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tv   Defense Secretary James Mattis Meeting with British Defense Secretary...  CSPAN  July 7, 2017 4:12pm-4:22pm EDT

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and of course something that both of our administrations have taken upon themselves, the responsibility of looking at organized crime issues. thank you for this great opportunity. thank you. president trump: thank you very much. [chatter] thank you all.: announcer: back in the u.s., defense secretary james mattis welcomed his counterpart, british defense secretary michael fallon. the two leaders gave brief my marks -- remarks and later james mattis answered questions on north korea. defense sec. mattis: ladies and
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gentlemen of the delegation, it is great to have you here. you are always welcome here, your ideas are welcome here. is -- i loved, it the article in the paper, you wrote so eloquently in the daily telegraph. i think it was only about 10 days ago, in there about the values that are nations share being not tradable. i thought it was a very concise way to sum up so much of what we stand for and also what we stand against. faced greathave odds, often at a terrible cost, and waterloo and 100 places i would say that you fought courageously for freedom after all those years and some things
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are in during in this world -- enduring in this world and it is hard to find a greater bond in freedom and peace. i would say the relationship between the u.s. and u.k. were joined by over 200 years and to those values, those shared values, including liberty and respect for human dignity and regard for basic political freedoms. i will also point out that the relationship is not an historic artifact, it is highly relevant for the times we are in and as a member of this pretty council, -- security cover, we have shown condemning the north korean regime. i hold enormous respect for your country and what you have done to bring stability to the international community, and for your role in providing security in afghanistan. you have uplifted your numbers
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here. in accordance with the reality on the ground, and we are proud to stand alongside you, shoulder to shoulder in our shared fight against threats to freedom. in" operation between the united states and united kingdom has preserve freedom in the last century and it is vital to ensuring the survival in the century. so today, secretary fallon, you and i will continue our long-running conversation. and we welcome your views as a trusted ally as we develop further national defense strategies at this time. ladies and gentlemen, ambassador, you are welcome and we are honored to have you. defense sec. fallon: secondary matter, it is a pleasure for me to return to washington for what i believe will be our 6th meeting. we have a huge amount to discuss this morning, but i think three
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areas in particular will dominate. first, the need to tackle current security threats. our world is becoming darker and dangers are increasing from north korea, as recent provocation underscored the need to impose a higher price on this regime, a problem that is not just the united states alone, but a problem for us all. or at home and abroad, as we have seen. and russian aggression in eastern europe. second, the importance of strengthening atlantic security. these growing dangers pile pressure on our international system, so we need to do more to strengthen nato, the bedrock of our defense. not just in spending, but making the alliance more agile and capable of tackling dangers from all directions.
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third and finally, the necessity of deepening our own defense ties. i am very conscious that it was a hundred years ago that the united states entered the great war alongside britain. today, we remain your strongest ally, collaborating on everything from corporations, to intelligence, from the nuclear deterrent, to the f-35 aircraft. but an uncertain world must bind is even closer. and with our orders now for maritime patrol aircraft, helicopters, and our aircraft carrier undergoing c trials, there are opportunities for further cooperation between our militaries. mr. secretary, let me assure you that this election, britain has a strong government and a steadfast commitment to defense. having delivered on our promises
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to meet the 2% target and to build the new ships and planes and tanks that armed forces required, we will continue stepping up, thinking always globally. america under your new presidents faces great challenges of tomorrow and britain will remain by your side, confronting aggression and relentless in the fight for freedom. thank you. defense sec. mattis: thank you. thank you ladies and gentlemen for coming. we appreciate it. is yourrth korea, what thessment on the status of warhead? defense sec. mattis: we are still analyzing the latest test at this time, so i do not want to speculate or mislead you at this point. obviously they are continuing to
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mature in threat and in violation of the united nations and that is the way that we look at it. i cannot give you a specific on that. but thank you very much. >> do you believe there will be further testing? [indiscernible] defense sec. mattis: as far as another test in the future, you will have to ask people in pyongyang about that. this is an effort to stop a worldwide threat. it is led by diplomacy. united nations efforts are underway. which you are aware of. we also see economic aspects to the diplomatic effort to diver them from this wrong path. thank you very much. we have work to do. thank you for coming out. announcer: tonight, harvard university sociology professor and author william julius wilson
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on race relations in america. he says the on a plumbing cap between white and black's -- the unemployment gap between whites and blacks can be explained by race. here is some of what you will see tonight. mr. wilson: in order to keep things in perspective when talking about the gains of more privileged blacks, it is important not to overlook the continuing interracial disparities. for example, a report from the center of economic and policy research reveals before the great recession, there was only difference in the unemployment gap between recent black and white college graduates, age 22-27. shortly after13,
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the economic downturn, the gap had a surged to a 7.5% difference. race is obviously a factor at play here. because historically the periods during and immediately after downturns have adversely affected blacks more than whites. announcer: that is professor and author william julius wilson. see all of his comments tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> washington post with the latest that could happen on the health care debate, the headline, mcconnell hence at shoring up the before the care act. the senate majority leader said on thursday that if his party fails to muster 50 votes for the plan to rewrite the approval care act, it will not have any choice but to draft a more modest bill with democrats to support the


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