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tv   U.S. House Meets for Morning Hour  CSPAN  July 13, 2017 10:00am-10:56am EDT

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precious time and money trying to impeach the best president elected. host: mike, i'll leave that, the house republicans and democrats gaveling in the house, we will bring you live coverage here on c-span. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. july 13, 2017. i hereby appoint the honorable daniel m. donovan jr. to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, july paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 3, 2017, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties.
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all time shall be equally allocated between the parties and in no event shall debate continue beyond 11:50 a.m. each member other than the majority and minority leaders and minority whip shall be limited to five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from illinois, mr. gutierrez, for five minutes. mr. gutierrez: mr. speaker, yesterday, secretary of homeland security john kelly met with members of the congressional hispanic caucus. who ked him about veterans are being deported. we asked him why american citizens were increasingly having their families broken up by deportation. why 800,000 young people who signed up for daca and hundreds of thousands of long-term residents of u.s. who have temporary protective stay turks he had no answers. we know he's onboard on trump's agenda to deport people.
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but honestly he didn't seem to understand what his own agency does. he has as y powers secretary of homeland security for current law. even how congress works. so naive. let me give you some examples. number one, francis can he has secretary of homeland security for current law. -- francisca live in chichifment her husband and children are u.s. citizens. nearly a decade ago she stayed out of trble and reported every year to immigration authorities. now people who work for the secretary decided she must leave the contry, leave her american citizen children and husband this august and leave. why? what changed, mr. secretary? absolutely nothing except you. the same goes for someone a ohio. he has four american citizen children who lived their entire lives here, but their family is being broken up by their own government. according to the secretary, the courts are deporting them not him or his agentcy. he denied any responsibility. and said he can't do anything about t but we all know the
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secretary of homeland security has extraordinary powers to spare families from deportation, especially when doing so would be in our national interest. i told him he could pick up the phone and stop the deportation of these people and spare the american people the cruelty and hardship. but he's hiding behind the old, it's out of my hands, bureaucratic dodge. the oath, i'm just following orders. the general following orders. but general, that's is invalid because we know you have the power to do the right thing. on t.p.s., a program that currently allows hundreds of thousands of people to live and work here legally, the secretary's almost unilateral power to extend it. but the secretary was like, i don't know what i'm going to do. they have been here a long time. i don't know what i'm going to do i have to decide. what kind of answer is that, mr. secretary? to me this means that hundreds of thousands of people's lives, lives that have been built in the united states, are about to
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be turned upside-down. he wants to take hundreds of thousands of legal documented immigrants and make them undocumented. and then go after them and their families. how does that make america great? then there is daca, the program where 800,000 children and young adults came forward, registered with the government, went through a background check, and were rechecked periodically. now secretary kelly says he thinks daca's illegal and once again it's out of his hands. and up to who? you know who he said, attorney general jeff session? only america's number one opponent of immigration of any kind. so to me this is our call to afpblgts the way we rose up to support women and planned parenthood we have to do that again and again. the way lawyers and patriotic americans stood at airports to protect refugees and religious freedom, now it's time to protect t.p.s. and dreamers and other families in the crosshairs.
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we're going to have to organize, mobilize, and stand with our allies to protect families, to protect american citizens in those families, and defend communities because these guys are serious. they want to deport millions of people and they are coming after the dreamers and those with deep, long-term lives in the u.s. this is our call to action. we must resist. we must rise up and stand up for american values. and whether the president, the secretary, or the attorney general like it or not, we need to make it clear that immigrants and immigration are ere to stay. listen, last may the secretary of homeland security set an edict. he told the haitians, over 55,000 of listen, last them. you have six months, get your paperwork ready. you are leaving the country. then he's going to come after hundreds of thousands of central americans that are here legally in this country, have been here for 10, 15, 20 years.
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he's telling them also get your affairs in order. you are going to be deported from the united states. i'm limb nating your legal status -- i'm eliminating your legal status . when it comes to dreamers i want to make it clear tonch today, he is going to end the program and he's going to begin that process this september. he says i like them. they are nice people. but there is nothing i can do. i'm just going to talk to my buddy, general jeff sessions. jeff sessions has never liked the program when he was a u.s. senator and now he's the attorney general. they will eliminate the program, putting 800,000 people in the crosshairs of deportation. we have the moment to rise up a -- [speaking in a foreign language] the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the chair recognizes the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. thompson, for five minutes.
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mr. thompson: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i rise today to recognize the wonderful career of susan, the office manager and academy coordinator, case worker in my bell font district office. after nearly 40 years of service to the people of fifth congressional district of pennsylvania, which span the terms of three separate members of the house, susan will retire on friday, july 14. she will certainly be missed by all. mr. speaker, susan began her career on february 19, 1979 to begin working for congressman bill klinger of warren county, pennsylvania. she would spend the following 18 years providing topnotch constituent services to the people of pennsylvania. susan said she was blessed to work for congressman klinger and learn from his experienced staff, especially her mentor, becky mills. susan has seen a lot through her 38 years of service and her
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smile, friendliness, and can-do attitude has only grown larger over the years. susan herself has mentored countless interns and employees during her tenure. it was decades ago that a young intern named rick santorum spent time in the office during his tenure at penn state university. later susan would watch his career progress as he eventually found himself in the house of representatives and the united states senate. when congressman klinger required and congressman john peterson was sworn n. he welcomed susan's experiences as he took office in 1997. susan continued her role which included overseeing the military service academy board. susan had always worked to help nominate the best and brightest young men and women in the congressional district for our u.s. service academies. she has seen scores of young optimistic, patriotic students walkthrough her door with the open of amend tending one of our great academies -- awith
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of attending one of our great attend day out. when of attending one of our great attend mis. she is someone who is is not only dedicated to her job but enthusiastic about it day in and congressman peterson retired in 2008 and i was elected in 2009, it was an easy fit to retain susan on my district staff as a case worker and the office of office manager. her dedication to the people of the fifth congressional district knows no bounds. she is always in search of an answer and works diligently to navigate our federal agencies to solve issues and problems for our constituents. to say we'll miss susan is an understatement. her warm welcome to all who cross her path will not be forgotten or replaced. everyone who has the pleasure of interacting with her can see her passion. susan is a hometown girl and a self described country girl at heart. she graduated from south hills business of school and
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technology and supplemented her degree with courses at penn state university. i know she looks forward to spending more time with her husband and they plan to travel and visit with family and friends. susan said she will take a more active role in her church as a deacon to continue her life of service. that is exactly what susan -- what she has done for the past 38 years for the people of central and north central pennsylvania serve. she has helped and assisted so many. when you meet with susan, you will always be greeted with a welcoming smile, listening ear, and caring heart. thank you for your dedication to serving the american people and for helping select so many bright young minds to serve in our military academies. on behalf of the congress of united states, thank you for nearly four decades of service to the people's house. you embody the character of this institution. have been a steadfast advocate for the countless
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constituents, three members of the house, and the commonwealth of pennsylvania. susan, on behalf of my family and your second family, staff in pennsylvania, and here in you the n, we wish best for a well deserved retirement. thank you, mr. speaker. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from illinois, ms. kelly, for five minutes. ms. kelly: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, two weeks ago i stood up on this floor and called to action to stop gun violence. my request was simple, before we recess this summer let us pass lifesaving gun safety legislation. this is something that has bipartisan support. urban, ething that is suburban, and rural communities have cried out for help on. universal background checks are something 74% of n.r.a. members support. put in context, the 16% of americans want the majority's health care bill yet you have attempted to pass it three times in the past two months. nearly eight in 10 americans ur suburban, and rural communities have cried out for
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run background checks on gun sales but we have not had one vote. because of your inaction, over 100 people were shot and over 10 were killed by gun violence in chicago over the fourth of july weekend. americans shot in one weekend in one city and still we do nothing. i would like to call out names of those who have lost their lives. march tell -- matell, 16. andre taylor, 16. ucious 16. 16. e, devaria, 16. la darius, 15. leonardo, 16. devaria, 13. randall young 16, eddie, 16. demarcus williams, 16. veronica lopez, 15. felix -- victor, 16. christian, 16. melvin, 16.
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travel, 16. 15.von, mario, 15. delance prince, 16. malik, 14. elijah, 16. jalen, 16. dimarco, 14. deandre banks, 16. elijah, 16. clarence coakley, 16. gentleman von wilson, 15. diego, 16. christopher, 16. gregory, 15, ma lean, 16, bruce owens, 15, dimarco, 14. at that nks, willie, 15, coola, 11. von at this, 2.
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deshaun, von at this, 2. deshaun, 15. masean, 16. la quan, 14. julio, 15. diego, 15. jesus escobar, 16. alexis, 12. jezebel, 3. mr. speaker, not one of these children were over 16 years old. they should be learning to drive, learning to code, playing with doles, and enjoying their own summer recess. that will never again be possible because of this chamber's inaction. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentleman from michigan, mr. walberg, for five minutes. mr. walberg: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today in recognition of michigan's, bicentennial celebration. founded on july 14,1817, monroe county is the second oldest county in michigan and is named in honor of our nation's fifth president, james monroe. home to the river rays and national battlefield park, monroe county takes great pride
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in preserving local history and telling the story of the war of 1812 and those who fought to secure our freedoms. monroe county is blessed with many precious natural resources, wildlife, and outdoor areas for the community to enjoy, whether it's fishing for walleye on lake erie, or watching water foul in the unique coastal marshes, the outdoor opportunities are among the finest in the naferingse. serving as an important transportation hub, monroe county features the largest highway gateway into michigan and the state's only international port on lake erie. monroe county is also phone for its rich agricultural heritage as well as its strong manufacturing presence. 8. including the headquarters for furniture maker laz-e-boy. i want to thank the monroe county bicentennial alliance.
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they generously gave up their time to coordinate a number of special programs and events throughout the year. it's an honor to join with them to commemorate this exciting milestone for monroe county, a place where the community proudly comes together to make it a special place to visit and call home. congratulations, monroe county, on 200 years, and i look forward to celebrating it with you. mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentleman from california, mr. costa, for five minutes. mr. costa: i ask unanimous consent to address the house for five minutes and to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. costa: mr. speaker, i rise today to pay tribute to the life of mike mcgarvin, a role model for one and for all, a gentleman who truly made a difference in his life. mike was the beloved founder of what we call the povorello
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house, a homeless shelter in fresno, california, which provides three meals a day 365 days a year to those in need as well as clothing, medical services and temporary shelter for those who are most vulnerable, those who are having challenges in their life. for decades, mike served countless people in fresno area using one simple message -- listen with compassion and give warm heart and a smile. think about that. listen with compassion and give warm heart with a smile. the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals were made better because of mike's helping hand. he will be remembered by all of his deep compassion and his boundless kindness. mike was a role model for me and for all who knew him.
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he leaves a legacy of service and selflessness, both through the povorell house and in the lives of those people he touched throughout the years. i joined in mike's family and all of those who are supporters of the povorello house through he years in honoring his life. mr. speaker, i also rise today to congratulate valley children's hospital for their recent recognition of one of the nation's top 50 children's hospitals in the country. i represent it. i have been there. i know of the work they do. in their annual best children's hospital report, u.s. news and world report ranked the hospital and a host of key critical areas as among the top in pediatric orthopedics, in pediatric diabetes and in
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.ediatric gastronothing to see these preemies, to see these beds, to see these young little lives being saved as a result of the overall effort of this children's hospital is truly heartwarming. we in the valley have known for decades how highly skilled and dedicated the nurses, the doctors and the staff are at valley children's hospital. the hospital was founded more than 60 years ago with the mission to provide high-quality comprehensive medical care to children regardless of their ability to pay and to continuously improve upon the health and the well-being of these children. and that's why in part these cuts that are being proposed in medicaid are so devastating to all around the country but especially among our children who are not in a position to afford this kind of care. since valley children's
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hospital's grown, now is the second largest children's hospital in california, admitting more patients than any other pediatric hospital north of san diego, the hospital's emergency room is the only dedicated pediatric emergency room between san francisco and los angeles. valley children's hospital's been designated as a magnet nursing hospital by the american nurse's credentialing center which is a recognition of excellence in nursing care. less than 3% of all hospitals in the united states earn this designation. once again, i am a regular visitor to this hospital because when you see the staff who have this incredible heart and all the loving care they provide and you see the parents, you see the families with their young babies, their young children, you know that something special is going on here. so on behalf of my constituents and the valley community, i'd
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like to congratulate valley children's hospital for their recent recognition as one of the nation's top 50 children's hospitals, and i'd also like to thank all of those dedicated staff once again who are committed to improving the health and the well-being for not only the children of our valley and in california but across the nation because we ow all of these specialists, these nursing and physician individuals make a difference throughout our country. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields. the chair recognizes the entleman from florida, mr. mast, for five minutes. mr. mast: mr. speaker, i rise today to praise the work of the military order of the purple heart and very specifically chapter 717 and my friends there and my neighbors there who serve in this chapter and to praise their work to erect a monument for those on the
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treasured coast of florida who were injured in battle while defending our great nation maybe targeted by a sniper, maybe targeted by an improvised explosive device, maybe charging a hill in vietnam. the marker, which they worked to erect at indian riverside in martin county, will bring awareness and will bring recognition to the true cost of freedom which is the blood that is shed by selfless men and women who have served across the world in defense of others because of their sense of duty to america. thank you to all members of the military order of the purple heart for never forgetting, never for one second taking for granted the prices that are paid by our soldiers, our sailors, ur our airmen, our -- our marine, our coast guards men, may god bless the work you are doing. mr. speaker, i rise today also
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that we think of the over five million americans that are living with alzheimer's and dementias, thousands of floridians, nearly half a million american veterans for whom this is a reality. alzheimer's is the only one of the top 10 causes of death that cannot be prevented, cannot be cured and cannot be slowed. as the sixth leading cause of death in florida and with so many affected by this incurable disease, we have to continue to stress the importance of early diagnosis and the treatment of alzheimer's disease and its related illnesses. but awareness is never enough. as a member of the congressional task force on alzheimer's disease, i am determined to make progress for all those affected. we must act proactively to achieve breakthroughs in prevention and in treatment. we also have to act to ensure those who currently have alzheimer's, they have the tools that are needed to manage their symptoms, to reduce pain and to increase comfort.
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nearly half of all people with alzheimer's and other dementias are in hospice care at the time of their passing but less than nursing home have some sort of program and for the people with vanced demintial, palative care, it controls costs and enhances both the patient and family satisfaction. as the demand for this kind of care grows with the aging population, more has to be done to ensure that there is the work force equipped to provide that care. that is why i recently signed onto the palative care and hospice education act, a bipartisan bill that will help our nation's seniors who are struggling with the effects of alzheimer's. i've spoken to few people in this house who have not been touched by this serious illness in one way or another, whether they've been impacted personally, supported a loved one during a tough time or prayed for a friend who needed
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help, we all know how difficult that situation is. this is a great bill, so right now i urge my fellow colleagues to think back to that person that they have known and how much this could have benefited them. mr. speaker, let us take some decisive action to help patients with alzheimer's, their families. let's pass this bill. thank you and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields. the chair recognizes the gentleman from virginia, mr. connolly, for five minutes. mr. nnolly: thank you, speaker. i would say to my friend who just folk, if you want to do something for alzheimer's, don't pass the senate republican health care bill because it would devastate medicaid and devastate people, alzheimer's victims who rely on medicaid service. ensuring that every american has access to high-quality and affordable health care is the most important and enduring challenge arguably facing our nation today and we are closer to achieving that goal,
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ironically, than ever before. since the carrie fisher was adopted, -- since the affordable care act was adopted, millions have gained quality coverage. in fact, we have reduced the uninsurance rate in america to the lowest level ever recorded. americans no longer face punitive, annual and lifetime caps, and the fear of having their inadequate health insurance cut off if they dare get sick is no longer. insurance companies no longer refuse to cover americans who suffer from pre-existing conditions, which is tens of millions of americans. the affordable care act has been the difference between life and death for adults who have been locked out of the system for years. sick children who reach their lifetime limits before they can even leave the hospital before they were born. for families bankrupted by cancer diagnosis and for everyday americans that will require expensive treatment for the rest of their lives due to
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a chronic illness or accident. the republican effort to repeal this bill is a unilateral retreat from the progress made under the affordable care act and for president trump's own promise that there would be insurance for everybody. i guess there was a footnote, except for 23 million. the promise made by the president is not the only falsehood perpetrated by all too many of my friends on the other side of the aisle about the affordable care act. here are three more. falsehood one, republicans say costs are out of control. the truth is since the affordable care act became law, health care costs has grown at the slowest rate in 50 years. that's right, the slowest rate in 50 years. considerably below the decade preceding the adoption of the act. and republicans conveniently ignore the fact that only their own repeal plan, their premiums would go up an average of 74%.
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falsehood number two, republicans claim the affordable care act is in a death spiral. well, this would come as news to the congressional budget office, standard & poor's and the american academy of actuaries all of whom have concluded that actually the affordable care act's individual mandates are stable and could continue to improve except, of course, republicans talking it down. falsehood number three, republicans say insurers are fleeing the market and they don't have no choice. the truth is the affordable care act is not imploding but the republicans are trying to sew dysfunction and to destroy the individual markets and in some places they have succeeded. they have resorted to sabotaging the individual markets to fulfill their own false narrative. they killed the risk corridors that stabilized those markets and they have used riders in must-pass spending bills to undermine programs.
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this has resulted in some losses to huge insurers causing them to spullpul out of markets, understandably, and to increase premiums when they otherwise would not have. the stabilization programs that the republicans have attacked since 2014 are actually in their own repeal bill. the trump administration has refused to commit to making the cost sharing reduction payments that lower out-of-pocket costs for consumers and that's caused premiums to go up. without those payments, americans will see premiums increase by an average of 19%. one blue cross blue shield executive noted the premium increases would be 8% if the cost sharing reduction payments were guaranteed. other insurers have explicitly stated their participation is contingent on those payments. threatening not to make those payments of course undermines the system. those payments are not the only aspect of obamacare the trump administration has sabotaged. they have also disrupted enrollment in individual markets by refusing to enforce
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the individual mandate. by cutting the open enrollment period in half and by refusing to promote the enrollment on television. the republicans and trump administration has chosen sabotage and repeal over bipartisan cooperation to fix that which is not working. i would propose we work in a bipartisan fashion, and i have three ideas. first, introduce a public option to increase competition in marketplaces. second, we could implement premium stabilization programs in order to keep premiums affordable for everybody. and third, we can have cost sharing subsidies to lower costs and boost enrollment for middle-class americans. that's the bipartisan solution to health care, not a reckless repeal effort that will deny 23 million of our fellow americans access to health care. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. . the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the chair recognizes the gentleman from california, mr. mcclintock, for five minutes.
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mr. mcclintock: mr. speaker, i rise today to pay tribute to one of our nation's greatest conservative minds and most eloquent voices. bruce of california on the occasion of his upcoming birthday. i'm told he's opposed to keeping an exact count of birthdays. ither that or he simply lost a significant milestone and one for which his friends are grateful and his country is fortunate. he served our nation in the free peoples of the world in the u.s. information agency during the cold war. saw and was inspired by the classic tribute john f. kennedy, years of light ning, day of drums has bruce to saw a thank. he went on to serve president nixon as both speechwriter and advisor. anyone who lived in southern california in the late 1970's or the 1980's will remember
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bruce's incisive nightly commentaries on kabctv and decisive debates with john tunny. can i tell you that they fundamentally shaped my thinking and animated my career, and i often encounter others throughout the country who trace their political roots back to his nightly conservative homilies. through the darkest days of the carter malaise, he became a beacon of hoping, -- of hope, helping to pave the way for the reagan revolution. he introduced them to a new generation that was losing its memory of them. he kked the dots -- connected the dots between freedom and its importance to the prosperity and happiness of our society and the stability of our world. he helped lay the foundation for the reagan administration on the presidential transition team. he had had any knack or
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inclination for raising money, he would have served many years in the united states senate in both california and the nation would have been infinitely better for t he was one of the earliest voices to raise the alarm over islamist terrorism and has been one of the strongest defenders of the state of israel through all its trey vails and challenges of the past -- travails and challenges of the past half century. there are thousands of students who have had the fortune of studying under him at the perfect dine scoofl public policy for more than decade. the full measure of his trib shuns -- contributions to our nice will be over years to come as his students take their place and shape our policies. on behalf of so many who have been influenced, inspired, and ultimately motivated by the elegance of his reasoning and eloquence of his words, i am honored to offer happy birthday wishes to bruce today. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields. the chair recognizes the
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gentleman from new jersey, mr. gotti mer, for five minutes. >> thank you. i rise tide today in honor of the retirement of new jersey senator, kevin o'toole. like me, senator o'toole is a proud son of new jersey. he was born to an iraq american g.i. and korean war refugee in new jersey where he lives today with his wife. they are proud parents of two children, kevin and ryan. heaven-e kevin's parents instilled in him a strong commitment to service that shaped his entire career. at age 25, kevin was elected to the cedar grove township council and then mayorment as an assemblyman and state senator, he's been a tireless add vow cal for small businesses, law enforcement, first responders, our seniors and families. like me, kevin has been a strong advocate and force for lowering property taxes, supporting our veterans and first responders, cutting bureaucratic red tape, and strengthening domestic violence statutes. kevin will soon continue his
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service to new jersey at the port authority advocating for the critical infrastructure needed to drive economic growth. he has been a true leader on business growth and streamlining regulations to attract companies to our state and encourage the ones in new jersey to stay in new jersey. of i applaud the high value kevin has importantly placed on constituent service throughout his career as a legislator, a key and essential priority, public servant, and kevin has worked across the ime with republicans and democrats a -- across the aisle with republicans and democrats alike . as kevin departs the senate, we wish him all the best. i hope he enjoys more time with his family. many more rounds of golf. and i applaud and thank kevin o'toole, a true public servant. i yield back my time. thank you. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields. the chair recognizes the gentleman from florida, mr. yoho, for five minutes. mr. yoho: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today with a heavy heart in honor of florida's highway patrol master sergeant william
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bishop who lost his life in the line of duty on june 17 in alachua, florida. throughout three decades of public service, master sergeant bishop demonstrated the clear and noble commitment to others. his tragic passing reminds us all of the real dangers that law enforcement officers face on a daily basis. so many are quick to criticize the police and yet they are the first ones they call when they need help. i join my colleagues and friends in thanking all law enforcement personnel around the nation standing ready to risk their lives to safeguard our communities. master sergeant bishop's memory will live on through his fellow officers, family, and members of the public whose lives were positively impacted through a selfless dedication. i ask you keep his wife and son in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. thank you. i would like to recognize dr.
10:37 am
martha roberts, a champion member of the florida agricultural community and the latest recipient of the florida's women of the year in agriculture award. dr. roberts' esteemed career includes 35 years at the florida department of agriculture and consumer services. she is also a member of the many federal advisory groups, committees, and associations where her expertise has not only benefited the state of florida but also the nation. most -- more specifically dr. roberts served as the director of the university of florida's institute of food and agricultural science program. a federal, state, county partnership dedicated to developing knowledge in agricultural and natural resources located in my home district. through her work with the u.s. food and drug administration the u.s. department of agriculture, and the u.s. chamber of commerce, dr. roberts has helped shape policy that will advance florida's agricultural industry and trade for years to come. i would like to congratulate dr. ronners on her
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accomplishment -- dr. roberts on her accomplishment and dedication to agriculture and food safety, her positive meaningful contributions to florida's third congressional district, and the nation will not be overlooked. thank you. mr. speaker, i rise today to congratulate florida's -- the florida gators for winning their first ever college baseball world series. florida coach kevin o'sullivan never doubted his gators would win a national championship. it was just a matter of time. he has done a tremendous job coaching a talented roster of student athletes. with his victory, u.f. becomes the first university in the s.e.c. and only the fourth in to win a national championship in football, men's basketball, and now baseball. no one can ever take that away from this team or the gator nation. u.n. alumnis ll
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-- u.f. alumnis and entire gator nation when i say i could not be more proud of this team -- the finest academic and athletic institution in the state of florida. go gators. mr. speaker, i rise today in support of secretary perdue and the usda's food safety inspection service for implementing a suspension of all imports of fresh beef from brazil. i would also like to thank my colleagues from across the aisle for joining together to back this crucial step tone sure the health and safety of american families. since much the usda has blocked 11% of fresh beef from brazil due to safety concerns. as one of the world's leaders in beef production, the united states has a responsibility to set the high standards possible for what we allow in our nation's kitchens, grocery stores, and restaurants. brazil is an important trading partner and we value our mutual beneficial relationships but we cannot allow the substandard with potential health hazards to enter our food
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supply. i am encouraged by the brazilian beef government's commitment to fixing these issues and look forward to re-establishing relationships with to enter our food supply. i am encouraged by the brazilia as soon as we can be assured that its qualities meet the high standards of the usda. thank you. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields. the chair recognizes the gentleman from arizona, mr. gallego, for five minutes. mr. gallego: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, in 2012 president obama was speaking to some his supporters at minneapolis. they were eagletory know how he was plan to make progress on key issues on his second term given the opposition of the majority in this house. here's what president obama said. i believe that if we're successful in this election, when we're successful in this election, that the fever may break because it's a tradition in the republican party of more common sense than not. five years later, i can say, we can all say, that that fever has not broken. the fever is running as hot as ever. the fever drove this house majority to trend default on
10:41 am
our nation's debt, shut down the federal government, indulge racist conspiracies, elevate that very champion of those conspiracies to the presidency of the united states. 10 years ago republican leaders could not imagine the kind of conspiracy would spread throughout the republican party rank and file, but it did and it has. five years ago, g.o.p. leaders could not have imagined their party would nominate donald trump and elect him to the presidency. they did. one year ago i know the republican leaders could not imagine they cover for the trump campaign and administration clution with the russian government, but they have and are. for far too long democrats believe the g.o.p. would come to its senses. we wanted to believe it was really just a fringe minority within the g.o.p. that was the problem. that sober, sensible believe th would come to its senses. we wanted to believe leaders like john boehner and mitch mcconnell wanted to dot right thing. but they couldn't because of the tea party. they couldn't unless we helped them. and that's why democrats time after time, jam after jam.
10:42 am
democrats have to stop deluding themselves. there is only one republican party and it's the party of trump. it's a party whose senate leader, mitch mcconnell, blocked efforts by the obama administration to stop russian interference in the 2016 election. it's a party that every day looks the other way in the appeasement of russia and fails to hold trump accountable. last week congressman ted lou and i introduced a bill. the first would endorse the intelligence community's acements regarding the russian's meddling in our 2016 election. this is critical because donald trump has repeatedly cast doubts as recently as yesterday on the report that despite unanimous agreement from all of our intelligence agencies that, indeed, there wasco lution. indeed there was interference by russians. the second amendment would block an outrageous trum administration initiative creating a new -- a trump administration initiative
10:43 am
create agnew environment. it would let the fox into the hen house and pave way for more election interference in our upcoming elections and others all at the invitation of donald trump. these would have been two sensible steps that the house of representatives could have taken this week to counter interference in our elections. but last night the g.o.p. leadership under sherman -- chairman session and the house rules committee blocked these amendments. they refuse to give these amendments a chance to be debated and voted on the floor. as more and more information comes out about russia, americans all over the country keep hoping the g.o.p. will do the right thing. they will put country before party and hold trump accountable. but they have not. and they will not. just this past week donald trump jr. himself released emails that show unequivocally the trump campaign's eagerness to collude with the russian government. but that hasn't changed a thing. it hasn't stopped speaker ryan from blocking a russian sanctions bill at the trump administration's q it hasn't stopped chairman sessions and the rules committee from
10:44 am
blocking my amendment to set the record straight on russia interference and help prevent it in the future. the truth is, they are all complicit. it's time to recognize that the g.o.p. majority is not the victim here. they aren't suffering from a fear that democrats have to help fight. it's the united states congress as a whole that has a fever. and it's the g.o.p.'s grip on the majority that is the cause. it's time for us to face reality. the problem isn't the tea party. it's the republican party. i yield back my time, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields. the chair recognizes the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. fitzpatrick, for five minutes. mr. speaker, k: for more than 70 years the fulbright program established by congress has forged
10:45 am
connections between americans and emerging leaders around the world. the fulbright program has provided more than 370,000 participants chosen for their academic merit and leadership potential. with the opportunity to exchange ideas and contribute to finding solutions to shared international concerns. each year the fulbright program grants students with the opportunity to study, research, or teach english abroad in an effort to internationalize communities and campuses around the world. . i rise to recognize the prestigious accomplishment for students in my district who received fulbright scholarships for the 2016-2017 grant year. our proud congratulations to kimberly of newtown, a scholar n anthropology for her work in japan. elizabeth, a student from the university of maryland-college park, on an english teaching assistanceship in south korea. nter gabbard of doilstown,
10:46 am
for his work in germany. michael, a student in lafayette college, on an english teaching assistanceship in south korea. william of churchville, a student in political science from the university of delaware for his work in denmark. ivan simpson kent, a student in biology from the university of scranton for his work in germany. and dr. paul swan of doilstown, a scholar in communications -- doylestown, a scholar in communications for his work in korea. on behalf of the eighth congressional district of pennsylvania, for all of our scholars, we congratulate them for all of their accomplishment. we continue to make us all proud.
10:47 am
mr. speaker, i rise today to recognize the mothers, doctors and wives of our district. i stand here in sound support for women not only in our community but across our nation and throughout the world who experience domestic violence each day. this unacceptable treatment cannot go unnoticed. we must continue to push for better opportunities for those abused in our community. by providing these women with more options, they can begin to find safety, support and empowerment for a better way of life. whether this be supporting a child or finding a better job and employment, it is important that their voices be heard. i'm proud to work with community-based organizations committed to empowering women and any domestic violence for -- ending domestic violence for all. and i commend doylestown, pennsylvania, for their steadfast commitment to a society where all individuals are safe and can flourish. mr. speaker, i want to thank the leadership staff at women's place, danielle and heather as
10:48 am
well as other staff and volunteers committed to promoting peace, quality and respect in our district and eyond. mr. speaker, i rise today to recognize to recognize perkes park and celebrate its new status as a national historic district. founded in 1882, perkasie park is a camp meeting facility that continues to operate in pennsylvania. homes to dozens of victorian-era cottages and buildings, at its height, perkasie park drew worshipers and vacationers to the quaint, quiet country side of the borough. thanks to the tireless effort of residents, community leaders, perkasie was named to
10:49 am
the national historic register for the role in the camp meeting movement from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. the park joined over 150 bucks county properties on the national register including the 1832 south perkasie covered bridge on the other side of town. i'm proud to represent a district that understands its deep rooted history and join with them in celebrating this moment us anniversary and accomplishment. mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields. the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. arrington, for five minutes. mr. rrington: thank you, speaker. before it was cool to quote ronald reagan's national security philosophy of peace through strength, there was our first commander in chief, george washington, and in his first state of the union address he said, to be prepared for war is one of the most
10:50 am
effectual means of preserving peace. see, maintaining a strong national defense is not a new concept. while more war has been averted, more peace has been kept, more freedom has been defended by our nation's armed services, today we risk not only our nation's security but the lives of those who serve. if we fail to adequately fund our military, the policies and posture of the past eight years under the previous administration have left our defense arsenal delapidated, our position in the world diminished, our allies doubtful and unfortunately our enemies even more determined. our military men and women have faced years of cuts, almost a quarter of our entire military budget with defense spending at historic lows, over $170 billion since 2010. so as the world becomes increasingly dangerous and unstable, the government has forced our armed services to do
10:51 am
more with less. one of the united states' greatest assets in our national security arsenal and one of the crown jewels of west texas is dias air force base in abilene, texas. they play a key role in protecting our democracy against rising global threats and our airmen have been deployed all over the world in countless military and humanitarian operations. additionally, they host the largest b-1 bomber base in the nation and the city of abilene has won the air force's award for most supportive communities so many times they actually changed the name of the award to the abilene award. now, that may sound like i'm bragging but in texas that's just telling the truth. while we put the lives of these men and women on the line daily and ask them to defend our nation, they are crippled by this discouraging reality. the air force is now the smallest and the oldest it has
10:52 am
been in our nation's history. all together, given the current demand, our nation's air force is short 1,500 pilots, 4,000 mechanics. before the house armed services committee, general steven wilson testified and i quote, today we find ourselves less than 50% ready across our air force, and we have pockets that are even below that. in fact, just to get by, the air force's been utilizing bombers that were designed and constructed for world war ii. this is a national security crisis, mr. speaker. this is a great american travesty. why? because i believe our former president, for political reasons, in my opinion, arbitrarily withdrew troops from critical battle fronts and dangerously drewdown our overall military resources. today on behalf of the air force base and all the brave men and women who keep our great country safe, i urge my colleagues to pass the national
10:53 am
defense authorization act, which will rebuild our national security, repair our national defense and restore america's leadership position in the world. the ndaa will provide our military with the resources they need to address our current threats. we've increased funding 10% over the previous administration. the ndaa will fund dias air force base and other military installations at appropriate levels, increase the size of our armed services, enhance and modernize our defense arsenal, give our troops a pay raise. if anybody in the federal government has performed with excellence and with courage and distinction it's our men and women in uniform and they deserve a pay raise. this ndaa will also build on the reforms that we've enacted over the last two years to update, improve and streamline services to our armed services. by passing the ndaa we send a message, a message to the world that america will continue to
10:54 am
be the greatest force for good in the history of mankind, a message to our allies to promote liberty and democracy. you can count on us to defend you. we got your back. a message to our brave military men and women that we're standing firmly behind you. we're going to put our money where our mouth is. we're going to protect you as you protect us, and a message to our enemies, america is no longer in the business of making idle threats. before i close i want to thank chairman texas longhorn berry for his hard work on -- thank chairman thornberry for his hard work on this bill. i'm proud to call him a fellow west texan. i'm more proud to call him my friend. one must wonder on our 241st birthday, how did this oldest continuous democracy persist for two centuries against all odds? don't you wonder. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. arrington: well, i was getting cite to the crescendo
10:55 am
there. vote for the ndaa. vote for america. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's t and policy bill. that legislation authorizes $688 billion in pentagon spending. it would create the u.s. space corps to lead efforts in outer space. there are 210 amendments to the bill, according to "politico" that's the most ever. so we're expecting a late night in the house tonight. final passage vote on the defense bill is expected tomorrow. we'll have live coverage of the house when they're back at noon eastern. also today on c-span, we're expecting to hear from house minority leader nancy pelosi. she has a news briefing scheduled coming up. we'll have that for you. we'll bring that to you live if we are able.


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