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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  July 4, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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>> coming up in about one hour, a question of whether the american dream is still attainable. ♪ host: it is tuesday, july 4, 2017. happy independence day. it is the 241st birthday for the united states. we will start off by looking at some of the latest stories in the news. that will include north korea's latest missile test and the u.s. image in the world. the annual survey of the u.s. mobile image is out. one of their findings is that u.s. global image has declined so far under president trump.
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here's how to be part of the conversation. democrats call 202-748-8000. republicans call 202-748-8001. .ndependents call 202-748-8002 if you are calling from outside the united states, and that line is 202-748-8003. we are already seeing some posts on facebook this morning, and we are welcoming your tweets. piece in the new york times about the declaration of independence and the american constitution. the declaration of independence, the second continental congress whiled the declaration people were living under to any. they say it is their right, their duty to overthrow such government. this morning, we are asking about the pew u.s. global image
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survey. they say, sense 2002, when pew research first asked about the u.s. a broad, they found that it was tracked alongside confidence in the u.s. president. however, they started to see a change from george w. bush obama'sration to administration. at the time, they found that positive views of the united states climbed in europe and other regions as did trust in have a new president would .andle world affairs pew andhe headline from a new survey, u.s. opinion suffers as world leaders question trump's leadership. his presidency has already had a
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major impact on how the world sees the united states. many of his policies are broadly unpopular around the world, and ratings for the united states have declined steeply around the world. median of just 22% has confidence in trump to do the right thing when it comes to international affairs. this stands in contrast to the final years of barack obama's presidency when the medium of 64% expressed confidence in trump predecessor. the washington times this morning writes about the survey. resultssdline, call for caution and not for despair." a conversation talking
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about some of the other elements of that poll. u.s.ll, obviously how the -- how the world views the u.s. president and his foreign policies affects how people look at the u.s., but there are a lot of things that influence how people see america. i think there are signs in this survey and other surveys that highlights the resiliency in america's image. despite all the negativity towards trump, you do not see a huge majority saying that they expect relations to get worse with the united states. ask questions about american culture and the american people, we see consistently over time that there are things that people tend to like about the u.s. even when they are not happy with the u.s. administration. i think the obama era
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demonstrated this resiliency, as you had anti-americanism in many parts of the world through the bush era. back athas bounced different times. we saw a lot of numbers that were turning negative have bounced back during the obama presidency. so, we see signs of resiliency even in the survey this year despite all the negativity at the same time. the: on the discussion of pew research survey, we hear your thoughts on that. david is an also, oklahoma. go ahead. caller: good morning. i do believe that president and ratings around the world are very low and deservedly so .
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childish, behavior inappropriate, disrespectful and especially towards women shoul -- towards women. the were other times when our opinion ratings were low such as when resident truman was leaving -- president truman was leaving office. but he had made decisions such as the korean conflict. the list goes on, but we did on spec. -- we did bounce back. with president trump, it is more self-inflicted wounds. natowas in europe or a country, i would be very concerned about how impulsive and immature president trump is and comes across. i think it is a very dangerous time potential it. host: do you think the image of
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the president affects the rest of us? that the rest of the world has a declining image of the u.s. because of their declining impression of the president? i do, because we elected president trump as a country. i did not vote for him, but we, as a country, elected this man. we knew what we were getting when we elected him. if you look at his speeches and behavior over the last 20 years or 30 years, it is very similar to what he's doing right now. this is really not a surprise. in another part of the world, i would wonder what it is about president trump that led americans to elect this man. randy in's go to wisconsin on the republican line. caller: let's stop and think
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about this for a moment. the united states gives money to a lot of countries. off totrying to pay them make them our friends. i do not care what other countries think of us. stop and think about it. is this a popularity contest with the rest of the world? trump is trying to make america great again. he does not care about the rest of the world. he's tried to take care of the people of united states. host: do you think the declining image of the president affects the rest of us? caller: who cares? the united states has to take care of the united states. we do not care what other people think of us. this is not something where you have to be like, "will you please like me?"
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no, president trump have to do what and thinks is best for the united states. you have to look at the mainstream media polls. no one believes them anymore. trump is playing them like a federal -- a fiddle. no one is going to believe anything about anyone who runs for office again, because they live all the time. -- they lie all the time. host: let's take a look at another one of the pew's charts. inlobal poll finds decline u.s. image at the end of the obama administration. at the end of the obama administration, 64% have confidence in the u.s. president.
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at the start of the trump administration, it declined to 22%. we are going on six months now into the trump residency. here is tom from california. go ahead. caller: i haven't seen surveys -- i have seen surveys going on. i do not know who took them or what questions they asked, and if you look at the u.n. a lot of people do not like us. that is just fine. western world the , the chinese, the japanese, the hasans, the french -- trump put together a type of middle eastern nato. way, butt formed that egyptian,sraeli, the
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they are all looking out for themselves for once. people trust us again. i do not trust surveys that have been around for many years. living in los angeles, i have been active in politics for 40 years. the problem we have is selective reporting. we do not report everything. women -- when i went to college it was who, what, when, where, why. in california, we have been gerrymandered into oblivion. question any survey. all of the polls done during the election were all wrong. people do not like him. trump is an unorthodox
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individual, but he is extremely bright. i have a friend who knows him, and he tells me to never, ever underestimate the man. that he will get better every day. he is doing what he needs to do. for the first time in many years, he has the chance to be the greatest president we have ever had including president reagan. he is building the military backup. everything he does is a positive result. isis walking his talk which unbelievable. the media, the politicians cannot stand him, because he is a patriot. he is working for nothing other than the good of the usa. i am a military guy. i have family going back to the civil war. i am on the american legion, too.
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he is a good guy. i really, really doubt the validity of how the survey was taken. if you go to a highly democratic area or people who really do not i do not remember anybody was ever said thank you to us. globalt is the pew research survey. one thing that president trump is dealing with this morning is north korea. the nbc headline here is that north korea claims first intercontinental ballistic missile launch. they claim they have success -- they have successfully launched their first intercontinental ballistic missile into the sea of japan today. they declared themselves a proud nuclear stay. president trump reacting to that on twitter.
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"north korea has launched another nuclear missile -- as launched another missile. does this guy have anything better to do with his life? hard to believe that south korea and japan will put up with this for much longer. will put a heavy move on north korea and and this ."nsense once and for all let's go to dana in spring, texas for her thoughts on the global image of the u.s. around the world. go ahead. by the i am astounded people who call in and defend this guy. i am ex military, to. what he is doing is completely dismantling all the goodwill and cooperation that we have enjoyed under all of our previous presidents.
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we are the only country that nato has used article five with when we were attacked on 9/11. he is unraveling all those relationships. with everything that is going on in the world, north korea right now, we might need some partners to help us get out of the possible calamity that we might get into. right now, the europeans do not look at us that favorably. any of the other countries we might need the help of if something goes wrong with the world the way it is today. we should be building up partnerships, and he is putting us to a point of isolation. i do not trust him with his hands on the nuclear codes. host: in the other call, the suggested that the
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president is forming some new alliances for the united states? caller: with suggested that the president is forming the? -- wh? russia? name one country he has formed a credible relationship with. he is meeting with china and russia today, but the alliances we had with the european community's was hurt by the paris accords. host: president trump will meet with vladimir putin later this week as he departs for the t-20 meeting in germany. it will be his -- for the g 20 meeting in germany. it will be his first face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin since taking office. the president said he was frustrated with the chinese ss to lean on north korea. he has warned that the united states would be prepared to act
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on its own. it was livered in a cordial but blunt phone call with president xi. this comes after a flurry of actions by the united states -- selling weapons to taiwan, threatening trade sanctions, and branding china for human trafficking -- that has wrangled -- rankled the chinese and left little doubt that the honeymoon between the two leaders was over. after returning from his weekend getaway, he has stated on twitter that it is time to act in regard to north korea. our next caller from titusville, florida. anthony on the independent line. caller: good morning. i would like to say that i am a navy veteran. i have traveled the world and thatmany of the countries you mentioned. frankly, we do not care what these countries think of us.
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directedhese polls are in getting the information that they want to get. they are unscientific, and the sample rates are too small. the ballistic missile thing with north korea -- we should shoot down every single one that they tried to test. we should deny them the testing they need to go forward, and we should just be done with it. goes --s article five the previous caller forgot to mention that some of our nato allies to not allow american airlines -- airplanes to fly over there airspace. some of our nato allies do not allow for the invasion of iraq from their soil. one being turkey and the other being france. so, i do not know where these people are coming up with their news, but it is extremely wrong.
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host: next is jeff from carolina. caller: good morning. julyis the best fourth of since we have been attacked on 9/11. this president has really given america a reason to celebrate our fourth of july. anothervey is just round of questioning our president. this type of questioning was never done against the last administration for obvious reasons. is doing more that the last president did not do. if you block people from taking advantage of you, that is when you become less in their eyes. when you allow people to take advantage of you for political
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correctness reasons, then you become a buddy. cubans, the socialist part of the european region -- everyone sees socialism failing. look at the people that president trump is hanging with and the decisions he makes. he does not live. -- he does not lie. he says it, and he does it. it is funny how the media will say look at what mr. trump is doing. they should stop judging him on stuff that is not important. if you questioned president obama on half of the stuff you , he would trump on not have gotten away with as much. ask the military if they are happy with general mattis in
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charge. host: the pew survey has been done sense the presidency of -- been done since the presidency of president bush. here. look at the results measure of the global view on trump's characteristics. of the u.s.on leadership in the world has gone down, but it is up favorably in russia. according to the pew survey of american leadership. go ahead johnny on our democratic line. in the i served 23 years military. all of my sons have served in the military and marine corps.
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let me explain something to you. trump is not building any kind of coalition to help the military. trump is not being trusted, because every single time he tells one of those lies in america, people overseas do not want to help him. i do not see how he is doing anything for america. as far as him bringing jobs, he is just writing on top of the wave. host: that was johnny in georgia. , the u.n.week ambassador nikki haley was asked about the u.s. image abroad under president trump. here are some of their back-and-forth. -- and leadership in our
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our global standing, we have really put forth a strong voice at the u.n. they know we are back and that we are strong. i will tell you that when the action took place to strike syria on the number of ambassadors that came to me -- to strike syria, the number of ambassadors that came to me and said they were so proud for us taking action. >> we pulled out of the paris accords. we have a president who has indicated he does not want to do multilateral agreements. he has no confidence in multilateral organizations. >> supports me at the u.n.. when you talk about human rights, i was the first person to take up human rights at the security council. i have been to venezuela and seen what is happening in south sudan. the president supports me on that. so, when you talk about different views and the things that are happening -- we are on
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the same team. for me to talk about it, he is supportive of that. >> you said it, but the president has not. >> i work for the president. iso not go rogue what he doing. i can tell you that, on all of these issues, we are not a part on it. he believes in these things as strongly as i do. i invite you to come to the united nations to see the strength that the u.s. is showing her. it is strong and reliable. all of that video can be found online at we are asking about u.s. global image declining under president trump. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8002 for independents. if you live overseas, the number is 202-748-8003.
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some comments from the dallas morning news. out the flag, the stars and stripes for the fourth of july. this decision was made before a generous neighbor offered to put a watermelon outside the home of every house on the street with a flag hanging. this is just a moderate display of judaism. we have our next -- display of patriotism that everyone can get behind. we have our next caller on the line. good morning. caller: good morning. [inaudible] reference tod -- to see someone rise to
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do something they are supposed to do, the country voted for him, and to see him deal with -- that he has to deal with maybe it is because he is the person who has to take on the allht of all back -- of but people want to look at your past and judge you based on your past. people want to still hold onto that. maybe people can look past that and not get so petty and caught up with sensationalism. as far as the country, we are layers.erned on the top we need to work on the under layers. we cannot just look at the surface. we have to work at the deeper
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issues if we want to move on. host: mike is up next from north carolina. caller: good morning. happy independence day. i am disappointed on this question today on independence day. at the you guys could have chosen something more appropriate. -- i think you guys could have chosen something more appropriate. i have been hearing and watching these types of polls -- i want .o send a shout out the caller who was asked navy, i will take him at his word that ex-navy andnavy -- knows that these polls are absolutely bogus. so, for you guys to throw it out that being said, i am a civilian employee who works for
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a private company in north carolina that was founded by a navy veteran. we do a lot of work with naval air station's and marine stations. these people are thrilled. from the marine grunts all the way up to the admirals and captains, they are not going to be living under sequester anymore. they are pretty much all enthusiastic. at the very minimum, they are giving president trump a chance. for the most part, they are thrilled for the first time in eight years. obama not go into an bashing rant here, because that is not appropriate today. from my little world, the people in these other countries -- they are pretty much all leftist. haley, she has called them out on their israel
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bashing. we have seen what their views on the world are. if they do not like our currently do, that is green light all the way as far as i am concerned. there were the same sentiments about reagan. host: one of the reasons we do questions like this is for people like you to call in. are out there, the newspapers, online, are all sorts of stories being written about the survey. the purpose of this program is to hear from you. this is an hour-long segment to hear from people about what they think of this survey, and you are fulfilling that right now. we appreciate you calling in. we go to mike in oak grove, missouri. go ahead. caller: i would like to say that i believe the united states has become a big joke, and donald trump is the punchline.
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video of him taking down the snake man with cnn on hit -- -- the video of him taking down vince mcman with cnn on his face, it just promotes violence and makes people who shot the senators up do stupid things. i have sick of people saying the media is taking on donald trump. on donald trump. donald trump is like a gun. if you do not have any nation in a gun, a cannot fire. he keeps giving the media ammunition to shoot their gum. how he it is sickening went on his fourth of july speech and took advantage of praising our soldiers and shot his mouth off about the media.
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it is sickening. he has turned our allies against us. he thinks saudi arabia can be our ally when all of two of the 9/11 killers were from saudi .rabia i am also sick and tired of people saying that the people voted for donald trump. 3 million americans were told that their vote was garbage. that is wrong. not even one american should be told that their vote did not count. host: some reaction on twitter. we welcome your response on
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one of the panelists at the brookings institute spoke about favorability at the end of the obama administration. here's what he had to say. >> it is important to ask that question, because obama's favorability rating did not always translate into success such as influencing north korea's military program. assume thatd not this is a one-to-one relationship between popularity and policy success, but i think it does matter more in asia than anywhere else, because the united states is in an emergent
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geopolitical struggle with china. while even allied countries are not going to make some fundamental, binary choice between the united states and china, they are making choices every day with how they will approach trade issues, human rights issues, security issues. in every single country in asia, it is different, place the place. all of our allies are having very fierce debates about how they balance competing interests when it comes to china and other economic benefits of the relationship with china. and that is being balanced against their relationships with the united states. the fact that these public opinion polls are shaping and changing the discourse in those countries, it will affect the extent that leaders are willing
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to stick their neck out and defend the united states. so, i think in asia it does matter. host: that was from the brookings institute. the pew research survey finding that global opinion of the united states has been declining under president trump. from the pew survey, the view of americans is 68% favorable. music,n movies, television, 65% favorable. of the united states government that it respects the personal freedoms of its people, 54% approve overseas. american ideas about the micro see, we see the dislikes outweighing the likes. our next call of this morning. go ahead. caller: good morning.
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happy fourth of july. the man who called in and asked who cared? president trump cares, because he is a narcissist. new york for the majority of my life. he wants to be loved so much -- you might think he does not care if he is not loved overseas, but he cares if he is loved overseas. i hope everyone has a nice fourth of july. host: next caller from raleigh, north carolina. good morning, happy fourth of july. caller: good morning. i am sitting here in listening to everyone talking about president trump. he is not done anything for us. everything he does is for his family. and --lied, the night, denied, and he
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has not done any of the things he said he would do for the working-class people. republicans, he is making a fool out of all of us and the republican party. i would strongly suggest that, when 2020 comes around, that everyone stands up, all the republicans, and say enough. our families are suffering, children in schools are disrespecting women, because my grandson is now talking about groping somebody which came from the president. we cannot respect him. we need to get away from him. look at themembers, problems they are having. he is supposed to be a law and order president.
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i do not think so. this investigation it needs to get done which i think will be very unique, and i do not think he will be in the white house very long. host: what is his cabinet members, scott pruitt -- one of his cabinet members, scott pruitt, was in court. here's the headline in the newspaper. there was the strike down of the ssiondmission -- new omi on oilds for the caps and gas wells. a decision that could set back the trump administration's broad
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legal strategy for rolling back obama era rules. ruling, the u.s. court of appeals for the district of columbia circuit concluded that the epa had the right to reconsider a 2016 rule limiting methane and smog forming pollutants emitted by oil and gas wells, but it could not delay the effective date while it saw to rewrite the regulation. next caller on the independent line. caller: happy fourth of july. i want to throw that out to everyone who believes in this country. regarding the view of us, i think there is an awakening around the world, and they can see through the shell game that is most governments. [indiscernible]
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it hinders our relationships when you go off and build weapons rather than trying to find ways to unite in common efforts. , itg back to investigations is appropriate that they showed something. heroes --ns and the they go from city to city, but they never really hurt each other because they are from the same. that is the way it is going now with the politicians, because we see the democrats are quick to points suchlot of as with the health care bill. the people are working behind closed doors to try and push it through. everybody who gets elected has a
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fiduciary duty, they are responsible to the people who got them elected. theirople who pay for assistance, their health care, their salary. they are supposed to bring the promises they made during their campaign. how are you going to bring about jobs? positions --binet they want to loosen some of the laws on capital markets so that and smallns businesses have access to capital markets, but what this will do is enable people at the top. with the means by small $1 million after expenses or less, and that is not a small company.
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so, these companies will be able to fudge the numbers. they are going to wipe them away. we are not going to be protected as well as the owners, the major shareholders. they are going to be able to funnel the money away. these things are not in the best interest of the people. whenever someone is doing this, if aike contract is broken -- a contract between the representative and the people is broken, then at that point we should say, " excuse me, you are not representing me. you are representing the insurance companies." host: that was ricardo. he had some comments referring to the president's tweet from
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the other date referencing the wrestling video. uncle ben, did you know that the president used to be a professional wrestler? was from a tweet this morning. our next caller is david. he is calling from the philippines. happy fourth of july. or, is it the fifth year -- there? caller: i have about 12 hours on is still the the second that we even suspected that this private possibleping thing was
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-- when it was someone who was running for president, red flags should have been flying everywhere. we are not that type of country. we should not be that way. then, russia. these are all red flags. that, whether being aike him or not, politician matters. how you carry yourself internationally. i can tell you that many ex-pats and foreigners i run across over travels, they just cannot believe that americans would elect a man might that -- a man like that. they are genuinely confused.
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host: are you living in the philippines full-time? caller: yes, i have been living here for some time. i'm working here as part of an internship. i have lived in australia, taiwan. i spent some time in korea. overseas,hat time have you seen a change in people's views in the u.s.? caller: absolutely. honor -- people use to talk about how it seems like a great place and how much they want to go visit. -- however,t to say this administration is not representing the country. it is not representing me.
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i do not think it represents the country well at all, and that will create problems. host: that was david in the philippines. next caller from miami on the democrats line. good morning. happy fourth of july. [dogs barking] let the dogn't you out the quick, and see if you can call back in. a little noisy on this end. let's go to our next caller on the republican line from alabama. caller: good morning. first, i want to say god bless country one greatest earth. if the world does not like trump, too bad. we do not care what the world
7:46 am
thinks of us, but they will gladly take our aid checks. every problem that democrats are , trump was notut involved as far as the heroine shootings,ains, cities in crisis. this was done by both sides in congress. years between clinton, bush, gettinga, and we were worse. both sides put us into this mess and not donald trump. we are $22 trillion in debt in case someone needs to be reminded. for those who want donald trump impeached, get over yourself. he has done nothing to the impeached. left toout 15 minutes take your calls on this fourth of july.
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at the you spending time beach, but it has not been the nicest time at the beach for the christie family. that already, one of the most unpopular governors, faced backlash after vacationing with his family over the weekend on a state owned beach that had been closed by an impasse. they were all alone across the state park beach with even the republicans saying he has made an error which could damage his efforts over the budget with the state legislature. our next caller from virginia on the independents line. caller: good morning.
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happy fourth of july. i am so happy you have this forum for us. we really need an executive leader who will lead by example for all of us as citizens. we need inspiration and collaboration both domestically and internationally. we need to see someone leading by positive ethics for us and for our kids so that youths aspire to rise to the challenges of the 21st century. i have not heard him or betsy devos speaking once about 21st century skills, and the importance of us needing to compete with other people around the world academically. a really does not come as surprise to me that some of the callers do not understand the importance and significance of having someone inspirational to look up to as a leader. the president needs to be
7:49 am
respected and needs to be inspirational. other in wordh and deed, and we are not seeing that from this president. for therketing himself poor people of our country, and unfortunately they will get a rude awakening with the policies he is trying to push through with the cuts in health care. just look at the opioid crisis. i think we should have stopped promoting his message in the media when he first came out during the primaries. when he was talking about mexicans as rapists, and talking about women in such a disgusting way. we should not have promoted those messages around the media. he did not show proper decorum.
7:50 am
we should not have promoted and beowed his messages to retweeted and put all over the news constantly. y, how would you prevent those from happening. haver: i think we need to speechleaders and proper . we cannot be attacking and aggressive with one another. that leads to tribalism. there is a lot of hate speech out there, and we need to label the speech that he used. we needed to use it they meet -- the moment he mentioned that all mexicans were raousts -- and all -- were rapists
7:51 am
let people live in ghettos. we should have stopped his messages from spreading. are accepting your tweets this morning as well. you can submit them on next caller on our democrat line. happy fourth of july. caller: hello. happy fourth of july. i think this is an interesting topic. i think one thing that has affected our message of broad is
7:52 am
our way of labeling each other. , we havef being united become people who are democrats, republicans, leftist, rightists. we have become labels. we are not united around one common thing. we are supposed to the the united states of of america. one of the things that trump has done is created this false image of the news. , andews is important respecting our news institutions is important, the freedom of the press. right now, we have a rather sad situation with news agencies calling each other names. we have news agencies calling other channels "fake news." the mainstream media is one of the worst terms that has come
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out of this generation. the idea that there is a mainstream media that is somehow not correct. i think it has destroyed and distorted the opinions of the american people. it needs to change. we need to go back to being americans. once we have somebody who is elected into office, they should no longer be republican or democrat or independent. ,hey should be representatives senators of their respective districts and constituents. they should learn how to speak for all americans and stop this constant war that is going on. i think that is one of the most important things about our independence. wet: ann from georgia, appreciate your comments this morning. next caller on the independent line from south carolina. go ahead, hank. caller: thank you for taking my
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call. i do not care if other countries like us or not. we have helped these other countries for years and years. how about the marshall plan? nato and u.n., they do not care anything about the u.s.. they will take our money, but they will not help us in any way. philippines --he he says he has not been in the united states in a year, why then you ask him who he voted him-- why didn't you ask who he voted for? host: thank you for the comments, hank. we are talking about the pew research survey on u.s. global image. survey says that opinion of
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the u.s. is unlikely to change, but the pervading view is that things will stay about the same. the brookings at institute looked at u.s. relations with islamic countries. situation an unusual where the u.s. does not have a unitary foreign policy. it is never entirely unitary. there is always the visions in the or accuracy and different institutions -- indie bureaucracy and different -- there are always divisions in and differenty institutions. nikki haley has her own foreign policy, secretary mattis has his own foreign policy, steve bannon, the list goes on. so, you have to ask the question
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of who speaks for the u.s.? in the past couple of weeks, you have rex tillerson and president trump saying almost onmetrically opposed things the gcc crisis.\ i prefer tillerson's foreign policy over trump's in that regard. i think that makes it so challenging since this is such unusual president and unusual time. so, that is one thing. a status quo you think things are more likely to stay the same, and, if i was responding to these types of polls, i would say that i
7:57 am
personally do not like trump at all, but do i think it will change the relationship with x, i can see what, a lot of people would probably say not so much. host: you can see that full brookings institute conversation on more comments in from twitter this morning. keith is in florida on our democrat line. go ahead. caller: good morning. you just hit on a lot of good things. electn policy, we do not a president to police other countries.
7:58 am
we elect a president in our country to govern our country. yes, we need to work with other countries on trade issues and this, that, in the other thing, parties who have feed on fear, which republicans and donald trump did, we have had muslims here for over 100 years, and we do not have the problems they have in the middle east. we've had muslims here much longer than many foreign, european countries. we do not have the issues that they have. under our way of law, the matter where you come from or what your ethnic background is, we all have the same right to pursue wealthy in our own country.
7:59 am
you can create something in the united states from nothing and become a multimillionaire. when you have someone like donald trump who only care about themselves, the rich, and here we are again just like under -- we have tonior give them tax breaks because they are the job creators, but they have not created jobs in america. keith, we hope you hang in there. we will be talking about the american dream in just a little bit. denied president trump's request for voter information. inte leaders have responded objection to the request to supply voter information.
8:00 am
donald trump requesting a bevy of voted data achieve those will be made available to the public. let's get one more call. republican line in lewes, delaware. good morning. good morning. happy fourth of july. saying i start off by love donald trump. i think a lot of people are missing the fact that he is what i consider to be authentic. it has been stated by some of your other callers. my brother was killed in vietnam. i had history teacher when i was there will always be between the haves and have-nots. that was soon after world war ii.


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