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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 11, 2017 9:37am-10:01am EDT

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corruption, could get you in you arrested, in so much trouble. activist talksts about her time in prison after challenging the saudi arabia government's ban on women drivers in her book "dearing to woman's saudi awakening." >> you never see a woman of three he size texas, you can put three texas inside saudi arabia and women drive. we wanted to change this by this movement. the move cemetery going on, campaigning for the right to drive. for us, the right to drive is civil disobedience. supposed to drive. we show that we are able, we are capable of driving our own life being in the driver seat by destiny. civil disod beadience. c-span's q&a.t on
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>> "washington journal" continues. host: your chance to comment on news that we've discussed this morning. ther things, 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. for 02-748-8002 independents. he "u.s.a. today" this morning talks about a new action by the consumer financial protection rogram when it comes to banks saying consumer consist sue bank necessary class-action lawsuits. financial said monday companies will no longer be allowed to force customers to settle group n to disputes restricting the industry's favorite legal tool years of review. companies insert clause ecessary contracts to prevent consumers from banning together to file class-action lawsuits scams and seek revenue own, sue on their discouraging many lawsuits from consumers who deem them not
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time, money and effort. more about that in "u.s.a. today," if you want to that or other things n. miami, florida, independent line, here is john. morning.od caller: good morning, pedro. i love c-span. guy dos for what you for us everyday. host: thank you for supporting ahead. caller: quick, pedro, what is last name? pedro echevarria. >> caller: okay. four state dos not have income texas, i believe t's vermont or new hampshire and nevada. i looked, while the lady was i looked up the article and the only one of the states that i found was florida. uh-huh.
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caller: and covered that. host: let me ask you, i'll turn you, what is it like be nothing a state without income tax, enjoying good fiscal conditions? caller: well, it would seem to florida is number one, and the top three other states, income taxes should be in top percent. wondering why they are not ranked up there? it's a beautiful thing not to pay income tax. --t: what about your state's i think one thing she mentioned, the state does a pretty good job controlling spending and she mentioned with other states about obligations for pensions kind of thing s. that a concern of yours, especially with the future fiscal condition state? caller: no, not in florida. look, we are number one. basically under jeb
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bush, they changed pension plan k), like the rest of the planet. limits your liabilities right there. host: it is not defined benefit don't get a they set amount every month? pedro.: correct, correct, correct. don't know, texas, i years and i'mr 20 surprised they are not in the top 10. got you. caller: oh -- host: i apologize, thank you for alling and supporting us, i want to go to robles, democrat's line. monick ahi. caller: good morning. host: hi. on, go ahead. caller: okay. republicans, 13 men got into a room deciding health care and they didn't have
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one opinion of a woman in there. i know there are not very many but i n the congress, think that least should have had the opinion of one or two women. doubt that women would have one along with cutting maternity care from people, i'm whenthat all these people, heir women got pregnant, their wives got pregnant, they had maternity care, how dare they from thetaking it away general public. host: republican line, next from mechanicville, new york. hi. caller: thank you for taking my call. basically i just wanted to i attention tod draw up stastate we have in new york. it is frustrating to live here a ot of times because of the
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taxes. i mean, given the state, there has been pension reform. the hing that bothers me most is we've had a legislature n our state here basically controlled by the democrats and downstate new york city. very frustrating to see the tax dollars spent the way are. they are spend on, i guess the government tried buffalo start-up new york, and reating very smile number of jobs and i believe one time if it were listening, i believe was fox news, they said, i think the past seven years there has been 30-something legislators who were convicted crimes and misdemeanors from down state. recently we've had two top legislative leaders removed from office. i guess the point i'm trying to
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is, pension reform and other reforms need to be made, i taxpayer and the people of new york and probably other tates that have similar problems could really wake up to the problems and vote on people that will make a difference. i really appreciate you giving opportunity to vent here and thank you for taking my call. host: as he does on a frequent basis, the president tweeting this morning on variety of is go particularly what og in iraq saying big wins against isis is what he tweeted there. a tweet looking at the olympics for the united states, working olympics to be based looks like in los angeles, stay tuned for that. also, adding senate democrats have only confirmed 48 presidential nominees, they can't win, so all they do is slow things down and obstruct. from canton, illinois, independent line. hello. bill, hi.
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caller: good morning, c-span, thanks for taking my call. i would like to bring up the three months ago, the emmanual, hicago, ron dumped teacher's pension on to the governor in the state of illinois. and then three weeks later, he announced he was taking $20 of a real estate fund to protect illegal are a nts because they sanctuary city. to the like to write governor offil and i will say, let's kick that 20 million of $100 million back to chicago f. they have $20 million a slush fund for really estate, why are we picking up $100 million dollar teacher pension fund? host: is that the size of the there? fund caller: for chicago's -- that is one year. million. $300 tate of illinois is
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billion in debt to the pension system for all state employees of illinois. host: that is bill in illinois. talking about s, that state's problems. see more you want to about the information, didn't have a chance to talk to the to mercatus t, go, about the state and fiscal conditions. modesto, california, democrat's line. mike, hi. want to ey, i just comment on the deal about how diverse in are so their having to take care of supportho are unable to themselves. these people didn't wind up in ghettos because f inferiority, as a lot of people like to believe. they wound up there by plan. houses, 't give them all these things, they wind up there.
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they suck the work out of those are, and there they those states ty, have to pay for them. hey decided, we will keep you alive, after that, screw you. about on't have judgment people on the other side, i totally understand, you know, he high school graduate or drop-out. the most important thing in your a man, is to support your family. this ou are afraid that other group is going to take your borderline job, you know, you'll do anything to fight for that. a lot way, i just think of people who should take a their bible a in america tianity now is just a business and a political group. host: okay.
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that's -- anyway -- host: mike in california. the front page of "wall street an nal" talks about appointment by president trump or at least one to be made, that president plans to put first mark on federal reserve by randall quarrels, an bank's to the central top official. the choice of mr. quarrels months and r confirmed by a white house official monday would put voice in the dly regulatory post, federal vice chair of supervision, the job created by congress in 2010 and was never filled during the administration, although former fed governor daniel filled the role de facto mrchlt mrchlt. mr. quarles would take on many adopted during the obama era. from the republican line, good
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morning. good morning. i just wanted to make some comments. how can the states that don't give president trump get away r records with it? as from the election integrity commission he ormed to take a look at voter issues? caller: yes, there was something while back about barack obama getting records on everybody in the united states seemed to s and that be legal. host: you are saying secretary f state should offer the information being asked by this commission? caller: yes. your state reacted to that? caller: oh, i'm not really sure now.t host: okay. let's go to mexico, maine, line democrats.
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caller: this is harvey, harvey, go ahead. caller: thank you this morning. this country y can't have the same kind of insurance they have in canada rich people of this country foot some of the bill, instead of giving them all a big tax break. another thing that like to talk president at blaming obama for all the problems in the middle east, the middle east started with george w. bush when saddam d gaddafi and saddam hussein and opened the middle east.he him and dick cheney lined the arkets with all the money they could scam out of this country, that is why the country almost the republican par do is all they want to steal from the poor and give to the rich and i'm getting pretty it is all red of it,
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i have to say. host: from "u.s.a. today," this soldier, there is a u.s. soldier been arrested in hawaii for possible ties looking isis, he was stationed in schofield barracks. accused of having ties to the islamic state, according to the f.b.i. f.b.i. official identify the ikaika erik kang. in as scheduled to appear court monday afternoon and criminal complaint fighted in swore allegiance to the islamic state, tried to rovide documents to the group known as isis and tried to provide training. texas, james up next, republican line. caller: yes, sir. seem erican people don't to understand about healthcare for employers prior to world war
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ii, no one got healthcare from their employers when the war the war department froze salaries, so employers giving out healthcare like a temporary federal tax went away and the american people think it is a constitutional right. can onstitution says you pursue happiness, it doesn't say the government should bring it silver platter. host: are you saying that as far being made on capitol hill about the future of the affordable care act, what route would you support? know several routes, repeal and replace, repeal only, fix you .c.a., what route do support? caller: i think to wake repeal it, is to cart blanche . gentleman mentioned canada, if canada is so great, why do the unitedns come to states for healthcare? their system, like england, is
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the liberals want to shove that down our throat like they did the affordable care act. is bankrupting the country. to merican people just need wake up. it is not a constitutional privilege. line, next from diane, upper dashy, pennsylvania. are you today? host: fine, thank you. caller: the person that just is totally out of line. yes. is -- we deserve healthcare give it to try, their people, canada can give to their people. keep up they have to to make sure it doesn't fail, like anything else. yes. we deserve healthcare and the emocrats are the ones who put the legislation through, not the republicans, they keep bashing fighting and bashing and fighting and now it is time for them to come up with something,
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best care.h i mean, seriously? turning his country into? we all have to give a little, we ll have to take a little, i'm sure if intelligent people get ogether and develop a reasonable healthcare plan we can all work with, this country and be much better off president trump just out slamming the democrats also. host: would you suggest, diane, as far as republican plan to is ace ti'm assuming that not what you support or would you support something along the line of fixing current issue affordable care act? caller: absolutely. i know no ayer, health care is perfect and should be worked on and fixed the way. republicans do not fix anything, they demoralize it. of them are okay. address the you cost then, with single payer? i know california had made them al that would cost
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into the billions, if i recall sustaining s far as that? caller: okay. why don't we take an example what ustralia, find out the countries are doing and put our own plan together that would than theirs? now they want to collect money in the white e house, that is too much work for them. apparently that is too much work for them. be bothered. take the money out, give it to decide to give it to, the people, regular veryday people and screw us, that is not what america is all about. host: diane, let me point you to show we had yesterday. we had hour-long round table single payer, how other countries have their systems, the pros and cons of how it might relate in the united states. if you want to check that out go available rg, still to you, if you want to hear that conversation that took place different people on
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sides of that issue. "washington the post" talks about spending on the f-35 joint strike fighter. 5.6 billion planned for 74 of these aircraft. saying that the contract action is seen as early stamp of of ress for the next lot planes, which the defense epartment joined office in the manufacture lockheed martin are negotiating. said that the round of planes said to include 50 fighters sold to foreign bringing the total to 141 planes in the sales lot, determined is the price st of the plane, disputes derailed the plan in the past, the office imposed own pricing for the ninth lot of planes after a year of negotiations. $400,000 adds it is realityhelmet augmented
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display to give the pilot view through the bottom of the plane. details at "washington post." staten island, republican line. caller: hello, this is joe. phone -- the indiscernible] -- union switching for years ago, 5% money and budget, udget, they told the nca, the guy who called, attention to budget, budget, bankrupt. illinois is going bankrupt and us, that's it. host: pennsylvania is next, line, barbara, hi there. caller: hi, i'm a democrat. you. will surprise something about taxation in the state that bugs me. tax or personal sales the personal tax, it is or the ocal taxes, it is the school
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board, they are independent. beserk, they gone are spending, spending and taxes. people are losing their homes because taxes are so high. i've gone to my local representatives and said, can you do anything about this, they said, no, we have no control board and what they do at all. that has to change. don'tgood education, kids need palace, they need solid teachers, that is what they need. host: locality can't come in if proposes to meet budgets, they can't have a veto power over it? absolutely not. that is wrong. ecause i believe in education, i don't have any children and i've never objected to paying for education, but it's gone crazy. and i've talked to my local representatives, they are going
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too., host: germantown, maryland, independent line. john, hi there. caller: hi. an idea vice president trump -- excuse me, pence, could ending our long national nightmare. fact that ith the when michael slayton lied about ambassador, obviously trump himself knew about that, sally told by what's-her-name, before it became public. and apart from that, he certainly tried to be loyal. f he would recommend to people that he thinks the -- if i become president, acting i would then resign, show that he's doing this for the good of the country. he can't get majority of this current cabinet to go along with statute says that congress may provide for some other group majority of some go along with him -- i proposetreasury
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host: got you. i apologize to end it that way, only because the network is taking you to the senate armed services committee. that is where richard spencer will be questioned. he is the nominee to become secretary of the navy. we will take you to that hearing in progress. >> in the face of competition, the whole navy team must be engaged. if i am confirmed, i would use a tagline part of the department of homeland security, and i paraphrase, if you see something, suggest something. in closing, let me say that i did not come before you with a preconceived agenda to address the issues facing the navy and the marine corps. i come before you ready to assess the situation and develop the tools needed to enhance its ability to fight and deliver on the responsibilities the office of the secretary of the navy has delineated in title x.


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