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tv   Washington Journal Bruce Klinger Discusses North Koreas Nuclear Threats  CSPAN  July 6, 2017 9:32am-10:03am EDT

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our realities were water tight when riddled with re weak spots and places that would in.nch >> sunday night, 8 eastern on q&'s > "washington journal" continues. host: bruce klinger spent 20 years in the intelligence focus on the now fellownsula, and heritage foundation. how big of a leap forward is this for north korea? troublesome development, troubling in that although it's long been north koread indeed said earlier this year they test by later this year, it is a step forward. a y have had a icbm from fixed launch site, what they has rangeha, and that
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that could hit all the continental u.s., that is easily and easily targeted, if necessary. vehicle rom a mobile that makes it harder it identify and if necessary track and a conflict.g so the missile was flown at an trajectory, it wouldn't fly over japan and reentry to test a vehicle to protect a warhead during an actual flight. to normal been flown rajectory, it could hit 6700 kilometers, all the way to alaska, and that is likely not maximum range. host: you wrote in may/june issue of foreign affairs, the greatest nuclear emergency since cuban missile for the t is past time united states to act decisively. in the wake of this week's test, that now mean? guest: some advocate preventative military strike in
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sense of preventing north korea from completing development of its icbm. actually disagree with that. think it's unnecessarily provocative, even interception of the missile in mid-air or or more launch stand extensive bombing campaign for all-out ential war. we did war games or table-top exercises, and the allies always won, but it was the casualties thousands and of that was before we estimated they had nuclear weapons. so what we need to do is pressure on north korea. there is pretty widespread misperception sanctions are out, north korea is most cut-off nation on the earth and correct.ot ost: can we negotiate with pyongyang? tried to do guest: i met with north korean officials last month and they have publiclythey
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nuclearization will -- they said, accept us as nuclear state then we're ready treaty or ut peace fight. host: what was context you had the meeting in? conference of u.s., south korean, chinese, japanese, usually former officials meeting with current north korean officials. it is part of series track 1.5 meetings, the message is usually they will not negotiate away their nuclear arsenal. host: this is opening we could for further negotiations, you don't see this as -- my colleagues and i tried different options, what about this and that? the north koreans became irritated and said, stop it, as nuclear state. i said near the end, other americans when they engage in
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come back with signals or signs of flexibility i'm not detecting that. they said, you are right, there is no flexibility. bruce e're talking with klinger of heritage foundation, talking about north korea and the launch this week, want to get your questions and thoughts this morning. democrats, 202-748-8000. 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. be talking with bruce klinger until the end of our program today until 10:00. ask you about president trump's tweet it.erday and how you read he said yesterday, trade between china and north korea grew 40% first quarter, so much for china working with us, we had to give it a try. obviously referring to u.s. efforts to engage china here on korea.sue of north what do you take away from that tweet? guest: it seems president trump
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china, asatience with every preceding u.s. president has done. idea that if he only we can get china onboard to u.n. sanctions d because it has such a large balance with north korea. but china has promised to do always underperformed. t the summit with chinese pyongyaping, received t trump promises to do more and he ealizes china is disappointing us. host: what is incentive for china to help united states here? they are required to -- anctions under the turning blind eye to chinese entities engaging with north on its prohibited nuclear program. not completing or implementing or in essence violating itself
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u.n. sanctions or entities in china are. ost: what is incentive for china to see tension between united states and the korean peninsula? guest: china doesn't like what north korea is doing, they don't the north korean program, but unwilling to do pressure on north korea, they fear explosion the sense of north korea lashing out or implosion in the or e of regime instability regime collapse. host: bruce klinger taking calls. independent, michael, go ahead. you.r: thank sir, a famous quote goes like this. it is a tribute to the american leaders are he reported and perceive it lie to wage war tis not tribute to public to be so was mr. oled and that daniel elsburg, pentagon papers.
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sir, when haley spoke up and outrageous statement to the world that we have the whatever bility to do we want, legal or not, the north korean situation, you have no options. the only option you have is to war illegally because they have the right to defend their country with military arms they can develop just like we did. to show the lies here, if your narrative is that to united states with nuclear attack is why you will go to war, why aren't you at war and china right now who have the ability to take us in five minutes? host: bruce klinger, chance to respond? is difference between russia and chinese nuclear missile program and north korea. solutions, the
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international community has decided that it is not simply united states, it is the u.n. security council and assem orth korea is prohibited from doing missile tests using ballistic missile technology, by the u.n. to abandon nuclear and missile verifiable, irreversible manner. t is not the u.s. only that is trying to denuclearize them, it and e un security council north korea promised in four international agreements never weapons, eitherr ranium or plu tonium based, they violated that. they signed four subsequent agreement to give up weapons prommiced not to build in the first place? host: what was the point in promises they were not going to keep? reekt
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guest: i think to continue the programs while they promised they were not building them. the camel's aking nose under the tent and we have the whole camel in the tent. host: naples, mcmahon, steve, good morning. i just don't understand why our government, the united states, at least esn't say once, i haven't heard it at any forbid, kim jong-un the missile that reached united states, within two or three hours, north korea would to exist f. china can't andle north korea, we will and should. i just don't understand it. that is a short comment, but i it should be threatened with kim jong-un, obviously is something wrong with the man, he doesn't understand is.t the world situation guest: i think the u.s. hasn't used such explicit language, but
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administrations have said we will defend ourselves nd our allies using all means necessary, that sort of speaks or responding to any kind of tactical or strategic level attack. host: here is what the president his joint press conference alongside the polish president. trump: as far as north korea is concerned, i don't happens.will see what i don't like to talk about what i have planned, we have severe about, e're thinking that doesn't mean we're going to do them, i don't draw red lines. obama drew the red line and i made it look better than it was, that could have sooner and you wouldn't have had the same situation you have now in syria, that was a big mistake. i think we'll take a look at what happens over the coming months with respect to north korea. t's a shame that they're behaving this way, but they are ehaving in a very, very
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dangerous manner. used bruce klinger, just what trategic ambiguity, do you think of what president trump said? guest: he wants to keep all the table, as often said. he's trying to signal resolve, defend ourselves, but to fulfill our treaty allies.on to defend our but he doesn't want to paint a red line as president obama did syria and risk not fulfilling it. president trump also seems to on being elf unpredictable, thinks that increases his negotiating leverage in international relations, the problem is it also can worry our unsure of what the u.s. will do. miscalculation to by our opponents. jonesboro, georgia, mike, good morning. caller: quick question
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u.s. military in korea. i have a couple questions. first off, when you take a look at our involvement in the korean our military went there to nations effort to stop north korean aggression korea.t south my first question is, the american general, the four-star general, is he still united if he is, mander and are there other united nations that would in fact come o the korean peninsula in case there is conflict there? my final question is, just what mission in korea now? is it support-type mission, do reans?port cot i think i heard something on the ournal yesterday, someone aying that the four-star
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american general has esponsibility for our -- or command of all forces involved n any type of ground conflict or any type -- responsible for conflict on the a.inslurks guest: general brooks wears commander of 's u.n.ed nations command, all nations which ended 1950-19 53 war. combined ander of forces command, which is just the u.s. and south korean forces commander of u.s. forces, korea. ow during peacetime, the south kore maintains control of war-time f. there's a situation in both the u.s. and south korean president decides situation, war-time then the un commander, general
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brooks, the u.s. four star, assumes command of the u.s. orces and the south korean forces, called war-time operational command. presidents decide we're in a war, south korea ontrols military during national wartime controls on behalf of the united nations along with any other forces that from other united nations members. host: what is number of forces in the region? guest: we have 28, 500 troops and sailors and airmen on the peninsula, and 40,000 additional and any conflict we promise to flow many more troops there. on the peninsula, demill tarrize o them? guest: no, they generally pull ack and over the years given more and more responsibility to tittarized he demill zone.
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koreans have responsibility for the demillittarized zone. host: line for republicans, go ahead. caller: good morning, my we see or are s, told the country is very poor starving.eople are why aren't we exploring that ogic and going further with really, really severe actions restricting their ability to flow, getting any peninsula, of that threat of nuclear war with the country that we're concerned now can hit us i think the time for and polite is gone if we believe the threat is that severe. let's turn the heat up on china, trade from china, do whatever we do to basically starve rather than on, face threat this fanatic could time.t any
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guest: the u.s. strategy on to provocation has been sanctions, people tend to hink of that as trade sanctions. the u.s. doesn't trade with north korea, there is do.hing sanctions can we are talking about targeted financial measures, going after finances of the regime. hurting the people of north korea, we're going after the finances. mayor of a as the city going after the finances of a drug lord in the city. hurt the ing to citizens, only going after those or the idea to go after money, impede the ability to maintain augment nuclear and missile programs. beyond that far with iran. we were cutting off their ability to export oil or that was having impact on the economy of iran, which impacted people themselves. resolutions er ez
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we were limiting coal, korea's resources, the amount they could sell. during the un deliberations, the u.s. may be looking for eliminating north korea ability o export resources or preclude china or other exporting oil into north korea. that is going to go beyond what been targeted financial measure strategy. host: that would impact the people?and the guest: right. more so the people than in the to , what we've been trying do is three track pressure, enforcement, u.s. laws, they are our financial system to launder money, and then also oing after legitimate businesses with north korea. host: who buys north korean coal? guest: mostly china. host: up to them to agree to do this? guest: yes. to influence gs chinese banks and businesses engaging with north korea, vast majority of transaction in the denominated in dollars.
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north korea and china. it goes through u.s. banks, that gives us leverage. host: that was target of the actions a week ago? guest: exactly. u.s. finally sanctioned r identified as money laundering concern the bank, that was first time we had gone fter a chinese bank in 10 years. the u.s. sanctioned $12 billion n european banks for money laundering for iran. we've not imposed single penny banks, therechinese is a lot of evidence they are engageed with north korea. calls time for a few more with bruce klinger of heritage foundation, also former c.i.a. korea division chief for from 1996 to 2001. taking your calls. wanda in michigan, line for democrats, go ahead. caller: yes, you know, when they sent that kid back from north korea, almost dead and he did korea flexing their muscles and this eagle
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like to raise its head they did with osama bin laden, seals to take care of the guy and get rid of north all together and let god sort it out. something has to be done, it is enslavement camp for everyone living there. the only one living good is the needs to be gone, we know we can take care of it. when are we going to act? have to say. guest: thank you. first of all, human rights now still right three other americans being detained on ridiculously trumped charges, periodically, north korean services arrest them and we saw with this case treated horrendously. americans are returned, obviously not in that condition, regime north korea mistreats its citizens, the un ecurity council, commission of inquiry concluded human rights violations are so widespread
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constitute crimes against humanity. as far as taking out kim in -un, you know, assassination attempts goes against u.s. strategy and he but also that, along with any kind of military option uns risk of efk population on orean peninsula, even limited tactical response to tactical attack. host: who is second in charge in north korea? guest: really no one. gaining power or influence is seen as threat to jong-un. he even had his uncle, who was deemed second most powerful man in north korea several years he was executed because he kim een as encroaching on jong-un's power. host: if kim jong-un is gone, what happens to the government there? we don't know. similarly, when his father had a he died at 08, had that time, we don't know who would have taken over, kim
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else, they omeone then put in a place procedure to power.m jong-un in right now nothing in the constitution indicates who would successor. no procedure f. he's eliminated, we don't know who would take bad as kim e as jong-un or some hope a reformer there is no indication of who it be.ld host: ali in virginia, independent, good morning. morning.good how are you guys? if kim jong-un answer of e this the your guest is we don't know. and this is exactly what in iraq. the united states went to iraq saddam and of course this s without auth risation of the united states. sat down without studying consequences and dicing all
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war and e who call to ction must remember that the united states created disaster died, millions 0 a displaced and created worse crisis after world war ii suffered ountries are in camps, in and ts, jordan and turkey thers went to -- million went to europe and yet the united states and maybe half of the complaining was about refugees and they were of ing to limit the number refugees taken, so maybe people call to action must think irst that they want to take
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maybe another hundreds of millions of or maybe asking korean before for another war and -- host: got your point, ali. bruce klinger. guest: yeah, the military options as we refer to them, is take rse the u.s. will necessary means to defend ourselves or our allys and have our friends and opponents understand that. oing to assassination or a preventative attack to take out is a very programs grave scenario that we need to lightly, as i think there is too much flippancy about that option amongst policymakers and others in washington. i the meantime, before we -- think we need to exercise and seek to resolve things through tactics, to enforce laws, enforce un resolutions,
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exhaust all options before we go for military option, which could lead to the of hundreds of thousands of americans that are there and japanese an and allies. ost: refugee crisis, who would bear the brunt of that, china or south korea? guest: both, but heavily defended border divides cot reas, while those north koreans in southern half would be trying south korea, harder to get there unless south korea opens the gate. there is chinese fear refugees would go to china. border like? the guest: it varies, either or both orth korea and china will defend the border in sense of increasing military presence, of eased enforcement immigration there. but there is not the kind of there are between north and south korea, particularly in winter, when rivers freeze,
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refugees can cross the river to chien a. do that? often do they do they do it in number? uest: they do in numbers, depends how severe the border is enforced at the time. lax to allow are refugees to go back and forth to bring it n china and back in north korea and other times maintain strict border. call, bob, new hudson, michigan, line for republicans. bob, about a minute left. go ahead. caller: yes, why don't we quit guy, ng around with this there should be some way to get in there and disposing him and leaders underneath him. what the hell, he's starving his people to death and they don't say anything, he will have them did his uncle.e host: bruce klinger, last 30 seconds. uest: similar to the earlier questions, we want to get to that situation, we have a
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reunited and democratic kore abut getting there is extremely difficult and if jump into the military option, there are a lot of repercussions that could occur. host: bruce klinger senior asia, for northeast appreciate your time xhchlt back again. that doll it for the program you back here e tomorrow morning at seven a.m. eastern, four a.m. pacific. in the meantime, have a great thursday. much. thank you very host: thank you, sir. appreciate it. >> c-span, history unfolds daily as a79, c-span was created
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public service by america's cable television companies and your ught to you today by cable or satellite provider. >> in an hour, the heritage foundation foundation legal some rs look at significant cases decided this ear and journalist who cover the court discuss the judicial lineup. live coverage 11 a.m. eastern. look at state of u.s. china relations including military and s, economic ties competing interest in asia acific region, strategic and international studies, we'll hear from specialists from the u.s. and china and that is live at 1 p.m. eastern, and c-span, me here on hillary clinton
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inwhen women participate peacemaking and peacekeeping, we are all more secure. here i go again talking about research. [laughter] [applause]
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fact, when women are included in peace negotiations, agreements are less likely to fail and more likely to last. she spoke earlier this year at the awards at georgetown. see her entire comments tonight at 8:00 eastern here on c-span. on"q&a" - -- on not asking buddy to that asking anybody to compromise their beliefs, just open yourself to other peoples so you can figure at your place in this infinite world. >> the cohost and managing media.of wnyc on the ms. gladstone discusses her book. a rumination on moral panic in our time in which she looks
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at what constitutes reality today and how that criteria has changed over the years. ofi set up at the beginning the book, our biological wiring. i wanted to show how we have evolved culture that was designed to validate us and not to challenge us. certainly not to contradict us. it gave us the illusion that our realities were watertight when they were riddled with weak spots and places that would crunch in. 8:00 p.m. ight at >> president trump and first lady are on their way to germany. says president and mrs. trump on their 16 hour to pull in and board air force one for flight to the g 20 summit in germany. before


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