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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 12, 2017 7:00am-7:49am EDT

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30, representative mark walker's here to talk about the future of health care in the budget priorities. it are at 9:00, congressman bill onss go on -- bill pascrell agenda and strategy for 2018. ♪ wednesday, july 12, 20. welcome to washington journal. later today, the house will take up the 2018 defense authorization bill. tomorrow, republican senators will introduce the update on the health care legislation that is expected on thursday. all of this as the president is preparing for a trip to france, heading to france for a joint news conference on thursday with president macron, and the steel
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day is on friday. and all of this is fallout continues from donald trump juniors email and meeting last forer with russia information on hillary clinton. that is where we will start this morning. will ask for your thoughts on the russian investigation. democrats, (202) 748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001. independents and others, (202) 2.8-800 ouran also hear from you on twitter or c-span. and leadhe front page story online and in a lot of news organizations this morning. here is the wall street journal. donald trump junior welcomed russia help. this likely pulled the anger mr. trump further into the center of the matter being investigated by
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special counsel robert mueller. president trump has said little about the episode aside from a his son ise he said a "great person who loves our country." president trump has tweeted this morning, and will show that you . the new york times revealed the emails yesterday as donald trump junior also did. their headlining mills disclosed -- headline -- emails disclosed trump's son glee at russian offer." levels obviously a high of sensitive information, but part of russia and government support for mr. trump. also from donald trump junior saying "if what you say -- if it is what you say, i love it." part of the story from the new , the cml assented donald trump junior and could have hardly been more exquisite.
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one of his father's former russian business partners had been contacted by a senior russian government official who was offering to provide the trump campaign with dirt on hillary clinton. the documents would "incriminate hillary and her dealings with russia and would be very useful to your father," read the email. "this isded in that obviously very high level and since information but is part of russia and its governments support for mr. prop -- mr. trump." president's eldest son was surprised or disturbed by the provenance of the promised material, he gave no indication. he replied with in minutes "if it is what you say, i love it, especially later in the summer." asking today for your thoughts and your reactions to the russia investigation. donald trump junior was on with sean hannity on fox. here's what he had to say. >> maybe this was something that had to do with one of those
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things. this is perhaps her involvement with the russian government. again, i did not know there was any liability or if there was anything behind it. i cannot vouch for the information. somebody sent me any mail. i cannot help what somebody sends me. i read it, i respond accordingly. -- >>s is pre-wikileaks this is pre-russia fever. this is pre-russia made up. this was 13 months ago when the rest of the world was talking about trying to build this narrative about russia. i do not even think my sirens went up or the antennas went up. it was not the issue that has been made out over the last nine months, 10 months. i think there is an element of context to that. at the time, it was not this big news story. with donald trump junior sean hannity on fox. hisld trump tweeting but son's appearance, saying "my son
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did a good job last night. he was "transparent, and innocent. this is the greatest witchhunt in political history. bad. -- sad. you hear the when words "sources say" from the fake media, oftentimes those sourcesmake up -- those are made up and do not exist. what are your opinions? let's go to maryland on the democrat line. caller: thank you for having me. this is just like father, like son. shoutingcame to power about hillary clinton, go kill hillary, meanwhile, [indiscernible] searching for fake information, ng a reason to lie to the american people just before the
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election. and now he cannot find it. he is afraid of the press, it is a free country. the press will continue to do their work. we will not go into hiding. i believe that by the end of this day, either trump will be impeached and his children will go to jail. this is just beginning. thank you for having me. host: minnesota, we hear next from our independent line. caller: good morning. i would just like to say a couple things. one, this man said it is not them, it is us. this means that when americans and get afterp their senators, after congress, and tell them to start working on that issue, that is important to us. jobs, opioid academic -- either make --
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epidemic. but you have pharmaceuticals, hospital corporations, and of course all the lobbyists. when you look at the bloomberg report, those people are very happy. so why the american public does notsay forget this, we do need to worry about this. we are the mightiest power on god's earth. choler mentioning the opioid epidemic. the washington post reporting this morning about the settlement with the justice department, $35 million. they said that the justice department and this pharmaceutical company reached a $35 million settlement that the company failed to report signs addictive products were shipped to the black
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market, where they helped with the opioid epidemic. let's go to sean our republican line from virginia. good morning. caller: hi, clearly visible meeting with a set up. they got trump been by promising all sorts of stuff and it was a set up in that way. but that exchange of emails is not help will. -- helpful. ok, it wasit like just another source of information. there is no indication that whatever information was given or that the russians pulled out it was a lot fact, true. but he should have sense enough to say this is not the kind of thing we should pursue this way, and maybe not -- into thate went meeting fully expected some blockbuster information, and the fact that it did not occur is
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not the issue. the fact that he went in with the expectation that it might occur is more of an issue. if the democrats are going to say this amounts to a violation of contents finance reports -- my goodness from the stuff you -- the ukraine gave the democrats is the same thing. there is a problem, and there is a credibility issue. that is the biggest problem with this whole thing, is that they will have to resolve it. the trunk guys are not too good at this right now. host: how do you think they will resolve a credibility issue? people have other put it this way -- get everything out there clean the clean theut there, decks. this is what happened, let it go from there. right now what they are doing -- this is not fake news. this is reality, and they are not dealing with it well. host: i appreciate it.
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the president parting this morning for france for bastille day activities on france. there is reports of the joint news conference tomorrow, so perhaps we will see questions the french were american media covering the event in paris tomorrow. let's go to baltimore, democrat line. what are your thoughts on the russia story? that underthought is norma's amount of republicans are going to call it -- an enormous amount of republicans are going to call in and say nothing happened. we know that? they never put anything down there. they lied all the way, so now the truth has come out. do you believe that it is funny that all of that started coming out after he had that meeting? .his was planned that way we do not know what happened in that meeting. we do not know what he said, and
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he has not been telling the truth. none of them, they have sworn they have not had contact with russia and none of that was true. host: thank you, dorothy. a lot of comments and reaction on capitol hill. kelman's from former vice presidential candidate -- comments from former vice presidential candidate tim kaine. , nothing istigation proven yet. but we are now beyond obstruction of justice in terms of what is being investigated. this is moving into perjury, false statements, and even potentially treason. host: tim kaine, the sender from virginia -- senator from virginia. treason, anyone yet but headline in the washington charms. they write the latest accusation against trump administration is treason, a serious crime indeed, and some that the unhinged
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democrats are throwing around as if they know what they're talking about. the write tim kaine, distinguished senator from virginia and hillary clinton's late lamented running mate, says the latest attempt by the new york times to persuade us that it has finally found the smoking gun puts the case against beyond obstruction of justice. painter, a lawyer wasis mr -- president george w. bush's ethics nanny, says the junior mr. trump behavior borders on treasonous. the washington post editorial says invoking the word treason is nonsense. what the upper mr. trump did not be treason because the united states was not and is not at war with russia. party at war with the president does not count. calls, cincinnati,
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ohio, republican line. for your ank you show, i'm a first-time caller. i am wondering why we do not hear about hillary and her enabling of the russian businessman to obtain a great --unt host: go ahead? me?er: do you hear host: you are breaking up a little bit. finish your thought. did you hearsorry, a of the first part? host: a little bit, go ahead and continue. why we doam wondering not hear more of hillary enabling the russian businessman
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to obtain all the uranium and in the clinton foundation receiving i don't know how many millions of dollars. also, why don't we hear more knowing that the hacking into the -- i guess the emails of a lot of people? they knew that in 2015. also, obama promised one of the russian administrators something once he got into office. we don't hear anything about this. i think it is a witchhunt against the republicans. many haveats, like so said, have declared war on trump. it is a disgrace. host: first-time caller in cincinnati, thanks for your comments this morning. reporting this morning from the
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"a russia post, revelation unlike any other." he writes in part the enough between president trump's oldest son and an intermediary between the russians by the clearest information today -- to date that the trunk campaign officials and family members were released prepared to do business with a foreign adversary in a mutual goal of taking down hillary clinton. no one should presume to draw definitive conclusions from the contents of the emailed as to possible jeopardy for trump where the overall litigation is heading, or how it will end. wondering why we are so gullible in america. what are the russians have to do with this? do you know how bad -- in america right now? why don't we concentrate on what is bad america? forget russia.
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if you want to go there, go. love it or leave it. have a good day. jack in oklahoma. democrat line, gina. caller: good morning, c-span. i was wondering about the timeline, when donald junior exchanged emails with the i doan government, because not know who was around the time when trump was paying for his own -- if it was around the time when trump was paying for his own campaign, but he might have thought he was going to get money as well as information, campaign contributions. theyunderstand correctly, did not receive money until after he got the nomination. that is my commentary. host: gina, who did not receive money? caller: i am saying trump spent a lot of money on his campaign
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becausein the beginning i kept hearing on the news that he is spending a lot of his own money because he was not getting a lot of money from the republican national convention at first. if this happened around that time, maybe trump junior thought they were going to get campaign contributions as well. i appreciate that. asking you this morning, your thoughts on the latest on the russian investigation and the -- revelations and donald trump junior females. for help -- four democrats, (202) 748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001. independents and others, (202) 748-8001. caller: frankly, i do not care, and diet really -- i really do not. i'm tuning all of this russia business because i'm sick and tired of hearing about it. every time i hear rush talk
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about the russian thing, i think of the theme music from rocky and his friends. we are going to go kill -- host: ok. here is jesse on the independent line, indiana. caller: i would just like to say that we have gone beyond beating a dead horse. we are beating the dirt the horse was laying on. this is just ridiculous about russia. i will tell you what we have got. we have a crazy dictator in north korea that is trying his capablebuild a missile of delivering a nuclear device to american soil. at least to the soil of american allies. we have syria, which is a threat not only to us, but on its western border, threat to israel
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when you turn on and msnbc, and i watch all the news channels, i am not a fox watcher. i watch all the news channels. when you turn any other channel on, everything is related to russia. i will tell you, we have servicemen that are overseas and i do not care if they hate trump and they want to see trump out of office and they want to slander him, whatever. go ahead and do that, but let's think about the men and women we surveying and think about the families that we have here in the united states. do your job as journalists and answer questions about what is going on in the world, regardless of how you feel about trump. drop the russian thing and get
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on to real news, and start focusing on what it is going to --e to get things right here not just for the united states, but for the world. when the united states fails, we fail worldwide. host: given what you are saying about your views on the media coverage of this, how does the administration get to focus away from all of the russian stories and ongoing investigation? caller: i think they have done an excellent job. i think when you have press briefings -- they do the daily briefings and it is on camera, and the so-called journalists stand up and want to grandstand about the russia issue, and set of asking serious questions about -- instead of asking serious questions about foreign the policiesussia, here in the united states. when you start to realize when
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there is a pattern there and the journalists are out to have a gotcha moment on russia and you do not give them that, you move on to somebody you think is going to ask you an honest question that will benefit the american people. that is how you handle it. i do not care for trump tweeting about it. i do believe he feels like he has to tweet about it because it is the only way he can defend himself against the onslaught of the media, but if people would just wake up they would realize that what you have is an entire media narrative that is going to -- veterans. you people have a nicea nice dad god bless all. host: reporting on political this morning -- politico this the right this morning that president donald trump is
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increasingly unlikely to nominate several reserve chair janet yellen next year for a second term. four people close to the process said national economic director gary cohen is now the leading candidate to succeed yellen is the world's most important central maker. that is from politico this morning. i want to remind you that janet yellen begins two days of testimony on capitol hill today, her semiannual report to congress before the house financial services committee. we will also cover her testimony coming up on thursday. she will be testifying before the senate banking committee. we will have live coverage of that thursday, 10:00 a.m. eastern. that will be on c-span3, also online at and free on the c-span radio app. let's go back to your call on the russian investigation. ralph, virginia, republican line. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span and thank you for taking my call. i agree totally with hundred
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percent -- totally, 100% the said they are trying to destroy trump and the democratic party. i just listened to cia director pompeo speak. they are working together to keep this country secure, and what is the problem of the emails that were not even sent by trump junior? he received it to look into the email and what it was about, and hillary clinton was labeled as selling all of this uranium and soor if and -- so forth and nothing is said about this. i think it is very important to make all of this information current, and in order to get that information, it would be gathered through this email. i think this is a total witchhunt under a democratic position to destroy trump. he is trying to do a good job.
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we have the country completely divided and if people will not come together to support him or come behind him like any other i have never seen anything like this in my born days. and i voted mostly democrat in my past voting's, and i am certainly turned over to republicans with mr. trump. doing antion is he's excellent job in trying to run this country and the united and to provide security to the american people. the transparency must go on, but it is nothing by it -- but a witchhunt by the democratic party to destroy him in any way, shape, or form. they have to get over it that ms. hillary clinton did not get elected. he got elected, and that is the way it is. i think everything has to be
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transparent. taking that email, i have no problem with mr. trump junior taking that email to make it transparent to find out what the russians have on hillary clinton. there is a lot of stuff on hillary clinton. the foundation, the clinton foundation that they have reserved and that up and so mention anydo not of this and i was a federal employee for 39 years. in the area of taxation and what is going on with the clinton foundation is unbelievable. rolfe from charlottesville. keith, independent line. caller: thank you for c-span. opaganda, tell their lives, but that young man cannot tell a straight story if he tried. us got up fairly early for this -- we will show little bit more from that interview, but how long did sean
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hannity speak with donald trump junior? caller: that interview went what, 20 minutes or better? host: you listened to it. you talked about him being a liar. do you think he learned any new information that you learned any new information you did not learn before? caller: the young man -- he is not even truly part of this administration, yet he is part of this administration. this is one of the most bizarre times in american history. it is incredible what america can believe. it is almost shameful, the nonsense we can believe when we should be thinking about one another and working on what the truth is. michigan, iand appreciate your call. teresa, democrats, california. caller: good morning, and thanks
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for taking my call. ay is thatted to s this man makes me angry on a daily basis. that thisor the fact man has also brought his son and his children up in the ways that he does, the dishonesty, the conning, the greediness. it is shameful. to the last caller, he was bringing up the white house he said the reporters are not asking honest questions. i see them every day asking and begging, and asking honest questions and wanting honest answers, and they are constantly dodged. but that is basically the two things i wanted to cover. thank you for taking my call. host: more reaction on twitter. your thoughts welcome on the c-span. if the russians gave u.s.
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terrorist information to the u.s., should the u.s. ignore that to? just wondering. -- wondering." this one saying "talking to russians is not a crime." fort lauderdale, our republican line. caller: good morning. my first thought with this is how incredibly fortunate that tim kaine was not elected vice president of the united states. kaine comestim across to me as an unbalanced hothead. for him to take a three stooges meeting with a woman who never claimed to be a representative of the reflections -- public and government or claims to given
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give any information to the to go to treason from that? it is unbelievable. what a hothead. also, say she may have been a representative of the russian government. what does this tell us? this tells us that the emails that came out with hillary clinton were probably just the tip of the iceberg. they probably have so much stuff with her in the foundation that they could then her anyway they wanted to. bend her anyway they wanted to. let's think for a second that think god, these people were not elected to the highest office of our land. but here is the other thing -- let's settle this. love colin michael lynn, jarrod -- let's call in michael flynn, jared kushner, and trump junior
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and have them testify. they are begging to testify. the only thing that michael flynn asked for is immunity from frivolous lawsuits. will they do that to him? no. they will give that to him. settle it. call them in. they are begging to come in. but the democrats will not do it because they are afraid they will end up with another jeff sessions questioning, which proves that all the allegations against him were totally idiot. after you call them in, colin andrewmccabe -- call in mccabe and ask if you had a sexual harassment lawsuit against you and did michael flynn come in on the side of the woman being harassed? does that have anything to do with the unmasking of michael flynn? inobert mueller -- call robert mueller and ask him what he thinks of the former fbi director leaking classified information to the press. host: by the way, the former --
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the man nominated to be a director has his hearing on capitol hill today -- be cia onector has his hearing capitol hill today at 9:30. christopher wray will be before ae committee and that will be 9:30 eastern on c-span three. our caller was talking about the women with who donald trump junior and paul manafort, jared kushner met. she is a russian lawyer who met with donald trump junior and others at trump tower in manhattan on june 9, 2016, writes the washington post. -- a few dayster, later, seated in front of the house foreign affairs committee hearing in which witnesses discussed u.s. sanctions against her country. a few hours after the hearing, she was spotted again attending the screening of the film and
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criticized u.s. sanctions. in the course of week from new york to washington, she showed up at several of is that go to the heart of the investigation questions about russia and whether they colluded with the trump campaign to defeat democrat hillary clinton. the picture shows the lawyer seated behind michael mccaul, the then ambassador to russia. -- jim, new york, independent.


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