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tv   Senate Republican Leaders Brief Reporters on Delayed Recess  CSPAN  July 11, 2017 3:46pm-4:02pm EDT

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>> the u.s. house is back in 15 minutes at 4:00 p.m. eastern to begin debate on 12 bills. several of them deal with transferringederal land to state and local governments. and a bill to name a post office in bakersfield, california, afr country singer merle haggard. when the house is back in session at 4:00 eastern, live coverage here on c-span. and on the senate side of the capitol today, majority leader mitch mcconnell said they'll stay in session for the first two weeks of august. senator mcconnell and other republican senators spoke about that decision this afternoon ith reporters. senator mcconnell: well, good afternoon, everyone. the news of the day is that as i think you already know will be on health care next week. we'll be laying out a revised
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version of the repeal and replace effort. the text of that on thursday morning. we hope to have a c.b.o. score by the beginning of the week and a motion to proceed to that bill next week. also, due to this unprecedented level of obstruction that we've been experiencing -- for example, you may have noticed, we had to get cloture yesterday on a district judge in idaho. think of the -- as of june 28 , there were 178 presidential nominations up here and only 46 confirmed. we're getting zero cooperation on the personnel part of the senate's portfolio which is confirming nominations. therefore, we will be in session the first two weeks of august that we had originally anticipated not being here. we will be here.
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we got defense authorization. we got debt ceiling. we got the f.d.a. user fee and other important legislation that we need to address and we simply as a result of all this obstructionism don't have enough time to address all of these issues between now and the originally anticipated august recess. so we'll be here the first two weeks of august. >> of course, we remember the promises made when obamacare was sold, if you like your doctor you can be your doctor. if you like your plan you can keep your plan. family of four would see a reduction in their premiums of $2,500. none of which is proven to be true, so based the experience of last seven years, i think it's fair to say that obamacare has been a failed experiment and we have two choices. senator cornyn: to try to do better, to stabilize the
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markets, to bring premiums down, to protect people with pre-existing conditions and then to put medicaid, the safety net program for the oor, on a sustainable fiscal path. or what senator schumer and senate democrats apparently believe is a better course. no reforms, no changes. just bailout insurance companies by throwing billions of dollars at them without any reform. we're not interested in that. we think we got a better plan. we invite our democratic colleagues to join us. under the budget process they have an opportunity to offer amendments to the plan. there's no restriction. so we would invite them to participate in the process to come up with a better product than the failure of obamacare, much less bailing out insurance companies by throwing billions of dollars at them trying to prop up a failed experiment. >> the news on health care doesn't get any better for
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people in this country. there are going to be two million fewer people this year with insurance than had it last year, so the number of uninsured goes up, the costs continues to go up, probably a correlation of there and the highest number of people in this country in a gallup poll now cite health care being their number one concern, highest number since 2007 and in fact that number has gone up 7% since obamacare was implemented in 2013. so people are priced out of the insurance marketplace and as a result of that you see collapsing markets, you see skyrocketing premiums and you see people with fewer choices and fewer options. senator thune: so our goal is, one, stabilize the insurance markets. two, liberate people from mandates that force them to buy insurance that they don't want and can't afford. improved affordability so people can afforto hav health insurance coverage in this country. preserve access for people who have pre-existing conditions to
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health care insurance. and finally, to strengthen medicare for the people who really need it and making sure we don't pull the rug out from under those people who really do need it but make it sustainable for future generations. that's really the goals that we have in this effort. it's clear obamacare as we know it today is failing. it's a failed program and it's the american people who deserve better and we intend to give it to them and that's what we plan n voting on next week. >> the pain of obamacare continues to worsen. the nbc news report points out two million fewer people are insured now than at the beginning of the year. they tend to be younger people. senator barrasso: it's because they can't afford the insurance under obamacare. they cite the main reasons, higher cost, fewer choices. with regard to fewer choice, front page "usa today," fourth of july, 1,370 counties down to
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single choice of insurers. that's not a mark place. that's a mow nop -- marketplace. that's a monopoly. fourth of july i was at home at coy events, at hospitals visiting with patients, doctors, nurses. they want a fundamental change away from obamacare and toward freedom and that's what we're offering. we're eliminating the mandates, the employer mandates and the individual mandates that people have to buy a government-approved product. we eliminate the taxes that raise the cost of insurance for the american public and we lower premiums. even the c.b.o. says that the republican plan would by 2020 lower premiums by 30%. we give authority back to the states. decisions closer to home. washington's one-size-fits-all certainly doesn't work in my home state of wyoming. for people with pre-existing conditions, certainly they are going to be continued to be covered. people up to the age of 26 staying on their parents' plan, absolutely. we know that it's a challenge. we know we have a
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responsibility and an obligation to get this done because the death spiral of obamacare is upon us. the american people deserve etter. senator blunt: the slow process of allowing the president to take over the government also, of course, makes it harder for us to get all of our other work done. when you start by taking weeks and months to allow the president to put a cabinet in place, that means that the other nominees come at a slower rate. but the president's nominated 196 people. 23% of his nominees have been nfirme 69% of president obama's nominees had been confirmed by the first august he was in office. 10% of president trump's nominees have been allowed to have a voice vote. 90% of president obama's nominees were confirmed by voice vote. not allowing the administration
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to take over the government is the wrong thing to do at the current rate, if the calculation's right, it would take 11 years and four months to confirm the nominees that have to be confirmed by the senate. that, of course, would not allow us to do anything else. it's unacceptable. it's outrageous. something has to change. >> to follow up on the comments that roy and the leader has made, we've found obstruction for every position throughout government. whether it's a u.s. attorney position, district court judges, you name it, this obstruction has put us in position to stay into august to stay make sure we are doing the work of the american people. senator gardner: i think it's critically important that we do the job that the american people sent us do here today. we need to overcome this unprecedented level of obstruction that we've seen. roirp can you address -- you --
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reporter: ask you address, you talked about doing these nominations. you know if the democrats put these obstructionist tactics, you can't get off the executive calendar to do these other thin is this more than a charade of punting the clock a couple weeks in august and does it this fall back -- [inaudible] senator mcconnell: i am not sure i totally understand your question. we will do health care next week and the reconciliation process, of course, you get to the end. it can sometimes be the result to exhaust. it will end. -- exhaustion. it will end. we will turn to other issues. among them defense authorization. the f.d.a. user bill. a must-pass bill to fund the f.d.a. we have to do a debt ceiling increase. there are other things that we have to do. we only have a limitted number of days left. so we fully intend to utilize. not to mention all of these confirmationes that with backlogged, we intend to fully utilize the first two weeks in
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august. reporter: how many of those issues can you get to? senator mcconnell: we will do as much as we can for the american people. that's what they sent us here to do. reporter: [inaudible] the intelligence report surrounding the russia investigation back in the fall before the election. [inaudible] now there are emails that show that donald trump jr. was aware they were engaging with the russian government. senator mcconnell: what i have confidence is the intelligence committee handling this investigation. senator burr and senator warner have ball control and we will hear from them level. reporter: [inaudible] the fact that the president's son met with a russian lawyer [inaudible] told the russian government [inaudible] senator mcconnell: i'm sure that the committee will look at all aspects of the russia
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investigation. reporter: setting the investigation aside, is it hard for you to trust president trump on russia? [inaudible] senator mcconnell: yeah, the investigation in the senate is being handled by the intelligence committee and i'm sure they'll get to the bottom of it. reporter has your personal trust level changed? senator mcconnell: they'll get to the bottom whatever happened. reporter: on the issue of -- you mentioned the debt ceiling, essential -- are you wanting that vote to happen before the august recess? senator mcconnell: yeah, ideally we'll deal with the debt ceiling before the august recess. reporter: are there spending cuts? senator mcconnell: we'll see. the debt ceiling must be raised. ok. thanks, everybody.
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>> and you can find that and other briefings from congressional leaders online anytime. we have them archived in our video library and that here on capitol hill, the house about to gavel back in in just a couple minutes beginning debate on 12 bills that they're working on today. among them several to transfer federal land to states and localities. another dealing with employment discrimination in the federal work force and also a bill that would name a post office in bakersfield, california, after country singer merle haggard. also on the other side of the capitol today, the house and senate scheduled to be in recess for the month of august as they normally do every year, but majority leader mitch mcconnell in the senate announced today the senate will continue meeting until the third week of august. he issued a statement and among some of the items he says that are still on the agenda in the senate, health care replacement measure and raising the debt limit. also this morning, let you know that the senate homeland
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security committee held a confirmation hearing for the president's nominee to be the next t.s.a. administrator and homeland security undersecretary for intelligence and analysis. you can find that online as well in our video archives. and again, the house about to gavel back in working today on several bills. one to transfer federal land to state and local governments and legislation that would name a post office in bakersfield, california, after singer and songwriter merle haggard. later in the week in the house, they'll be considering the 2018 defense programs and policy bill. we could see several late nights in congress this week as the house takes up dozens of amendments to that measure. in
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pursuant to clause 8 of rule 20, the chair will postpone further proceedings today on motions to suspend the rules on which a recorded vote or the yeas and nays are ordered or on which the vote incurs objection under clause 6 of rule 20. the house will resume proceedings on postponed questions at a later time. for what purpose does the gentleman from texas, mr. burgess, seek recognition? mr. burgess: mr. speaker, i move the house suspend the rules and pass the bill h.r. 1492. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the title of the bill. the clerk: union calendar number 131, h.r. 1492, a bill to amend the controlled substances act to direct the attorney general to register practitioners to transport controlled substances to states in which the practitioner is not registered under the act for the rp


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