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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Jodey Arrington Discusses the 2018 Federal Budget  CSPAN  July 18, 2017 10:54am-11:26am EDT

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we were all let down by all of the democrats and a few republicans. most republicans were loyal, terrific and worked hard. we will return. as i have always said, let obamacare fail and then come together and do a great health care plan. stay tuned. with only a very small majority, the republicans in the house and senate need more victories next year since the democrats totally obstruct. no votes. and finally, the senate must go to a 51-vote majority instead of the current 60 votes. even parts of full repeal need 60. eight democrats control the senate. crazy. we took a closer look, though, at the budget earlier today. get some of the details from our conversation on "washington journal." host: for another perspective on the fiscal 2018 budget, we are joined by another budget committee member, jodey arrington, a republican congressman from texas.
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i want to ask you about what happened with the senate health care bill and get your reaction. two more senators said they would not support the bill and majority leader mitch mcconnell said he would move on. guest: i am disappointed, first of all. if there has ever been a impetus to repeal obamacare and save health care and give a reprieve to middle and working class americans, it is now, that we are in this death spiral and we don't have to regurgitate all the facts about premium hikes and the cost. it is out of reach for everyday americans. if this is not a sense of urgency that gives a reason for the senate to act, then i don't know what will be. what will happen is we will end up propping up through govern it -- government subsidies, this exchange that is broken,
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centralized planning of our health care system, it is not free market and we will not have competition that drives cost down and we won't give choice to patients. i am disappointed, but it just depends on what the definition of repeal without the replace is. i can tell you whether i would be satisfied or not, but i am disappointed at this point. host: president trump saying we were let down by all democrats and a few republicans. most were loyal, through thick and worked really hard. terrific and worked really hard. those whosaid that were against this bill were not loyal? guest: everybody has their reasons and i will let them speak for themselves. from my perspective, we have the ball. we have to be a will to move the ball down the field and score points.
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we can't throw long touchdown passes on every play and i am frustrated by that. we've got to govern. we have not had the ball since world war ii except for two other times and now we are in charge and we've got to demonstrate we can lead. leadership is making choices, it is accepting the fact that legislation is not going to be perfect. to let perfect be the enemy of good is a problem and it could be the demise of the republican leadership in the house and senate. that would set us back. opportunityndow of to right the ship. health care is one of those, tax reform, this budget. is let's not let perfect be the enemy of good. the house budget -- the health care reform version was solid. it was not perfect, it was solid.
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itdid all the things, but gutted obamacare and got us on the path to market driven patient centered care. host: you said this could be the demise of leadership in the house and and it. if the health care reform effort does not move forward, do you think the leadership in the house and senate are in trouble? guest: i'm saying republicans in leadership, that is our majority is in jeopardy. whether mitch mcconnell is doing a good job leading in the senate or not. elections andterm history is not kind to the midterm elections are a new president, the party of a new president. 32 on average seats, we lose in the house. we have a 24 seat majority. we have to stave off and go against the historical odds.
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we can beat them, that we have to deliver results -- but we have to deliver results. there was not a bigger promise as a centerpiece of our agenda over the last election cycle and repealing obamacare. this business of punting the ball and we will do it in two years when we prop up and subsidize this exchange market. it is very frustrating to read about this. i think what is in jeopardy is the conservative republican agenda has the midterms will come. if this domino does not fall and we don't get tax reform, it is a real problem for us. host: we want to invite callers to join us. democrats, (202)-748-8000. republicans, (202)-748-8001. independents, (202)-748-8002. we will talk about the budget process, but walter has been
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hanging on, for a while. walter is from baltimore, maryland. caller: thank you, c-span. my problem with your guest today is that he is a fraud. they have lied to america concerning health care. the act is not failing. the affordable care act, if you wanted to address the overpricing of medication, thank you, but if you want to give a tax bill, which is what your health care and the senate health care bill was, a tax bill. i'm asking you, sir, why is america regions refine -- why is it us against them when you and your colleagues have gone seven years lying to the american people as we pay for your health care bill? i want to cite one particular congressman from maryland who before he was even sworn in, ran
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to the capital and amended his health care be instated before he was even sworn in. host: who is that? byler: i won't knock him saying his name, but he would not be able to deny 23 million health care. repeal and don't replace with cost 49 million people, putting us right back to where we were. why don't you address the problems of obamacare and not trying to find nichols and dimes, putting peoples lives off is what you are doing. host: let's give the congressman a chance to respond. the repeal and replace numbers you reference there, followed by a two-year delay, the number, 32 million was the projected number of people who would be uninsured by the year 2026 from the congressional budget office. they scored that legislation back in 2016. guest: good morning.
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thank you for that input. it is always great to start the day with somebody calling you a fraud and a liar. i think he is wrong, unfortunately. i understand why he is frustrated. americans are frustrated because their health care system is collapsing in front of their very eyes. , the caller does not seem to realize -- but any responsibility on this government controlled health care system for actually driving cost up. we have mandated what kind of insurance you have to get. we mandated that you have to get insurance. we mandated to the insurance companies how they can design insurance products for us. we have totally disrupted the market. there is no competition to speak of. when there is no competition, you will have artificially high
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cost and you will have little to no choices. in some counties, now you got zero insurance products on the exchange. i don't know how that is fraud on the part of republicans who are trying to rescue the system and transition it to one that is free market. give states the opportunity to run medicaid in a way that is sustainable. today, it is unsustainable and has blown up in expansion beyond its intention. it was designed for the neediest, poorest, sickest people among us. got folks upwards of 400% of poverty on it. this expansion of medicaid is going to bankrupt that program and rob resources from the truly needy. on theu have a system
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nongovernment system where people don't have choice and they have an insurance card but cannot afford the health care. line for republicans, jackie is in florida. caller: hello. why deal at them people get up there and lie to the american people? it is not only the democrats. the republicans have lied for seven years that they will do something and they ain't done nothing. not nothing. i want them to do something. i wish i could put an exclamation mark on the end of jackie's last,.
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he wants us -- last comment. he wants us to do something. he has some thoughts about tax reform, he probably has thoughts about all kinds of legislative warm policies. -- legislative policies. he just wants us to do something. i hope every republican in the senate and congress is listening. the american people, and those who elected us expect us to do something and deliver results, even if it is not perfect. i could not agree more with that statement. he said something about a single-payer system. host: i think he was saying that that is what the democrats want. guest: that is what they want and i think that is what we were moving quickly toward in this obamacare system. i will tell you is a member of the v.a. committee, i see a
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single-payer system every week as i preside in my committee. long lines, long wait times, not great access to care for our veterans. there is been a crisis were people have gotten sick or some have died waiting in line. that is the single-payer system that i know about in the united states. we don't want to go there. we want to go the opposite direction, and so i think jackie was right on. host: send us your questions on twitter. we want to see those. it is @cspan. democrat callers, (202)-748-8000 . republican colors, -- callers, (202)-748-8001. independent callers, (202)-748-8002. the congressional budget office is marking up the budget.
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topline numbers on that budget. cuts mainly from anti-programs like supplemental intrusion assistance program -- supplemental nutrition assistance programs. guest: i am going to support it and i have worked hard with my colleagues to get to these numbers. let's dig in a little bit. you mentioned cuts to programs. food stamps are supplemental nutrition. we need -- if you are going to have responsible policy on a safety net where you don't trap ,eople in a life of poverty where you want to incentivize them to be upwardly mobile and have a better life, a better job
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and a better quality of life, then you don't -- then you need to have provisions for able-bodied people to work. where you have seen mandatory work requirements for able-bodied individuals in states, you have seen the roles of food stamps reduced. that is a good thing because we want people to move up and out. responsible. are i think they are compassionate and i think this is the right thing to do for all stakeholders involved. host: a moderate member of your party had this quote about the budget. if you throw in food stamps and other mandatory programs and set yourself up for the argument that you are cutting taxes for businesses and wealthy people while removing eligibility for people on food stamps. guest: that is the wrong perspective. you've got to get the economy growing. we have to incentivize job
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creators who it seems like we are antagonistic to, especially when you have the highest corporate income tax rate in the free world. incentivize them to grow their businesses and create jobs. that is what middle-class americans want more than anything, an opportunity for a better job at a better life for their family. host: a report yesterday that some of your colleagues in the conservative freedom caucus don't think those cuts go far enough and may not support this budget unless there are more cuts. do you agree with them? guest: yes. we need to do more. don't let perfect get in the way of something good. something that is a good step in the right direction. we've got a lot of interests, a lot of perspectives, a lot of members in the republican party that represent a different demographic and philosophical
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bent than i do. doing nothing is unacceptable, which is what we are doing what health care. we should do more than $200 billion, but we have not cut $200 billion out of mandatory. 70% of our budget is mandatory spending. if we kept every policy the same, 90% of our expenditure growth be in mandatory spending. that is what is driving our debt. we have not cut $200 billion or close to that in 200 years. you talk about dealing with a threat to the future of this country, my children and your viewers' children? it is a sovereign debt crisis. we've got to start digging out of this whole before we hand it hand ithole before we
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to our children? host: joe, independent. caller: let's start with the facts. the fact of the matter is, three dozen countries that belong to the organization of economic theerative development, unit's states spends a larger share of its gdp on health care expenditure and yet it has helped their indicators at the bottom of the barrel. it means the system is a failure. it is a free market system. wouldfordable care act basically take away the insurance company. what we need like all the other advanced countries is a single-payer system with quality health care at the lowest possible price in the most efficient way. a congressman of who lives --
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a free-market fundamentalist to wants to cut taxes and regulation for the rich and step on the poor and the muslims and the immigrants who built this -- host: let me let the congressman respond. guest: that is a lot to take in. i respect your perspective on you can also argue that the outcomes for people on andcaid are not any better in some cases, they are worse than those who are uninsured. in terms of health care outcomes that you mentioned, there is a reason why people come to this country for the most complicated procedures, and the most serious procedures. there is a reason why we produce some of the most innovative therapies in health care and technology. they come from the united
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states, they come from a free-market economy. the more government we put on the backs of our innovators and job creators and health care providers, the less incentivize they are to come up with new -- incentivized they are to come up with new ways to heal us and deliver high quality of service. that is what is happening in the single-payer system at the ba -- at the va. they are good doctors and nurses, but the system is broken. a good job is access to quality care and whether they get access or give quality care, they get paid. what is the incentive for these physicians and nurses to get up everyday and say i'm going to go give the best care i possibly can because in the private sector, if you don't, you are out of business. i respectfully and radically disagree and apart from the single-payer system in
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socialized medicine and centralized planning of any part of our economy, including health care. host: from baltimore, maryland, independent. caller: i have two questions. how many town hall meetings have you had to gauge where your constituents are with respect to health care, and the second question is, i see that the congressman is speaking about different things that are wrong with obamacare. why couldn't they have just oned those issues and moved and concentrate on other things instead of trying to give away all this money to insurance companies and during off millions of poor people? -- throwing off millions of poor
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people? guest: i have hundreds of meetings in my district. i have taken questions. this resistance organization that was hijacking town halls and in my opinion, detracting from genuine concern from people who want access to their member of congress and their representative, it was very unfortunate. i called the democratic party chair in my largest population him andnd invited everyone that was at their mock town hall really had a cut out of me and a bunch of resistance signs. we knew what was going on, there. host: what was the conversation you had with him? guest: it was great, we did not have cameras so people could do any kind of political stunts.
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it was a very honest and ernest discussion about health care, about any number of issues that we are dealing with. mostly -- we had mostly disagreements but i could hear directly from him and him from me. host: you say cameras would lead to political stunts? guest: you have seen the news where people are standing up and screaming at the congressman and giving different speeches that become highlight reels on cnn and other cable news shows. i don't think it has been very productive. i do think when we have sat down in groups and we did not have the media, i think we have had great candid conversations. i have learned from that. we found common ground on agriculture, on renewable energy. we were not at odds on everything, but that was a more productive venue for us to have that dialogue.
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people think you have to have a town hall so you can gauge your citizens and constituents and your voters. i also have town halls run my district. -- around my district. i forgot the second part of the question. host: the first was working to replace -- working to ask obamacare rather than replace it. guest: i'm not going to work to put lipstick on a pig. i'm going to try to transform the system into one that will work long-term. i don't think it -- i don't think obama intended for it to turn out this way. as much as i regret that nancy pelosi and the democrats ran this through without a single , i don't think they intended for the outcome to be what it is. , so is what is happening fundamentally disagree with the
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approach and i don't want any more top-down one-size-fits-all federal government solutions. they cost us more and they don't serve the people they are intended to serve. host: a question from twitter, how do you ensure that the tax cuts result in job creation? this seems to be the link that is missing. atst: if you look back reagan's reforms on that -- that are similar to what we were trying to accomplish, which is let's roll back the trillions of dollars in cost and burden and regulation that we put on this , by theand job creators way that are disproportionately felt by our small businesses, community banks and family farms. that, and you have regulatory reform and you have health care reform or entitlement reform and you rein in the spending and get control of your budget and actually
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operate like every other american, you have limited resources, not a money tree in washington and then you provide tax relief where we are now paying the highest corporate income tax in the industrialized world. when you do those things, you see the economy grow significantly. we are at 2% gdp annual growth. we can do much better. we have to free up these job creators to expand opportunity for people who want to work and can work and want a better life and that is what this is about. it is not about all of these things that i hear with respect to tax cuts for the rich. this is about giving middle and working class families an opportunity. host: here in washington, d.c., mark is a democrat.
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caller: good morning congressman. a couple comments i wanted to make. one was about what you were of povertyt 400% level, getting medicaid. i don't know where you are getting that from. i think in theory that might be true, but i don't know of anyone. there are federal guidelines about that. let me tell you a story of a real person that i know that is typical. i have a friend who worked three jobs, all of them part-time with no employer benefits. made something around $17,000. she is in a state with the medicaid expansion. she was eligible for medicaid until that time.
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got a letter saying you are now off of medicaid, you must go want to obamacare. it was by $50 or so she went over the limit. she went to the marketplace and got obamacare. host: we are running out of time. i would like to get to your question so the congressman can answer. -- er: the question is host: what can we do about that example? would use the examples about pre-existing conditions, which is -- i am not a antigovernment republican, i am a limited government republican. the government has a role to play, but it is not expensive. it is not the centerpiece to the health care -- expansive. it is not the centerpiece to the health care system.
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the role would be for those with high risk and pre-existing conditions. you can say they have opportunities, but when your premiums are that high, they can't afford it and they need some support. we made provisions -- -- that is talking about maybe 72 -- 7% to 10% of the entire population. there are people who are over 400% poverty and i think wisconsin, california, it was intended to be 100% poverty in
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terms of medicaid. it was expanded to 130% and it .ent way above that they opened up the floodgates and said the federal government will pay 100% if you will get them i believe there are people over 400% and i'll get you data so you can talk about it later on the show. host: one more show in maryland, sam. guest: hey, sam. caller: good morning. talked about how employers, job creators should be given the push the economy and i comment on t your why there are so many employed people then working for the job big corporations who are refusing to offer them
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of medical benefits and these employees then end up on stamp eligible, because they don't make enough money. ller: guest: first let me say, i'm for taxes we pay, not just on companies, big companies, but majority nesses where of jobs are created. also for families and individuals. simplify the code, lower rates for everybody, and more of your p money, but your question about, have ow, today you employer sponsored insurance and one thing the house bill was address is what -- have you government sponsored with the y insurance v.a., medicaid, medicare, and have you employer-sponsored and employers get a tax benefit for doing that. then you have the individual out the individual market that is not part of a company,
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tax credits were intended to -- you don't below a you are not certain poverty level and don't qualify for medicaid, you don't benefits of employer sponsored, we are trying to rovide parity with those individuals. i think it is a competitive market out there and i think companies to compete have compensation their compensation package, offer healthcare. use tax they don't to support that and then association health plans, so together with more people for greater purchase power and of all, bring the cost down healthcare. that is what everybody wants to do. democrats and republicans, that is the goal. i think again, hav


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