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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 18, 2017 7:00am-8:04am EDT

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budget with texas representative jodey arrington of budget committee. at 9:00, and author talks about his book on the opioid epidemic. ♪ host: good morning. it is tuesday, july 18. after two more senate republicans announced their opposition to the revised gop health care bill, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was forced to acknowledge defeat placemat -- late last night. a newell began pushing plan to repeal the affordable care act with a two-year transition period. we will talk about all of this today on "washington journal." democrats can call in at 202-748-8000. republicans, call in at
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202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002 and you can catch up with us on social media on twitter it is @cspanwj. the two key senators that came out against legislation last night, mike lee, republican of utah. jerry moran, republican of kansas. considered anally ally of senate republican leadership. a key moment was 8:30 last night they both sent statements with the exact same wording. here is mike lee "my colleague and i will not support the motion to proceed on this version of the better care reconciliation act." jerry moran with the exact same wording also at 8:30 with those two announcements, republicans all of a sudden had 4 votes shy
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of what they needed. they had lost four republicans already rand paul of kentucky, susan collins of maine also announcing opposition. republicans with 52 senators in the senate also holding the white house and therefore the swing vote, the deciding vote in the tie, the vice president would make that vote. after that announcement last night, speculation began about who else would come out to move on from the senate health care bill. john mccain with his statement coming out at 10:17 last night. he writes "one of the major problems with obamacare was it was written on a strict partyline basis without a single republican vote. as this law continues to crumble in arizona and states across the country, we must not repeat the original mistakes that led to obamacare's failure. the congress must return to regular hearing, receive input from both members and heed the
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recommendations of our nation's governors so that we can produce a bill that finally provides americans with access, the quality and affordable health care." he is recovering from ice surgery in arizona -- eye surgery in arizona. also at 10:17 last night, president trump tweeting this statement "republicans should repeal failing obamacare now and work on a new health care plan that will start from a clean slate. democrats will join in." a statement last night at 10:47 from mitch mcconnell. apparentlly, it is now to the effort to repeal and immediately replace the failure of obamacare will not be successful. in the coming days, the senate will vote to take up the house bill with the first amendment in order being what a majority of the senate has already supported and was vetoed by then president delay thata two-year
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gives americans access to quality, affordable care. tha" that last move is called the repeal and delay process and we can talk about that this morning. we want to hear your reaction this morning as these does total -- two republican defections essentially sunk the health care bill. some questions on whether the effort for the health care overhaul is over. democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. we will take your calls for the first hour this morning. we will be talking about it throughout the program. casey is up first in lanham, maryland, independent. good morning. caller: how are you? host: go ahead. caller: i think we need to have an honest conversation about this health care bill.
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you keep hearing these talking obamacare and the affordable care act was designed to fail and was created behind closed doors, but all of us that were alive and conscious at the time remember something very different. it was watered down by a thatlican amendment continued to watered down things that would make it work because it worked with all the pieces that existed including the mandates and public option and all the other things that were necessary to fund it and republicans kept coming in with amendments and the promise to vote for it and even though at that -- at that time -- they wanted it to be bipartisan and obama wanted it to be
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bipartisan so they kept taking amendments for almost two years before the senate was finally today, republicans even with amendments inside of it, did not vote for it. that is what actually happened. now if you hear them talk about it, you -- there is no serious attempt being made to fix what is wrong with health care. it's all a political thing republicans think they have to fulfill this crazy political promise they made to their supporters when, in reality, they need to fix the health care problems not repeal obamacare. if they don't repeal it, -- people will be
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or have anothing horrible plan forced down their throat. get to that. the repeal and delay option, already some reporting on that. a cbo score from back in 2015. we will talk about that as we go along. i want to show you reaction from the senate minority leader, chuck schumer of new york. his statement reported by the washington post. the second failure of trumpcare proof positive the core of this bill is unworkable. rather than repeating the same failed process yet again, republicans should start from scratch and work with democrats. that is the minority leader's statement. also several statements we will go through throughout the program today from senators on
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both sides of the aisle. here is bernie sanders. his statement last night after that announcement from mitch mcconnell. "i am delighted to see the disastrous health care plan will for theeed in victory millions who fought back. " "the american people want to proceed health care for all, not to see 22 million americans thrown off the health care they currently have." the congressional budget office had not released a score of the revised plan that came out late last week. owensboro, kentucky on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: my name is barbara and i do not see why they keep talking about obama. obama is no longer in the office. ist republicans need to do have a new health plan so people can vote on it. don't keep criticizing obama. he is off somewhere in the
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sunshine and doesn't care a bit about what they are doing now. hairs already got his gray from the eight years he was in there. i don't know why they keep talking about him. leave the man alone and get your own health plan and worry about all those people you have already kicked off of it. host: the plan right now is known as the repeal and delay process. here is "the washington post" reporting on what mitch mcconnell plans to do. mcconnell practically challenged riddick's to vote against moving -- critics to vote against moving ahead. so-called clean repeal of the law known as obamacare with a two-year delay to come up with the replacement. to get the vote they have to ,roceed -- vote to proceed which senate republican leaders have been trying to reconcile with their own version.
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if hard right conservatives vote no on proceeding and it collapses, mcconnell can come back and say you had your chance for a clean repeal that you demanded and decided not to take it. you have shifted some blame on others and giving yourself a new talking point, which includes president trump in the clean repeal crowd. it passed back in 2015, but stakes were lower back then. barack obama was president and he was not ever going to sign a bill that would undo his signature law. there is a lot on the line now, which is why moderate republicans have openly worried the current will goes too far at attacking obamacare. now they are supposed to -- support a more aggressive repeal and that is unclear. taking your calls in the wake of that news last night, the two republican senators who announced their opposition to the senate health care plan
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bringing the total number of republican senators to 4. that is more than mitch mcconnell could lose in this process. so mitch mcconnell decided to move on with a different option. the so-called repeal and delay option. democrats at 202-748-8001. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. and delay option as we said, it was scored by the congressional budget office back in 2015 when it was originally voted on called the restoring american health care freedom reconciliation act of 2015 and democrats in the senate are thending voters about number that were in the score in the wake of this announcement from mitch mcconnell last night. that scoring notes the number of people uninsured would increase to 32 million by the year 2026 and premiums would about double .y the year 2026
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that coming directly from the congressional budget office report. an update on that legislation from january 207\17. we want to hear from you this morning. democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. .ndependents, 202-748-8002 also want to show you some statements from the two senators who announced opposition last night. we showed you there two tweets at 8:30 last night. here is the full statement first from senator mike lee of utah. he said last night in his full statement "after conferring with trusted expert regarding the consumer freedom amendment, i decided i cannot support the current version of the better care reconciliation act. in addition to not repealing all the obamacare taxes, it does not go far enough in lowering premiums for middle-class families nor does it create enough free space for the most
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costly obamacare regulations." also the statement from senator moran of kansas. his full statement last night following that tweet. he said "there are serious problems with obamacare and michael remains what it has been -- my goal remains to repeal and replace it. the closed-door process yielded the better care reconciliation act which fails to repeal the affordable care act or address health care's rising cost. for the same reason i cannot support the previous version of the bill, i cannot support this version of the bill." that he also at the fed in that statement, did not support the original version of the senate bill. the one that was then revised to .ate last week in the new york times today, a news analysis from jennifer steinhauer. her reading of what happened last night and how mitch in hisll read the votes
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caucus. jennifer steinhauer writes "in the end, republican slippery learned -- republicans relearned a lesson. as millions of americans have become insured under the law that was derisively tagged with president barack obama's name, the health care problem has been more and more popular even with republican governors. republicans had a math problem on both end. some senators would only be satisfied with a bill that repealed the affordable care act in it intended -- in its entirety. senators from state to that expanded medicaid like rob portman and lisa murkowski had to contend with other governors and state officials who face the choice of leaving constituents uncovered or raising taxes to extend insurance. " getting your thoughts and your reaction this morning.
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met in baltimore, maryland, and independent. good morning. it,er: the way i feel about i think in regard to the congressional budget office, i was a program manager in the government and cbo estimated my program at a ridiculously high number. -- wound upoundup being one third what they estimated and the technical achievement was 1.5 times what they predicted. they are very unreliable because they work entirely on some back data without any real creativity. what we should do with the so-called affordable care act is to start again with a system that starts at neighborhood at the centers and then
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next level you would go to emergency room and then at the next level, you would see a private doctor. that is my comment. thank you for c-span. host: explain more how that system would work. caller: think of it like an onion. ,he outer level of the onion local medical centers like they have now. the transportation would be by uber, which would be paid by the government. the centers would be paid by the government. if they are judged to be a more serious case, they can take care of burns or scratches, then they get a more serious case they can send them through an emergency room or a doctor. plus, at that first level, they would have a twice a year medical checkup that was also included, free of charge.
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that wouldgrade to be covered by insurance. the estimate, listening to you, the cbo was that 32 million people would be uninsured. what percentage of that are people who do not want to pay? .hey are young and healthy you force them into paying so they can pay for the higher ones. host: thank you for the call from baltimore, maryland. if you want to join the discussion, democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. .ndependents, 202-748-8002 just some of the headlines after that announcement from the two republican senators, senator moran of kansas and senator lee of utah. "gop abandons senate health care bill." that is the headline across the "wall street journal" today.
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washington post "defections may end health overhaul." we will see what happens going forward. this is where we are this morning. the republican bill simply does not have the votes and mitch mcconnell technology that and deciding to move on from that process. in chicago, illinois, republican. good morning. caller: good morning, john. host: go ahead. caller: i don't know how young you are, but i want to remind 1986 theat way back in federal government had to pass something called the emergency medical treatment and labor act. back then, people were literal -- literally dying in hospitals and waiting rooms and revolving doors because they were denied
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care because they were uninsured. evolution ofr the these health care laws. in 1986, the federal government so thathis law hospitals would not and could not deny people in their emergency rooms from medical care. that being said, that led to the next phase of a crisis where andle with an aching tooth it up in the emergency room and it became as and medical crisis. it is much more expensive to treat that and then it is to treat the initial problem. in 1986. that law was in the early 90's, hospitals were seeing lots of money being
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lost to unreimbursed treatment. is for decades. did expanded chip and welfare reform, but nothing was addressed as far as accessibility. people ended up coming to emergency rooms. what happened was hospitals started collecting, they started billing to collect money and medical bankruptcy became a very real thing and medical bankruptcy became a huge chunk of all the bankruptcies being filed by americans. so now we fast forward to the obama administration after that us 2006, 2007, 2008 crash. were at a certain income level for whatever reason, job
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loss, economic crisis, you would expansion get on aca -- medicaid expansion. tout and sayike to that it is welfare. it is not. aca medicaid expansion is for working people. to get qualified for that, your income is calculated. it is really disingenuous for people to call in or a congressman to go out there and say it is welfare, it is not welfare. yesterday, governor asa hutchinson out of arkansas, who -- aca. expanded they accepted aca and expanded -- accepted medicaid expansion. they are down to 4% expansion. the median wage is still $40,000 a year. , working people. the same thing in kentucky. a you ask me, mitch is genius. he knows what he is doing and he
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understands. he knows how to play this game and he understands that donald trump cannot, will not defend the gop. threatening toy primary out of nevada. ago,happened a few days vice president pence is out there trying to gas light the governors at this meeting in rhode island, straight up lying about medicaid. maybe vice president pence doesn't know the details. he seems like a smart guy, but that was a complete spin on the truth. ohio expanded aca, medicaid. the: i have a map here of current states that took the medicaid expansion. this is from the kaiser family foundation just to show our viewers a little bit of what you are talking about. the blue states on the map are states that took the medicaid expansion. take us to today.
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where do we go from here in the wake of what happened last night? to mclean,let's go virginia. for republicans. line for republicans. .aller: i welcome the repeal is health care is a right or privilege. the rule of all arguments and i think it is a privilege, not a you conceived the problem. is the interest groups and health care is health interest, but it is not.
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we can solve the problem with insurance. the insurance took other people's money to help other people and they never lower your cost. the affordable care is middle-class people can afford their health care, not depend on insurance companies. repeal obama care. no insurance,le the cost will be lower. the insurance company is a problem. it will only increase the cost. host: if you want to join the conversation, democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. .ndependents, 202-748-8002 you can also join the conversation on twitter @cspanwj
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if you want to join in. sandy beach rights and this morning, the time has come for conservatives to sit back as dems has done -- have done all along and watch obamacare explode. the repeal and delay plan mitch mcconnell said he will vote to repeal the bill with a delay of two years to come up with legislation that would replace the health care bill. karen writes on their "i remember obama was deeply involved in the passage of the affordable care act. donald trump merely to its -- merely tweets from the sidelines." donald trump was at an effort to push -- event to push american-made products.
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during his comments, he talked about one of the key swing votes on health care. that is senator john mccain and we showed you his statement earlier after that announcement of the two-more no votes. here is what president trump had to say about john mccain yesterday afternoon. [video clip] president trump: i can tell you we hope john mccain gets better very soon because we miss him. he is a crusty voice in washington. plus, we need his vote. he will be back sooner rather -- sooner than 70 euros would be back. we need that vote and we need a number of votes because we need to repeal obama care and we will end up replacing it with something that will be outstanding. far, far better than failing obamacare where premiums have gone up in some cases over 200% this year. every single element of it is bad and the insurance companies by the way, are fleeing.
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some states you have no insurance companies and we have some governors here and senators here and congressman here and it isand i will tell you, a very hard time they are having with the obamacare situation. we are going to get that done and i think we are going to surprise a lot of people. they are pushing very hard. republican senators are great people, but there are a lot of different states. some states need this, some states need that, but we are getting it together and it is going to happen. [applause] and when it does happen, that will be a big day in america. host: of course, that was before the two more defections last night. senators moran and lee coming
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out against the senate plan before donald trump pleaded this this at 10:17 "republicans should repeal now and work from a clean slate. " that event yesterday and some of the coverage of the president's efforts to buy american and higher american, here is a story from "usa today," "the administration on monday announced it will allow an additional 15,000 low-wage seasonal workers into the united hates during the remainder -- united states during the remainder of the fiscal year. jobs in a variety of businesses including fishery, hotel, restaurants, resorts. if the trump organization is among the firms that uses the visas. the united states grants up to 33,000 visas every six months.
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a 45% increase for the second half of the fiscal year, which ends september 30." this morning, we are talking about the health care effort in general. mitch mcconnell admitting defeat on the republican plan late last night. we want to get your reaction this morning. democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. derek is up next in randallstown, maryland. caller: good morning. listen, i would -- i tell you what tickled me was trump talking about senator mccain. it's funny because he said this guy was not a war hero because .e was in a pow camp first of all, he is a man's man. this is more than i can say about this guy who has five military deferments.
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five times he paid money to make sure he did not go into service. he needs him for the vote. thereou have them throwing the secret service under the bus trying to blame them for letting these people into the conversation trump them.had with they throw everybody under the bus. as far as mitch mcconnell is concerned, they don't know what they are doing and they never have. the repeal it still doesn't mean anything because of the fact they don't know what they are doing. all trump wants to do is say he repealed it. he doesn't care what comes out. thank you. host: before you go, do you think two years is enough time to come up with a plan? do you think that's a process democrats and republicans can sit down and come together in? had 7, 8o because they years already. they had 7, 8 years already and all they did was spent $60
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million in trying to get it repealed. $60 million of taxpayer money. i don't understand it because they don't know what they are doing. they can't get anything done and they blame everything on everybody else and the president, of course, he blames it on everybody else. they have to admit it. there were good intentions and well researched by barack obama and we know that sometimes you have to change to remain the same. thank you. marylandt is derek in this morning. you mentioned john mccain and we showed you the clip, john mccain recovering from surgery to remove a blood clot in his eye. "the washington post" looks -- takes a look at senators's health issues. "the most common cause of clots in the heads are falls, car accident, and minor trauma. they interviewed a trauma
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surgeon. "trauma can cause blood to leak out of small vessels at two locations in the head. another possibility is the clots is related to mccain's history of melanoma. the from a surgeon said it is much likely, but not impossible. it often follows symptoms such as headaches or blurred vision. " the trauma surgeon they interviewed in that story noted that he did not know personally about mccain's health conditions and had no details about his specific case. pennsylvania on the line for democrats. go ahead this morning. caller: how are you? host: doing well. good to hear from you. the danger to cities and
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,tates that have large institutional educational systems like the university of pittsburg medical center and others that if they allow for -- to allowgotiate individuals to negotiate from one state to the other, you are going to have a massive disruption in the system. that being said, when you look at the city of pittsburgh in pennsylvania, blue cross, blue shield was -- i think they lost $500 million estimated and you are seeing coordinated -- like the university of pittsburg medical center, which has insurance groups, they have control over all the hospitals, and you are seeing health care cost going through the roof rather than requiring hospitals, big pharma, biotech, and all the
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organisms that are involved in this system requiring them to sacrifice, like they are asking the american people to sacrifice, that people cannot even afford to go to their ortors or pay for co-pays are dealing with situations in which the hospitals become -- disney world now where you can pair the complexes to those in europe and it is ridiculous. we don't need a disney world hospital, we just need good equipment to take care of us and to be able to diagnose us. we don't need these lavish complexes. it is really start when you look at europe -- stark when you look at europe and the differences and the system is in very deep trouble. host: in capital heights, maryland, independent. need to takenk we
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-- completely out of health care. this existing government should be forced to, by action of the working people and comment provide free of charge to the individual patient, health care automatically. cubank the system in guarantees health care to everyone there, including any guest that may come from a different country and gets sick with no out-of-pocket charge to the patient. that is because the work of the insurance is the priority of the country. that's what we need in the united states. host: do you think that is politically possible? caller: at one point it was not politically possible. women did not have the fight -- at one point.ote
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those are necessary, and goals that people fought for until they were achieved. this is what we need today. we need to build a mass movement that has the revolutionary perspective because republicans and democrats are completely to their class. the interest of the common man and woman is ignored. host: in capital heights, maryland. if you want to join the conversation, 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. s, 202-748-8002. "campaign donations matter. " "mitch mcconnell knows what he is doing like when he told kentuckians they would still have kentucky connect." "the republican plan is to
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afterstinate two years repeal, what happened to the millions that would not be able to afford to keep their insurance?" as we said, the repeal and delay plan, which is being now pushed is the new track mitch mcconnell said he is going to take has been looked at by the congressional budget office. more than 30 million expected to lose their health insurance over the next 10 years according to their estimates. here is the kansas city star this morning, here is how it is playing on the front page of that paper. that is the home state paper of jerry moran. "senator jerry moran one of the republicans that came out yesterday against the republican health care bill. "moran decision derails health care bill, for now." politico had a story just last week about what jerry moran faced when he went home over the recess week over the fourth of
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july and what he saw at the town halls he visited. the story came out on the seventh of july. "moran is facing rising pressure here at home similar to the onslaught raining down on other swing vote senators from more moderate regions or states that took advantage of medicaid expansion under obamacare. even though kansans voted for -- moran, the kansas hospital association notes the senate repeal bill would bar the state from expanding medicare -- medicaid eligibility, but also ask states to shoulder the cost for the states that did. it is a concern and goodbye moran. the gop controlled legislature veto to -- only to meet a from the governor." this morning we want to hear of that in the wake
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announcement from the majority leader that he was moving on from the senate vote for it democrats, it is 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. it is the better care reconciliation act. that is what the senate bill was known as. it is effectively dead now in the senate. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell mcconnell saying he will move on from that. todd is in baltimore, maryland. caller: good morning. i would just like to say that i think republicans have showed their hands. they had seven plus years and this is the best they have come up with, which is horrible. to the rich and at this point i think they should go ahead and try and fix obamacare. host: do you think democrats will work with them to do that? how is that politically possible? caller: democrats have already voiced that they would work with
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they would just give them that opportunity. what would you, as a democrat, be willing to change about this? what would you be willing to give to get some take? caller: that is a good question. i am not for giving up or hurting people. health care, to me, is a right and to give something up, i can't answer that. i am not for giving up anything. i just want to get things better than what they are. i think obamacare is a good place to start. it has its problems, but i think from the point of where it is, it can get better. host: where can republicans sit it democrats, like yourself, are not willing to give anything here? caller: look at the american people.
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they have voiced their opinion. i don't think we are at a point where we could negotiate in terms of giving up anything. i just think we need to go forward. host: what would you say to republicans who say that americans have voiced their opinion on health care by electing republican majorities in the house and senate and putting a republican in the white house on an issue that was a key issue in the last several campaigns? caller: wow. i think from the start that was a bad statement that the republicans stood on. for whatever reason, they are and i think -- i have to give credit to the media for holding them accountable and exposing that their plan at every point even in the beginning, was not a good one. host: we will go to hyattsville, maryland, republican. go ahead.
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caller: i am not an expert, but i feel like if they focus on lowering cost in terms of profit margin for insurance companies, particularly for pharmaceuticals , the prices of pharmacy -- there is a new drug coming out every week and we think about the cost involved to accommodate -- there is still a profit margin for the pharmaceutical and insurance companies and if there is some type of pressure we could put on lowering at least a percentage, i am sure there is a mathematical percentage to maintain a certain profit margin. why couldn't we have laws implemented that could restrict the level or ratio of the profit margin? i would think that would lower cost automatically. sterling,hen in virginia, this morning. line for independents. go ahead. caller: good morning and thank
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you for taking my call. that insurance companies have been around for a long time and soaring premiums isn't something new that just happened with president obama. he tried to control the rising cost. if is what i think the aca was. it wasn't really a big plan to get everybody health care, it was to try to control the cost. what keeps coming up in this conversation is the term insurance companies. they raise the premiums and when the aca came into being, they started pulling out. why? because they actually had to provide health care. they should have been doing that in the first place and it became on profitable for them -- unpr ofitable for them. host: where does this overhaul
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effort come from them? what form do you think it takes after what happened yesterday? >> i don't think anybody really wants to look at the truth. the truth is that every civilized nation just about in the world has some form of universal health care whether it is paid for by taxes. more in taxes, i guarantee you it would be less than the premiums and duck doubles i have to pay for and should -- and adaptable -- and deductibles i have to pay for insurance. host: do you think we are closer to that debate now that the senate bill failed? caller: yes and no. more people are talking about it, but the people in congress who are against it are against it because they are getting lobby money to be against it. host: thank you for the call this moaning.
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chris writes in "the affordable care act is not going anywhere. republicans need to work with democrats to implement common sense fixes." george says "republicans can forget any help repealing fixes." an alarming new story for nevada, independent noting a note taped to dean heller's campaign office was someone asserting he would lose his health care if the senator voted yes and that he would die if that happened and would take heller with him. dean heller, a republican from nevada, despite some reports, his office was not burglarized, but the suspect appeared to gain access it illegally to the federal complex. the incident occurred on sunday a little after 9:00 a.m. dean heller is one of the key votes that was being watched for the senate bill. the senate bill, which mitch mcconnell has said he will move on from in the wake of the two republican affections last
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defections lee -- last night, mike lee and moran. that is where we are today, getting your thoughts this point. democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. our line for democrats here in washington, d.c. go ahead. caller: thank you c-span for taking my call this morning. i just wanted to call with a couple of -- we talked about this i -- idea of health care. the kind of discrimination that exist in the health care system -- it ishe house really stunning to know that if you don't have money, you will
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probably end up indebted or probably die and that is the kind of quality i see. it is going to come one way or the other in this country in universal health care. the fact that it comes down to , it is amoney you get very unfair system. host: marie is in towson, maryland on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking. they ask republicans whether they like it or not, they are going to have to come to the table and start with the aca and make the changes. unfortunately, i don't think they will do it because unless they are going to tackle prices
7:48 am
that doctors charge. i went to a doctor to get a referral and they would not give me a referral until i came in and saw him because i hadn't been in for six months. i went in and saw the doctor for exactly five minutes and he took my blood pressure and when i looked at the explanation of benefits, he charged my insurance carrier $250 for a five minute visit. that is outrageous and this is the doctor who's waiting room is always booked. he is not taking any new patients, so it is not my kitty -- he is covering -- it is not like he is covering the cost of medicare. that and prescription drugs. the republicans -- because of lobbying, are going to be able to or have the will to do it. this countrywhat is going to do. health care is a right. what anyone says.
7:49 am
if you look at a child and can't say you can't go to the hospital anger treatment because you don't have insurance. host: do you think republicans and democrats can sit down over two years and come up with a compromise together that is essentially what mitch mcconnell is hoping for in this repeal and delay vote? vote for a now and delay it two years. democrats are going to come to the table, but they don't want to hear repeal. i don't want to hear repeal. i have two daughters and i need them to have insurance. they are students that cannot afford health care on their own. i know that was included in the house bill in the senate bill, but i don't -- i am looking out both of themnd have pre-existing conditions, so i am worried about that. democrats are going to -- aren't
7:50 am
going to come to the table with repeal in it at all. unfortunately, the gop right now and -- they are turning into followers. they think it is more important liberals thanat to protect this country. it's more important to them to beat the left than to worry about the country, in my opinion. "the gop wantsr, to kill americans when the program has the highest approval ratings." thomas says "lower the age from -- for medicare to include high risk individuals. raise social security and retirement age to 70." jodi says "the affordable care act by not allowing us to buy into medicare, giving insurance companies -- corporations competition." host: the two additional no
7:51 am
votes that some the senate health care bill, senate gop health care bill dead for now, the headline from the a while -- .hio tribune -- wyoming tribune "more gop senators are opposing the bill." "two gop defections till the latest bill." you can see the picture that goes along with that story, a protest that happened on capitol hill yesterday. those are capitol hill police officers preparing to arrest those protesters outside the office of dean heller in nevada in the senate office building in washington, d.c. one of the senate office building. in virginia, the line for democrats. are you with us this morning? caller: yes.
7:52 am
the people in this country needs to know republicans will never have health care in this country. the reason they are making all of this is because there is already health care in the country. that's why they are trying to fix it. there is nothing to fix, they are justice trying to health care already in place. host: al in virginia, independent. caller: i am calling on behalf of the independents. my issue with health care is people either have to decide if more -- you are either going to have higher taxes or
7:53 am
lower taxes with a government that his hands on hands-off. there is no in between and that is the issue we currently face. host: you say your calling on behalf of independents. what do you think they want in that choice? caller: the issue is we have such a broad spectrum for independents. i want less government involvement and i guess a capitalistic system. in this day and age it is pretty much impossible. ideally, i would say we want less taxes and less involvement from the government and more help from the private sector. upper marlboro, maryland on the line from democrats. you are up next. caller: thank you for taking my call. health caresay that in this country -- the problem with health care in this country is because people have been severely misinformed as to what the best health care for them could be. if you ask somebody, do you like the single-payer system?
7:54 am
if they are a republican they say it would turn out to be the most terrible system in the world. they have been misinformed and told by republicans that the single-payer system is the most terrible system. they have the system they are determined to keep. that people are severely misinformed. they are worried that people would go to congress and vote against their interest. if the people were educated about the various systems of health care, the single perry -- single-payer system would be in this country a long time ago. host: the nafta renegotiation goals have now officially been released. the trump administration unveiling the goals for that renegotiation of the north american free trade agreement. it's a broad plan for how it plans to rewrite the rules for
7:55 am
trade. the washington post story noting "the document first provision included the clear stamp -- reduce the deficit with nafta countries. the united states imports more from a trading partner than it exports to the partner as a sign of a broken system, despite criticism that's -- from a comment -- from economists that say that can be misleading. -- measures to regulate the toatment of workers appears be lifted from the transpacific partnership, an agreement trump heavily opposed. " what was released also caused for creating an appropriate mechanism to ensure the countries did not manipulate their currency to gain an unfair advantage, a practice china used in past years to subsidize its -- its exporters.
7:56 am
wee for a few more calls as wake up in the wake of the senate health care plan being sunk by two republican senators coming out last night, 8:30 coming out simultaneously and officiallyors now oppose the health care bill and that's enough to sink it. soy control the white house, the vice president would be the vote on any tiebreaker, but with 4 republicans, mitch mcconnell tolonger having the votes move his health-care plan that he revised late last thursday and now moving on to a plan .eferred to as repeal and delay a plan to vote on repeal and repeal delayed for two years. that is where we are. in columbia, maryland on the
7:57 am
line for democrats. what do you think? caller: the affordable care act was never a perfect package and president obama knew that from the beginning. what he was looking for was from -- some bipartisanship and for republicans to help him perfected and make it better. social security was not a perfect place when it was put in effect and the laws are constantly changing. to think they have had eight years and all they talked about was repeal. if they repeal it, i seriously doubt they will come up with anything in the next two years to replace it. the irony is we were waiting on a senator who is out getting medical treatment as to why the votes cannot move forward. that is a luxury. he has that coverage. he had what he needed to become better. a lot of americans cannot say that. i think for us to think that -- will repeal it and then a sort of sit back and,
7:58 am
with ideas and plans -- i don't believe they are going to do it. i think they are going to strip people of their health care and people will be on their own still paying for sick people. we still pay for uninsured people and we will pay either way. i think it is just a ridiculous idea for them to repeal it without having any idea how to replace it. int: the president weighing about five minutes ago this morning. his first tweet since that 10:17 tweet last night. he says "we were let down by all democrats and a few republicans. most republicans were loyal and worked hard. we will return." the two republicans came out together last night saying they would not support the senate plan, mike lee of utah, jerry moran of kansas. statements with the exact same wording at 8:30. then they followed up with their individual statements. the announcements came together at 8:30 last night.
7:59 am
by about 10:45, mitch mcconnell acknowledging he did not have the votes and would move on from the senate plan. fairfax, virginia, line for democrats. caller: good morning. was very glad the aca far as the aca, i lived here for a long time and it was very hard to get any health treatments or visit the cash. because i use whenever somebody uses cash at a doctor's office, they look at him weird and they give you high prices -- they give you things that are unnecessary like one of the said, if you want to get a referral, you have to go to the doctor who sees you for five minutes, charges you $200. insurance, youe go along with it.
8:00 am
think the health care becomes discriminatory and the aca made equality for everyone to see health care providers. said you want who to live in a welfare state and all of that libertarian stuff, i don't think that is the way you want to look at it. you want to look at it from a equality perspective. we're going to have some reservations. let's just get rid of all insurance. let's just all pay cash. let's go to the other extreme. i think the aca is good. host: one more tweet from the president just a minute ago. the subject very much on his mind. he said on twitter, as i have always said, let obamacare fail and then come together and do a great health care plan. stay tuned with an exclamation
8:01 am
point. that was the presidents tweet. they will ask our next two guest about the health care overhaul process. we are joined brendan boyle, -- we are joined next by brendan boyle. later, we will be joined by another member of the budget committee, tigris men jodey arrington of texas -- congressmen jodey arrington of texas. we will be right back. ♪ >> sunday on cue and day -- on cue and a -- q&a.
8:02 am
>> when we look at president obama's legacy, there are two things that will have long-lasting good consequences for the united states that can be summarized in four words. his nominees to the supreme court. >> pulitzer prize-winning biographer david garo talks about his book rising star, the making of barack obama which covers president obama's life up to his winning the presidency. isthe point to emphasize that over the course of his presidency, there were scores of people in illinois who had known him in years earlier, who were deeply disappointed with each directory of the obama presidency. trajectory of the obama presidency. he forgot many of the people who
8:03 am
were essential to his political rise. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america ticket television cable companies and is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. continues.on journal host: congressman brendan boyle's docket our desk, a member of the foreign affairs committee and the budget committee. we will get to that, but first we want to get your reaction to the events last night. mitch mcconnell conceding that there is not a path forward for that senate health care bill and changing paths. guest: from my perspective, it is good


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