jumpists took exception
7:47 am
shortly after the president's tweets, a white house correspondent for one news network wrote on twitter, it costs nothing to be kind. shawn hannityy wrote initially that mr. car blow deserves the commentary from the president because for calling the president a liar, a thug and mentally unhinged. by thursday afternoon on his radio show mr. hannityy softened us view and the remarks he said would have been in mr. trump's best interest not to do it in my humble opinion. mike in birmingham, alabama, independent. let's go to you. you're on the air. good morning to you. caller: good morning, breatha. -- greta. i want to talk about beneath dignity. we had those guys that did it like everybody wanted to. i'm an independent. i hadn't voted in like 30 years like most of my friends and you
7:48 am
think well, that dude is from alabama, he's going to be voting every time. no. because i'm like a stoner from abama and you know, we can't all get together and vote for this dude because he's a worker. he's not a politician in the sense that -- barack obama was great. i love him. he can talk. he's great. but we need something different right now. i think there's bigger problems and i think looking at the big picture at some point we may say dude, i'm glad trump was in ffice, and then that happened. everybody is tripping. the bottom line, i think he's a worker. he's up there working. and a lot of people like me came up and voted for the dude. so we're anxious to get some stuff done. host: can he get stuff done,
7:49 am
ike, if this is the focus? caller: well, i mean, i don't know about it. look at his actions. i'm glad he's tweeting. basically i used to work in a tv station and all they're trying to do is get people to watch their tv station, you know. so they're pissed off because he can communicate without -- look at the money, the ratings, they're trying to get ratings so now they can monitor everybody everybody. we used to have to pay people to take the boxes to put in their house and now they can monitor everybody on their cell phones and we're paying y'all to monitor us. it's a big world. and times are changing and things are going real fast and i really think there may come a time we say dude, i'm glad i voted for that dude.
7:50 am
host: all right, mike. more headlines for you this morning. "the new york times," the president will meet with vladimir putin on the sidelines of the g-20 meeting next week. the white house would not say whether he plans to push putin on the meddling of the election. despite the concern in his administration and capitol hill. the first meeting between the two since trump took office will occur on the sidelines of the g-20 summit meeting in germany providing a dramatic focal point for mr. trump's second international trip as he faces deep skepticism on the world trade. below that, the u.s. poses sanctions over north korea ties is the headline. it's been reported the trump administration has imposed sanctions on a chinese bank, a chinese company and two chinese citizens in an effort to crack down on north korea's financing and development of weapons of mass destruction. this morning the reports are government is
7:51 am
upset. here's a tweet from a.p. news, trying to slam u.s. sanctions on the bank which washington accuses of laundering north korean crash. "usa today" with the headline that the opiod addiction has climbed by 500% over the past seven years. that's the headline in the paper. the analysis which examined the claims of more than 30 million people with commercial insurance provided by blue cross blue shield insurance between 2010-2016 underscores the rising tide of addiction in e u.s. opiod user is the clinical term for opiods which include illicit narcotics such as heroin. opiod users were in patients prescribed high doses with short duration compared with low doses for short duration. in "usa today," if you're interested in that. excuse me. that was "the wall street
7:52 am
journal," not "usa today." "the washington post" this morning on action up on capitol hill, lawmakers seek to end 2001 war operation. house appropriators set in motion thursday a repeal of the congressional authorization underpinning the military effort against the islamic state and effort against the islamic state and recent attacks in syria, a move that serves a as a rebuke of the policy and demand he gives congress a plan on how to proceed. the repeal has to survive a vote by the full house as well as the senate before it becomes law and set a set of hurdling may not be able to clear. the house yesterday took action on two immigration bills. "the new york times" with the headline, they did sell at the president's urging. the house on thursday voted to crack down on undocumented immigrants and localities that shilter them. approving two bills president trump championed but sure to meet resistance in the senate. more than that. the attorney general said that
7:53 am
the justice department would be reviewing murders of transgender people and prosecuting those cases. "the washington times" front page this morning, trump threatened with lawsuit unless amnesty fades out. the secretary-general warned thursday he'll sue the trump administration to stop the deportation amnesty for dreamers unless the government voluntarily phases out the program. in a letter joined by nine other state attorneys general and the governor of idaho, mr. paxson said the policy created by obama and continued by president trump is illegal. we have a few more minutes to talk about the poll this morning, president trump's tweets yesterday in reaction to the msnbc morning joe host. what do you think, joe, in west virginia, a democrat. you are up. go ahead. caller: yes, i am a democrat and i'll have to say that i voted for trump and the reason
7:54 am
why i voted for him is because i remember back when obama was rinning against hillary, all the negative things that came out against hillary. that's the reason why i voted for trump. ok. now my question is i don't think it was right he came out and said what he said. but then on the other hand, i don't think it's right for the other news media to run him down like they do all the time, talking about his mental health and all that. you don't know what his mental health is, ok? this is the one i want to ask you about and you probably won't put this on the air but i'm asking you anyway. host: ok. caller: how come whenever it a few weeks ws ago, kathy gifford, i think was her name. host: griffin. caller: had his headstanding up
7:55 am
and donald's son was so upset about it, how come y'all didn't put that on? host: are you sure we didn't talk about it? caller: yes. host: you were watching? caller: you did not have a thing on it like you have right now. host: a question on it. caller: and here it is, the esident of the united states and this girl holding his head up and this young boy is unnerved about his dad and you didn't say a thing about it. host: do you think that what the president says who holds the office of the presidency is more newsworthy than an entertainer? caller: well, i think that what it is, is these entertainers to him all those things get the publicity but you don't put it on to get the opinion of the people, how they think about it but yet you put on
7:56 am
because mika had blood coming out of her eyes or whatever, you think that's important. i don't. k. that's my opinion and you can cut it off the air but that's all i have to say. host: you're on the air and your opinion is heard and that's what we do here on the program. on a later note, a reliable source, gossip column, peyton manning, center left here in the picture and senator bob corker, republican of tennessee, writes, our pictures here at the white house following a round of golf. legendary quarterback peyton manning dining at a spot on pennsylvania avenue, the former telephoner in jeans and sport coat and the tennessee republican in a suit had salad, cake and cocktails. the pair might have talked about president trump's golf game. they played together with potus at the virginia club this month and perhaps politics was on the table. rumors always seem to be
7:57 am
swirling whether the two time super bowl winner would run for office and some wondered whether manning might have an eye on becoming corker's partner in the upper chamber. senator lamar alexander doesn't run again until 2020. though that's been swatted down, alexander's people say he's preparing for re-election and manning said he's not interested anyway. manning was in town to give a keynote speech by the conference of retail federation. rick from ohio. hi. caller: good morning, ms. greta. i hesitated to even call because i feel like i'm jumping into a jerry springer episode here. but here i am. as a retired fellow, i have an ch the ity to wat morning shows. i watch fox and friend briefly and for some reason i'm attracted to msnbc. i completely totally disagree with them but can't get away from them for some reason.
7:58 am
and then of course i also watch you. now, before i turn on c-span this morning i was watching msnbc and as usual, it shickened me. i've never seen such self-righteous, self-serving people in my life. i personally just don't like joe and mika. that's a personal feeling. i don't like them because of their philosophy. i don't like -- i should say i don't like their program. i don't know anything about them personal personally. all i know is what i see and hear about them on television. i think they espouse vitriol and disparmonny and so forth and so on. i guess i want to say this. i was not going to vote for trump at all. i gave a lot of reasons why i was not going to vote for him. i with the alternative guess i felt i had no choice. i look at trump in this way,
7:59 am
he's a fighter and that appeals to me. after having gone through eight years of president obama with whom i disagreed with 99% of the time, trump was refreshing to me just because he was a fighter. he appeared to me to be a person who was going to represent common people such as i am. so i certainly don't agree with some of the things he does. host: can i ask you this question because this has been posed? is, when they say he is a fighter and you say he is a tweets, when he puts out like he did it yesterday, is he fighting for you or a personal battle? caller: i think that is an
8:00 am
excellent question. that is a wonderful observation. to be truthful, i have not thought of that. i relate to the man. therefore, since i relate to him, when he comes out of hiding, i take that as doing that for me as well. i have seen him defend other people, common people. again, greta, there are many things he does that he -- that he does and he says that i am appalled by. but the bottom line bottom line counters this, he is a reaction to what i saw for eight years. it is just refreshing to me. i don't know if that makes sense. one more comment, there is a lady who called before me who says his supporters were of the same mind as he was. i was offended by that because it was like the comet that
8:01 am
hillary made that we are all deplorable. i don't think i'm deplorable or mentally deficient. i am a fellow who is so sick and wasired of was -- what taking place for eight years that i find this refreshing to see somebody coming up for air. format --eplorable for that, then put me in the basket. host: rick, let me ask you. have you been happy so far with the president's action on policy? what else do you want to see from him? caller: i would like to see him be able to pass more legislation. i am at the mercy of the media. all i know is what the media feeds me, whether it be through radio, television, newspaper, or magazines. any evaluation about president trump is based upon those things, and it all depends upon
8:02 am
what media you listen to. if you listen to fox and you think he is being beat up. listen to msnbc and you think he should be impeached or he should resign. i think the man can multitask. i don't think he can build an empire that he built and not be able to multitask. i think he can tweet. theink he can do all "deplorable" things that he is doing and still get the job done. i don't see where he is getting much support, even from his own side of congress. i would like to see, of course, the infrastructure built. i would like to see tax reform. i would like to see the health bill think it over with once and for all. there in the think and let's move on to something besides that. let's get beyond russia. let's do something positive for the country. my question is, will they allow him to do that? host: who do you think is
8:03 am
stopping him? caller: i'm sorry. host: who do you think is stopping him? will they allow him? caller: i think he went into the presidency opposed by the majority of this country, even some of his own party members opposed him. he has been in an uphill battle since day one if not before day one. i don't know how you overcome all that. i'm not in the click of power. i'm not in washington, d.c. or walking the halls. i don't know how you do that, but i know i believe the man could do something more positive if somebody would give him a chance. host: rick, we will leave it there. coming up on the again quote "washington journal," we are going to talk about the health care and what is on the is comingn, and what
8:04 am
up. later on, we'll talk about the relationship tween the media and the administration with alicia shepard. we will be right back. ♪
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>> you are saying this was not so much an irish right or an , but a working, the largest in our history. leavy discussants -- discusses riverfront land long thought to be his virginia birthplace. george corbin had sold the property often. he was distancing himself. there were family stories about the land. the lineage we are living more distantly. it is sort of a retreat. there wasn't a lot on the land to recall where the buildings were. .onday at 8 p.m. eastern the 1977 documentary, men of
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.hildhood on because he got a scholarship to this little college in cambridge called harvard, and as he said it discovered books and read forever, he became the john adams that helped change the world. >> for our complete american history tv schedule, go to >> "washington journal continues. host: we are back in the roundtable discussion. washington bureau chief along .ith niels lesniewski thank you for being here. let me begin with you on the state of health care and the senate bill. where do things stand now? mest:


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