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tv   President Trump To Attend Bastille Day Festivities  CSPAN  July 1, 2017 10:55pm-11:02pm EDT

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with your emails and tweets on booktv's "in-depth." acceptedent trump has french presidents emmanuel macron's invitation to attend the steel days festivities. a white house correspondent provided some analysis after the announcement. has made anignitary rsvp to the france celebrations. the united states president says flying in. the question remains as to whether fireworks of a different parisiansgo off if take to the streets to protest. we are joined from pennsylvania. we already had that long handshake in russell's what can
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we expect in paris later in july? >> may be another one of those handshakes. emmanuel macron is seen as somebody who opposes white openly many of donald trump's policies. but the reason donald trump is going to paris is very serious and laudable. he is going for july 14, the steel day. it also marks the 100th anniversary of u.s. troops entering world war i one. they will be parading in paris, the u.s. troops that is of the current times for aiding the alongside french troops. that is a good reason for a u.s. president to visit and say that in person. the relationship between the french president and the u.s. president is very interesting
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right now. dueling handshake almost between the two in brussels and since they are there -- then there has been even more criticism of donald trump by a manual mccrone. he wants to make france great again, making reference to the fact that donald trump decided to withdraw from the paris climate agreement. it was a form of trolling may say by a manual mccrone, something that did not go down well in the white house. it might be an awkward meaning. it will be the third meeting between these two presidents. the next one will be at the g 20 in germany next month. east of pennsylvania, thank you very much for being with us. announcer: before his trip to france, president trump leaves next week or a series of meetings with world leaders in france and germany.
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first, warsaw for the three c's summit. scheduled to give speeches and meet with the presidents of poland and croatia. after that, he heads to hamburg for the g 20 summit where he is expected to have his first race-to-face meeting with president putin. others include president merkel, prime minister of a up japan. former acting attorney general sally gates spoke tuesday at the aspen ideas festival, commenting on the investigation of russia and the 2016 elections in turn brief tenure in the trump administration. >> one of the things that is concerning that was talked about is the special counsel investigation going now that bob mueller is doing.
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i know mueller and i have tremendous confidence in him. he is the consummate professional, he will call it like he sees it, he will do this the right way. if bob mueller is going to be deciding whether or not crimes surely thated, then is not the standard of conduct we are looking for from our administration. it should not just be whether or not you committed a felony. it should also be whether or not you are observing the kind of norms we have been talking about today which are so essential to the fabric of the role of law. while i have total confidence in robert mueller and his ability to conduct this investigation, do not think we should be putting all of our hopes into whether that will tell us whether anything that happened here because there is potential.
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i do not know with the facts are so i'm not drawing conclusions that there are facts here that should be alarming to us as a country that fall short of facts a basis forstablish impeachment or prosecution. >> we will have sally eights's remarks at the aspen idea festival tomorrow on c-span. unfoldsn, where history daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and is brought to today by your cable or satellite provider. next, a debate on the foreign policy of president trump with former members of the george w. bush and obama administrations. after that, discussion on how
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the u.s. is perceived around the world. now, former bush national security council senior director michael doran and wendy sherman debate president trump's foreign policy decisions and the america first agenda. this american jewish committee 1 hour and 10 minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome councilmember robert lapin. [applause] mr. lapin: good afternoon and welcome to my own personal favorite moment of each ajc global forum, the annual great debate. debate. this year, 2017, perhaps more than any other year in recent times i think we would all agree is defined by polarizing and oftentimes painful disa


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