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tv   Washington Journal Representative Gregory Meeks Discusses the Russia...  CSPAN  July 13, 2017 11:50am-12:01pm EDT

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released by -mails jr. and what stands out to you? guest: what i saw, again, part drip, drip and part of the lying of members of the administration because remember that donald trump, jr., as well as many other members of campaign had completely denied ever talking russia.e in regard to and what has continually has been refuted ime and time again when the investigation has been done and the press keeps diging and they out and re have been out lies by members of the campaign and some members of the in regards to the contacts with russia and then on that, the president refusing to show his tax eturns, which would show whether or not that is contact with russia, as well as the
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words during the campaign and post the campaign certain e there are ties that one has to look into atause they are very curious the least and very suspicious its face.ook at it on so the investigators i'm sure are digging deep down to see there. host: some of your colleagues ave said the actions and words constitute impeachment and there should be an article drawn. are you there? i think that again, i am of the belief that you want thorough investigation. i've been part of prosecute whereas you don't rush the judgment, that is where you generally make an error. thorough investigation and then, especially if you have has done something that is wrong, etceterathat, is the person you do a thorough so ifigation in regard to there is something there, you concrete andave it
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justice can be served, as opposed to doing something and then you don't ultimately the person may have because a crime, but of your premature investigation, they walk away. this story, the justice department defied court orders to release information russian contact, the justice department failed to release part of security disclosing rm attorney general jeff session's officials.h russian the deadline passed yesterday, information f request for portions of sessions fs-86 form. justice spokesman told n.p.r. on wednesday the documents would be released by the deadline, but they have not been. contact is under scrutiny after it was revealed conversations and did not disclose during his confirmation
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hearing. guest: especially shocking, the lead attorney for the united not s of america cooperating and following orders that is shocking, it is very disturbing and it is a pattern of individuals within the trump dministration who are refusing to cooperate and to be open and honest about the process. also have a question where individuals have been sking the question of mr. kushner's clearance as far as a receiving l -- confidential information. no response. of congress have been asked about the trump response.ation, no it's again, seems to be a practice and pattern by the not administration of cooperating with authority, with institutions and it gives me is the because president of the united states and his people now trying to
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the institutions that our country is built on and tryingves me concern and to have trust by the people of he united states in the institutions. host: there is movement in the the e and now back over to house to punish russia for interfering in the 2016 elections. with the story sanctions to punish russia for stalled.meddling are the legislation passed overwhelmingly in the senate, it back to the house. yesterday the speaker of the that paul ryan, said there is a procedural democrats are he not willing to go forward with some g it because of language in it that they're disputing. hat is going on with this sanctions bill? guest: the republican leadership nd my republican colleagues have got to stand up. here is a bill that clearly should be put on the president's
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to let the -- so the congress can see and the american peep kel see whether or or not.ill sign it 98-2 in the senate is not a controversial bill, most members of congress, as all intelligence did playrealize russia a role, attempt to play a role in our election cycle and that prevent that from ever happening again and russia should be punished for it by and for us not to do that in the house of epresentatives, to me, is baffling and puzzling and i think against the values of us united states the of america. when i think of the republican leadership, they had no to bring up know, investigation after investigation, even when they come up after federal investigation that had nothing on hillary clinton that continue it, but here we have sanctions on russia where each the relevant security agencies say russia was
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attempted to get involved in our election and yet up strong sanctions or sanctions bill in the united states congress and the house of representatives that is wrong for all americans and a threat democratic institution and we should put it on the the floor et it on immediately, there is no excuse for that happening. host: according to "new york blue slip olution to the issue has been tied up because house democrats object o language that would prevent minority party from raising disapproval if the white house sanctions.aken the guest: yeah, i think this is easy, this should be the exact bill that was supported out of the sant, put exact same bill of the house, exact same bill. let's not change a word, but the bill out of the senate, voted on 98-2 bipartisan bill, same bill on the floor of the house and let us vote on it.
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today.uld be done host: joe in south carolina, an independent, joe, good morning. welcome to the conversation. what is your question or comment? caller: good morning. different the first one is, first of all, thanks c-span. i love c-span. they let the american people give their voice. econd of all, on this russian investigation, i think they hould let the investigators investigate and just let congress get on to doing the people's work because i think this is wrong. host: okay. the third? caller: the third thing is on health care thing, i've it.n on both sides of war n army veteran, i'm a veteran and my wife is not, you
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know. nd she's had problems lately, but when we first moved down to the carolina, she had health care from obamacare, i -- at least was she had something, you know, type 2 nd out she had diabetes, they took care of her. host: okay, joe, i'll leave it there and have the congressman let the o the -- investigators do the investigation and congress move on. guest: i think that we've got to number of things. congress needs to do its work. tweets, dent in his doesn't help that. republicans have control of everything. they should do and direct the order, i think we can then get things done. democrats across the aisle, two things in the open, allow the ld intelligence committee of the house and senate side to do
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is their work, those investigations should continue. let the special prosecutor, mr. mueller, do his work. the third thing is to have an independent commission that will review the entire process of how and what russia did and what we prevent it from ever happening again to preserve democratic the process similar to commission on 9/11. ost: barbara in virginia, democrat. hi, barbara. caller: hi. mr. meekske to say to hat with the frivolous -- democrats using frivolous russia, it g against is absolutely ridiculous, point one. two, why aren't they >> washington jourblingbe live every day at 7:00 a.m.. follow online at u.s. house gaveling in next to continue work on the 2018 defense authorization bill.
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a bill that sets pentagon programs and policy for the next fiscal year. we expect a late evening tonight with 100 or more amendments -- 210 amendments set for consideration in the house. live coverage now on c-span. the speaker: the house will be in order. the prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain, bishop joshua k. lynn, masston lake church of god of prophecy, huntsville, alabama. the chaplain: holy father, you are the almighty, all-knowing creator. we submit to your infinite wisdom. on behalf of our nation and these leaders, we seek your forgiveness for playing our ways higher than yours. grant us your amazing grace from our sin as we turn to you. open the years of this body, this nation's leaders,


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