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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 11, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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by sahil kapur and alexis simendinger. later, we will look at a report that elevate -- that looks at different economic conditions for the states across the country. "ost: it is "washington journal for tuesday, july 11. we are told that that meeting between donald trump junior and the russian lawyer with links to the kremlin should be looked at. the white house defending donald trump junior saying that the president's did not collude with anyone to influence the election. we will look at that new york times story and other in permission being shared this morning. if you would like to give your
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thoughts, you can give us a call. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8002 for independents. you can also make your thoughts known to us on twitter and facebook. times, authors writing for a second day taking a look at the meeting between son, donaldump's trump junior, and a kremlin connected russian lawyer. it is believed that he would have been given cover information about hillary clinton. that email was sent by a publicist and former british tabloid reporter who helped
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broker the june 26 meeting. that the a statement president indicated that he was interested in receiving damaging information about ms. clinton. the message has been described that the russian government was the source of potentially damaging information. it did not elaborate on any kind of plan by the russian government to influence the campaign. it does not elaborate on the wider -- on the wider effort of when it comes to the computer hacking of the u.s. election. response coming from the white house which we will show you in of that. to read a part of it, "the only thing i think inappropriate about the meeting is that the people leaked the information about the meeting after."
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she appeared to be referring to the updated federal disclosures followed by the president's son-in-law and jared kushner. we will show you the white house's response in just a bit. if you like to make your comments known, 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8002 for independents. questions were asked at the press briefing yesterday. here is the response. >> [inaudible] when did the president learned that that meeting had taken place? >> it is my understanding that it was in the past couple of days. >> is he concerned about that? that top members of his leadership our meeting with the russian lawyer?
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>> i have been on several campaigns, and people call offering information. i know many of you receive similar calls offering information. donald trump junior went to a short meeting from which there was no follow-up. frankly, this is not an accusation as far as a on the record action that they took. if you are looking for a campaign working with a foreign source, then look no further than the dnc who orchestrated opposition research with ukraine. the only thing i think inappropriate about the meeting were the people who leaked the information about the meeting after it was voluntarily disclosed. donald trump junior has made a statement about this. the president's outside counsel
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has made a statement on this, too. >> if this meeting is standard practice and the campaign, were with any other meetings donald trump junior or other trump campaign officials? >> i do not know of any other meetings with donald trump junior. i also have not had an extensive conversation with him. host: that took place off-camera yesterday. we play do a little bit of it. we will show you some of the responses as well. if you would like to give your thoughts, 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8002 for independents. thisll start with terry morning in hagerstown on the republican line. caller: good morning. this is just a waste of time and
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bs. if democrats and the liberal media wanted to talk about the real collusion, they would want to talk about how the dnc colluded against bernie sanders to make sure that hillary clinton got the election. at thecalled reporters new york times, variety, they openly worked with democrats to make sure that the coverage of the republican presidential was animal.primary imal.e -- primary was min people, wake up. hillary clinton is not going to be your president. host: next caller on the line. robert, go ahead. all this brew-ha let it be known that donald trump is not ted kennedy who
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openly colluded with communist subversion. i would trust donald trump anytime regarding russia because of that. it is the democratic national party that is the party of big trees and regarding communist infiltration and russia. i am outraged by this antimony and the rhino's who have not really brought this up. my mother was a exigent national. was a mexican national. i narrowly got out of an entrapment scheme orchestra by it was notand fun. host: our next caller on the
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line. go ahead. caller: i have something to say today. trump has to keep his enemies close to him. that man did not do much, but everything he does, the democrats are challenging him so bad, calling him names, and all this kind of stuff. why are they so desperate to do that? there nothing wrong with going to russia. i bet if you check into obama's bank account, you would get a big surprise. host: the financial times this morning takes a look at that russian lawyer and suppose it times to the kremlin. the kremlin denying the links to the lawyer who briefed trump's son.
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yesterday, a spokesperson said he had never heard of the lawyer. she is, andnow who we cannot track all the meetings of russian lawyers abroad." she typically practices in courtrooms in moscow suburbs. she presented herself at the european parliament premier as a member of a organization fighting to overturn the russian adoption ban. the organization was registered to a po box at an address previously used by a man who denied any link. in april, the senate judiciary committee asked the department of homeland security to investigate the po box owner for potential violations of lobbying laws. conductedtee said he "subversive political influence operations often involving disinformation and canada. --
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propaganda." ron, our next caller on the democrat line. go ahead. caller: i'm calling about the accusations against the trump administration. i just want to say this is a perfect example of what privilege. if president obama -- example of white privilege. if president obama did anything similar to what this president has done, people would storm at the gates of the white house. people who called in and say there is nothing going on just put the shoe on the other foot and say that if president obama was involved in anything like this, people would be outraged. the evangelical, white community would be storming the white house. i look at this whole situation and it is just so -- host: if you see collusion in the situation, where do you see it? caller: i see collusion in just the meetings with an adversary,
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russia, on a consistent basis throughout the campaign. for people to deny it and look the other way, it just seems like america is falling apart, and they are trying to reach for the worst aspects of our whole society. you have a president who lacks judgment to really represent the united states on a global stage. he is corrupt. it is all about the money for his family. while the interactions with china and other countries to boost his personal profit again, it is a sad state. i am sad that a lot of these republicans who were calling in just want to sweep it under the carpet. host: let's hear from darlene in oregon. on the democratic line, go ahead. caller: good morning. i just want to comment on the russian influence. it may very well have affected
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the fact that trump was elected as opposed to hillary clinton. my biggest comment is that this is treason. the russians are our adversaries. i was a child of the 50's, and i grew up in the 1960's. i climbed under my desk because of the cold war. runningople have been around our elections in the past 40 years. have still treason to these people part of your election campaign. believe thatally we should not have any lobbyists involved in our country from foreign nations. that should the against the law. i also believe the -- the u.s. world college is no longer valid. -- i also believe that the u.s. world college is no longer valid. -- i also believe that the electoral college is no longer valid.
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we have a better system in place of one man or one woman per vote. host: let's get to call -- to paul on the republican line. caller: i am embarrassed for this country, and i hope more people speak out. thisembarrassed at how investigation into donald trump is being progressed. if we had the acting fbi -- he was given a law suit against him for sexual discrimination, then michael flynn came on the side of the person who is being sexually hecriminated against, and was blocked from supporting her. there is a direct connection
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between the unmasking and michael flynn and andrew mccabe. this is the second time that andrew mccabe has come up with a problem in this investigation. host: that aside, your thoughts on this meeting which took place in the coverage on it? oh, for heavens sake, there are russians walking all over new york for crying out loud. you cannot talk to a russian who does not have some connection to moscow. if you want to know what it is like to be in a mental asylum, noon,nto msnbc morning, and night. really, the collusion that is the most dangerous to the united states is our own collusion. the collusion of the democratic party putting the other parties
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in this country -- it is the inside people, the people in this nation who are most dangerous. host: we will next year from maryland on the democrat line. caller: hello. callers mentioned a clear example of white privilege, but i have an additional comment. donald trump junior said he was meeting with the russian lawyer hetalk about adoption, then turned around and said that he did not exactly know what the meeting was about. admitteder that, he that the russian lawyer who
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supposedly was supposed to give him information about hillary clinton, but when he met with the russian lawyer, she did not give him any information. so, the meeting was about 20 minutes or so, and then they left. so, the story kept changing. when the story keeps changing, it is a lie, people. it is a lie, your and simple. you do not have to do all this .- it is a lie, pure and simple you do not have to do all this analyzing. manafort he take paul to a meeting about adoption? that makes no sense at all. host: the washington post story says that it was yesterday that the lawyer had been hired to ior fornt mr. trump jun
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the russian probe. interviewneeds to trump junior and others who attended the meeting as stated by senator susan collins. bit from marke warner about the current status of this meeting. >> think it is remarkable that iis meeting that this -- think it is remarkable that this meeting had not been reported before hand. i think this is the first time the public has seen evidence of the trump campaign trying to receive information from a foreign nation about trying to interfere with hillary clinton's campaign efforts. this is the underlying premise which has been raised during this whole and purgation -- wholetion -- during this
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investigation. host: next caller on the line. caller: i want to make a comment about the caller who was ashamed of our country. do not be ashamed of our country. we live in the greatest country in the world. thank you. host: next caller from new jersey. you are next up. caller: good money. this is tyrone. i was calling about the donald trump meetings with russia. i do not know what is going on with him, but i know for sure -- in my still there? host: yes, you are still on. think donald trump and russia have had meetings for years. i live three minutes away from jared kushner's house in new
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jersey. i walk the beach every day. , none ofast 10 years the kids could get jobs over there. all they did was higher and bring in russians. there are three houses on cedar avenue, the kushner area, and the10 years they filled houses with russians and not kids needing jobs. host: how does that relate to this current story? caller: just the fact that people are not like -- they do not know if he has real russian ties or not before, but i am letting you know that at least 400 or 500 russians in this area
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in the past nine or 10 years. all of a sudden, they disappeared about eight months ago. from newt was tyrone jersey. we are receiving some twitter comments this morning. you can make your thoughts on twitter known or post on our facebook page. you can also give us a call. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8002 for independents. our next caller is stephen on the democrat line. go ahead. jefferson wrote the constitution, and he called it an experiment, a democratic
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experiment. at that time, it was not going on in any other country in the world. wasact, the idea of rights just becoming known. on the topic today, i would just -- we have to be able to at least talk about this, and the press needs to be able to talk about this and examine this. jefferson himself believed that it was vital for a democracy that freedom be not checked. host: there was a follow-up story in today's new york times. write that it was during the summer of 2013 that donald trump mused about whether president putin would meet him
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at the miss universe pageant. "if so, he will become my new best friend," mr. trump posted on twitter. tin did not make it, but the beauty competition in moscow brought the trump family into partnership with a popstar in russia and his father, a duo that develops major real estate projects in russia and appear friendly with the kremlin. it was requested that donald trump speak with a kremlin theected lawyer during campaign. that meeting was first reported about by the new york times. it was added that mr. goldstone help arranged the meeting at trump tower with the lawyer.
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next is david on the republican line. caller: good morning. i would just like to say that it is hard for me to believe, after all the stuff that happened with , all her emails were wind and testified against her, and she had her own lawyer testifying during the comey trial. it is just unbelievable to me that these democrats keep crying about this election when there have been other elections that basically finished with a supreme court vote. the democrat at that time did not like that, but they had to eat it. it, because i voted for a democrat at that
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time thanks to florida and there ballets.crummy so, we had the supreme court you let our president. wrongk that is incredibly and crooked. it should not have happened. host: carl is next from richmond, virginia. caller: good morning. i am listening to all this, and i remember in 1950 i would talk about hillary clinton and donald trump. involved anversation couple named the rosenbergs. what they did was give up the secret to the atomic bomb, and people would say they did it to make things right between the united states and russia. the united states had used the bomb over japan. so, people were saying to make it equal and even. -- it is thebergs
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same type of conversation we have now. the rosenbergs were convicted of treason and executed. is what happens to you when you commit treason. thank you. host: dorothy from pine bluff, arkansas. line, go ahead. organizationrump has been -- the trump administration has been very disorganized sense the beginning. i will be glad when the prosecutor unravels what they have done talking with the russians. it is time for this to stop with all the different lies coming out at different times. nobody knows who is doing what. it is time for it to stop, and it is time for the trump administration to get some organization. they are not running the country. they are just up there making up
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a lot of lies. as far as the story itself, what do you think of the meeting? caller: i think they were colluding with the russians to make sure that they win the election. whoever was asking who to talk, they went to talk. they were just out there talking, and the russians have colluded. when it comes down from the prosecutor's, they will find out there has been some type of illusion going on. collusionome type of going on. host: that was dorothy calling in. take yourntinue to calls on this story. 202-748-8000 202-748-8001 -- 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8002 for independents.
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towant to put a quick pause look at the senate fight over health care. we welcome our guest this morning. comment that the fight for health care is a close one. what do you think of the status going on at the senate? guest: it is a very close call. right now, they do not have a bill yet. they are putting it together, and they are hoping to put it together by thursday. mitch mcconnell does not want to have this drag on beyond the first two weeks of august. yesterday, president trump put some pressure on the congress, saying that he could not imagine them leaving for the august recess without getting a health care bill done. mitch mcconnell is going full steam ahead, but he does not have a bill yet.
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the hope is to get something out by thursday. a lot depends on this amendment being pushed by ted cruz of texas and mike lee of lewd talk which would give -- mike lee of utah which would give insurance companies the ability to not follow the obamacare insurance requirements. it is being analyzed by the congressional budget office. depending on what they say, gop leaders will decide whether to include that in the revised bill they are working on. host: as far as the cruise legislation, -- the cruz legislation, is that something that would see widespread support from republicans? guest: not according to my sources. if it came to a vote, it would lose 15-37. there would be 37 no votes against it. there have been some people who have come out in support of it, marco rubio, jeff flake, they
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support the proposal. the said they support principle, but they want to see what the cbo score says. republicans say that the problem with the amendment is that it would segment the market place. if insurance companies can sell plans that do not meet any obamacare requirements, you would have healthier people flocking to the cheaper plans and the sicker, older people would be stuck paying for plans that meet their requirements, and the cost would be unaffordable. they would skyrocket. host: tell us what mitch mcconnell might be willing to offer to senate -- two senators on the fence about this legislation. guest: he is talking about adding money for opioid addiction, which is a high priority for republicans in
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ohio and west virginia. they are very concerned about decreases in medicaid spending. right now, medicaid is covering a lot of those people with opioid addictions. if you skilled back the federal contributions to medicaid, then those people with addiction will be left out in the cold. mcconnell is offering money to help them, and there is also talk of substantially increasing the long stern -- the long time -- the long-term stabilization to help states assist people of low income to purchase health insurance. especially if those low income individuals have high costs. there is a lot of talk about whether the refundable tax credits to help people buy insurance are generous enough. so, talking about increasing this long-term state fund to give states more resources to help people of fewer means.
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those are two of the main concessions being discussed. another thing been discussed before the recess was perhaps getting rid of the tax cut on wealthy people who earn capital gains and evidence. vidi is some -- gains and -- dividends. there is some talk of getting rid of those you'd using some of that -- getting rid of those, and using some of that excess money to provide for more generous premium support. however, there was not much talk about that yesterday after the senate got back to work following the recess. host: what is the possibility then that the speaker could get enough voters on board? guest: it is very hard to say. right now, there are 11 senate
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republicans who say they cannot support the bill as drafted, and that is a lot. some of the folks who are opposed are pretty adamant. susan collins of maine promised centrists that she would need a complete overhaul before she was a yes. not paul has said he is listed in supporting any plan that provides subsidies or refundable tax credits to people to afford health insurance. he sees that as taxpayer dollars being given straight to private insurance companies. he said the federal government should not be in the business of doing that. lee whoere is cruz and are advocating for this consumer freemen -- consumer freedom in the market which as we discussed would segment the market and lead to skyrocketing costs and some brackets. host: alex bolton joining us.
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you can see his writing on the -- piece in the washington post about a russian sanctions bill. he says it is effectively a congressional check on trump. anytime he would want to russia, policy on lawmakers would have a chance to block him. it is a privilege congress has infinitely awarded itself. have said that they do not trust that house gop leaders are serious about the effort, and they are word that a recent change in the bill would rob them of their ability to raise objections to mr. trump's russian sanctions moves in the
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future. this morning, we are talking about the meeting between donald trump junior and that russian lawyer. members of the senate intelligence committee saying it needs to be looked at. he was michael from florida on the aircraft line. go ahead. caller: -- on the democrat line. go ahead. caller: good morning. my comment is that we have to look at everything that president trump has stood up for in the past. first of all, everything he has done has been in construction. in theain, she works york -- once again, he works in new york and he seems to only be associating with the russians. that should speak for itself. i think the meeting where he said he was going to drain the swamp means he is going to gather all the information that secrets andof our
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then start a new world order with president putin. his kids too well-versed in what is going on in america. so, he has back up upon a backup of information gathering. this gentleman seems to have pledged to destroy america and align himself with russia. everything the obama administration has done to with the united nations has been destroyed. host: jim is next from michigan on the independent line. caller: good morning. russians believe that had something to do with the election. they made democrats vote for hillary clinton who was the most
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political person and caused so in our country and still so much money. also, they talk about the popular vote. .7 million illegals voted for hillary. trump only lost by 2 million. during the obama administration, no one brings up the millions of dollars missing and the race take he is brought into this country with black lives matter. yet, we talk about the russians, and i will tell you that i have met a lot of good russian people. down in great people miami, and they want to live their lives like the rest of us do. keep tellingt to us that these are hitting people. it is too bad that these people want to -- that these are hateful people. it is too bad that these people
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want to go after something that is not there. i feel bad democrats were forced to vote for hillary. host: next caller on the line, david go ahead. caller: i get a kick out of everyone talking about russian meddling in the election. president obama actively campaigned for one of the candidates in the british election. he did everything he could to undermine netanyahu and defeat him in israel. who in their right mind would possibly think that the russians would prefer trump over hillary clinton? they already own hillary clinton. she took money from the russians when she was secretary of state. her and other than a cracked took -- other democrats took money from russians.
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yet, the left wing, socialist news say that the russians wanted trump. if youstudy some -- study history, why would they want someone who wants a strong military. why would they help him? on about the status of mosul, iraq, the new york times reporting the celebration of a victory of the islamic state leaving mosul. forces are moving quickly to hold a referendum on independence in september despite pleas from american elements to hold off.
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so, the end of the mosul battle resurfaces a vital question has been asked ever since the modern state of iraq was created from the ashes of world war i, can the country hold together? are they up for the political challenges to hold the country together? bringing the lights back on in mosul or bringing the displaced back to the city, that is another question entirely. -- therea warning that is a kurdish referendum that is likely to go forward despite objections from the united states, turkey, and iran. caller on the line.
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go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. i believe there was collusion, but i do not believe that president trump knew about it. i believe he is kind of like reagan with iran-contra. i think all of these things were going on around him, but he likely did not know anything about it. that is why he gets so mad and calls it fake news. i am disappointed in our country. this should not be debatable. all of these people have connections with the russian government, and they have lied about it. we have done nothing to protect our system. everybody wants to point fingers. all the democrats, diehard supporters for hillary, but president trump is the president. we have to respect that and support him for the future of
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our nation. i just feel like now we have a new beginning to come together. think the white house should proceed on this matter as far as resulting things and concerns you have heard over the past few days? caller: i think president trump needs to find out what is going on, and he needs to hold whoever is responsible accountable. the matter who it is. even if it is his son-in-law. this is common sense, it is not rocket science. all of these people have connections with russia, and they lied about it. i support president trump, and i feel like he did not know anything about it. that feeling that is why he gets so offended and mad will accuse him of colluding.
7:42 am
i feel like he needs to take control of this now. get those people out. thank you, and god bless america. host: next caller is jim from iowa on the republican line. caller: yes, i used to be a democrat, and i actually participated in the conference call with resident obama when he was campaigning -- with president obama when he was campaigning in 2008. i have totally flipped now. i am supporting republican candidates and some democrats, more reagan type democrats. this whole story shows exactly what is going on, and how heavily infringed democrats are in immediate, because sir huckabee said you do not hear
7:43 am
sort -- sarah huckabee said you do not hear stories about the democratic party working with the ukrainian government. they keep bringing up things about trump, because they know people like to hear about russia. so, they keep talking about trump and russia, but they never talk about the democrats and ukraine. that is because the media wants , and theyump's agenda would like to see him impeached. jim, what you think is the best way for the white house to comment or respond to these issues? probably just tell it like i said it. they want him out of office, and they want to keep his agenda from going forward. .ell, he was elected president
7:44 am
there were other presidents we did not like, and that is the way it goes. on the program yesterday, we did a segment looking at a commission that was established by the president looking at election integrity. one of the issues from that commission was asking for voter data. the washington post highlights that several states have pushed back on this request starting with new hampshire, saying that lawmakers actually filed a democrat onnst a the commission by agreeing to provide the public's voter file. they are saying that he does not have the authority to give the isn't aan entity that campaign, political committee, or political party. the reaction has been pretty visceral. people are very up in arms about transmitting information.
7:45 am
thepublican member of coalition has said that her sta her fromso bars providing information. the actions of the latest taken against the president's commiss ion. months pushing on substantiated claims that voter fraud tainted the 2016 election. we took a look at that commission and the work it did. website, to our, you can watch that segment to learn more about the details of the story. next caller on the democrats line. the head. caller: -- go ahead. caller: good morning.
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trump is here. people are against the news people. he says they are fake news, and he is putting people against others. it will be terrible, because -- cannoterrible, and you live. -- cannot lie. trump has been lying. --emember very well [indiscernible]
7:47 am
this guy has been saying things, insulting people, insulting journalists, and putting people against each other. a president is not supposed to behave that way. a president is supposed to gather us together and say, "let us forget the past." from collegenext park, maryland. go ahead. caller: hello. think you for having me today. i want to talk a little bit about donald trump junior and the meeting. there were two different stories. saturday started on where it was just a general meeting about adoption? that included paul manafort and jared kushner. so, that was a little bit of a flag. what are you talking about this russian adoption act with your
7:48 am
father's campaign manager and brother in law? then, the new york times released additional information, and his story then changed. but, it is a cover-up. it is the fact that 24 hours later that he switches his story and hires a lawyer, so i think that is a bit alarming. biguld not think it is that of a deal to meet with someone about opposition research, even a foreign government per se. it is the fact that you lied about it, and you got caught in your life so quickly after -- in lie so quickly after. so, i think there should be an investigation, and it should alarm the american people. about senator bernie sanders' wuife.
7:49 am
saying that authorities are investigating a land deal by the vermont college when it was run by jane sanders. the deal ultimately contributed as president of the college. the deal involved $10 million sale of about 33 acres of lakefront property by the roman catholic diocese of burlington to burlington college. a bond was issued which the bank then purchased. they were told they would receive $2.6 million in the nation, and it would increase their enrollment. neither of those were true. and the was granted, purchase was made on the assurance that the college would receive millions of dollars in donations to repay the loan. according to other vermont news
7:50 am
organizations, enrollment did not increase, and the amount of pledges turned out to be overstated. you can find more on that story on the new york times website. next caller is on the republican line. carol, good morning. caller: good morning. i used to be a democrat. i am the same as the caller before last. i will never be democrat again. my mother was a democrat, and my father was a republican. never have i seen anything like this. they were two people -- there were two people running for 2017, trump and hillary clinton. we are onlyow why looking at president trump. there were a lot of things that the clintons did.
7:51 am
a lot of things that hillary did. a lot of money, even while obama was in. we have problems everywhere. there is no money. interfered with other people's elections. i do not understand why we do not have an investigation. it is up to the republican people in congress and the senate to say, "hey, listen, let's go look and see that there were a lot of people who talked to the russians." host: let's go to our next caller on the democrats line. caller: good morning.
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reason -- a couple of why anyone --ked i'm sorry, goodbye. and: if you follow twitter msnbc news on twitter, they lawyera interview with a -- with the lawyer in question you have been hearing about over the past couple of days. this is from their twitter site. the reporterld that he did not have the information about hillary clinton. we have a link to that. >> what was the purpose of that meeting? >> i never knew who else would be attending the meeting. i'll a new was that donald trump junior was willing to meet with was that donald
7:53 am
trump junior was willing to meet with me. leftood up, and he soon the room after the meeting. jared kushner never came back, by the way. the other man at the meeting was always looking at his phone. he was reading something, and he active role in the conversation. that was mr. paul manafort. >> they were under the impression that you would be sharing information with them about the dnc. how did they get that information? >> it is possible that they were looking for that information. they were looking for it so badly. >> this morning, she denied being part of a russian government effort to influence president trump's election. you have any connection to the russian government? >> no.
7:54 am
nbc news providing that link. you can find it on their twitter page. line inon the democrats west virginia. go ahead. caller: good morning. i just want to tell you that i think gop stands for good old people. fact checkers say that 91% of the things that donald trump says is not true. i do not understand why everyone is so intent on getting rid of everything that obama ever did. how many years are they going to blame past presidents? we areorothy, the story focusing on from the past couple of days -- what do you think about that? caller: i think 91% of the time the guy does not tell the truth, and the whole family is that way. host: but go to ashley in houston, texas.
7:55 am
my opinion is that trump does not have the intellect or temperament to be president. he is like a nine-year-old. host: again, we are talking about the story for the past couple of days. what do you think about that? caller: well, i think everything is coming out, and it will continue to come out. the man is just corrupt. these people who like to say obama this and obama that, what utump is -- obama that, b trumps is just a crock. host: what do you think of the meeting with the lawyer? caller: i think this whole thing is just corrupt. he needs to get his children out of the government. he is sending over the whole
7:56 am
country to his kids. profile look at chris christie who made news last week about the issue of closing beaches and himself being on a portion of the beach behind the governor's house. the story reading that he is in the wind down phase of his office. esidents cannot wait to see him go, and the majority consider his tenure a failure. only 25% believe his time in office has been a success. lower inally polled june than any other governor in history. the family spent the time enjoying the sunshine and a beac a beach park that
7:57 am
was otherwise close to the public due to a government shutdown. you can read more on that story in the new jersey times. paul in kentucky. caller: thank you for taking my call. i just have a comment this morning. i am a christian first, and american second, and i think it is time our nation get rid of crooked lawyers in our government. -- let'scrooked media live as people ought to live. andhould love one another be concerned about our nation and where we are headed. host: this part of that concern extended to the meeting that took place between donald trump junior and this russian lawyer? caller: any corruption that is .here needs to be gotten rid of at the same time, we need to care for our nation and our people. the jobs that are being lost because of the corruption.
7:58 am
all this money being spent to investigate, and we are a college and nothing. we need to see results. if we get results, then our nation will be better. people will have jobs, and things will get done. host: next caller on the independent line. this is vladimir. caller: good morning. i would like to throw out the idea of confiscating the passports and reissuing the travel ban on all members of the cabinet who are linked to this russia scandal. i would hate for everything to turn out like it did in ukraine where the governor -- the president fled to russia. meeting the as the past couple of days, do you consider that a scandal? caller: absolutely. that is a scandal that would not cross the scrutiny of a six euro child. host: what makes it a scandal for you?
7:59 am
caller: collusion. host: how so? caller: they have stated this was specifically to harm the candidacy of hillary clinton and to better the fact that trump could jump into office. intended to specifically change the paradigm of the american people. .ost: one last caller this is john. caller: good morning. i think the white house and president trump are absolutely -- are absolutely on the right track. the democrats will do anything to distract and tried to from delivering his agenda. you talk about the meeting with putin -- there were no conclusions. it was the democrats are
8:00 am
throwing anything off to block off president trump. why don't they talk -- like yesterday on your program, no we have 20 something counties that voted 100% for obama, he got a high percent of the vote. , out of 47phia counties, he got 100% of the vote. it is statistically -- you cannot do it. host: you are saying those things you listed are distractions? or the russia story is a distraction from what you are citing? yes, the democrats are -- ond on voter id front voter id fraud. it is done. host: the last call on this topic,. taking a look at health care with issues concng


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