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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 2, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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:" the words that built america." washington journal is next. host: good morning. congress is in recess this week. president trump back in new jersey today on this long holiday weekend. thanks for joining us here on c-span's "washington journal" for this sunday morning, july 2. among the headlines from "the washington post," with the health bill looming, senators are not rushing into the fourth of july spotlight. a focus on some key senators, including lisa murkowski of alaska, and the senate republican leader, mitch mcconnell. the "l.a. times" says six governors leading the charge against the senate health plan. from the watt steel journal website, president trump joining the fray over the
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request for states' voter data. we begin with an in2ke79 piece on nikki haley from the latest edition of "national review." we want your comments on whether or not she is the alternative secretary of state. join in on the conversation at 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 if you're republican. 202-748-8002 for independents. you can also join us on social media. many of you weighing in on facebook. or send us a tweetful we'll read it here at cspanwj. thanks for being with us. we want to begin with news from the new york morning post and new tweets overnight from president trump. the piece is available online at the president contending in a clutch of early evening tweets saturday in which he seemed to argue he should keep up his twitter habit. trump musing about feeling horrible being humans, the fake
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and fraudulent news media is working hard to convince republicans and others that i should not use social media. that came at 6:0 p.m. last night. but remember, i won the 2016 election with interviews, speeches, and social media. we will continue to win. he went on to say about six minutes later, i'm thinking about changing the name fake news cnn to fraudulent news cnn. he vowed to keep up an aggressive twitter approach, my use of social media is not presidential, he went on to say it is modern-day presidential, make america great again. the story is available online at we want to begin with comments about nikki haley, your reaction to a piece from national review. t reads in part as follows --
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host: let's get to calls and comments. again, the fenn numbers are
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open. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. this past week, testifying on capitol hill, the you know ambassador, former south carolina governor, had this to say. >> five months and three days ago, i was sworn in as u.s. ambassador for the united nations. i came into this position at a time when many americans felt a deep sense of betrayal at the u.n. in the wake of the passage of resolution 2334. at my confirmation hearing, i made the following promise, if i am privileged to be the u.s. ambassador, i will never sit passively while america's interests and america's friends are run down at the u.n. five months later, i can say that i haven't been quiet on the issues important to the united states, and i can say this, i have kept my promise. our friends and our rivals know that america has once again found its voice at the united nations. the international community is
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now very clear about what the u.s. is for and what the u.s. is against. it wasn't long after my confirmation that my promise was put to the test. in early april, the syrian regime dropped chemical weapons on syrian children. we forced the security council to hold an open emergency session, which some member states didn't want. we drew a red line. if the u.n. would not act collectively, the united states would act alone. and we did. host: nikki haley testifying on capitol hill this past week. more from national review in e piece by jonathan tobin -- ares
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host: let's get to phone calls. is nikki haley the alternative secretary of state? michael, good morning. welcome to the conversation. caller: good morning, and thank you for c-span. once again, thanks for taking my call. host: sure. caller: i really admire nikki haley. i think it's about time we had somebody at the u.n. that fought for america's interests, united states' interests, and was not afraid to stand up to fend israel for everything that the left and the is lack i am community hates them about, and yet still, president trump on his foreign trip over there, got the attention of all the
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arabs, all the arab countries, and still was not afraid to leave right from there and go to jerusalem and advocate his position. but nikki haley i think is defending america's interests, and rex tillerson, i really admire him also. i think he's done a great job as secretary of state. i think they're two completely different jobs, and as secretary of state, he needs to be diplomatic. we've always had diplomatic secretaries of state. and i think he's amazing how he fit into that job so quickly. it sounds like he's been there for 100 years. host: he's a former c.e.o. of ex--on-, so he's been on the national and international stage for a while. caller: exactly. host: michael, thanks for the call. this is from karen, who sent this tweet, i've heard more about nikki haley, my state's former governor, than rex tillerson.
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send your tweet, @cspanwj. karen, independent line, your take? caller: good morning, steve. are you 50? i can't believe it. did i look that young when i as 50? nikki haley, this outspokenness, i get tired of all these people calling in, democrats or republicans. particularly the republicans. they're always saying somebody is -- they're alza tacking the liberals. we got the social security and minimum wage because of a liberal president. that was f.d.r. but today, what we don't talk about, steve, and what we've talked a lot about it, but my wife of 62 years was from germany. , d you know, steve, that 1985
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there was national healthcare in germany. they've had it for over 130 years. my wife and i made a couple of trips over there, and everybody looked healthy and good. you didn't see -- you didn't see any overweight people, men r women. we got guys like pat buchanan, you're going to talk to your boss, brian lamb, i wish he'd have a talk with the guy who wrote the book on h.r. mencken. h.r. mencken said, "you'll never go broke betting against the intelligence of the every american. if you want proof of that, look who's in the white house." thank you for taking my call, steve, and keep looking young like that. i like that. host: well, thanks. you made my day. the "l.a. times" is reporting on six governors leading the
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charge against the senate health plan. it's available online at among them, a republican, governor john kasich, republican of ohio, and democratic governor of colorado, three of the six listed in the "l.a. times" piece. the healthcare debate becomes front and center when congress returns after the fourth of july recess. live coverage on our companion network, c-span2. keith, florida, independent line. we're talking about the u.n. ambassador, national review calling her the alternative secretary of state? your take on all of that? caller: hey, steve, good morning. pleasure to see you, how well you moderate these programs. i always admire it. little a pleasure to watch. i'm an investigative journalist, and i disagree with the presumption of the national review article. a u.s. secretary and secretary of state all operate as zero
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sum opponents. i don't think tillerson has any objection to the strong position that nikki takes. i think what the national review is pointing to is distinctions that trump made foreign policy that they think opposes or puts out of joint secretary tillerson. i think that's a false presumption as well. jim baker has a resource that he could fight with a lot. jim baker is no fool. and, you know, with trump, also, part of trump's strategy is to let the secretaries of state one thing, let him say something else when he talks face to face, or makes his own decisions. that's part of the game. tillerson knew that going in. he has no problem with donald trump. he has no problem with nikki haley. host: well, there have been some stories about some rather heated arguments inside the
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white house between the secretary of state and because of his inability to get key appointees in the state department. caller: that's an administrative issue, agree, and also, i remember secretary of state george schulz had big-time problems. he was the one kind of moderate -- on against a liberal conservative -- including oliver north and so forth. he ultimately won, and he points out that he basically saved the presidency in i ran contra by getting him to fire north and other people, and none of the conservatives liked him, but he had no problem. he completed his tenure of secretary of state, as will tillerson. host: thanks for pointing that out. thanks for joining in on the conversation. we appreciate it, florida. a couple of tweets, haley is the media darling simple as
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that. i'm sure trump has and will make statements that disagree with nikki haley. fred says the next attack on the trump administration is to split off cabinet members. first attack was against sessions, now adding tillerson. jan says i don't know why we even have tillerson. republican line, don, sacramento, up early on this holiday weekend. good morning, don. caller: hi, how you doing? host: fine, thank you. caller: ok. i watch you guys a lot. it seems really unsettling that right now we're in a situation where the u.s. approval rating is about 22% in the world. trump is behind even putin and the premier of china. he's the most disliked world leader t. doesn't seem that it serves us really well to have him functioning as a traveling weapons salesman.
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we live in a global world. this seems more or less like the goal of this administration is to just destroy all of the economic progress this country has been doing. they're dismantling everything, all the great trump supporters, of which i was one. he's taken away the healthcare. he's taken away environmental protection. t's just a sad, sad charade. i can only hope things get a little bit better. i think we've been very naive. biggest concern of all is probably going to be that he got elected because a lot of people were really jaded to the state of our politics, and he's like -- -- he's going to finish those folks off for good. we need a democratic participation in this country.
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and by the time people realize that grandma is not going to be able to stand the senior place because medicaid is gone, it's just really disgusting. our healthcare, we spend more than anybody else in the world. and we have results in the mid 20's as far as life expect at this. host: don, thanks for the call. nikki would be a brave secretary of state, she had the guts to take down the stars and bars while getting death threats. be sure to check out c-span's new podcast, the sidebar. this week our guest is jeffrey rosen, the president and c.e.o. of the national constitution center. check it out on our website at c-span dogg. tune in anywhere you find the apple podcasts or stitcher. we focus on what happened 241 years ago, the signing of the declaration of independence. it took place today, was approved on july fourth, but john adams said july 2 would be
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the day we remember. we also talk about the constitution. the sidebar is posted every friday, also airing on c-span radio. we hope you check it out. this from perry, oklahoma, republican line. good morning. aller: good morning. i'd just like to say i completely agree with the caller, two callers ago, the investigative journalists. i'm just glad we have them in their positions and the story from the national review seems like one big stretch to me. host: thank you. the reporting of jonathan tobin, taking former u.n. , nikki haley has made herself right at home, seeking out fearlessly on a range of issues --
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host: if you're listening on c-span radio, this program carried live on sirius x.m., as well as the potus channel 120, and on the bbc parliament channel every sunday afternoon. we welcome your participation as well. david from new jersey, independent line. good morning. caller: good morning, c-span, the best channel on television. good morning. it's wonderful to talk to you. host: good morning, david. caller: how are you and your family, steve? host: we're all good. how about yourself, sir? caller: well, i was in the hospital for a while. host: what happened? caller: i've been trying to get on, but i was not successful.
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what i would like to say about nikki haley, she's the best pick that president trump has made in his cabinet. she is one of the few politicians that has a true attribute that many politicians don't have. honesty, integrity, and the hardest of all, the courage, the courage to do the right thing. i remember nikki haley as governor of south carolina, when she took down the onfederate flag. she's a symbol for the rest of the country, and it's my hope will 2020, nikki haley run for president of the united
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states, and elizabeth warren will run for president of the united states, and it should be a very, very interesting campaign for both of them. host: david, will you vote in 2020? how old will you be by then? caller: [laughter] 20, 20, steve, i will be -- 2020, steve, i will be 96 years young. host: that's why you're so young and active. caller: well, i love this great country. we're going through a great stretch right now, unfortunately. like you say, we'll be celebrating 241st birthday on tuesday. the good lord should also bless the u.s.a. host: it's always good to hear from you. stay out of the hospital, and
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keep phoning in. we'll hear from you soon. caller: i wish everybody a very happy july fourth. thanks very much. host: 95 years old, and he calls in every 30 days. we're glad to hear from him. let's hear from blake, joining us from alabama. good morning, republican line, your thoughts about nikki haley? caller: good morning. first of all, that caller you had from california, i guess you call it the republican line, he was lying. he was not a republican. [laughter] nikki haley to me, the reason she's been picked up, pointed out by mr. jonathan tobin, and i don't know who jonathan tobin is, but i doubt that he is national review, the way you keep talking about -- he sounds like he's a soldier in the anti-putin army of neo cons who
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are after the pound of flesh from putin. the soviet union used to call useful idiot. she's willing to say bad things about putin, but tillerson is being a real diplomat, knows the interest of the united states is not just one person. putin is not russia. just like the chinese president is not china. there are so many other leaders all over the world that the people, they have their leader, but doesn't mean everybody grees with it. the only reason the anti-putin forces, and he's got putin throughout all this oligarch, which took over the wealth in russia, and putin was the one leader in russia, and he kicked
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them all out, took their assets, and they're not going to stop until some disaster happens. host: thanks for the call from alabama. lou agrees with your point, saying that the caller from california bashing trump policies so wrong, he is fake ws, maga, make america great again. and rex tillerson was never trump's first choice for secretary of state. he was vlad my putin's. is haley the alternative secretary of state? perhaps a bad choice to use alternative, since team trump has redefined the word. also on the line, brenda is next. good morning. welcome to the conversation. caller: good morning to everybody. i think haley will make a good secretary of state. the american people have all got to pull together. we've got to try to save the united states.
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host: thanks for the call. let's go to john, fairfax, virginia, democrats line, good morning. caller: thanks for taking my call. i think nikki haley, people need to understand one thing. state department, you have to have experience. as we know right anyway, people work the state department, they left long time ago because they cannot work donald trump. the reality is we don't need a yes woman that goes out there and doesn't understand how the world works right now. everywhere we've seen the world oday, there's a problem. nikki haley did not handle. you have to have the support of the president when you're doing his kind of job. when you say something that disagree with him, is going to get rid of you. you cannot run the state department this way, because you have to know what you're doing, and nikki haley, she can
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say nice things about something, but if you don't have that experience and you don't have people who have the experience for 30 years at the state department, how she's going to run the state department when the president will say one thing and while she goes out there, she going to say something else. host: this is the headline from inside the "new york times," "i'm president and they're not," donald trump attacks, bringing crowd to its feet. he spoke last night at the kennedy center, making his quick trip back from his weekend hotel and resort in new jersey, and traveling to washington am he's back in new jersey this morning, taking i'm at the media, while also praising the veterans dating back to world war ii, including a handful who were on hand for the event from world war ii. here's more from last night's vent with the president. president trump: the fake media is trying to silent us, but we will not let them.
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because the people know the truth. the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house, but i'm president and they're not. [applause] we won, and they lost. the fact is the press has destroyed themselves because they went too far.
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instead of being subtle and hat, and use the people saw it right from the beginning. the dishonest media will never keep us from accomplishing our objectives on behalf of our great american people, will never happen. host: the comments of the president at the kennedy center last night here in washington, d.c., and this week, maureen o'dowd of the "new york times" writing about the president, cruella de trump and calling him a "pig."
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noip his vile tweet, he called mika crazy. he often tweets that women journalists, including me, are crazy, yet in that same tweet about mika, he called joe a psycho and told the russians in may that james comey was a "nut job." some, including scarborough, think trump goes after women harder, certainly resonates more with women because of trump history of sexist remarks, his take boasting about assaulting women, his habit of rating women's looks on a scale of 1 to 10. it's available at eddie from maryland, back to calls and comments about nikki haley. is she the alternative secretary of state, the piece from good morning. caller: hell snow host: you're on the air. go ahead, please. caller: good morning to c-span, and i appreciate the show, as always. nikki haley, i live in columbia, south carolina, doing
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a really great job. as an ambassador, i think she's doing an excellent job. i think tillerson is doing an excellent job. i believe that donald trump is doing a terrible thing. not just dividing the country, but as well as, just taking his world status. i would really wish that he called down, because he's divided the country so bad, i'm tired of this thing with the republicans and the democrats, and i'm a democrat, but whatever, partisanship in the country like we used to be. we were united and moving in a healthy direction. to trump, i would like to say calm us down, you're headed for civil war and world war all at the same time. may god bless america. host: eddie, thanks. on twitter, this from robert, the national review no different than other papers, it's opinionated coverage, which does have opinions. it's a conservative publication. david has this, tillerson was
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brought in for the nationalization of ex-on-mobil and lift sanctions. tell us what you think about this essay by national review, is nikki haley the alternative secretary of state? tony, south carolina, independent line. good morning. caller: good morning, steve. how are you? host: fine, thank you. caller: for the last few years she was here, we just watched this place bleed jobs. she got elected on out of state money. this lady, people need to research her. research our state. look up the myrtle beach mafia before you make any decisions. that's it. have a good day, steve. host: next to bubba, dallas, texas, republican line. good morning. caller: hi. she couldn't get elected dog catcher in south carolina. that's why she went to washington and went to the united nations. host: well, she was elected and re-elected.
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caller: no, she took the flag down. she didn't stand for election. she's much like kissinger, first-generation american, and we just don't need those kind of people running our state department. thank you. host: thank you from dallas, texas. phone lines are open. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. and we're getting your calls and comments on nikki haley. is she the alternative secretary of state? a story from "the hill" newspaper on the democratic party and former president barack obama, this is the headline, obama plays a behind-the-scenes role in rebuilding the democratic party, including an extended conversation with tom perez, saying the future of the world is on your shoulders, saying half jokingly, and what he's doing to help the democratic party. the former president in indonesia. this is the piece from "the washington post," pushing for respect for people'
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differences, taking aim at donald trump without mentioning him specifically. ead the essay online at frank from virginia. good morning, republican line. caller: hello. this is about miss haley. i think he's doing a very good job. she seems to be very intelligent. got a couple of other things. the deal about the russians. i don't want to be on anybody's side in the election. it would have been hillary's, because she had everything she could. don't make any sense. he would have have been pulling
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for anybody but her. host: thank for the call. another tweet, we met him in arizona on our book tv coverage, saying maureen dowd occasionally stumbles into the truth, per piece from the "new york times." this from roy, who says i've had enough of this fake president and his fake supporters who have no respect for americans and america. let's go back to your calls. joe from pennsylvania, independent line. good morning. caller: thanks for taking my call. nikki haley, i think she's doing a wonderful job. only thing i'm worried about, how come c-span didn't cover donald trump's speech last night? he got a wonderful speech. i think he had a wonderful speech anyway. that's all i have to say. host: by the way, it's on our website at
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carl from virginia, good morning, welcome to the conversation, republican line. caller: good morning, steve. i'm telling you, you're falling into the same trap with the rest of these people. host: how come? caller: you don't find one positive article about donald trump, not one. you know what he did for the veterans by signing that bill? you can fire someone for not doing their job. can't you read an article about that? host: he signed that last week, and we not only covered it, we talked about it. as a matter of fact, i was just going to read a positive article on ivanka trump, when dad is the president, a look inside ivanka trump's complicated world. the piece begins with these ords -- host: an inside look at the
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style section of the water post on ivanka trump and her role inside the trump white house. caller: everything you've read this morning has been negative. host: thank you for the call. go to randy, south carolina, independent line. caller: i'm calling about nikki haley. to me, it don't matter who trump appoints to office, he's going to do what he wants to do, no matter what. he's going undercut whatever anyone says. this is about the fake media, i can't believe all these intelligent people can buy into the theory that the media is ll the sudden fake news. host: thank you for the calling. i predict nikki haley will resign or get fired. she makes too much sense to be associated with donald trump, she is in the wrong party. here's more from nikki haley this past week here in washington. >>y seen me bash russia on ukraine.
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you've seen me bash russia on syria. you've seen me call out russia if we see wrongdoing. and yes, i do think russia meddled in our elections, and yes, i have said that to the president. so having said that, i haven't asked the president any further questions, because i just -- it's not something that's on my radar. i don't get asked about any of those things at the united nations, so i am very focused on my work in new york, and that has never come up once. there's no issues with russia that have come up once by any member state in the u.n. so that's the focus. u.s. leadership in our global spanning, mr. meeks, we have really put a strong voice of the u.s. at the u.n. they know we're back. they know we're strong. i will tell you when the action took place to strike syria, the number of ambassadors that came to me and said it's so good to ee the u.s. leading again.
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>> we pulled out of the paris agreement. >> i'm going down your list. >> i'm just talking about how we're pulling out. >> i understand -- >> we have a president that's indicated that he wants to do bilateral, no multilateral agreements, he has no confidence in multilateral organizations. >> he supports me at the u.n., and he supports what i'm doing at the u.n. when you talk about human rights, i was the first person to ever bring up human rights at the security council. i went to geneva to talk about human rights. i've been in venezuela, what's what happens in south sudan. the president supports mo that. when you talk about different views and those things that are happening, we're on the same team. for notice talk about it, he is supportive of that. >> you've said it. the president hasn't. >> i work for the president. i don't go rogue on the president. he's very aware of what i'm doing. he's very supportive of t. i can tell thaw in all of these issues, we're not apart on it. he believes as strongly on the things i talk about as anyone
7:37 am
else, and i would invite you to come to the united nations so you can see for yourself the strength the u.s. is showing there, because it is strong, it is heard, and it is valuable. host: nikki haley before a house hearing this past week. it's on our website. national review writing whether or not she is the alternative secretary of state. the essay reads the following -- host: the international diplomacy work by cob trast, haley's appointment did not seem to be based on any notion that she could have accomplish a thing, putting her at the u.n. was a minimalist effort to throw a bone to the never trump wing of the republican party. is nikki haley the alternative secretary of state?
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that from national review. the "new york times" sunday magazine has a piece on the f.b.i. called free agents, how the f.b.i. understands its relationship to the president and how donald trump misunderstands the f.b.i. both available online at john has this tweet, the media against the american people and working for the globalists, trump is american president, so work with him instead. go to michael in new york, democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning, steve. this is a great show, just wanted to compliment you on that. host: thank you. caller: you're very fair and balanced as far as that goes with the media. let me say this, ok? the pick, he's picking her, she may be a good pick, but will she get anything done? that's the question. because trump has done so much damage across the world and
7:39 am
continents, and they're just laughing at us right now. i'm really concerned about this. mr. trump has damaged our relationship beyond recognition. people don't understand what it takes to be a secretary of state. and i don't think donald trump does either. the guy comes out and tells a whole bunch of lies. i'm just saying what it is. nikki, she may be a good pick, but i have my doubts there, too. every time trump picks somebody, it seems like there's an administrative failure. this guy is going to go down as a very failed president, and that concerns me. because it affects everybody in this country. and we need to think about putting somebody in there that's going to lead us into a prosperity again. i don't see trump doing that economically, foreign policy, none of that. he fails in all areas. host: the white house points out the stock market jumped up
7:40 am
17% since he was elected, and unemployment is down to about 4% nationwide. caller: well, as far as stock market is concerned, those are not grave indicators to our economy. host: thanks very much for the call. politico, rex tillerson loads up at top white house aides. the secretary of state frustrated by negative press coverage and delays in appointing staff, unleashed his anger in front of reince priebus, jared kushner, and others. republican line from front royal, virginia, ramona, good morning. welcome to the conversation. caller: good morning. i think nikki would be onderful secretary of state. she has stood up for many, many ood principles, thank you.
7:41 am
host: the national review piece on nikki haley. caller: this is another bad deal. so far everybody's pick, nobody stands up when saying something stupid. one day, one time they used to stand up and argue about something, but now if he said it, it's all right. this is the craziest thing i ever so. i'm 70 years old. i ant never seen nothing this stupid. i still up for the people, my anyone in my unit. but this guy, he likes russia more than he like anybody else. i mean, this is crazy. i ain't understood -- thank you. and when would they get rid of this group you? just told a man on the news a good article about his daughter, and the guy still say you're bad news people. i mean, what can you say to these people? thank you. have a great day. host: the only thing i will tell sthaw democrats are critical of us when obama was
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in the white house. republicans are critical when george w. bush was in the white house. we're used to it. what we try to do sheer let you know what people are saying and thinking and what's in the opinion pages and what's in the newspapers. that's the whole goal, and that's what we've been doing since we went on the air back in 1979. we appreciate it. more from secretary of state tillerson. he spoke to reporters this past week about the issue of human trafficking, putting china on that list as well. here's more from foggy bottom. >> human trafficing is as old as humankind, regretfully. it's been with us for centuries and centuries. but in the expression of this act, as i read that one line to you, it is our hope that the 21st century will be the last century of human trafficking, and that's what we are all committed to. [applause]
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regrettably, our challenge is enormous. today globally it's estimated there are 20 million victims of human trafficking. so clearly we have a lot of work to do and governments around the world have a lot of work to do. host: national review saying is nikki haley the alternative secretary of state? here's this tweet from franklin, who cares who is secretary of state, donald trump is destroying the united states of america. and there's a new survey of about 1,000 americans, the headline, the u.s. image suffers as the public -- around the world question donald trump's leadership. read the full essay at new jersey, denise, democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. you're on the air. caller: good morning. i'm just saying, nikki is not a
7:44 am
good choice either, and it's a shame, because our country is in chaos, and everyone is sitting up there, get donald trump and don't see that this guy is mentally insane president. he's like a bully, and he's like a bully on tv. that man has no morals at all. how can he run a country when all he did was file for bankrupt all his darn life? how you going to run a country? there's a bunch of nuts up there for him. host: another call, rich, you're next. jackson, new jersey, good morning. caller: good morning. how you doing? i watch the news every day. and i watch both channels, liberal and fox news most of the time. i'm really getting tired of these democrats. they got -- get over with it.
7:45 am
donald trump won. he's doing a lot more than barack obama ever did. if you recall, the first thing barack obama did, he went overseas and started apologizing to everybody on what we've done. barack obama never did nothing for this country. you guys never showed a clip of barack obama when he was sitting with the russian guy and says once i give the next four years, i'll have a better chance to work with you. host: rick, that's not true. we did show that. i was the host of the program, and i can tell you specifically we did show that. caller: i appreciate it. i watch the show in the morning when i can. the election is over with. trump is doing everything he can to make this country better. barack obama did nothing but give everybody an easy pass for eight years.
7:46 am
he was fully muslims. we are at war with the muslims, ok? some of them are good. some of them bad. but you can't tell they're apart. he never wanted to admit that we're at war. donald trump is doing the best he can. give him a break. let him do his job. if you want to attack his policies, attack his policies. and then get over with it. thank you. host: rich from new jersey, thanks for the call. governor chris christie adding goth shutdown to his legacy, the move coming after new jersey lawmakers failing to pass the budget by the deadline, which was friday evening. to do so before july 1, new jersey, maine, and illinois, three states dealing with budget shortfalls and some partial closures on this holiday weekend. a number of state parks in new jersey are closed because of hat. caller: good morning. how are you this morning?
7:47 am
host: fine, thank you. caller: i continue to be in i need to find the word for what the donald trump administration is doing to us, but the ongoing debacle of twitter with his nonsense, it's continuing conflicts of interest, violation, the whole bit. nikki haley, you were on here earlier, compared to the rest of this administration, i guess she's all right. but as far as the governor, she was primarily an opportunist career advance, nothing very impressive. i agree with the earlier caller that said she wouldn't be re-elected. , she's red to trump great. host: thank you for the call. this is a tweet saying no president had experience being
7:48 am
a president until he became president. let's go to noreen from florida. welcome to the conversation. caller: good morning. i'm actually from massachusetts, but that's ok. host: my mistake. the neck caller is from florida. good morning. caller: hi, good morning. when i hear nikki haley speak or rex tillerson, i think that they have good values. so i would say that they're both good picks as far as that goes. i would like to see the white house and the congress be consistent with ethical views, because for example our recent healthcare legislation proposed by the republicans, i think that is totally unethical and not in keeping with our ethical values in the united states to
7:49 am
protect people and give us all good healthcare, and i'm definitely into tax cuts for their most wealthy people in our country so. thank you for your show. i appreciate it. host: now to florida, denise. good morning, republican line. caller: hello. host: good morning. caller: good morning. i just wanted to call, i voted for trump. i live on medicaid, all right? for a disease that i had in the 990's. when they do that, i don't have pay a lot of to these bills. sthow the right thing to do? this is unethical, a whole lot
7:50 am
of people are going to be sick. the affordable care act is the best thing. president obama actually did. host: thanks for the call. joe says this, twitter, hmm, i need to look into that. e mentioned new tweets, late yesterday, a little after 6:00 eastern time, but the president saying at 8:41 -- 6:41, my use of social media is not presidential? it's modern-day presidential. make america great again. the president spoke last night at a celebration for america's veterans at the kennedy center. west virginia, democrats line, good morning. caller: good morning. host: you're on the air. caller: yes, i would comment about nikki haley. i think she's trying to do the best she can. i think she's a little bit over her head.
7:51 am
she's trying to follow the route that trump is trying to set, she needs to do her own thing. she needs to come one her own plan and her own ideas and not follow him, because i think he's kind of lost anyway. kwloip do you say he's lost? caller: he changes his ideas from week to week. he accuses people of tapping his phones. he seemed kind of paranoid. he wants to argue with women over what they say about him instead of taking the high road. he just wants to get down in the dirt and waller in mud. that's not something the president should do. it don't make no sense. he should be bigger than that. he is the president. host: i'm sorry, your final point? caller: i just wish they would get their things together. the republicans, they don't seem to care about much people. they just combaret bigger people who can do things for them.
7:52 am
they need to impair the little people. host: this is from politico magazine, the cities issue, how urban america left america behind and gave us trump. clark on the republican line from florida, good morning. thanks for waiting. caller: good morning. how are you? i think nikki hay slee doing a good job. is it just an article or speculation? he's not stepping down? host: no, it's a piece from national review, we thought it was interesting. is she the alternative secretary of state? but no, rex tillerson is still firmly in control. caller: ok. i noticed a lady brought up medicaid. i also heard it pointed out that it's not even a question of anyone's medicaid being taken away. it's just that they're trying to slow down the handing out of
7:53 am
medicaid so the country doesn't go further into trillions of dollars of debt. host: thank you for making that point. from the sunday review, "new york times," save the first amendment, don't let internet trolse destroy free speech. there's a piece to celebrate america's birthday on tuesday. john is joining from us trenton, new jersey, democrats line. caller: i think miss haley is doing a great job. she's smart. trump is a predator, and he doesn't want anyone that's smart. i say one thing about trump. if you're from new jersey or new york, you know how he is. he's a predator. he's going lose his job. thank you. host: thanks for the call. front page of today's "new york times," looking at the heartbreaking story inside syria and the human toll for those who have fled millions. civil war now is in its sixth year. front page story and photograph
7:54 am
from the "new york times." lisa joining us from new york, independent line. good morning. welcome to the conversation. caller: good morning. how are you? host: fine. thanks for joining us. caller: i'm just listening to all of this and how people are defending jump. i know the topic is on nikki haley. i don't see how nikki haley, who she does have points and sounds like she's giving a good rhetoric on our foreign policy, but from the top, her boss is infecting and destroying our relations with foreign leaders. how could she possibly do the job? how could rex tillerson do the job when their boss is destroying our relations with foreign countries? host: thank you. back to the piece from national review. there's a lock history of tensions and contrast between the occupants of these two offices, but thanks to the huge disparity in power, probably never before has there been a duo which the u.s. ambassador
7:55 am
appears to have the louder voice -- host: republican line, thanks for weighing in, good morning. caller: good morning. i feel that donald trump is trying to do a good job, but he gets caught up in little petty things, and it causes problems. i'm totally opposed to the healthcare bill. the people that worked all their life for medicare and medicaid, it's going to cut their salary. i wish the country would come together, both democrats and republicans, forget their party, and do what's good for the country and do what's good in god's eyes. i don't believe that we the right attitude toward america. let's work on america and quit trying to help every other country in the world or we'll never make it.
7:56 am
host: how do we get there? caller: by making america first, and that's what donald trump's campaign was all about. we're still shelling out billions of dollars to foreign countries that are not our friends. i don't think we have any friends or allies except great britain and israel, and that's the two i would look out for. host: thanks for the call. another tweet from the president, i am thinking about changing the name, fake news cnn to fraud news cnn. the president tweeting that out yesterday before giving a speech at the kennedy center here in washington, d.c. comments from statesville, north carolina, democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i mean, i really don't think nikki haley would be that bad. rex tillerson is not that bad either, but i mean, they both ve a boss of trump, and he's
7:57 am
getting in the way of tillerson, so he'll get in the way of her as well. host: why do you say that? caller: it's trump. if he's not getting what he wants, he's going to get in their way. e has been so far. one more tidbit i'd like to make. this is just one thing that hit me, and i thought of earlier this week. it was just an idea. i think once everything comes down to it, and trump, because i believe he's going to get -- i believe they're going to get caught up, and i believe once it's all sandade done before he finds out that he's possibly going to see some time or possibly lose his wealth, it's just an idea that came to me, but i do believe him and his family are going to leave the country and head to russia, i do believe. thank you very much. host: you can continue the conversation on our facebook
7:58 am
page at, or continue with your tweets, @cspanwj. when we come back, we're going to be joined by the head of the interfaith alliance to talk about efforts to try to bring civility back to politics. career diplomat james bob ins out with a new book, "foreign service: five decades on the front line of american diplomacy." "news makers" follows the "washington journal," and our guest is the chair of the house ways and means committee, which is the tax writing committee in the house of representatives, republican congressman kevin brady. he joined us to talk about the senate healthcare bill, and if it does pass, what happens if it goes back to the house. here's a part of "news makers" that airs at 10:00 eastern. >> i think it depends on the final product. we know the initial drafts aren't the final product. at the end of the day, we'll weigh with what final product
7:59 am
is as it comes back to the house. we'll see from there. >> can i ask about you a tweet the president sent out on friday morning? he said if this doesn't get done, congress should repeal obamacare and then go back and replace it at a layer point? i know that's an idea that was batted around much earlier in this process and sort of rejected. at this point, is that a credible idea to do a repeal and then go back and do a replace? >> that doesn't achieve what president trump set out to do, which is not only repeal the damaging effects of that law, help people who are trapped in it right now. we're seeing it perhaps in front of our eyes. but to put in place, that transition to a free market, where there's a lot more choices than today, and giving control back to the states so they can design healthcare that's right for their region,
8:00 am
for their state. i really think the senate approach in the house of not simply revealing, but start to put in place the elements to make healthcare affordable. that's what the president set out to do. that should continue to be our oal. >> this also plays in the way congress goes about it, using the reconciliation process. you would agree you couldn't go back and do a republican-only bill to replace once you've repealed using that? >> i agree. democrats no doubt would obstruct any fair opportunity to replace the affordable care act in the future. the very best opportunity is good, thoughtful tranceful to affordable care is right now in reconciliation. host: the chair of the house ways and means committee. kevin brady of texas, republican congressman, our guest on c-span's "news


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