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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  July 5, 2017 2:12pm-3:03pm EDT

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gladstone. she discusses her book "the trouble with reality, a rumination on moral panic in our time, in which she looked at what constitutes reality today and how that has changed over the years. >> i set up at the beginning of the book our biological wiring. i wanted to show how we had evolved culture that was notgned to validate us and to challenge us. certainly not to contradict us. it gave us the illusion that our realities were watertight, when really they were riddled with weak spots and places that would crunch in. at 8:00y night eastern on c-span's q&a.
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>> in just under an hour, the un security council's meeting to talk about the north korea missile launch yesterday. while we wait for live coverage, a look at today's washington journal. one caller says the patient's of the united states is at an end. here is a look. >> a good wednesday morning to you. here is the headline across the front page of the wall street journal this morning. "north korea missile tensions the firsting successful north korean missile launch to date, which threatens to shift the decades-old strategic balance in these -- the pacific. firing tactical to surface to surface missiles to counter what they called north korea's destabilizing and unlawful action. late tuesday, the trump administration denounced north that scheer is the
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statement from secretary of state rex tillerson yesterday. global action is required to stop a global threat. any country that hosts north korean guestworkers that fails to implement un security council resolutions is aiding and abetting. all nations need to demonstrate to new correia -- north korea consequences -- there are consequences to their pursuit of nuclear weapons. as us and others have made -- in closell not coordination with our allies and partners. wes morning on our program, want to hear how you think the united states should deal with north korea. options include containment, military action, negotiation, or another option. we have phone lines for each one
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of those options. new york times in their story goes through what those options would mean. there is a classic contain you containment, as the united states did against a much more powerful foe. that does not solve the problem, it is just a way of living with it. the parents didn't that president could also threaten productive military strikes. going onto no negotiations is a third option. it would start with a freeze on american nuclear missile tests, negotiating with the north is hardly a new idea. president bill clinton tried that in 1994, and both discovered over time that north korea determines the economic benefits were limited and the deals fell apart. the president tweeting about north korea late on monday night. this was after the launch was
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confirmed by the pentagon but before north korea had claimed that it was an intercontinental ballistic missile. tweaks from the president after that. launchedrea just another nuclear missile. does this guy have anything better to do with his life?" the president asks. again, the three options. containment, (202) 748-8000. if you support a military option in north korea and the korean peninsula, (202) 748-8001. new negotiations, that is what you support, (202) 748-8002. and other options, we would love to hear from you. (202) 628-0184 -- 3.02) 748-8002
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and to build a foundation for future negotiations of the north nuclear missile programs. or mr. trump and other political leaders, negotiating with north has one of the world's worst human rights records, but sanctions have not ended the nuclear threat and military action against the north would put millions of south koreans and 38,000 american troops at risk. negotiations did lead to a deal in 1994, and that froze the north program for nearly a decade. there is no indication that mr. trump has a better strategy, is what the editorial board of the new york times writes. we want to hear your thoughts this morning. you can also send us a tweet at c-spanwj. you can also send us a video. name, where you are from, and your thoughts. ceu and hear from
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you this morning on the washington journal. nikki haley with a few tweets last night about this. she has been working on this issue all day yesterday. her first tweet saying she was spending the fourth in meetings all day, following that up with a tweet saying that the united states, japan, and south korea calls for an open emergency meeting of the security council regarding north korea's icbm launch. that is set for today. we want to hear your thoughts this morning. paula in dallas, texas on that line for those with other options. >> how are you doing this morning? >> doing well. >> i think before we do anything, we need to find out what we are talking about. i do not -- she could tell missile was fired. with an antiballistic continental missile?
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how to we know? they said it was. we need to go bring it up. but how do we know what they did? goingseveral newspapers through the north korean missile arsenal, what this missile was and its capabilities. here is the financial times and their graphic about it. this is the missile that was tested yesterday, in comparison to the other types of missiles. the chart above also shows the range of the various missiles. the reason this one is of such concern is the range of this missile is somewhere between 6500 and 8500 kilometers, meaning it could reach alaska, australia, parts of canada. several other newspapers are talking about this. the big concern that this is an intercontinental ballistic missile. it is a new type of missile unveiled by the north koreans. they are arguing for more research.
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jonathan, washington. other options. good morning. my opinion is that a strong defense would be a lot better than any other option we have. -- bill andhe bill the boys gave the ship away to china back there so that they could go ahead and launch their satellites, boeing was in on it, and he loosened it. but since that time, we have been vulnerable to attacks, especially in seattle. since 2004, coast-to-coast a.m. has been trying to get people interested about a bill that was going through congress, and about protecting our power grid. for some reason, they do not
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want to seem to do anything and there was this one guy -- >> host: william -- host: forced in, was that are you were thinking? no, cooper. both of those guys were on c-span at the first of the month, the first of may, talking about the power grid and emts -- emps. the guys in the power grid do not have a solution about this. but cooper is coming up with a deal to try and encourage people to take care of the power grid. but new was saying about the nuclear plants, and just like at fukushima, when the power went everythingere, started melting down. we have 90 of those power plants that are active in the united
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states, plus we have another 20 or so that are inactive, but they are still vulnerable. and three years after fukushima, dianne feinstein -- she was in charge of the same committee that makowski is in charge of now. charge ofhe lady in the atomic energy commission, anyway, commission -- the short chick from san francisco, the senator. had not years, they done anything to go ahead and try to fix the problems that were brought up by fukushima. host: this intercontinental ballistic missile launch my north korea will spur some action on that front do you think? caller: i did not get that. host: do you think this launch will get washington to look into that again and take action?
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perry was on your channel a week or so ago, and he was talking about making a trip to fukushima. he knows what the problem is, unless the japanese totally put him under a cone of silence. they have done that in the past year or so. indianapolis, containment. good morning. caller: good morning, do you hear me? host: yes sir. trump: when you listen to on the campaign, he had all the answers to how he would handle north korea. the criticism he brought on what het obama about was or was not doing regarding north korea, why is he backing down with a wag of his tail, making such stupid comments about trying to get the world to
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handle or do something about korea? trying to get china to assist. i fail to understand your question. those you not ask questions to obama himself as to what he would do? the call from those who support military action. good morning. caller: good morning. right off thement bat is that we have attempted the containment option in north korea for the past 50 years. the only result we have gotten from that is the nuclear arms in north korea, now it with -- now with an intercontinental ballistic missile. i think we are one of the only recognized states in the world purpose of existence is the antithesis to the united states.
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it hates us. not everybody has to love america. i do, and i hope most people living here do, but they just -- they do not see a way forward for themselves without a nuclear weapon capable of striking as a deterrent. the dangerous part is that we have seen their willingness to backstab us and work around back channels against us. we need to go in there, and present that -- prevent that from happening. host: are you talking a preemptive strike on their nuclear facilities? their missile facilities? facilities, and then with the french, we help them establish nuclear power facilities. or 10 years, we stopped the march forward of a nuclear rise north korea. and all we did was provided them with the materials and resources continuemic backing to to pursue a nuclear program.
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with the end of that 10 years, the state went in, seized all of those assets that we brought in, and put it into their nuclear missile program. host: so negotiations had failed in the past and you do not trust they will go anywhere in the future? theyr: i do not see why would. for 50 years, we have continued ,o attempt to negotiate, and and they will negotiate with us when they see the benefit, and once the benefit starts to tilt the other way, which is equal or they are starting to lose ground with their program, they will back down to the deal. they have always done that. why should we ever expect that to change? alexandria, virginia, on the line for negotiations. good morning. caller: good morning. host: what is the negotiations would work? speaking, ifally we behave in this way, we can
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and face thers consequences. the other ways to negotiate and original, and let the powers like japan, china, or others take up this issue. thing, they claim that they are doing this for the sake of self-defense and it is to prevent preventive -- preemptive wars -- what can you say geico you see some countries -- what can you say? you see the israelis with nuclear weapons and no one objects to them in the middle east. why? they say if we are under attack by the u.s., we are somehow trying to have some sort of nuclear defense -- some sort of defense, nuclear or otherwise. so negotiation with the powers in the area like china, japan, other countries in the region,
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it should help to alleviate the crisis and let the koreans face the problem because north korea is in a very bad economic situation. alexandria, virginia. a few articles on the issue of preemptive strikes and military financialthe region, times taking look at what tokyo is considering, what they could consider for preemptive strikes and their abilities, missile defense abilities in the waters off of japan and north korea. usa today and their story noting -- seoul,l, -- soul, the capital of south korea, could have the banner there on the front page of their stories. 25 million south koreans vulnerable, along with the 25,000 u.s. troops that are
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stationed there. the story quoting the deputy director general of the royal united states institute for defense and security studies in london, saying "if you get to a situation where the united states has started a war with large scale south korean cala duties -- if you do that, if you could take out the nuclear and missile capabilities, north korea has significant conventional retaliatory capabilities. that could turn parts of soul -- seoul into aleppo, and that's the fear." hostwe want to hear from you. if you support containment, (202) 748-8000, and military power, (202) 748-8001, negotiation, (202) 748-8002, and tactics, (202) 748-8003. option,i have another
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which is down the road a little bit, but i think it is up to our president of the united states to make this happen, and i have a lot of trust in the organization we have up there right now. think might bring this really to a head, this is been going on for 50 some odd years -- the president, leader, and north korea's grandfather, he invaded south korea, we lost 34,000 troops there. and then the grandfather kept going, and now the sun is going, so they are serious about what they are doing. i have not thing seen is to have an armistice -- not an arm assist, but -- not an armistice, but a peace treaty. world iss far as the
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concerned, this is a concern for north korea to have this nuclear capability with the missiles that can now reach the united states, and i think it is imminent that they do have the capability. have the chinese concern and the russians are concerned, and the whole world is concerned. the united states might see that now this is the opportunity for the whole world to get together and work up a peace treaty, and part of that peace treaty is for arms,ody to produce their to come back to a peaceful situation where the u.s. can pull out of that area, where we are not that belligerent. problems weof the have had in the united states. we are very hostile and the way we deal with a lot of these foreign issues. in the past that has caused us a lot of problems. caller: how do you garrett -- host: how do you guarantee that the north koreans will stick to -- agreement to any
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peace treaty that is struck? caller: we have a peace treaty russians andthe china and all of the other major nuclear powers of the world, and we have agreed pretty much do not use nuclear bombs against each other. i think the thing that is missing in north korea is a peace treaty. somehow, that country needs to come together. north korea does not want to they wante idea that to have one korea, and that has never stopped. become somehow, they can a one country if they have a peace treaty. then they can work things out together in a peaceful manner between the north koreans, and the south koreans. if the u.s. backs off -- i'm not saying we leave completely because we do have a treaty, but we have the nuclear capability to wipe out north korea any time we are threatened
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by north korea the same way that we were threatened by russia. we have the capability of destroying each other. host: speaking of russia and china, the associated press reporting russia and china yesterday proposed a plan for diffusing tensions over north korea, suggesting that pyongyang declare a moratorium on nuclear missile tests while the u.s. and south korea main -- abstain from large-scale military tests, some of which took place after that launch. saidhinese and russians that the confronting parties involved should sit down to toks agreeing the refusal use force and making the korean peninsula free of nuclear weapons. north's sensible concerns must be respected and urge other nations to create a peaceful atmosphere of mutual trust to help launch those talks. -- richard for those who
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support new negotiations in massachusetts. what about that plan laid out by the chinese and russians act oh -- russians? [indiscernible] we cut down all of these leaders, -- hello. host: we call them names? i'm here. we call them all names, and you can't sit down and negotiate with them as [indiscernible] and talk things over. we were the only country that ever used atomic weapons, and that was on japan, and we won two cities that were not military territory, but civilian territory. talk, because you
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can fight all you want, drop all of the bombs you want, but it is not going to solve anything until we write each other out. there is so much fighting going , and we haventry to sit down and talk. twitter, it writes "the united states has sharpened its ctice onto shoot down missiles every north korean missile launch." this guy in north korea has been warmed -- warned numerous times and continues to give the united states the finger. if there was not china, there would be no hope for north korea. contain on china to them is all we can do realistically. the lines were military action, good morning. host: gordon, you have to turn on your tv and speak through your phone. caller: ok.
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:. -- hold on. the world does not need any wars go back as many years as you care to go back. they were trying to have ballistic missiles, including nuclear weapons. our fingers are on the triggers, everybody is armed and ready to go. next war,, start the the third world, and see what happens. just start it now, because everybody is rate to go. no doubt about it. thank you, goodbye. pushing for negotiations in richmond, virginia. what do you think? caller: good morning, thank you for c-span. i would like to say this is not a power struggle between north
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korea and the united states. this is a world problem, and we need to negotiate with all of the major countries of the world and try to handle this in a peaceful situation. this could start world war iii. and we have veterans left around the world that we cannot take care of. the repercussions of war is dangerous. thatare we going to learn that is not good? we must sit down and negotiate to the fullest. jong-un, and he doesn't care -- he is trigger-happy. he wants to start a world war. and we have donald trump, who has proven he is not a leader. he is arrogant. he does not mind starting a world war.
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so we have to have all nations, come about and- negotiate. we must learn repercussions of war. it is dangerous, and this will be with us for a lifetime, our children, our children's children. and think of all the innocent down tothe infants, all the grandparents and great grandparents that will lose their lives, so we need to negotiate with the world. twitter, "if we blow up north korea, we have another afghanistan and iraq that we have to rebuild and pay for. do not want to do that." hispresident is tweeting thoughts, this from about five minutes ago. "trade between china and north korea grew almost 40% in the
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first quarter. so much for china working with us, but we have to give it a try." theill continue monitoring president's twitter feed this morning. but a reminder about what the trump administration has done in recent weeks when it comes to the relationship between china and north korea. this from politico. weeks, the trump administration has applied sanctions on a chinese bank and to individuals to crack down on the nuclear weapons program. this has only increased tensions between the united states and china, but not shown any movement in china's actions toward north korea. reporting on monday that trump told the leader of china and a phone call that he was prepared to take on north korea alone if necessary. on tuesday, a republican lawmaker said that was not enough. i commend the trump administration for its sanctions last week against entities
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aiding pyongyang, like a financial institution in china, but this should only be the first step. republicans senator cory gardner put out a statement yesterday." if china -- yesterday. we need to use and read if american economic tool we have right now to prevent nuclear war . getting your thoughts this morning. if you think containment is the right option, (202) 748-8000, military action, (202) 748-8001, new negotiations, (202) 748-8002, other options, (202) 748-8003. why do you support military action? caller: to have negotiations with north korea through china is like having charlie manson take care of your newborn baby. it is absolutely ludicrous.
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when we saw what happened to and saw howr malicious that the president of north korea is, we have to know this man is not rational. verynk we need a analytical approach, and we have to do it on our own. it is a joke to think that china has any desire to go in and stop this. to usenot have t nuclear armaments. we need to have a surgical strike with the mother of all bombs, and do it so quickly and have our soldiers on the border move out into japan so that when it is over, they can go in and pick up the pieces. theo not have to use
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nuclear option. we have other instrument of war we can use. and stand by and wait -- that seems very, not a safe thing to do. host: what do you think that would mean for the south korean allies? you are saying u.s. troops should leave the demolished rise down? caller: only for -- i mean only for an amount of time so they can get themselves ready to go back into north korea. but once north korea is sort of disarmed, what we do with our troops is a moot point, because they won't have a chance to strike back because it will be quick, surgical. and that is just my thoughts. host: michigan, the line for other options. good morning. caller: how are you doing sir?
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yeah, i think all concerned countries should levy heavy fines on them because of all the toxics that they are putting into the oceans with every launch that they make. and there are many different options rather than going military. military is not really an option. he is just a crazy little man. host: how do you get them to pay fines? caller: that will have to be worked out. what we have done so far, we have not been able to accomplish anything. i mean, he wants a response. that is what he is waiting on. that is why they keep launching. he is waiting for us to do something. host: chris, pennsylvania, the
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line for containment. chris explain your strategy. , caller: i do not know. just a thought. we did it with cuba, completely encircle them and prevent any of the goods that this guy probably enjoys in his personal life, shut the country down. nothing going in. host: the editorial board of the wall street journal today picking up this topic. saying the trump administration now has some hard decisions to make as it contemplates its options. put the camera regime under pressure -- kim regime under pressure, but that cannot be relied on to disarm north korea. they say the best option is a conference of strategy to change the kim regime. and as former secretary of state robert joseph has argued washington must strengthen and , build out missile defenses and revive the proliferation dragnet. get countries in the region to consider shutting down test missiles and it spread news
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about the regime's crimes to people in the north. they also take up the issue of the china-north korea relationship. the u.s. will have to recognize that beijing is part of the problem. trade with china grew by about 37.4% in the first quarter, good -- contributing to an economic miniboom. you saw the president and his tweets referring to that. the editorial board of the wall street journal saying only a tougher strategy in toppling the kim regime, with or without china's help will help to , eliminate a threat that would put millions of american lives at risk. a line from new negotiations, go ahead. caller: thank you. thank you for c-span. i see the numbers to call in and i think that all of the options, not other options, should be done. i think nikki haley needs to address the u.n. in an emergency session and say we will protect ourselves. and pretty much not signal when
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, like the last administration would have. but the negotiation needs to come to the u.n. something needs to be not now or -- be done it now or we will protect ourselves. with preeminent strikes. we do not want another catastrophe on our mainland, or in alaska or hawaii. so the way to go about it is forceful. this man is not going to negotiate, or hold up his end of the bargain about negotiations. he is not going to do it. so, tell the u.n. what is going to happen if they do not act. and let china, south korea know what is happening and it has to be done quickly. host: keith from florida are -- arguing for military action. what form would that take? caller: what they need to do is
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our negotiation, arm all of allies in the region with nukes. give them to the japanese, give them to the taiwanese, give them to the south koreans. and then go in and annihilate his artillery first, and then annihilate him. that is all you got a do -- got to do and it is over. host: bill on the line for new negotiations from pennsylvania. good morning. caller: how are you? general ined to be a greece, years ago. there is no situation with negotiations, because this guy in north korea is a yo-yo, he is a little boy, he is killing his own people. the negotiations cannot be done with normal people, so you cannot do it right now. i would say that my belief, i think i would be a general, i
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know what i would do. nobody make sure that knows what i'm going to do and blow him up into pieces. thank you. on the line are not for new negotiations, but military actions. caller: yes. and i will tell you something. negotiations today are a joke, just like the rest of the presidents did. they have not been nothing. i believe, when i was in arizona they used to say it was a waste of time. send people down there, seven -- send the planes, seven days blow the whole thing up. , that is what it is. they want to play games, blow them up. host: stan on the line for containment. middle river, maryland. explain your containment strategy. caller: yes, thank you. i believe that we have to go -- we go in there and we do
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imminent strikes. but give it to china. and what happens to the country after we go in? give it to china. china does not want us building any more bases or facilities on that side of the region. so once again, with china everything will be said and , done. china and russia are worried about more of us. host: tweets on this topic. thomas says we need to remind china that president kim can turn on them anytime with a nuclear weapon. allow refugees to cross the border. another viewer said, "continue doing what president trump was currently doing." the front page of the washington times includes this photo, the image made from the video that was said to be the north korean leader watching the launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile. the picture, other pictures you
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have seen throughout the program, more information on a missile that was launched. a u.s. official said american intelligence has determined with a high degree of confidence that north korea launched a two-stage intercontinental ballistic missile overnight. the trajectory of the launch matches information provided by south korea. the missile was launched in a high altitude trajectory of 1730 miles and it flew horizontally into the sea of japan. the missile emerged from the north of north korea, from the northwest corner of the country, an area used for launches in the past. that is the abc news story on it. we're talking about that this morning, we are getting your thoughts. the lines are split up differently this morning. if you support containment, 202-748-8000. military action, 202-748-8001.
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and for new negotiations 202-748-8002. , if you have another option, 202-748-8003 is the number to call. bill from north dakota, good morning. other options. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. caller: i think the best strategy for the u.s. would be acceptance. look, you really think they pose a threat to the united states? i do not think so. i think the only reason the u.s. has been talking about this is because they are jealous, kim jong-un is a really good leader, i mean 99% approval rating. , host: do you think that is a real approval rating? caller: i do. you know i was watching fox news , this morning and it is ridiculous. host: ok. floyd in virginia on the line for military action. good morning.
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caller: yeah, thank you for taking my call. i think we should be ready to use the military. they are there to protect us and i believe they would do a good job. want to know is going to have a so they need to open their king james version bible to ezekiel chapter 38 and 39. and it tells you about the battle that is fixing to take place. all you have to do is take a look and know what is fixing to happen. we have a good president and he is doing a good job. i appreciate him. and clinton, they did what they have now, and hillary sold uranium to russia and they will try to use it against us now. but god is going to put a stop to it. -- can stop anything. host: julius, atlanta, georgia for new negotiations. good morning.
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caller: i have been listening to all of these people calling in talking about going to war with korea. that is ludicrous. first thing, to go to war with korea we have to consider the lives in korea. we have more nuclear bombs than anybody else in the world. we have interceptors in the sky that can intercept anything that korea -- and they only have a few of them, they only have a few nuclear weapons. war is a moneymaking scheme. it is ridiculous to talk about going -- and this man just acts crazy. he knows good and well he will not attack america because he be completely annihilated. he knows that for a fact. so we are talking about going to war. all of our kids are going to have to pay the price of a war that can be prevented.
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it is completely out of reach. i mean, we are the most powerful country in the world. korea is not even in our ballpark. host: how do you prevent this? do you feel like it is escalating right now? how do you de-escalate? caller: it can't escalate to the point of going to war. like i said, the man is not crazy. he knows good and well if he sends any missiles in our direction he will be annihilated. he knows that. we are saying korea is doing this and doing that, they do not understand the meaning of war. war, like i said, is a moneymaking scheme for corporations. and we could go ahead and annihilate korea because he is making an atomic bomb, that is ridiculous. your point, julius. patrick, pennsylvania. other options.
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go ahead. caller: the unfortunate reality is that china wants a confrontation. they will convey that they want containment, but the reality is much different. just look at the fuel issue. the missiles require a very specialized fuel system in order for the action of the north korea to take place. i would argue that not only does china provide the fuel, but when this technology is moving a little too rapidly, the fundamental question is, is china enabling them? which i think they are. i think we need a combined approach, immediately shut down trade, incremental trade issues with china because there is 70% of all the trade going one route from china into north korea. they could end it tomorrow, but they have no intention on doing that.
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host: what do you think about how president trump has talked with china about this and his efforts to get them involved, what you make of that? caller: you have to look at how the chinese regard this president. they regard him as a buffoon. it is reflected immediately when the president went to mar-a-lago, the chinese responded that this is a, this is a paper tiger. i am calling china a paper dragon because they have no intention of making any structural changes with regard to north korea of any substance. look at the recommendations of china and russia, and they want us to cease military, our military maneuvers with the south koreans. but let's be clear, there has been absolutely no valid response from the north koreans when it comes to making any action.
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the north koreans will make promises, but they're not going to fulfill them. it is a real win-win for north korea. we need to make it very clear very fast. years, 50-100 years in advance of any nation on the planet and the chinese better be made aware of the fact that the patients of the united states is unitedence of the states is at an end. host: patrick in pennsylvania referencing the proposal for new negotiations put together by the chinese and the russians. speaking of the russians, as we noted earlier, president trump and vladimir putin will be meeting face-to-face for the first time this week before the group of 20 meets on friday. president trump will be meeting today with his ally in warsaw to give what the white house bills as a major policy speech to the polish people about the future of america's relationship with europe.
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he will meet with leaders of those eastern european countries 12 as part of an effort known as the three c's initiative, on cannot -- and energy driven economic partnership. a preview of the days ahead on foreign policy for the president. the washington post takes up the upcoming g 20 summit as well in this article focusing on angela merkel, the german chancellor of course running for her fourth term in september, calling her "the fixer." the german chancellor will head to the summit to defend economic and political integration as europe confronts donald trump. you can read that in the washington post. back to your calls, talking about the north korean missile launch. we want to get your thoughts, what you think the right policy reaction is for the united states? is it containment, military action, negotiations or something else? we have lines for each one of those.
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darrell is on the line for new negotiations in st. louis, missouri. go ahead. caller: how are you doing? host: i am doing well. caller: i think we have slaughtered enough people. what is the libyans do to us? nothing. what did iraq do? nothing. what have the syrians done to us? nothing. kim jong-un has not slaughtered anybody. we have been bombing people for i do not know how long and we need to leave the man alone. we launched missiles all the time. who do we think we are? all these bozos on the phone talking about how we need to go in there and bomb the country. that is all we do. haven't we slaughtered enough people? we are the number one terrorist on the planet. that is all we do. i do not see any missiles or any fighter jets from north korea bombing any cities in america. just like libyans and iraqis. they have not done anything to us. people are sick and tired of us bullying people all over the world. do what we say or we are going to bomb you.
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americans need to wake up and count the people we have slaughtered since 2000. based on the other line. host: sam in california. robin, he doesn't second, i don't understand how this dinosaur of soviet power ruffling feathers over here -- at the same time, i don't understand how people don't take it seriously, because south korea does and so does japan, and those are important allies. sweets -- a bunch of
3:01 pm
fleets over there to the south china sea. unfortunately for syria -- i don't know. immediate is a more , you know,opposed to just a bad neighborhood -- i don't know. with -- seems like more each of these lines that were drawn post-world war ii, they have been at war forever. this area is different. it seems to be more of an immediate threat. robin's a this cartoon and everything, but how is he going over there and coming back? how can he really traveled? fort: matthew is on the line containment, norfolk, virginia. matthew, what is your containment strategy?
3:02 pm
caller: there is not one strategy that would allow us to deal with north korea issue. gives kimction jong-un at the ability to retaliate and look strong. if you try to bully him, he is going to use that and turn it around on us and do everything they can pick they've been waiting, his grandfather was waiting for someone to react so he could look strong. his father was waiting for someone to react so he could look strong. military action, it is going to provoke something. negotiations more likely than not will be followed. they will not follow anything they agreed to initially because we don't have trust with them. it is not seem to be what i would consider a man of honor and on his word -- >>


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