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tv   2018 Defense Programs  CSPAN  July 13, 2017 2:48am-2:54am EDT

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>> over the next few days, the house will be donating the annual defense authorization bill dealing with military programs and policy. for details about what's in the bill, we talked to a capitol hill reporter. o'brien's defense reporter for politico, joining us to talk about the defense programs built for 2018. how much spending does this bill authorized, and how does it deal with the current budget caps with defense and war funding? conor: this bill authorizes just under $700 million in military programs. that includes weapons systems, personnel training, even some programs for nuclear weapons under the energy department. as far as the budget caps that were sent by the budget control
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act back in 2011, it doesn't change those but it does a couple things to get around them. the pentagon has a separate war account, the overseas contingency operation fund, known more commonly as oco. billion. extra $10 the bill has $621 billion in defense spending that would bust through that cap. the short of it is, while there are some mechanisms are used to get around that, lawmakers have to rewrite those caps later on. >> this came out of the house armed services committee after some 13 hours of debate. 60-1 vote out of that committee. one of the key provisions? conor: there was some pretty
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bipartisan agreement on the bill in general. the house rules committee met and teed up about 88 amendment to go on the floor later today. we expect they are going to meet this afternoon to make another large tranche of amendments. some things we will probably see some debate on, house rules has approved a couple of amendments that would strip provisions in the bill that bar the administration moving detainees from guantanamo bay. that is a different issue now because you have an administration that wants to at least guantanamo for the time being. there's an amendment from tom mcclintock that would allow for base closures, the process that
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is not exactly popular. there's another amendment out there from colorado and california, both democrats, that would enact a 1% across-the-board spending cut at the pentagon. those are probably the more controversial amendments i've seen. i think when you look at that list, it's mostly noncontroversial stuff. they will be able to package a lot of them in. >> the debate will also deal with border funding. , talking in politico about the rule, the self-executing rule that would strike the bill to go into boardwalk provision. walle bill's anti-border provision. conor: in the markup, ruben
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gallego, democrat from arizona, and offered an amendment to basically prohibit any defense department funding from going toward a border wall. it was amended a few times. basically the bill said there's no money going toward a border wall. that was adopted by a voice vote. committee made in order of a self-executing amendment to take that provision out. what that means is that will not be a separate vote and donate on that amendment. this will essentially be stripped out once the house approves the rules for the debate this afternoon, which it is expected to do in a fairly partyline vote. it is a little procedural sleight-of-hand to get a provision that isn't popular
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with conservatives out of the bill. this is kind of a deed at donald trump, who campaigned on building a border wall with mexico and having to go pay for it -- having mexico pay for it. republicans have made the point that this is kind of a moot issue. we will have to see how does that effect have democrats approach this bill and whether they are less likely to support it, whether they start jumping ship. >> covering debate on the defense authorization in the u.s. house, connor o'brien. you can read is reporting at and also he's on twitter. thanks for joining us. >> here's some of the debate on the defense authorization bill from the house wednesday. armed services committee chair mac thornberry introduces the bill. this part of the debate is just over an hour.


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