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tv   Joe Gould on the Week Ahead in Congress  CSPAN  July 8, 2017 12:50am-12:57am EDT

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opportunity every day to go washington forn jobs and economic growth. that is my priority. millions of new jobs, better opportunities for your kids and your family. is the greatest privilege of my life to represent you and to fight for you. god bless each and everyone of you. [applause] >> thanks, everybody. thank you for coming out. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] your from a capitol hill reporter on the defense authorization bill setting pentagon programs and policies year.e next announcer: joe gould is the
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congressional reporter. what is the authorization bill, and what is the 18 version? -- the 2018 version? caller: the house arms -- guest: the house armed services act for is the annual defense policy bill. it gets reconciled with the senate version. in this case they authorized dollars inillion defense funding and related policy provisions for the pentagon. billionat is $696 exceeding the caps in the budget control act. how will congress reconcile that? guest: that is a huge question. is budget cap for defense
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$549 billion. what it would take to ease the spending cap is a change in the law, and a change in the law takes 60 votes in the senate. 60 votes in the senate takes senate democrats. so what we know is that the senate democrats have leverage in this deal, they are likely to press for more on the nondefense side of the budget, which is likely to lower the defense side. that $596 billion number we are talking about is likely to come down. host: what sort of investments does this bill called for in ships and planes and things like that? guest: what is interesting about this bill is that we have heard from the white house or from the president on the campaign trail about a large-scale military buildup, but we don't really see that in this bill.
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aboutite house number was $603 billion, excluding wartime funds. who areepublicans prodefense have criticized it as too little. ships do see a number of that exceed what the trunk administration has asked for -- the trump administration has asked for. host: the chairman of the house on services panel overwhelmingly approving the armed services defense measure, the authorization measure. it also includes a new branch of the military, the space corps. what would that entail? guest: that is actually a fairly controversial provision within the bill that was discussed at markup.
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rodgers, the republican from alabama who chairs the strategic forces subcommittee, and his democratic counterpart jim cooper, have expressed frustration with the pace at is giving up with russia and china and their militarization of space. what they want to do is break , its own space corps force subordinate to the air force that outside of the air force. from has been pushed back other members of the armed services committee. , butust democrats republicans, who say it needs more study. that it is an additional layer of bureaucracy. of course this will have to get been filed with the senate armed services committee version of the bill, which doesn't contain that. it has passed out of committee overwhelmingly. how about when it goes to the house for the same sort of
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support? what is ahead on the senate debate on authorization? guest: typically the authorization bill passes in the house and gets a wide array of support. now as we are talking, i think there is 90 plus amendments that the rules committee is considering. next week they plan to meet on tuesday to hear from the house armed services committee chairman and the ranking member adam smith. wednesday, the rules committee is going to consider amendments and whether they are to be considered on the floor. expect have been told to is floor consideration on thursday, and potentially a vote on friday, although that is in the hands of the house leadership. host: joe gould covers congress for defense news.
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he is also on twitter. thanks for being with us. announcer: now we take you to oregon, where senator ron wyden and congresswoman suzanne bonamici held a joint town hall meeting. it is about an hour and 15 minutes. [applause] you have never been to one of our town meetings? wonderful. so many new faces. the congresswoman and i feel that you are the faces of representative government, so thank you for coming out. [applause] what i usually do at the start of a town meeting is talk about 40 or 45 minutes or so, and everybody thinks it is really a lot of fun. [laughter]


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