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  President Trump and Mexican President Nieto  CSPAN  July 7, 2017 7:32pm-7:35pm EDT

7:32 pm
trade. this is the core competence of the g-20 group of nations. president trump: a very successful day. a very interesting day. it is great to be with my friend, the president of mexico, renegotiating nafta and other things. we will see how it all turns out. i think we have made very good progress. so it is great to be with you. so -- [indiscernible] >> thank you very much. i want to thank you, donald trump. president nieto: i am sure you are going to help us with a good dialogue that will allow for the renegotiation of nafta.
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working in cooperation, especially for security of both nations. nations. especially on the borders. and of course working in the interest of migration. both administrations occupied with this work. and of course something that both of our administrations have taken upon themselves, the responsibility of looking at organized crime issues. thank you for this great opportunity. thank you. president trump: thank you very much.
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[indiscernible] president trump: thank you, all. >> the cease-fire agreement on syria came as russian president putin and president trump talk. de-escalation zone, an area where forces would be separated. the establishment of the first such zone would help reduce violence and that the u.s. and russia can work to set up other zones. the agreement is set to take effect sunday, noon, syria time. here is what it looked like before the meeting before presidents trump and putin.