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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 13, 2017 9:33am-10:01am EDT

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love to respond to jobs, healthcare and values of the people, that is what i got elected for, that is why i ant to be a member of the congress. host: congressman, gregory meeks, thank you for being here questions, always appreciate the conversation. guest: good being with you. host: happening in paris right now, the leader of france waiting upon the first lady of president states and trump to arrive for a welcoming ceremony there. planning to is tour a military complex, history museum and church containing the tombs of the napoleon and other figures from french history. he has on the agenda today, meetings with the french president, bilateral meetings to iscuss many issues, including the paris climate deal and trade and other economic issues. syria, as well. the two of them, the twoed
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leaders will hold a joint news later on this morning. you as muchto bring as we can from the president's visit to paris here this morning. night, the last first lady and president leaving the white house, they will any arriving there at what ledinva d the lide complex in paris, france, the french president and first of france there waiting for president trump and the first lady to join them for that ceremony. all of that for today's schedule. then tomorrow, the president be taking part in the celebrations because this marks 100th anniversary of the united i.tes entry to world war you can see the the cade arriving to complex there in paris, france, and the french president waiting him. look at these to pictures here this morning as we ask all of you to call in for
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phones. you can talk about the president's visit to paris. talk about the president on the global stage, what impact is he having? talk about domestic issues happening here in the united states. democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. 202-748-8002.ts, we'll get to the calls in a minute. this started in paris, looks like the president's motorcade arriving. virginia, you d, are up first, shirley, what is on your mind this morning? got to press the button, sorry, shirley, go ahead. the r: i was listening to republican that came over and ng about the medicare social security fund would be bankrupt in four years. on medicare for five
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going on six years now, i work 38 years and became disc in my back. i can't work. all right. $100-someodd dollars every social security check that i worked for, plus i have supplemental insurance. want to know how can he sit up here and say that medicare and social security, as long as people working, there will be social security. for their social security, now the people working social paying for our security. host: okay, shirley, let me jump in and let you know that the president, before he left for trip to paris said he would be angry if the senate didn't legislation.h care there you can see the president's car has arrived. this military museum in the paris and france, there is the president of france
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president and e melania trump, the first lady. let's watch and listen here.
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host: and there is the president of the united states meeting of the new president emmanuel macron. are on the etings agenda today, focus og syria,, a tour will take place at this
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istory museum, this military place called lesinva lide, tour museum, tour of the tomb of napoleon and tomb of marshall falsh, commander at the end of world war i. france, macron f invited mr. trump because this marks 100th anniversary of worldited states entry to war i and in a june telephone call with mr. trump, the french invited him and said that this year the event would and french troops marching through the streets, skies jets cutting the horses and lags and military on display. trump told macron he would be and officials rushed to schedule a last-minute trip that include 27 hours and dinner in the eiffel tower.
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the two leaders are there on the screen. this arrival ceremony taking place now for the u.s. president. watch as well as talk to all of you this morning in open phones. to ken in lacey, washington, a republican. hi, ken. hello. how are you doing? ist: good morning, ken, what on your mind this morning? caller: i am a veteran of two wars. i am sick and tired of watching six-figure ng salaries argue against each when they are supposed to e working for us, not against us. and i don't care what trump's return says, he is a illionaire, i don't really care. i've never had thousands of ollars in my bank, i've got hundreds, if that, i barely make
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but ing and i need help, i'm not getting it from anybody. tried to is russia hack into stuff and never did punish them.let's doesn't make sense. host: okay. ll right, joseph, rocky hill, connecticut, independent caller. joseph, good morning. we're in open phones here this in washington, d.c., while the president is over in france, for the festivities. good morning. caller: good morning. off, i want to say, i support my president, i do love trump. democrat. i'm not registered. have the first point. president macron is actually the same age as donald trump, jr., very close in age, at least. 39 years old, i think donald trump, jr. is in his but yes., caller: i want to make a point,
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it is the way they hold how an adult acts is not how they are age wise, it is acting. are actions speak louder than words, that is a big thing with donald actively tried to obscure things, he's been trying like russian out active measures such as, again, actively said hey, ussia, help me, no, but he has gone out of his way on say, ussia is not messing around with us, we have been shown by ur intelligence community this is a fact even though we don't have evidence, it is because it is national security. evidence comes out, it will be a problem for us. host: okay. public evidence is there. otherwise, again, we need to think open-mindedly. i am happy that trump is actually reaffirming one of the alliances with
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terrorists, i hope we as citizenry can really open-mindedly look at this. host: okay, joseph, more about macron, he is 39, the youngest leader in france since mapolian. because of macron's quiet power nd pension for displays of grandeur such as recent 90-minute address to both houses parliament. the two leaders on the screen will meet privately with senior for about an hour, deliver public remarks and take uestions from reporters, something both presidents have largely avoided. mr. e evening, mr. trump, macron, and their wives will in the a restaurant eiffel tower, where the tasting euros or $260 0 per person. on friday morning, there will be military parade, the parade 211 feature 1200 people,
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vehicles, 341 horseback riders and competing protest march titled "don't let guard down against trump" will be taking place, as well. the is the president of united states and the president of france at an arrival ceremony in host: we are in open phones, you democrat, what do you think? for a well, i called different reason, but i wanted o make two comments and observations. one is, i think it is not clear hy we spend so much money on defense if we can't take care of the people in our country. money for health care or education, it seems actually ridiculous. comment i have, it is discouraging to see how many themselves call christians and yet they are fighting left and right to not and aid and help people who
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truly need help. disgusted byotally politicians, i've been totally disgusted by the republicans and concerned about russia and just doing it for their own sense of power. me that people who are in power that we give them the responsibility, we pay care at all n't about what goes on with the average person. really, really bad. host: carla brings upheld held saying the president before he left for this trip he would be very angry if the on health not act care legislation. the news this morning, there is lead by grahamrt alternative to health care act some democrats could support, as well. fox news ews, reporting that representative scalise , who was shot at baseball practice, this summer, released from intensive
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care, but he remains in serious more surgery is to follow for him. some domestic news this morning we watch the president and 27-hour trip to paris to meet with the french president, issues on the table vestile participate in day, 100th anniversary of the entering world war i. host: anna in edmond, oklahoma. hi. caller: how are you? host: good morning. what is on your mind this morning. yes, go ahead. caller: i was online before when was on withve meeks you. i wanted to reply to him. statement that clinton, hillary clinton, had of been found guilty anything. the secretary -- i mean,
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list ofe listed a whole indictments against her that her and she secute as found guilty on all those numbers of items that he brought forth. also guilty e was uranium ing 20% of our being sold to russia. is a very -- i think she was very guilty of crimes, especially her benghazi and with her server. don't see how he can come forth and make that statement she was guilty of nothing. hat is my statement for the day, thank you. host: anna, thank you. sal. an independent, hi, caller: yes. i just want to say that trump is he's still lying. it interview he had, i think was bob somebody that christian
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he's a military man. volunteered to go to vietnam. military he's not a man, he's a draft dodger, a coward and traitor. comment for today. thank you. host: okay. manfield.sal there, in let's go to robert in indianapolis, democratic caller. robert, good morning to you. what is on your mind this indianapolis? caller: i'm fine, thank you for taking my call. we needlike to say that to -- as americans, take a good going on and for long time i took my right to vote for granted, but i nderstand now that when i walk away from the ballot box that my counted. be
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when we lose the confidence that be counted, we the more than our jobs in jobs ines and our factory in michigan, we lose much more than that. a government outside the united states of with our interfere lection process, we have given up a whole lot more in our our rights as americans. hollanded okay. caller: i'd like for every to think about that before they start screaming and ollering about the russia investigation. thank you. host: okay. appening on capitol hill yesterday, janet yellen testifying before the committee expects rate d she hikes to continue gradually. theis now testifying before senate banking committee this
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morning and there's live on c-span that over 3. also, for programming, here on covering day we'll be the national governor's association summer meeting in rhode island. today, friday and saturday and we will have coverage through the weekend. leaders are expected to be arriving to talk to the overnors about trade and economic ties bypassing the administration. ur coverage begins 4 p.m. eastern time today, with a discussion on opioid abuse in this country on c-span 3,, c-span radio. schedule go of the to, canadian prime do will meet with governors, as well as foreign inisters from mexico, india, china and japan, as well. that happening this weekend. on the floor of the house the , they'll be taking up national defense authorization
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of , we covered the markup that legislation that went through the night recently, that on te will be taking place the floor today, right here on c-span when the house gavels in we'll bring you gavel-to-gavel coverage. joe, we near open phones this morning, what is on your mind? caller: how are you? was just wondering if i was the only voter that finds the insulting.vestigation here is what i mean. russians didn't hack the vote tallies, whatever votes voters ame from the themselves. to suggest the russians had an influence be it through fake news, r whatever you call it, that kind tactic is only as good as the dumbest voter, you know what i mean? our y they influenced election, you're saying that all hese stories had a negative or profound effect on the voters
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themselves. host: all right. caller: i think it is a waste of time and money. host: joe in michigan. tony in littleton, colorado, good morning to you. caller: good morning, greta, for taking my call. my comment is directly only at and what you do. i watch you, i watch "washington a week and en days mostly from beginning to end and to compliment you. you i have watched you move from to f.b.i. hearing to ussia investigation and your preparation and knowledge and handling these guests and handling the callers, which peers will have a series of come in, calls that probably spent 12 seconds with american r and the public learn nothing.
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with you at the helm, we learn a we learn a lot. you're informing the public and taking a position. and i'm saying this in a serious network hink you're should evaluate what you are doing as compared to your peers doing is at you are setting standard to educate the as opposed to n just a kind of bickering left-right throughout the show. it is very productive and so it is just a compliment to you do your job.ou host: appreciate that, thank you, tony. the showing pictures of president's trip to paris. he left last night with the ceremony and arrival taking place now. he will sit down with french macron for discussions on syria, trade, economic etcetera, counter-terrorism measures there s a piece in the london financial times this morning,
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maceron, he rode emmanuel macron has cultivated his image and power jupiter andmself to hosting russian counter-part at france's e build for son, he gave trump a bone-crushing handshake in the meeting saying france was not there to make small concessions. military e will show might to trump in the celebrations. making from the arrangement of his desk for square-jaw trait to pose he struck on the nuclear ubmarine is so contrived to invite mockery. it seems the french public is aughing up the display of grandeur from the 39 year old head of state, many felt france's last two presidents role of head of state. sarcozy was hyperactive with
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language, calling a voter a jerk 2008. presented himself as a normal guy. macron's prove of presidential style. president, but the paris newspaper, the lead critical of the rench president inviting mr. trump for this visit saying the editorialize the invitation macron was "atentative macavely, stole unpredictability," and anthony, democrat, hi, you air what is on your mind? caller: hi, i just have a few years of say, i'm 58 age and i didn't ever think i president. black but the thing about it is
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the part and that is we're having a problem with, americans, democrats, ndependents, republicans, we need to be pulling together to take care of our people. when you get the republicans and democrats, everybody has anger and what they feel needs to be done. we went hing, greta, through eight years of barack obama getting nothing done because of republicans. now we're looking at another trump, maybe th eight. the thing about it is these money are making all this and the only people looking out in thee top 500 families country. it's more poor people in this country than rich. to get together and another thing i want to say, what is this word about christian? christians, i keep hearing violent.g and
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jesus wasn't like that. loaf, i'm gave the not a very religious person, i do remember the fish and the bread. he didn't ask anybody to pay for it. i mean, this is absolutely ridiculous. we need to be trying to take care of our people. spend too much on defense, what are we defending if we don't have education? doing, we don't stop people from europe coming here that, is where the terrorists coming from. we need to spend money on education and think about people n this country that have been here and done the work and stop thinking about only rich people things.w to do right any time a person loses billion dollars in one year, they are not smart. sorry, people. host: anthony's thoughts in minnesota. florida, a rlando, republican. hi, good morning. caller: good morning. i am a seventh generation american-born woman, i want to
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say, i like president trump and have faith in his patriotism. fine job ifill do a america will get off his back. thank you. marline in florida. a republican. "new york times" front page, f.d.a. panel urges new living drug to fight cancer. panel opened new era n medicine on wednesday, unanimously requests the first ever treatment that genetically cells to fight cancer transforming them into a living drug that powerfully bolsters immune system to shut down the disease. if the f.d.a. accepts the likely,dation, which is the treatment will be the first gene therapy ever to reach the expected.hers are researchers and drug companies have been engaged in intense decades to reach this mile stone. hen also, the associated press reporting this morning lu shall
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political prisoner, has died, he was 61 years old, u had been hospitalized for liver cancer diagnosed in prison in may. in chiaortheastern city of organ failure. mike in california, independent, mike. caller: good morning, greta. host: good morning. america.ood morning, greta, you are one of my favorite journalists and one of prettiest. host: thanks, mike. you. caller: you're welcome. i think this is the best president ever elected, trump.ent i changed to an independent because i will follow my footsteps and i'm sick of democrats, sick of they are both the same. brad sherman is making me sick he's wasting precious time and money trying
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to impeach the best president elected. host: mike, i'll leave that, the house republicans and democrats gaveling in the house, we will bring you live coverage here on c-span. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. july 13, 2017. i hereby appoint the honorable daniel m. donovan jr. to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, july paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 3, 2017, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the


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