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tv   Interview with David Horowitz  CSPAN  July 7, 2017 2:46pm-4:01pm EDT

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much. [overlapping questions] >> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. >> thank you, everyone. >> thank you. here we go. >> thank you very much. >> and now, author david horowitz on the history of the communist party and his views on socialism and liberalism. this is an hour and 10 minutes. everybody welcome, ladies and gentlemen, david horowitz. [applause]
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>> we have been trying to get you here for years. we have. we have been trying to get him here for the longest time. it is so good to have you here. we have a little over an hour. we will have a conversation, we will take questions. when i say i have read all your books, i literally have. this is not all of them but a quarter, 1/5 maybe. destructive generation was the first one i read, this is with peter callier. and second thoughts about the 60's, the one where you came out from the left, left to left. and this book is, he did not ask me to do this, i promise you. "radical son" is great. this is like the whittaker chambers witness of this generation. i believe national review or one of the publications, weekly standard said something like that. weekly standard. he has done of late a number of different books, the black book
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of the american left. i have volume one, volume two, and there have been at least three, maybe four. david: maybe six. host: there is so much here. i can't keep up with them. i seriously can't keep up with them. went out to my office and tried to sort out questions and said -- try to sort out questions and eventually said, forget it. and tried to sort out questions and said forget it. i was going to sit here and try to have a conversation and ask things about the old left, the current left, today's left. i think we will start first with your background. i do not know how much of that you are willing to go into. david: obviously a lot. host: tell us about this is a conference on communism, socialism since 1917.
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your family lived a lot of this. were: my parents card-carrying members of the american communist party which means they were part of a vast international conspiracy that was organized from moscow. my parents i do not think ever broke a law, i do not think my mother ever got a speeding ticket. and they were schoolteachers but they hidden east german communist in the basement that the u.s. wanted deported. he eventually was deported. they had secret party names for the day when the party would go underground and the armed revolution would begin, although unlike my comrades in the left and the 1960's, i do not think my parents ever went to a firing range. although some of our family
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disappeared in 1949. they turned up in the serous in -- thenia and they were sea in california and they were supposed to be the leadership in america. the: the firing range in 1960's, are you talking the berkeley commune? militaryey had training. host: they were literally tramped -- trained for an armed revolution. david: tom adin called for liberated zones in american cities modeled on the communists in vietnam. it was a chapter of a book he wrote called the trial which he then suppressed when he joined the democratic party.
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host: he joined the democratic party. david: he did not give up the idea. not -- he had written a chapter of a book called "the calling for armed revolution in america. , hayden becamen a state legislator and clinton gave him the medal of freedom, richly undeserved. he never gave up the idea. he suppressed that chapter of the book. one thing about the left is that they lie. it is important to understand that. they lie because they now -- they know if they told the truth about what they believe and what they would be rejected or worse.
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post: on that point. because they have to conceal what they really believe. david: they are always concealing their agenda. same who comes from the background i did, he was raised by communists, the difference between us that he never left the communist left. there is a book called "you lie" which is 300 pages about obama. footnoted about all of obama's obvious lies. everybody knows some of them. you like doctor if them, you can keep your plan if you like it. there are so many others. the manual of the left, there guide which is
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still of bestseller and it is there recommended reading of that american education association, the largest union in america. the teachers union. the book.e agenda of the one thing i could say about the 1960's left which was a one redeeming, virtue is we said what we wanted. we want a revolution and we want it now. up against the wall, this is a stupid -- a stick up, i do not know, the slogans were used. they telegraphed what we leaved in and -- what we believed in. left was right, the system could be burned down. that is how he looked at america. he was a communist. and --
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you meet him? david: no, i despised him. i was a new leftist, i believed you should be open. perhaps that is why i am no longer a leftist. i do not believe in lying, although i had uncomfortable moments when i told the truth, i remembered being on a television book came outirst in 1962 about the berkeley demonstrations. and it was on and on and at the ends of the segment he said, are you a socialist? i believe in decentralized this and that. i was caught dead. i would have been smarter to lie. , i did not like
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that uncomfortable feeling. those were the good old days. -- american was not culture was not dominated by these people. which it is today. makes a communist a communist? a couple of things. first of all, communism, socialism, and the social justice movement, progressivism are modeled on christianity. they look on the world as a fall in place although they would never use those words. that way. it is a place of injustice and oppression. and like christians, they believe there is going to be a redemption. unlike christians, they do not believe the redemption is coming through a divinity. they believe in themselves as the divinity.
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they are the social redeemers makesis is what well-meaning people like my parents dangerous. if you believe that you cannot -- you can work achieve the work of god and bring about heaven on earth which is what they believe, that's what social justice is, what crime we do not commit, what lie would you not tell? you be crime would commit -- capable of committing to support. my parents never referred to themselves as communists, i never heard them is that word. in connection with themselves or their friends. progressives. every progressive believes this. and look at the crimes that they are comfortable with, even as we sit here today, although
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hollywood progressives that support these monsters in venezuela who are destroying the country there. left, steventhe spielberg, we were discussing him before said the five hours he spent with fidel castro who was a sadistic monster where the greatest five hours of his life. -- when i came out of the left, people would ask me, how come you hate america? why would you want a revolution? people without areideology, people who looking at other countries. if you look at the world, this is the best place to be. this is the greatest society on earth. how do we know that? all the people who want to come risk legally, illegally,
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or lives to get into america and you do not see that, nobody is swimming across shark infested waters to get to cuba. very obvious. it is easy to hate, it is not easy to hate america or to think badly of america if you look at the way human societies have been through the 5000 years of recorded history that we have. however, if you have this vision of heaven on earth, that can be achieved if you just get rid of just takesors, if you over the means of production, institute social justice, outlaw the pronouns he and she, whatever it is. compare it to this vision of the future, of course it is
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relative and the reason that america is, it is like every society. it is a reflection of who we are . we are in a christian college, this is what the first 18 chapters of genesis are about. that the root cause of social problems is us. , if yougiven a paradise are not religious, treat it as a parable. , muche given paradise better than socialism or social justice because the was no death, no pain, no suffering. you do not have to work, the fruit fell from the trees. in order to enjoy this, you had to forgo the knowledge of good and evil and the knowledge of
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evil. and human beings are prone to the corruption is within us. once you understand that, you are a conservative. [applause] host: it comes down to your understanding of human nature. david: the only -- other thing that people ask me, were you being financed, this is the new left. moscow gold was a big thing in the 1950's. we all scoff at it. moscow was financing american communist party as we now know. they asked me, who was financing new radicals, who went to burn wanted to burn down america and the answer was, you are. getting government money and what have you. they would ask me, what about
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the communist party and by then, the communist party was destroyed by the revelations of the khrushchev report. that is, i remember the right wingers who we hated likely method leawood say that stalin had murdered 7 million people. the actual number is something like 40 million. in 1956, nikita khrushchev who was then the head of the soviet union, made a secret speech which was smuggled out by the israeli mossad on the crimes of stalin. communistso many which is true, he killed more communists than all the capitalist governments put together. parents'destroyed my world, it demoralize them.
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my parents were never politically active after that. they would say, what about the communist party? , there isist party still a communist party but it is not very important. a party. about it is about an idea. it is about this mission to change the world. buddysion to make every equal, to redistribute income, and genders. in my view today, i do not see any difference between the current agendas and attitudes of the democratic party and the communist world i grew up in. the communist movement i grew up in. bernie sanders is the democratic
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party today. bernie sanders would have been the nominee if the crooked clintons had not fixed the primaries with the help of debbie wasserman schultz. bernie sanders is a lifelong supporter of communist clauses and his men tally -- mentality is what i called rain dead marxist. all the evil in the world comes 99%.the 1% who oppress the how stupid is that? particularly since there are these 1% is like sorrows -- s oros. the democratic party is the party of wealth, money. host: if the old left or the old communist left, if the redeemer class was the proletariat, for
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the new left, who is the redeemer class, are they always looking for one? david: the other thing just to carry this analysis a little further. texts thatrxist communists and my generation ead was the communist manifesto. the communist manifesto has two ideas. one is the opening sentence, the hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggle. social war. which is a ridiculous comment. history is not the history of class struggle. idea of the manifesto is, do not forget that karl marx was writing after the great
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capitalist revolutions and the industrial revolutions of the 18th century, the creation of plowing, market societies, and political democracies. lines manifesto, the next said, described the history of these class struggles. plebeian, slave master and slave, aristocrat, feudal lord and pass in. democracies,ame to capitalist societies and he said the board was a -- the proletariat and the middle class. today it is called the 1% and the 99%. isyou believe that society an oppressive system, everything
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can be understood in terms of the dominant class or dominant race or dominant sex. everybody that they oppress. the is the way you see world than you are a communist. that is the way the democratic party sees the world. it is called identity politics. carl marx says this in the opening of capital. i'm not interested in particular kabbalists -- capitalists, i am interested in capitalists as a class. that is because colonel marx -- xarl marx was supported -- mark was supported by a capitalist named engel. i have a passage in one of my writings that it is not a
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destructive generation. of the secret police whene time of lenin said we eliminate people, we are not looking to see whether they are guilty or not. we're looking to see what their class position is. you were one of them you could get eight years in the that you the fact owned half an acre of land. so condemning people for their , that is the mentality that leads to the gulags. americans built on the opposite idea that you do not judge people by their origins or by things they cannot change.
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immigrantstion of who were fleeing religious persecution. country, i do not know if i am in a protestant college but only by protestants. the protestant idea was that no human agency should mediate between an individual and his or her god. -- for the process since protestants it was the catholic church. the government is another human institution. so the founders of this country road into our birth certificate the idea that we are all equal in the eyes of our creator and our creator has endowed us with certain rights, that government cannot take away because government does not give us life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. i see -- that is the american idea. that means our fundamental value of individual freedom and
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individual accountability, people ought to be judged on their merits. this is obviously, the huffington post ran an article by, white men should be denied the vote. that is. some. -- that is pure racism. written on the bestseller list by the son of a black panther. i call them the most pampered racist. $600,000 genius award. he did not graduate college but a he won a national book award. the central incident of the book is the killing of his friend via
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policeman in montgomery county, maryland, which is a sanctuary county, i believe. very liberal. his friend was killed, a police officer said the friend tried to run him over. with his vehicle. the problem is that the police officer is black as is his friend. coates do with that? he was thinking white. this is just racism. people are saying that white supremacists need to see us a cut interest. -- a psychiatrist. that this is certifiable. get very respected liberals
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using that phrase, white super messy -- supremacy. they are not liberal about anything except hard drugs, sex, spending other people's money and coddling criminals. big: you say there is a difference between liberals and leftists. you like to use the term left. david: i am a liberal. you are a liberal. conservatives are liberals. we believe in two sides to a conversation. we do not obstruct speeches, we do not try to shut down campuses. when our opponents talk, we enjoy the dialogue because we think and the minute you think you are right, why would you not want to engage the other side? they are not thinking of us as people.
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they see themselves as the army of the saints bringing about a new world. so they see us as the party of the devil. next week, i am scheduled to .peak in south dakota as it happens, keith ellison and the democrats are going to be there and keith ellison is, it has been 11 years as a ravingerson for the anti-somatic -- anti-semitic [inaudible] which keith ellison obviously is. and is now the deputy chairman of the democratic national committee. host: and was almost chairman. david: we were endorsed by bernie sanders. another racist. we happened to be [indiscernible] center, innvention
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the same building. they objected because i was going to speak. they do not want to be in the same building with david hurwitz. what is that about? i should be an on person that i unpersont exist -- an and that i should not exist. this is what the democratic party has become. most disgraceful episode of recent months was the so-called confirmation hearing of jeff sessions. jeff sessions has been a friend of mine for 20 years. one of the he is half-dozen most decent human beings in the u.s. senate when he was there. he is a champion of civil rights. he was the attorney general and the deep south state of alabama, prosecuted the ku klux klan,
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desegregated the schools, and beginningats have with chuck schumer called him a racist and repeated it and elizabeth warren got shut up for doing it because she violated senate rules. it is a disgrace. they know he is not a racist. distressing what has happened in this country. i think it is very important for conservatives, conservatives are very well-meaning. -- well-meaning people, very decent. i say this as some buddy came out of the radical left so can i -- i can appreciate this and oo well mannered. they are willing to give the benefit of the doubt and not think the worst of people. in political war, you cannot do that.
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what i like about donald trump. there is no other republican i can think of, not one who on national tv in front of 50 million people can look hillary clinton in the eye and say you are a liar and a crook. which he is both. are -- your masthead for your magazine, there is a quote that said inside every liberal is a to tell terry and screaming to get out -- a totalitarian screaming to get out. david: i changed it to progressive. liberals and progressives, same thing. that is not because they are liberals, because they control the universities, schools, the
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newspapers, and dominate the they get to define terms, we do not. we have to live with them. thought control. david: absolutely. reason is because they think they can change the world fundamentally. obama said they are five days away from fundamentally changing the u.s. by which they may not just changing policies of america but changing the people and it. -- in it.s i think the appropriate word for the democratic party and progressives is neo-communists. we understand neofascist and neoconservative.
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neo-communists, they have the same mentality and this mentality is that although for 5000 years, there is continuous warfare for 5000 years. we're going to have a world at peace if we just disarmed the united states. they would not say that but that is what they mean. first of all, people are not equal. the idea that you can transform the world and change people's a very dangerous idea when you think about it. they will use the government, they see themselves as social redeemers
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and the instrument of the redemption is the government. the state. so they will force you, religion, they see religion as of secure and oppressive. the opium of the people is what karl marx called it. power theyome to want to stamp out religion. they have been pretty effective with christmas and things like that. 100,000heviks burned churches, that is one of the first things they did. so that is why it is so dangerous. religion has been part of the human story as long as there has been a human story. host: this gets back to the literal fundamental
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transformation. david: inside every progressive is a totalitarian. it is for your own good. why did they lie about obamacare westmark -- obamacare? you are familiar with john gruber's video where he said we that weuctured it so would fall the cbo and it would not be called a tax. we concealed the fact that he was redistribution of wealth of young healthy people, to older, sicker people and on and on. we had to lie for your own good. that is why they lie to you. you can keep your doctor because of we told you you cannot, you would not vote for this. and yet it is going to be, trust us we are good. is where the arrogance comes from. same thing.
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why are they always interrupting? i have seen them on television. they cannot let the conservative finish the sentence. they have to interrupt you. they cannot let you speak at the university. you see what has happened to and coulter and to me. this is a big trend in the universities to just, what happened to charles murray, evan mcdonald. week. happen to me last mcdonald spoke at the five colleges. another one is, on a. the students of pomona came out with an editorial which said is white -- what white supremacists used to marginalize minority people.
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free speech inon america, on the first amendment. the first amendment is the first amendment for a reason. it is the most fundamental right that we have. speak, -- not free to speaker mind you cannot defend any of your other rights. it is all over. the left's war on free speech, there are a handful of liberals, actual liberals. i should mention one, a book called "the silencing." think i -- i think that is the subtitle. alan dershowitz would be another. they are few and far between. host: what you keep going back to, i think recently of angela davis speaking at the women's march.
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david: here is a woman, the political hack of the worst, lowest kind, revered throughout the university system. prize from thein german police state. she abetted the murders of several people in marin county. just a vile person. this year, the national book award was won by another black leftist author. book is section of the a hymn to angela davis. tract, host: she ran for president and vice president of the communist party. her speech -- supported, ik she
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cannot member which faction, she supported the coup in russia by the communists. talk at the women's march, this is what you keep hitting on, she identified a bunch of new victim groups, she muslims, immigrants, lgbtq, they're always looking for the new proletariat to identify with. the new oppressed, david: deblasio in new york has officially listed 31 genders. host: that is true. if you are an employee in the city of new york, there are 31 gender options to choose from. that is part of it, it is more of a cultural marxism. david: a hamas terrorism supporter and advocate of sharia
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law which would take away women's rights, sanctioned the -- gays with the co-chairwoman of the women's march. and another organizer who was a convicted murderer. she blew up a supermarket. in israel. host: how many women know any of that? david: they do not. i quote this as the statement, the issue was never the issue, the issue is always the revolution. these people are not about practical matters. withare not concerned actual making a society work.
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a society of people who have an equal talents who are self-centered, very self-centered. , if you leavenow s with a pile of toys there will be screams shortly. world that way, not this way. a lot has to be learned. they are not thinking of society, they are thinking about this fantasy, a future which will never exist. withath to which is strewn 100 million corpses in the last century. the greatest mass murders in human history have been progressives.
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i want said the equivalent of that in berkeley when i was leaving the left and you can .magine the audience rose up that was the end, they shut off my microphone. host: i will bet that went over really well. tell us related to this, what is the democratic socialist? david: a contradiction in terms. host: that is a term that is en vogue now. socialism is theft. that is all it is. it is taking from people, mainly who have earned it and giving it to people who are your friends. that is what socialism is. host: lenin called himself a democratic socialist.
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david: he calls himself a social democrat. host: tell us the difference. what is the difference between the new left and the old left? david: where we began, we were different. we were willing to entertain new ideas. in dialogue with other people. the fact thate communists concealed their agendas, that was the good thing about the left. by the end of the 1960's, the new left was identical to the communist left who was supporting all the worst regimes in the world and hated america. you have to not be deceived by left-wing wordplay.
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there has never been a significant antiwar movement in america, it is always an anti-america movement. at ait from the left came time when the u.s. was forced to withdraw from the nam by the domestic left. betrayed our been amazed allies and surrender the country to the communists. communists slaughtered 2.5 million peasants in indochina. there was not one protest. not one. host: this was key to leaving the left. david: it was an anti-american movement. the movement to save saddam hussein called itself in antiwar movement but it was just as i know people to die.
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it was in session. we went into thousand three. time, and antiwar was willing to democratic nomination. john kerry and john edwards switched 180 degrees.
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they voted to authorize a. they betrayed although young people that they sent into iraq. -basically sacrificed their mission. guys talk about the old democratic party. i want to cleveland. they hated the jfk democrats. david they did. i did. i voted for jack kennedy. that was my left. the last time i voted.
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embarrassing vote in 1980. voted -- at the time i was not paying attention to politics. host: what did your friend say when you announced you are leaving the left. it was on the 700 club that you did the interview. david: i was on the 700 club. host: with pat robertson. roger le guin. that was fun. host: what did roger le guin say? somebody knows this.
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you did not do that one? what did your friends think? david: they were all former hippies who had become christians. i enjoyed that. we got very distracted. host: the sds, weather underground, that crew. david: we hated the democrats because we saw them as co-opting people. that is why we hated sullen ski nski, who said you do not -- you cannot burn the system down, you have to get power. if you tell people that they will not give you the power, they will reject you.
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it is stupid what you are doing. what you need to do is join the democratic party. the we have come up with this, boring from within. is the thing from the 60's i was fond of. they went into the democratic party and organized a riot at the democratic convention in 1968. and they took over the party. we had seen it as a party of the ruling class. host: tell us about bill ernst. despised him.
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nose, a rich, snotty arrogant individual. he was violent. he posted hen sds, had not read a book in a year. a college student. i felt it was our responsibility. i took revolution very seriously. if we are going to up and the upend the system -- they are irresponsible. they do not care if they lie. just this immigration thing, they do not care about the victims of illegal criminals who come here. who are probably
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mainly hispanic, i do not know why the republican party is not mentioning this. they do not care about the victims of the michael brown thugs and the freddie gray thugs were mainly black because they have this agenda and the agenda is the transformation of the world. is, if youus analogy think that you can be the agent of the redemption of the world, again, think of what crime would you not commit or support and what law would you -- lie would you not tell? there is a natural affinity that islamisthave for these fanatics. they think they are doing god's work. they are doing it in the name of god and redeeming the world and making it a holy place by infidels. of
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it is what the democratic party in south dakota try to do to me, purge me i'm the building, what is that about? -- from the building, what is that about? host: we can take some questions. we have, the time is flying. we have 15 or 20 minutes. wherever you want to go first. got a question? >> [no audio] comfortable. read -- i readu that you wrote a year ago.
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why does the left in this country make common cause with the radical islamists? david: i wrote the book about this. all, because they both share a view of who the great savior -- satan is who is us. that is the most basic bond. host: what do made by us? david: the united states. where the most successful -- we are the most successful country in the world. that is why they hast -- hate us. they do not think area -- think. host: what is the goal post? david: it is about abstractions. the end goal is to create the new world and the way they excuse the crimes of whether it
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is islamists or communists or what, the devil made them do it. monsterastro a sadistic , the number of people he jailed, the percentage, i think it would be 30 million in the u.s. comparable population. that is because he had to because of the u.s., why did the palestinians blow up little children, and a jewish child is a target for them. that is because the people israel ease, they are desperate people, the palestinians, they have no recourse. of course they do. even if they were oppressed which they are not, people have been oppressed for thousands of years without strapping bombs on their own children telling them to blow up other children because they are jewish. and if they are lucky enough to be male, they will go to heaven
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and get 72 virgins. how sick is that? leftisty would a modern he similar? david: they think the same way. they are fighting phantoms. i was just attacked at berkeley by the head of the united auto workers who organized the teaching assistants at berkeley. there are 60 thousands of them so the administration listened to them and their steward who is a music major sent and email saying david horowitz should be denied a platform at berkeley because he is a promoter of racial. --and white nationalism racial purity and white nationalism. i marched in my first civil beforemarch in 1948
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their mother was born. i have a public record of supporting civil rights that stretches over half a century. i do not exist, i am a category. that is all i am. , that liarmenthal from connecticut who lied about his vietnam record attacked jeff sessions in the confirmation hearing because i gave him an award. the quote from either he used to you what a racist i was -- received a report -- an award from david horowitz. david horowitz said too many black people are in jail because black people commit too many crimes. which is just the truth. and how do we know it is the truth, how do we know it is not a racist for mel justice system question mark we know it because victims, annual
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victims of crime report so they interviewed victims. 95% of black -- of the victims of black, are black. facts do not mean anything to them. because they are not thinking of the particulars. individual accountability. they are thinking of the vision where world transformed everybody, there is no inequality. and there is no poverty. >> i understand the liberalism
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to be totalitarian in nature and acancer in the country but cancer that is attempting to take over the globe. can agree on that premise, what in this world are we going to do to stop it and do you know [inaudible] there are several people in the white house understand it. i have read the whole book -- written the oak called -- a book called "big agenda." conservatives are too nice, they are two differential -- too deferential. called,r of my book is this is one example, the achilles heel the democratic party which is the stranglehold
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the democrats have on the inner cities. every killing field in america, chicago, detroit, ferguson, baltimore, 100 percent controlled by the democratic party and has been for 50 to 100 years. every injustice and the inner-city, every oppression, the schools that year in and year out do not teach these kids , where 40% dropout and those who graduate are illiterate, 100% controlled by the democratic party who runs a jobs program for the adults and a slush fund for the democratic party. the gun laws that prevent citizens from defending themselves, the catch and release policy which let dwayne 's cousin, a beautiful person who was murdered except the democrats have a lot on chicago.
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republicans are too polite to mention this ever. [applause] host: you get called the racist. david: of course. questions? >> the quote you were looking for is even worse. the idea that the truth is an entity for which we must strive in matters that engage our ability to [inaudible] is an attempt to silence oppressed people. david: the left has been hasucting, this is a -- been going on for 30 or 40 years. the left has conducted a systematic war against standards
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standards,.truth . literate, are semi , testsk city just ended for teachers. they are inflicting on kids, it witht going to be people money's >> campell brown has a crusade going. this is another liberal. she is an christian powers us book.
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if you are hired after two years, you have a lifetime job. they can't get rid of you. ofs is another form progressive racism. they are just racist, that is all it is. waters,usion of maxine when i was in the 80's, i did gang stories in compton. residents there, mothers who murdered children, where are they? that is the complaint, there are none. i've forgotten the statistics. hugeos angeles area is a geographical area.
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she doesn't represent those people. >> there is a quote, you are in he ask you if you do drugs. >> he asked if i had ever dropped acid. i said you can't understand socialism until you do. that is probably the only trade thing he said. >> it to be a bumper sticker. >> you have an expedition for why there are so many americans were leaders in the jewish community who are democrats. christ religion.
3:48 pm
there is a saying about reformed judaism. it is conservative and orthodox. they say reformed judaism is the reformed holiday party. a religion. you actually are. everything that comes out of their mouths is a moral indictment. they also like hellfire and damnation preachers. condemning people like us, people who opposed them. from turn to the television
3:49 pm
audience and said you have to understand, hillary has tremendous hatred in her heart. what he was referring to is the basket of deplorables. what is in that basket, racist, sexist,, pubs, there is not a person in this room who has been in an argument about policy with a liberal who hasn't been called racist and sexist and homophobic and an islamabad. the democratic party is the party of hate. >> did and she said they were beyond redemption? >> irredeemable. that is a religious statement. never use moral indictment. they talk like accountants. >> they are afraid to do it
3:50 pm
you're doing, except. flex the worst thing about obamacare -- it is bad that it raises costs. all the things that the republicans do think. it is an assault on individual freedom. you can choose your doctor, you can't choose your plan. you can't manage your own health care. the government what's i.e. what you can do. it is horrifying. adding rand paul once said that. >> can you comment on one of these books? the battle of truth with liberals, the debate in the 1980's, -- >> the left killed at annoying gay people in this country. makingted by denying --
3:51 pm
politically incorrect -- banning government information about how it was caused. it essentially transmitted. mainly through angle sex. when there was a heterosexual they close one, of these clubs. the government shut them down. while the aids epidemic was the epidemics were in
3:52 pm
the cities and the city's art -- arkansas by the democrats. >> you tried to address this and you were vilified for it. >> fortunately, this guy was gay, i gave a talk -- i debated. i had gay allies. feet and didn't want to show up for the debate. it started very quietly. then it built and finally one that said to me i feel like i have to attack you. i felt somewhat safe.
3:53 pm
then there was the first gay police officer in san francisco. he came up to me and said don't stop saying what you're saying. it is true. incarried on an initiative san francisco to try to shut them down. >> what is the greatest threat to our nation right now? she was defeated. the greatest problem is the
3:54 pm
relative passivity of conservatives. conservatives don't understand that. paul ryan does not understand the war. he's a very bright guy. he doesn't understand the political war that is taking place. trump brought bill clinton's accusers to the debate with them. in your face. they were attacking him when he brought up the fact that they were spying. what is more threatening to a democracy?
3:55 pm
you use the intelligence services to spy on your political opponents. that is the end of democracy. obama is a traitor. he betrayed us through iran and he has betrayed us. he is a menace. >> i think we have one or two questions. let's go for the first one. my question regarding the democratic party. with bernie sanders and his socialist agenda being more prevalent in the democratic party, referring to the slaughter cows of chicago and his inner cities, what can be done to be -- to reach out to these communities? they are very religious, they have a lot of conservative principles that we agree with but at the same time, it seems they don't see the light.
3:56 pm
persuaded trump to put forward a $130,000 voucher program. every black church could be a school. the democrats will oppose it and make them conservative. >> the last question and will have to end it. senator joe mccarthy could have been the end of the american left. obviously did not work out that way. how do you look back at the mccarthy. russian mark -- the mccarthy time? he is not here.
3:57 pm
he will be here tomorrow. >> he is on the rug. let me say that with the democrats have done to the trump administration is 100 times worse than anything mccarthy was ever accused of. targets werehy's part of the conspiracy. the problem with mccarthy is that he exaggerated things. he was very undisciplined. he exaggerated what they did. he made them into cheap soviet agents. >> the way that the left lausanne mccarthy -- >> the playing field is very unfair.
3:58 pm
conservatives have been much more disciplined. -- ists get away with >> when i came out of the left and i wrote about leaving the norman said this to make, he said you are a leftist. they are not going to let you get away with anything. it is true. >> we're going to make mistakes. >> you don't want to be reckless. >> we have to stop, we are at the end of the time. thank you very much. [applause]
3:59 pm
[applause] c-span, author and professor william julius wilson on race relations in america. he says the unemployment gap following an economic downturn can be explained in part by race. here is some of what you will see tonight. things inr to keep perspective when talking about the relative gains of the more privileged blacks, it is important not to overlook the continuing interracial disparities. for example, a report from the center of economic and policy research reveals before the great recession, there was only a 1.4 percentage point difference in the unemployment
4:00 pm
gap between recent black and white college graduates, age 2 2-27. 2013, shortly after the economic downturn, the gap had a surged to a 7.5% difference. obviously a factor at play here, because historically the periods during and immediately after downturns have adversely impacted blacks more than whites. author and professor william julius wilson. see his comments tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. reached and russia have an agreement on a cease-fire in southwest


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