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tv   President Trump Says U.S. is Considering Pretty Severe Things in Response...  CSPAN  July 6, 2017 10:49am-11:03am EDT

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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> the president and the first lady have departed for hamburg, in polandt also today, president trump held a joint news conference with the polish president. of the united states of america.
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duda and mr. donald trump. >> the president of the republic of poland, mr. andre duda. gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to welcome to warsaw, to welcome to poland, the president of the united states of america, mr. donald trump. with this isd visit in warsaw which is one of the first international visits paid by mr. president trump. reinforces our bond them a high quality of the alliance between poland and the united states. that wedemonstrates mutually assess each other as loyal partners of those who on many different
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areas including the area of security within the nato alliance. today, this was one of the topics of our discussion that we had during our meeting with mr. president followed by a plenary session of our two delegations. we talked about the presence of american soldiers in poland. we talked about strengthening security including the eastern flank of nato. we discussed generally the security situation in this part of europe. apart from that, we mentioned the situation in ukraine. we talked about the upcoming military exercise which will take place in belarus. talked about contracts connected with the modernization of the polish armed forces. we discussed the already entered into agreement between poland and the united states on
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purchasing patriot missiles. we discussed the implementation of the program and the implementation of another program. we discussed all the things that will be implemented in the next few years as regards strengthening the security of poland. ladies and gentlemen, i am delighted after these conversations, i have a feeling that united states is thinking seriously and president trump is thinking seriously about poland security. he is also thinking very seriously about the united states of america as our loyal ally. the president stressed very strongly that strength of the polish community and the united states and the polish americans who he met before the election and mr. president, once again, thank you very much for that. thank you for noticing the contribution of polish americans
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and polish people in the development and the building of the prosperity of the united states of america. apart from that, we discussed economic contracts not only military but also those connected with security. we talked at length about deliveries to poland. the first delivery of gas arrived from the united states. turned up hugely successful and there were no problems or barriers. gap to ourat terminal. . this opens up the path to more contracts. thise in the near future will be a long-term contract gasred into for l&g deliveries from the united states and through this we will diversify sources of supply of this usually important material
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to poland. in a few moments, mr. president, we will attend the three seas somewhat well we will discuss issues of security and pertaining to the development of the transatlantic on between europe and the united states. we will also talk about the development of infrastructure and our part of europe, central will discuss also the development of the european union because all of the three seas members are involved. when we talk about the cohesion policy, we are looking at this from the european union perspective. we want to implemented through the development of infrastructure to increase competitiveness of our countries and increase the competitiveness of the entire european union. i hope we will be able to do that in cooperation with the united states according to the win-win principle that this will
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be beneficial for the united states and poland. once again, welcome. i am hugely delighted with your visit to poland. thank you very much on behalf of the entire polish people and thank you mr. president. the unitednt of states come mr. donald trump, the floor is yours. president trump: thank you president we have had a wonderful stay and it's been quick but the people of poland have been fantastic. polish americans cannot and rose and voted in the last election i was happy with the results would want to thank you and i want to thank them. it's a true honor to be here in poland. it's a majestic nation, it really is. it's a spectacular place, some of the most beautiful sights. i just saw coming over, really inspirational. it's rich in history and you
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have absolutely an unbreakable spirit. that's something we have learned over the course of many years. the president and i concluded a productive meeting in which we read a firm our enduring bonds of friendship and have united our citizens for a long time. we have never been closer to poland then i think we are now. poland is not only a great friend but a truly important ally and a partner with respect to our military. we have had great cooperation with poland. we thought children to shoulder in many different encounters, particularly grateful for the active role poland has taken in weping to defeat isis where have made tremendous strides, to mend his gains which you will be riod of about over a pe time.
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withd has been right there us by training iraqi forces and flying reconnaissance missions and just about anytime we requested, they were there. brave polish soldiers fought and work side-by-side with americans in iraq and afghanistan and obey half of all americans come i want to salute you and thank you. you're very special people and i also want to thank the polish people for their kindness to more than 5000 american troops stationed in your country. our strong alliance with poland and nato remains critical to deter conflicts and ensure that war between great powers never again ravages europe and that the world will be a safer and better place. america is committed to maintaining peace and security in central and eastern europe. we are working with poland in response to russia's actions and destabilizing behavior.
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we are grateful for the example poland has set for every member of the nato alliance by being one of the few nations that actually meets its financial obligations. as you know, i have been pretty hard on some of the members of nato for not and the money is pouring in. -- we haveticized been criticized but i can also say that people of nato are not criticizing, they are very happy. the money has been pouring in and the last year, far greater than it would have been. it is past time for all countries in the nato alliance to get going and get up to their obligations. i can say that poland has been right there and you'll even exceed that number and i appreciate that very much and so do a lot of other countries. during our meeting, i congratulated president duda on the recent polish election to the united nations security council and we discussed our mutual commitment to safeguard the heart of our alliance,
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freedom, sovereignty, and the rule of law. poland joins the security council at a very critical time. it's a critical time frankly for the world because you see what's going on. not only must we secure our nation from the threat of terrorism but we must also confront the threat from north korea and that's what it is, it's a threat. and we will confront it very strongly. call on alla and i nations to confront this global threat and publicly demonstrate to north korea that there are consequences for their very, very bad behavior. we also discussed the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in syria and the need to defeat isis and other terrorist groups where they controlled territory and populations. andave fought very hard very powerfully against isis since i have been president.
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and we have made tremendous gains, far greater than has ever been made with respect to that group. it requires a political solution that does not advance iran's agenda and allow terrorist organizations to return. we reaffirm any organization that values human life can tolerate the use of chemical weapons. we will not tolerate it either. we will work to expand commerce between our countries. seaspport the 3 initiative. the united states stands ready to help poland and other nations to diversify their energy supply so they are not held hostage by single supplier, or a monopoly.
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the first shipment of american liquefied natural gas arrived in poland last month, and there will be many more. get your price up a little bit, but that's ok. a tough negotiator. we work to make the relationship even stronger, we want reciprocal trade relationships. we don't have too many of them. i said the united states has made some of the worst trade deals in history. that is going to change. that is going to change. the friendship between our peoples dates back to the american revolution. long time. i look forward to speaking about bonds when ig addressed the entire polish nation. i hear that we have a big
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crowd. that is what the word is. president duda thank you for and myself.lania together, we can make the partnership between our 2 nations stronger than ever before. special people, special place, it is an honor to be here. to theake you live heritage foundation in washington. supreme court scholars will be talking about cases decided this year. live coverage here on c-span. throughout today's programming. the initial panel will be led by john malcolm. he also serves as vice president for our institute for a constitutional government. following the first panel


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