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tv   Washington Journal Representative Gregory Meeks Discusses the Russia...  CSPAN  July 13, 2017 9:03am-9:34am EDT

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milita and british regulars encounter ne another, shots will be fired, lives lost on both sides, the colognial milita was ordered to fire upon troops, creating an act of treason. >> see the world's largest ollection of materials used during the early days of the revolution displayed at the concord museum. tour of concord, massachusetts, saturday at noon astern on c-span 2 book t.v. and sunday at 2 p.m. on american history t.v. on c-span 3. cable with our affiliates and visiting cities across the country. >> "washington journal" continues. host: and we are back. at our table, representative gregory meeks, democrat of new the foreign affairs committee and also in his former life, a district assistant district attorney and special prosecutor in new york city.
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let me ask you this, congressman, from "washington post," spoking gun or distraction? said, i ld trump, jr. love it to the prospect of about nasty information hillary clinton in june of last constitute a smoking gun guest: continuing mounting vidence that i think the special prosecutor will continue to look at and have conversation. who did he in fact talk to? he would like us to believe he idn't say anything to his father, that has to be reviewed, too. think that is why the special prosecutor, mr. mueller, will have further evidence to look at see who knew what, when, who was part of it, what came out of anything, further mounting evidence and why i his ve he needs to take time and see what channels lead here or nowhere, but you have to thoroughly investigate and this gives more evidence of things of concern of which he
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into.o look host: if donald trump, jr., jared kushner met and no is itation was exchanged, still criminal act to meet with the russian lawyer? clear, think what is there was intent to meet to get information from the russian that would damage hillary clinton and that would help donald trump, that is clear. it is to me, similar to a scenario where police officers undercover work, you know, to commits a ndividual crime. so, sometimes the crime was not was lly committed, but it attempted, so that is something that i think the special at ecutor will have to look and apply to applicable laws. i don't know the specific law governs here, we'll be look intoing it, but you take the apply to the law as a prosecutor and make a decision
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n whether or not there is in fact a criminal thakt -- act committed.en you do that after to theitality of your investigation so you what you're going to charge somebody with, if you are or not if there is not facts circumstances to lead you to believe you can prove beyond hat a crime had been committed and the person accused is that person. host: what did you think when released by -mails jr. and what stands out to you? guest: what i saw, again, part drip, drip and part of the lying of members of the administration because remember that donald trump, jr., as well as many other members of campaign had completely denied ever talking russia.e in regard to and what has continually has been refuted ime and time again when the
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investigation has been done and the press keeps diging and they out and re have been out lies by members of the campaign and some members of the in regards to the contacts with russia and then on that, the president refusing to show his tax eturns, which would show whether or not that is contact with russia, as well as the words during the campaign and post the campaign certain e there are ties that one has to look into atause they are very curious the least and very suspicious its face.ook at it on so the investigators i'm sure are digging deep down to see there. host: some of your colleagues ave said the actions and words constitute impeachment and there should be an article drawn. are you there? i think that again, i am of the belief that you want thorough investigation.
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i've been part of prosecute whereas you don't rush the judgment, that is where you generally make an error. thorough investigation and then, especially if you have has done something that is wrong, etceterathat, is the person you do a thorough so ifigation in regard to there is something there, you concrete andave it justice can be served, as opposed to doing something and then you don't ultimately the person may have because a crime, but of your premature investigation, they walk away. this story, the justice department defied court orders to release information russian contact, the justice department failed to release part of security disclosing rm attorney general jeff session's officials.h russian the deadline passed yesterday,
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information f request for portions of sessions fs-86 form. justice spokesman told n.p.r. on wednesday the documents would be released by the deadline, but they have not been. contact is under scrutiny after it was revealed conversations and did not disclose during his confirmation hearing. guest: especially shocking, the lead attorney for the united not s of america cooperating and following orders that is shocking, it is very disturbing and it is a pattern of individuals within the trump dministration who are refusing to cooperate and to be open and honest about the process. also have a question where individuals have been sking the question of mr. kushner's clearance as far as a
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receiving l -- confidential information. no response. of congress have been asked about the trump response.ation, no it's again, seems to be a practice and pattern by the not administration of cooperating with authority, with institutions and it gives me is the because president of the united states and his people now trying to the institutions that our country is built on and tryingves me concern and to have trust by the people of he united states in the institutions. host: there is movement in the the e and now back over to house to punish russia for interfering in the 2016 elections. with the story sanctions to punish russia for stalled.meddling are the legislation passed overwhelmingly in the senate, it back to the house. yesterday the speaker of the that paul ryan, said
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there is a procedural democrats are he not willing to go forward with some g it because of language in it that they're disputing. hat is going on with this sanctions bill? guest: the republican leadership nd my republican colleagues have got to stand up. here is a bill that clearly should be put on the president's to let the -- so the congress can see and the american peep kel see whether or or not.ill sign it 98-2 in the senate is not a controversial bill, most members of congress, as all intelligence did playrealize russia a role, attempt to play a role in our election cycle and that prevent that from ever happening again and russia should be punished for it by and for us not to do that in the house of epresentatives, to me, is baffling and puzzling and i think against the values of us
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united states the of america. when i think of the republican leadership, they had no to bring up know, investigation after investigation, even when they come up after federal investigation that had nothing on hillary clinton that continue it, but here we have sanctions on russia where each the relevant security agencies say russia was attempted to get involved in our election and yet up strong sanctions or sanctions bill in the united states congress and the house of representatives that is wrong for all americans and a threat democratic institution and we should put it on the the floor et it on immediately, there is no excuse for that happening. host: according to "new york blue slip olution to the issue has been tied up because house democrats object o language that would prevent minority party from raising disapproval if the white house
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sanctions.aken the guest: yeah, i think this is easy, this should be the exact bill that was supported out of the sant, put exact same bill of the house, exact same bill. let's not change a word, but the bill out of the senate, voted on 98-2 bipartisan bill, same bill on the floor of the house and let us vote on it. today.uld be done host: joe in south carolina, an independent, joe, good morning. welcome to the conversation. what is your question or comment? caller: good morning. different the first one is, first of all, thanks c-span. i love c-span. they let the american people give their voice. econd of all, on this russian investigation, i think they hould let the investigators investigate and just let congress get on to doing the
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people's work because i think this is wrong. host: okay. the third? caller: the third thing is on health care thing, i've it.n on both sides of war n army veteran, i'm a veteran and my wife is not, you know. nd she's had problems lately, but when we first moved down to the carolina, she had health care from obamacare, i -- at least was she had something, you know, type 2 nd out she had diabetes, they took care of her. host: okay, joe, i'll leave it there and have the congressman let the o the -- investigators do the investigation and congress move on. guest: i think that we've got to
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number of things. congress needs to do its work. tweets, dent in his doesn't help that. republicans have control of everything. they should do and direct the order, i think we can then get things done. democrats across the aisle, two things in the open, allow the ld intelligence committee of the house and senate side to do is their work, those investigations should continue. let the special prosecutor, mr. mueller, do his work. the third thing is to have an independent commission that will review the entire process of how and what russia did and what we prevent it from ever happening again to preserve democratic the process similar to commission on 9/11. ost: barbara in virginia, democrat. hi, barbara. caller: hi. mr. meekske to say to hat with the frivolous --
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democrats using frivolous russia, it g against is absolutely ridiculous, point one. two, why aren't they because of health care coming up aren't they y trying to help like the more ners who are paying medicare, who work, a lot of working, cannot even medicare.l care on they can't get dental care off edicare, now if they were fighting for something good like that, i can understand, but just crazy frivolous thing about ussia and the e-mails probably has nothing to do with anything, they need to get to work and do the right thing. host: okay, barbara. is t: what we're looking at a foreign government trying to play into the united states
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but ion, not only us, etcetera, the s, only country that has gone in and taken property from a nation since world war ii. we are looking at them and making sure they do not play a in our democracy, that is what we're looking at and looking at holding a president accountabled states to his word and actions and each and every other president has. of our one responsibilities as far as congress is concerned. e are fighting hard about health care, about medicaid and medicare and when you look at hat is taking place in the health care debate, when you look at republican plan that was medicaid from almost 22 million people, that is not that is saying, independent office of budget making that bo determination. we are fighting tooth and nail to make sure individuals that pre-existing disease is not put to the waste side and
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capos seniors for their health care, so children and don't have health care and not working can stay on their parents. that and hting for want to improve and make sure any problem we have with medicaid can improve it, we think that just because a money doesn't have any doesn't mean they should be given a death sentence because hey can't gets the health care they need. host: charles in charlotte, north carolina, a republican, air.are on the caller: mr. meeks, greta, good morning. host: morning. i want to call about -- he hypocrisy that i see in talking about the russians and the current leaks, you know, see and i try to look at this in a balanced way, that the rgument is phishing, sed spear somebody clicks on a link, that allows somebody, probably the
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russians to go into the e-mails and the d.n.c. and steal e-mails there were, i don't know how many months, they didn't realize they were stolen. now i heard even on cnn, chris say, we will ers not report on the e-mails, donna questions to hillary for the debate, d.n.c. against bernie sanders on the nomination, the opinions of the clinton campaign against certain groups and so forth. it was very embarrassing stuff, hey said, because it was stolen. now we have don, jr.'s e-mails 100-something leaks coming out of the white house and eported on and captured by the congress and there is an uproar comes out, something those were apparently stolen, as well. i have another point. leaks that embarrassed the d.n.c. and hillary campaign
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this is just a threat to american society election process and so forth, why barack obama wouldn't immediately have signed executive order to take sanctions against the russians because this was so bad instead of letting this drift for months and months? host: all right, charles, let's get a chance. guest: barack obama went face-to-face, unlike president with mr. when he met putin and told him he better cut it out and told him there would consequences. there were sanctions coming along that the obama russia.ration put on host: there were russian deported; that were correct? guest: russian officials were deported, russian officials had to leave a piece of property was in new york, abandon that. decisive and concisive always now hindsight is 20/20. obama knew he had to do
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he thing, he did what thought was appropriate and wouldn't make it appear as way h politics was in the of what he was doing because he wasn't doing it to play politics appearance of him making a political move, he wanted to integrity in put our system and keep a foreign around nt from playing in our democracy. host: if our viewers are johnson, former homeland security secretary was sked those type of questions, what was happening in the obama administration at the time it as being discussed russia was trying to interfere and what was the thinking. jay johnson taking questions and house ny before the intelligence committee, we goered that hearing recently to and watch it there. gerec gereck, in franklin, massachusetts. good morning. caller: thank you for your service to this country.
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i want to touch on the russian investigation. there is a lot of stuff going around about fake news in the people have to realize the media is very important to country. meddling, they are a sovereign nation, it is important anyone office of our presidency has to realize it is and prestigious office anyone involved in it taking information from one sovereign influence the election of another sovereign nation, it goes against -- shouldn't be something that's taken lightly. so i -- i apologize about that, i thought you were finished. ongressman, do you agree, disagree? guest: i agree. it is important to have an independent commission. make sure that the independent commission have understand the entire process. o i each suggested having former secretary rice,
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condoleeza rice as co-chair and maybe former secretary of state to be the other, you have democrat and republican, so that we can get at the essence what took place. this really is about finding out preserve our democratic process. we have elections in 2018. in 2020.nother we do not want russia or anyone else having an influence or a role in our election. we need to get to the bottom of democrats, ans, republicans, independents, we hould be rallying to make that happen. host: tony, claremont, california, democrat -- caller: hi. am i on? host: you are. thank you. first i completely agree with the representative and i making his im comments. the republicans need to stop the election. we need to agree as democrats, the
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long time ago.a no one disputes that trump won. no doubt that the to tion is over, we need stop blaming democrats, stop for ng democrats obstructing legislation. mcconnell, one day on t.v. said, we don't want to work with we don't at at all, have interest in working with the democrats. john kasich said, we'd like to work with the democrats, they are probably not with us, so you can't have it both ways. you can't blame the democrats. over.ection is the republicans are in charge. he republicans also need to stop blaming leaks. leaks, they like leaks when they them, don't like leak when is they hurt them. top blaming the leaks, stop blaming president obama, he has nothing to do with this
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investigation. while everything he could he was president to try to make weren't the russians meddling in the election. uest: i would say i agree with the gentleman. and, you know, i would like to do, i think we should go back to order. say what you will about, for example, the health care bill. when it was initially passed, the fact of the matter was there an open process and hearings. it wasn't meetings in closed nobodybehind the scenes, knew what was going on, only people.en, eight there were hearings, questions, witnesses, there were on dments, there were votes the floor going back and forth. that is an open process so that people can see and e clear transparency on pieces of legislation and that shows ho works together and who doesn't. that is not happening in this process. it has been republicans behind
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coming up with something, each time congressional budget office said devastating to the american people and then we still have the process going today. is time to go back to regular order, let's conduct business as dictate of the floor and let's have open hearings, witnesses and questions and so that the american peep and he will congress with plead vote and transparency. host: next, mack, an independent. mack. caller: yes, thank you for having me, thank you for letting me through. i really do enjoy c-span. the comment i want to make is you know, i guess the way i want to say it is just because forgot to lock your door on your way somewhere out of the house, doesn't give a thief a right to come in and steal your property, okay. even though the democrats, whatever security they had over
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computer system, whatever security hillary had, whatever using at home, doesn't matter where she plays her game did, the point is, it doesn't give anybody the ight to come in and steal this information and run propaganda democrats in t order to favor one side in the election. i think the investigation er and swiftly th er and they need to get to the the investigation so they can, you know, get to the because, you it to , the election, going impact, it has impact so many it is very important to get to the bottom of the election first before anything else. okay, mack, congressman? guest: you know what, it is
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extremely important. i think about is what will teachers and young people be looking at 70 years from now historical n the context and looking at what is taking place today. is how i view what i do today, how will it be being historical context, what did we do and how did we do when we did we do it knew based upon the intelligence upon admitionased of republicans and democrats, hat did we do to make sure it did not happen again? how did we hold russia do untable and what did we with reference to evidence we have a president, for example, has apparently continually so that is you know, i think the standard that members of congress have --
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republicans, this will be reviewed in the camera that tory and so i think it will reflect upon us, democrats, republicans and to try to s we stand protect integrity of society, he freedom of the press, the openness of the government, the ransparency and that everybody abide by certain rules and order. that is what is going to stand test of time and i don't think that as we have moved thus far, we are accomplishing what we would like to be or be proud in history. i urge, particularly my colleagues, don't think politics now, do what is best for the country. want to make a decision because people may hink we're doing it based upon party politics, that is why an independent commission is really work of the the independent prosecutor is really
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see tant so that we can what the results are and we should show them we are supporting those items and then say we stood for the right thing, i believe. georgia, h, augusta, democrat, you are on with congressman meeks. yes, sir, congressman democrat, ve a life-long democrat, will not vote republican, but in the next election, i don't see anything the democrats are offering to republicans ng the say. the republicans have said they you, t going to work with but yet it's still everything hese people get to be put in office, it is said the citizens have no ited states, i control over what russia do. you are there in office, the saying, g i hear you people saying is that, oh, we're not going to hold town hall of the people, the backlash we get,
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frustration, opposition from the people. we don't want to hear what they have to say, but yet still you us to face these people and soldiers to war and nothing you can do about it. one time.wer at there was a time you had a a good health care program, but look at what you got. got to leave it there, running out of time. i'll have the congressman jump in. listen, i think one thing i would like to do, get back to business, so people in peep nel our districts know we want to fight for health we improve e sure health care system, not repeal it and get rid of it with 22 people renewed. i want to make sure we are ocused on the economy and jobs and making conditions better for the american people. be is what i would love to talking about and democrats have been talking about it.
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accomplishments he indicated when we were in power, president obama came into power, worse recession since the recession, with democratic the time, we were able to crawl out of the recession, started moving in the way to start correcting the economy, moving forward and the value important for the america, i s of think we have to talk to those values we represent those values values are hard work, well rewarded, you should be healthcare, a woman should be able to take control of her body. those are values that we will be talking to individuals about as we move on do.we it is the tweets and the lies that are coming from the then compel the press and the media to ask me and others about what he's doing, that is what he's president of the united states, most powerful man in the world, that takes the news cycle and we have to respond to that.
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love to respond to jobs, healthcare and values of the people, that is what i got elected for, that is why i ant to be a member of the congress. host: congressman, gregory meeks, thank you for being here questions, always appreciate the conversation. guest: good being with you. host: happening in paris right now, the leader of france waiting upon the first lady of president states and trump to arrive for a welcoming ceremony there. planning to is tour a military complex, history museum and church containing the tombs of the napoleon and other figures from french history. he has on the agenda today, meetings with the french president, bilateral meetings to iscuss many issues, including the paris climate deal and trade and other economic issues. syria, as well. the two of them, the


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