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tv   Vatican Nominee Callista Gingrich Testifies at Confirmation Hearing  CSPAN  July 18, 2017 10:45pm-12:05am EDT

10:45 pm, or listen using the c-span radio. >> u.s. ambassador to the vatican nominee calista gingerich was asked that her confirmation hearing how she would work with the vatican on refugee and time of change issues, two issues where president trump and the pope disagree. other state department nominees also testified at this senate foreign relations committee hearing. >> good morning. this hearing of the senate foreign relations committee will
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come to order. i want to welcome everybody. we gathered today to consider the nominations of two ambassadorships and two positions at the state department. calista gingerich is the nominee to be the ambassador and nathan -- rank and status of ambassador at large. george edward glass is nominated to be u.s. ambassador to portugal and mr. kroll ridge's to be assistant secretary of state for consular affairs. i want to welcome the nominees and their families. and congratulate them on their selection by the president. thank you for your willingness to serve. i want to know with congressman rooney supporting mrs. gingerich. congressman rooney was congressman from florida in an ambassador to the holy see during president bush's term. also honorede is to welcome our distinct colleagues who will and to do so by witnesses.
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>> i will make this a filibuster-free opportunity mr. chairman and it is a great privilege to be able to introduce a long time friend, glass.rge edward nominated to serve as our next ambassador. discussion ands nominees, for consideration having a senate confirmed .mbassador
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george glass is an oregonian through and through. he was born in eugene. he attended college there, graduating from the university of oregon. like me, he is a duck. and he has continued to be involved with university. with the community. and he has been recognized as a pillar of national real estate and tech communities. he is been involved in a number of projects to help our community. i am particularly pleased that and a had a long history
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lifeline and terms of reaching out to our community and those that are really finding it hard to access health care. he has been a trustee and he is a former president of the university of oregon alumni association and a member of the association.ness i feel very strongly that as you look to portugal and those parts of the world, we're going to need people who demonstrate a track record of stepping up, being involved in their communities. someone with expertise in a variety of areas. not just chosen profession, health care, and i believe that as you get to know him, confirm
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him after with had a chance to hear from him, you will come to the conclusion i have, which is his values are shared by countrys and those the six to serve in portugal and i very much appreciate my colleagues going out of order to extend this courtesy to me and my guest is chairman hatch is probably a full two of you as well. he tries to keep matters proceeding in the finance committee. so thank you very much. i look forward to members of the committee getting to know george glass as i have. he will serve and reflect great credit in the united states. thank you very much. >> thank you senator wyden for your introduction and support for the nominee. it's homage or taking a look at my tax reform, invite you to get
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back to the task at hand. senator morgan. >> thank you chairman johnson. i will join my colleague in a minute on the tax reform front but i wanted to be here to welcome this distinguished nominee. thank you for your willingness to serve. commissioner rich and mr. class, and you have just gotten a nice accolade from someone who will help you not just in this committee by in the vote on the floor. to calista gingerich, thank you for serving, you could have no better person before you then francis rooney. we are looking forward to supporting you. finally, nathan, from ohio. you would not have guessed it. him to bey proud of next coordinator for counter terrorism at the state department. the physician needs to be filled
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as quickly as possible. in these national security positions, we need to ask honorable, capable individuals who understand protecting the homeland and also working with our allies. we are pleased to have you here. did i mention he was from ohio? ok. ohio, to be specific. also attended ohio's miami university. for some reason he then headed south and went to duke law school. then he clerked for the honorable dave sentelle at the united states court of appeals for the washington, d.c., circuit. a prestigious position. he is no stranger to public service. secretary for policy, department of homeland security during the george w. bush administration where i also surf. he focused on intelligence, information sharing, travel, and
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at the hse drafted critical legislation. and iing the chairman have had deep interest in. and his other role as chairman of the committee. he returned to the private sector in academia and the last couple years. he is also associate professor von syracuse university of law. by the way, he teaches and writes in the fields of national security and counterterrorism so he is other fields perfect for this. i look forward to supporting them. not only because of his ties to the buckeye state which are important, but most important because of his relevant experience, strong record. it reflects commitment to our strong laws and the security of our country. bothe my colleagues on sides of the aisle join me to quickly fill this role with a capable public servant.
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introduction. by all means go back to the finance committee and start working on that corporate tax proposal. for that.nk you as great as it is to have ohio, i certainly appreciate the fact that i have the privilege of nominating our nominee from wisconsin. i am honored to introduce my -- mrs. calista gingerich. our nominee. she was born in whitehall, wisconsin, a particularly beautiful section of the state. it is hard to do radio interviews as you are driving to that region. she graduated from my high school. was valedictorian. she served as organist at the church. a -- almost three
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decades ago, calista came to -- work with congressman gunderson. she was on his staff. she served as chief clerk for agriculture. after eight years of service, she founded gingerich production a multimedia corporation. she is been the president and ceo for the last decade producing documentary films, writing books, and advising. she is also charitable in her role. catholics a lifelong active in her faith community for many years. she was in the choir for 21 years in the national shrine of the immaculate conception here in washington. as part of her work, gingrich productions closely collaborated with church leaders to host "90's to change the world." a documentary about john paul's
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visit to poland. she also produced a documentary pope john paul ii's canonization. her interest is fitting giving her nomination. her friendship with pope john paul ii formulated relations and together they helped orchestrate --. since then, pumps and american presidents have collaborated on a wide range of issues. calista's understanding of the ideal church makes her an candidate. i support her nomination. thank you mrs. gingrich for your willingness to serve. i'm delighted to introduce mr. rich from pennsylvania. nominee to be secretary of state. he is a highly regarded
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pennsylvanian. acting chief of staff andy you a citizen of immigration services. he was previously the field service officer at the american embassy in so, south korea. .is senior adviser oversee also with department of state, he is an expert on responsibility and challenging managing counsel or fairs worldwide. with that, would like to distinguish the wrecking them back i would like to introduce the distinguished ranking member. -- i would like to reduce the distinguished ranking member. >> i think all of you for your service. we had a chance to sit down and have a productive conversation yesterday. i am glad for your testimony and for us to engage in dialogue. thank you.
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>> the order of our nominees opening remarks will be mrs. gingrich, mr. sales, and mr. rich. mrs. gingrich. >> chairman johnson, ranking member murphy, and distinguished members of the senate committee on foreign relations. i am honored to appear before you today as president trump's nominee to service the united states ambassador to the holy city. i am thankful to president trump for the confidence and trust he has placed in me to be his representative at this important embassy. in addition, want to express my gratitude to secretary of state rex tillerson were supporting my nomination. it is a special honor to be introduced by chairman johnson from my home state of wisconsin. thank you. i am also grateful to appear before this committee today with the close support of my husband
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newt gingrich. as veterans of capitol hill, we both have great respect for your role and in assessing and confirming those who represent the american people abroad. if confirmed, i look forward to working closely with the members and staff of this committee. like the united states, the holy see is active on a global scale. it is engaged on every continent to engage freedom and human rights. to fight terrorism in filings. to combat human trafficking. spread of the diseases like ebola and hiv-aids and seek peaceful solutions to crises around the world. those who serve in the state department are known the world over for their patriotism and dedication. the professional staff at the u.s. embassy to the holy see -- city exemplifies these.
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they worked tirelessly to advance our strong bilateral relationship. team did an extraordinary job preparing for and hosting the president on his and may.the vatican during that visit, president trump and pope francis highlighted shared concerns including the protection of christian communities and the middle east. called onerfully religious leaders to reject terrorism and violence in the name of religion. the vatican and its active roles plan to troubled areas around the globe from venezuela to south sudan to the democratic republic of the congo. countries where the holy supports for peaceful institutions directly in a fit the interest of the united
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states. the catholic church is a unique global network overseeing the world's second-largest international aid organization. operating 25% of the world's health care facilities and ministering to millions in every corner of the world. the unitedeaders, states and the vatican must continue to work closely to advance our shared values of human dignity and freedom. this can only happen if we maintain and build upon a strong foundation of trust and mutual communication. if confirmed, i will continue this vital dialogue which has been so important to the people of the united states and the world. i understand how the united states can act as a world force for good together. several years ago i had the honor of producing a documentary
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film entitled "nine days that changed the world." pope john paul ii's historic visit to poland. it inspired the polish people to renew their hearts, reclaim their courage and free themselves from the shackles of communism. workcing this requires with key players in the united states, poland, and the vatican. greatlym has been received by the catholic church and is used in education programs rep the united states. most important, this film is a powerful example of the invaluable role the attic and plays in international affairs. another a produced documentary film entitled "divine mercy: d canonization of john paul the second." these projects, along with my decade-long membership in the
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choir of the basilica of the shrine of the immaculate conception have given me the intercommunity to build relationships with church leaders, clergy, and religious scholars. these experiences have instilled in me the highest respect for holy cities. and confidence that the united states vatican i o relationship is a force for good and one that cannot be ignored. a lifelong catholic, business owner, documentary filmmaker, public and former servant, i am profoundly humbled at the prospect of serving my country as the united states ambassador to the holy city. i will work diligently to develop it even stronger ties between the united states and the holy city. mr. ranking member and members
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of the committee, i appreciate the opportunity to be before you today and would be pleased to answer any questions you may have. thank you. >> thank you mrs. gingrich. you term of johnson. thank you ranking member murphy on thank you members of the committee for holding this hearing today. it is an honor to be here this morning. let me start by introducing my family. my wife margaret along with our daughters and i indicate. they are the ones with the coloring books and stickers. my parents are here from ohio. i would also like to does my father-in-law and mother-in-law, charlie and anna, who are home in boston today and could not be with us this morning. mr. portman.nks to you can take the boy out of ohio but you cannot take the ohio out of the boy. i would like to thank secretary
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tillerson. i will donfirmed, everything in my power to earn and payback the trust and confidence they have shown in me. i came to the field of counterterrorism almost by happenstance. in 2001, was a young lawyer at the justice department hired to work on administrative law issues. it was the middle of august 2001. three weeks later was 9/11. i vividly recall the chilling rumors that flew that morning as we evacuated. i am sure many would recall that as well. a car bomb. tires on the national mall. thejacked plane headed for capital. some of those rumors were false alarms but little consolation. reality was bad enough. , the job of everyone at the justice department and administration and congress fundamental and
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overriding priority. preventing another assault on our homeland. 9/11 was not just an attack on our citizens and landmarks, it lifen attack on our way of . our veneration of the individual liberty. a top priority was to equip our nations cops and spies and soldiers with the tools to confront this menace and do so in a way that maintained faith with fundamental values of americans. we cannot allow our fundamental values to become a casualty of war. with mehat commitment to homeland security a few hours later. the importance of working with our eyes to confront the specter of terrorism and i saw firsthand our alliances are strong notches
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because of our strong economic and military might that because of our shared values. we also say a few words about the dedicated career professionals i hope to join at the department. wife's classmates went on to serve at the state department. it is a reason they call it the west point of foreign service. i developed deep appreciation for the commitment to the mission and sacrifices made to our country. it will be a privilege to serve alongside them if i am confirmed. i started with my family and i would like to end there. rotcther was an i.t. -- cadet. during world war ii, my armyfather served in the corps of engineers. he was stationed in england where he met my grandmother agnes, and army nurse. grandfather was in the
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infantry. normandy,n that helped liberate france and earned a purple heart. it is a great honor for me to carry this tradition on. amwill be a great honor if i confirmed. thank you again mr. chairman and ranking member. i look forward to your questions. >> i was remiss in encouraging not everybody to rich deuce their family. mr. glass, if you have members of your family please introduce some. >> mr. trump, ranking member, distinguished members of the committee it was with great humility and honor i sit before you today. i am deeply grateful to secretary trump-pence tillerson in nominatingort me to be the ambassador to the republic of article.
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without my family's love and support that would not be here today. i would like to thank my wife mary who was sitting here with me today. i would also like to think i three sons. my oldest and his wife currently live in japan. english.s my middle son george and emily are not here for the best of all reasons, they are due with their first child in august. our first grandchild. our youngest, andrew, is in the throes of his very first job just after graduating from college. also like to acknowledge my mother and stepfather and mary's parents. and i would like to thank my father who is here in spirit. it is his courage and wisdom that brings me strength everyday. i take seriously the representation. portugal is among our oldest and most reliable allies.
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portugal was the second nation to recognize america's independence. it is the oldest continually operating consulate in the world. i look forward if elected to continue serving. articles traditional geographical orientation to the atlantic and the present of 1.5 million living in the united states and a shantou american sentiment across the political spectrum make the relationship between our two countries one of the three focal points of portugal's foreign policy. this unique relationship has allowed us to turn to portugal for political and material support in almost every peacekeeping mission the united states, nato combat has led since the end of the cold war. if confirmed, it will be my job enhanceer expand and his political and economic relationship. more recently, the republic of portugal was it hard by the global recession to the point where a financial rescue control
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is adopted in 2011. mary and i went portugal for an extended trip and 14 and software solves but the wage and spending accounts were doing to the business environment. unemployment rates for over 15% and they were double that for young adults. what we witness and it is to the people are approachable for life and even with the economic backdrop, they were focused on the same values we hold dear here in america. god, family, and the believe that hard work will help succeed. these observations were not unfounded. portugal is in the midst of an .conomic recovery the united states is portugal's number one trading or outside of the e.u. single market. the most recent example, research on bilateral trade occurred in 2016 when portugal received the first-ever shipment of liquefied natural gas from the united states to europe. it is this newfound momentum in
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portuguese business that makes it an exciting time to engage in commerce between our two countries. husband is rated one of the hottest technology startups in lisbon. -- portugal -- is rated one of the hottest technology startups in the e.u.. small business incubators and boot camps looks a lot like san francisco boot camps didn't need late 80's. i can't wait to join to help them in there and ever to support and expand business ties between the united states and portugal. lastly, would like to express my the families and friends of the over 60 dead and hundreds injured in the latest forest fire in portugal. this has been a tragedy of great abortions and it is seldom -- of great proportions and it is seldom we see this today.
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i hope the pain a forest fire -- i know the pain a forest fire can render. mary and i continue to put before the families of those who battle mightily. i hope somehow someday we can help prevent something like this from occurring again in the future. distinguished senators, once again i would like to thank each and everyone of you put your time. please note that if confirmed i will serve the united states of america to the best of my abilities. >> mr. rich. >> german johnson, ranking member murphy, members of the committee. i am honored to appear before you as the presidential nominee to be assistant secretary of state for consular affairs. i am joined by my family. my wife of over 22 years who has my career andor
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accompanied me on three overseas assignments. .y wife also served i am joined by my daughters, an sixth-grader.and my family is the center of my life and instilling an our children a sense of kindness and empathy as well as a respect for public service is a authority for us. and am grateful to the president and secretary tillerson for the confidence and trust placed in me. it is without a doubt the greatest honor of mike professional life to be nominated and if confirmed i will develop all of my skills, experience, and attention to my my wife and i are both native to central pennsylvania, where we were born, raised, and educated. i practice law therefore eight years. my father worked for 30 years in a factory now closed. he made automotive parts. my mother stayed home with me after my adoption. being an adopted person, i felt
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-- a special kinship with the orphaned and forgotten. this influence me throughout my life. for the past nine years i have volunteered to serve on refugee ands for my agency thailand, pakistan, libya, malaysia. toward settlement to the united states hundreds of victims of persecution and torture. as an attorney and civil servant i will bring to the bureau of consular affairs the same values and puts most of guided my career for the past 22 years. a commitment to the role of law and efficiency and justice and transparency. my entire career has been focused on serving the public, especially americans living and working abroad and the will and fair application of the law. i began my service as a foreign affair officer. the moste of
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professionally rewarding and and bridging experiences of my life and i am grateful and honored to have had the opportunity to work with the dedicated men and implement of the state department. especially in the days and weeks after the attacks of 9/11. in 2006, returned to public service as a civil servant with immigration services. it is there that i expanded by knowledge of immigration and nationality law. i roasted the ranks at uci s, first as an appeals officer, then as manager, and finally us chief of staff at the agency. in 2013, my wife and i made the decision to return to international service and i spent the last four years serving at our embassy in the philippines and south korea. i had the pleasure of working with others throughout the world. i remain a dedicated civil servant to this day.
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if confirmed, it will be the privilege of a lifetime to lead the fine men and women at the bureau of consular affairs. consular bureaus are our first line of defense in our effort to protect the united states from those who do us harm. they are among the most hard-working, bravest, and most dedicated in government service. they work in dangerous, and comfortable places to serve the american people. this work is complex and emotionally taxing and i am immensely proud to say i was once one of them. a consulary is officer, so much has changed for the better at the state department. a suite of interagency review processes continue vetting of applicants with updated technology while metrics provide a longer and better training close cooperation with the department of homeland security, and a culture of making national security a number one priority. this strengthens the shared
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mission to protect our homeland. every decision the state department makes is a national security decision. if confirmed, i will strive to make sure our officers continue to have the training, resources, necessary top accurately adjudicate applications in accordance with the laws of the united states while also facilitating legitimate international travel, rejecting our national security. should i be confirmed i commit to working with members of this committee and being responsive concerns.ssians and thank you for your time and i look forward to your time. >> thank you. and thank you on your soon-to-be first grandchild. i have three now. they are everything they say. all of the joy and a lot less responsibility. christ wonderful, and looking forward to it. ask -- >> wonderful. i am looking forward to it.
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>> i would like to think my colleagues. college -- thank my colleagues. i have gingrich and something in common. i got his old job, and she married him. convinced we to marry but converted him to catholicism. we are very proud of new to. i am here to cheer you on and tell you how proud we are few. gingrich: thank you so much, senator. >> thank you to all of the nominees for your willingness to take on these positions answer this country. i want to get with you, mrs. gingrich, because you talked about the important role of
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and the charities catholic mission around the world and i certainly agree with that. i had the opportunity to visit a nursing home in northern new hampshire on friday that is operated by catholic charities in the state providing great care to people. you -- ited to ask know that pope francis just called on america and the rest of the western world to uphold our tradition of moral leadership by welcoming refugees fleeing violence and oppression into our country. i just wonder how you would argue the united states's decision that is taken by this administration on refugees and holyill you work with the c's on that very critical issue.
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mrs. gingrich: the president and pope have great questions regarding the migration crisis and it is a priority for our presidento -- our right now. we have a priority so people do not have to become refugees. the united states has been banned will continue to be the greatest provider of humanitarian help in the world and it is not stopping that. i look forward to working to impact what we will do around the world. craig certainly we are not disengaging on foreign aid. i agree with that and think we should continue to spread that in every way we can. especially in those areas where we are seeing family as a result of man-made conditions. but this administration has reduced the ability of refugees to come to this country, particularly syrian refugees who are fleeing violence and a
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horrible situation in their own country. is this something you think we can work with pope francis to thosed ensure we can help refugees trying to get into the country? >> i think we can do that, you yes. >> thank you. professor, secretary tillerson has broken repetitively about cooperation with russia and syria. we have a cease-fire that seems to be holding. and again, president putin has them and stated that he is interested in preserving the assad regime. sameu believe we share the interest? how would you describe our objectives differently?
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yes andnk the answer is no. and isis.common enemy we have other interests as you well know. we can do with other members of the international community to achieve our objectives, our number one priority is to defeat isis. what that means it is taking our foot soldiers out of the battlefield. defeating their ability to recruit foreign fighters around the world, particularly europe and drying up there funding. the key question after that goal is accomplished as what comes next. i think one important thing that has to happen is political process involving all of the relevant stakeholders that can produce stability such that the
11:24 pm
can chart a way forward can be accomplished entirely by military force that must have engagement. of thell be a priority hours. >> thank you. one of the benefits we have fighting terrorism at home is engagement from the communities that terrorists have often come from. making sure that there are good relations with people in the muslim community here has been very helpful. how would you see and proving those kinds of relationships? >> i could not agree more, senator. it is absolutely critical to maintain strong relationships with domestic populations as well as international populations because often times these are the groups of people who have the first insight into
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the fact that a problem is taking lace. it is critically important for us to have open lines of communication such that our friends are confident that they can tell us, we think that something is amiss foot without fear of stigmatization or any other sort of negative repercussions. so i strongly agree with the sentiment behind a question and look forward to maintaining those strong relationships, senator. >> thank you. i have other questions for the panelists but my time is up. >> senator kaine. sen. kaine: thank you and congratulations to all of the witnesses for your nominations. portugal relationship is very important. i do a lot of work in the peninsula in my work on this committee and i applaud you for that nomination. and consulate officials are very tough work. they really do. when i travel for the foreign relations committee i always ask to meet without the ambassador
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with the sfo on the first or second tour and they are almost always out of the consular section and i always say, congratulations jim achieved a wonderful job working for the state department. that will be the difference as to whether you will make it a career make it a few years? that is usually all i have to say to engender about a two-hour conversation. i enjoyed visiting with our consular officials. a few questions for miss gingrich. with yourn very happy answer to senator shaheen's questions about refugees. i was at the vatican in february and had an opportunity to meet weekly with the pope and other officials purely on refugee issues and in my conversation with the pope i think him for his leadership. obviously, a key aspect of his speech to congress in 2015 was about refugees. he had given a speech the day before my visit that focused on
11:27 pm
refugee issues. he was pleading with the united states, please be a leader. i was thinking him but he would not just accept a thank you. as you know, some of the issues that are important, i know that will be one. i know you are not a elected official. you are playing the hand you were dealt. also with what congress comes up with. opposing the president's budget, 31%.efugee growth of i think that sends a very loud message. rhetoric sends a message. a message.s probably the most significant messages you can send us with the rhetoric and budget. i hope we are sending a message it is the will of the body that we not reducing america's traditional commitment to the issues. i take it because of your background, the comment you made to senator she hang, you will do
11:28 pm
all you can to advance the being liberty beacon. i am on the armed services committee as well and last year we were able to get something done in the nda that i thought was very good. my colleagues agreed. we enabled, through the mda, the dod to transfer funds to state or usaid on the say-so of the secretary for countering violent extremism. if the secretary felt like, he can do a better job than us, in particular areas that has been more in the expertise of state or usaid to do reticular programs to counter violent extremism and sometimes the state and diplomatic touch is better than any military touch. canhe secretary agrees, we now transfer authority and i hope that is something you'll look at but i have noticed there
11:29 pm
has been some discussion of aspects ofway some the administration counterterrorism strategy. to your knowledge, and we're not presuming nomination, but will remain a strong priority of the funeral at the state department? statethe bureau at the department? >> yes. for me and for the bureau i would lead. it would have to involve countering violent extremism components. terrorism is a global problem and there are different facets. some of those facets require solutions. sometimes military solutions. sometimes law enforcement solutions. it is not just hard power that has to be employed to counter isis, al qaeda, other like-minded groups. we have also used software tools and the toolkit such as moral
11:30 pm
persuasion. engaging at the community level. providing off ramps for people who may be tempted to take a path of radicalization. so i'm grateful for this that you have worked to build into the state department. if i am confirmed i will continue the good work. ask mrs. gingrich, you have a state >> must question, how you see your role as ambassador to see what you can do with the relationship with the vatican to counter extremism? >> is very exciting to have the anortunity to be working at embassy, to lead an embassy that has a global influence and works on a global scale. i'm very interested in working on projects to advance religious freedom, to fight terrorism, violence, to combat human
11:31 pm
trafficking, to fight diseases like hiv, aids, and a bola. -- ebola. this is an awesome opportunity if i am confirmed. there are many issues on which we do agree. we have a strong bilateral relationship with a shared agreement in many issues. there are issues where diplomatic partners do not agree. look forward to working on those issues. >> congratulations to all of you. in 2007 you appeared before the committee on organization and government reform. beuld be issuing of visas looked at a -- as a tool? i adjudicated 25,000 visa educations.
11:32 pm
-- applications. i resigned even though i received top valuation. -- toi long to return return to private practice, i was discouraged by the state enforcementlike of of the immigration laws of the united states. i took my job seriously, the state department did not. do you believe the state department is committed to the rule of law and the national security of the united states? >> thank you for the opportunity to address that you this was in 2002, not 2007. it was 15 years ago that took place. it was during the time when the department of homeland security was being stood up. aftermath ofdiate 9/11. a lot has changed in 15 years. i'm enthusiastic about the future of the way this will be doing its function.
11:33 pm
>> i don't want my time to expire. do you believe the state department is committed to the rule of law and the national security of the united states? >> i absolutely do. the fact that even i was terrified by state incompetence and apathy toward a law enforcement proves how far this has progressed. hired some to fort -- support the transfer of these is to the new department of homeland security. a department that will be committed to the rule of law and the national security of united states. the mission is to provide life-sustaining assistance to those uprooted through multilateral systems, to build global partnerships, promote practices and military in response. ensure that humanitarian
11:34 pm
principles are integrated into foreign and national security policy. refugees and migration are important policy issues in a illegible relationship with turkey and iraq. do you believe that the department of homeland security, the tory asleep bloated with a cohost of components, should be responsible still to have the the essence of the department you are being nominated to --to be moved to the department of homeland security? >> i stand behind my testimony. it was a different time and there was time about consolidating different things into the department of homeland security. intent of the department of state -- >> i'm asking your view. >> i would follow the leadership of the department of state if confirmed. as of today, i intend to lead
11:35 pm
the bureau of affairs as is currently formed. i believe that i will be, if confirmed, a leader of the function -- all functions including the visa function. 9/11 the united states has been developing and redeveloping tragedies to counter terrorism and violent extremism. ineriences and -- afghanistan leads little doubt. find industry tubes in common property -- poverty where people have no vote -- hope. on countering violent extremism outlined five objectives. they talk to those very issues i spoke about. how to propose cuts to the foreign assistance tools that advance the goals of combating terrorism and violent extremism actually in line with our very own policy.
11:36 pm
>> thank you for the question. i spent time in academic bureaucracy. in my experience it is usually to case they can afford tighten the belt. congress has the power of the purse under the constitution. congress will have to decide the level at which it will fund these activities. >> my problem is you want to kick the ball to someone else your nominations are in essence going to be part of policy decision-making. you will be in a room to advocate at the state apartment and interagency issues. the question is what is your advocacy of this given point in time? are these the essential programs that are necessary as the secretary has said? this is a guy who is a general.
11:37 pm
i would like to get better answers than that. finally we have a lot of portuguese americans in new jersey. an extraordinary group of citizens. have you visited portugal? do you speak portuguese? >> i have, this time it now. i have spanish and am working on portuguese and will utilize them to help learn the language. >> asked questions have been asked in for some it was disqualifying. for me it was not. thank you very much. do provide some comfort to sen. menendez: talk about your trip to portugal. the trip we took to portugal was three years ago. we were on a program inch -- pilgrimage. it transforms our lives, the way
11:38 pm
we look at each other, our religion. as we travel throughout the country, we realize the hospitality was extraordinary. this was at a time that they were addressed severe recession. they had an austerity program. there was a lot of unemployment. that did not stop everybody. we knew at the time we left that we left a big piece of our hearts there and we want to to come back. we had no idea we would be coming back if confirmed. portugal is very important to us and we look forward to serving united states and workable. -- portugal. >> thank you very much. new mexico, my home state as one of the oldest catholic traditions in the country. it has been over 400 years since the catholic church was first
11:39 pm
established in the state of new mexico. it obviously was not a state at the time. those traditions still run very strong in the state. many new mexicans have a strong reverence for st. francis. catholic missionary efforts in new mexico were started by the order named for him. hometown ofe of my santa fe, the oldest capital city in the country, is also named for saint francis. it's full name is love your reality and a sense of a day -- the royal town of the holy base of st. francis. the traditions of saint francis run strong in new mexico. writing in his home, praise be
11:40 pm
to you. ouras subtitled on care for common home. pope francis stated i believe st. francis is the example for the care of the vulnerable. he lived out joyfully and authentically. the patron saint of all who study and work in the area. love byhas much non-christians. he was particularly concerned for god's creation and for the poor and outcast. gifted it on climate change to president trump when he visited the pope at the vatican. francis has: catholics and people from every faith to work together to address climate change and protect the environment.
11:41 pm
in new mexico my constituents are at the front lines of local warming and we are already beginning to see the impacts of extreme weather events. thoughts onare your how you would dialogue with the change and climate the dialogue about how we should the planet? --shape the future of the plants. >> president trump was to maintain for clean air and water remains anted states environmental leader. as president trump said we will disengage and pull out of the harris agreement and either -- paris agreement. one that is fair to americans. if confirmed i look forward to working with the holy see as the united states pursues a balanced approach. promotes american jobs, american prosperity, and energy security. believe the essence
11:42 pm
and core of diplomacy is listening and having open mind. i hope you will go over there with that approach and listen to the pope. played a role to engage cuba is pope francis have used the dialogue to help resolve-ish and to engage cuba since -- differences. what are you use on this dialogue and would you work with the vatican to increase ties? >> we appreciate the concern for a better relationship between the united eights and cuba. -- the united states and cuba. human forward to advance cuba. in frida --
11:43 pm
>> i take that as no. thank you very much. >> thank you all for being here. senator to follow-up on menendez's line of questioning. you're going to be asked for your opinion. you are being nominated to your position because of your policy expertise in these areas. this is simply not enough to suggest you're going to follow orders. it is important for this committee and the senate to know what advice you will be giving. let me ask you a question you have not answered yet. if you're asked for your opinion as to whether states should
11:44 pm
retain function over visa responsibilities or it should be the department of homeland security, what would your advice be? >> this has been a subject of debate for some time. my understanding is currently the debate is framed around efficiency. when i have seen this opposable of usually in the context of efficiency initiatives and brainstorming sessions. i cannot speak to whether or not it would bring efficiency to move that from one function to another and i do not intend to advocate for that. i'm not in a position to make that call. my concern in criticizing the state department was around a nationalespect for security concerns and the rule of law. i believe those issues have been addressed. i do not intend to advocate for that change based on concern on
11:45 pm
the way the state department -- job. job to- >> i hear you to be saying that is not your intent. to be anot intend diminished bureau. bureau thatlead a will be gaining responsibility and importance in protecting our country. >> i appreciate your answer around efficiency. i don't think any of us disagree that any bureaucracy can get more efficient. it's not what is happening to the department of state. this is a focus on a greatly diminished capacity. specifically some of the biggest cuts happen under your portfolio. funding a 10% cut in for the counterterrorism bureau.
11:46 pm
to form a 30% cut four counterterrorism activities. 1.1 budget requests move a billion dollar fund down to a $680 million fund. do you think you can effectively carry out a set of responsibilities you are given with a 30% cut to funding which seems to go beyond savings that can be captured by efficiency? >> thanks for the question. i will answer it as best i can from my vantage point as an outsider. summary who has not yet often a great deal of visibility on the internal deliberations on these very important questions. with that caveat, what i can tell you is if i ever thought -- we talked about this yesterday in your office -- i can assure
11:47 pm
you that a fire thought that i did not have the resources i needed to do the job which i'm confirmed, i would have no hesitation whatsoever about raising that concern with my superiors and advocating what i deem to be necessary. >> a appreciate that answer. if that is your sincere answer, you will be in a position of advocating very early the hiring freeze that applied to the government. now it applies to one agency, the state department area you will all feel that. you will not people to hire individuals that you need in order to perform the tasks that your department and your indices -- extraordinary measures have been taken to prevent lateral .ransfers you will see functionality hollowed out because of the traditional ways are no longer available.
11:48 pm
there is something extraordinary happening right now. many of us cannot derive the motivation for it. if you felt that you did not have the resources, notwithstanding the decisions that have been made by the white house, you would argue for more resources. if we have a second round i might have one or two more. >> as long as we're on the subject, talk about your experience at dhs and the coordination that is going to be incredibly important between state and dhs. i think that is a legitimate discussion point in terms of where are these activities best carried out? dhs, oneexperience at of the most important areas of international engagement that bears real fruit in terms of counterterrorism is information sharing.
11:49 pm
it is critically important for the international allies to tell us that they know about a suspected terrorist. to tell us if they know about somebody who has criminal history as long as your forearm trying to travel to the united states. we can make trait -- great strides sharing that information since 9/11. we pioneered information sitting -- sharing. heard they need to tear down the wall. inre are not just walls domestic law, there are walls in international relations that impede the effective sharing of information. if i were confirmed that would be a top priority of mine. working with allies around the globe to talk about ways to share that information to enhance counterterrorism in both sides. >> we take a look at this message that will government
11:50 pm
with the results of an 11 commission. it is a legitimate management discussion. quite honestly, the initiative to take a look at where is best should these functions reside. i don't see any problem whatsoever with a top bottom review. there is a second branch of government here and congress will certainly engage in that. is what effective management us. postmortems, always looking at the most effective way to spend the money to get the best result. much.hank you very it is a pleasure to join my colleague in welcoming george edward glass.
11:51 pm
has probably been introduced in terms of detail. native, graduate from the university of oregon. he certainly has tremendous oregon passion. the love of outdoor spaces and football. hopefully a good season ahead. i'm grateful that he is willing to put those laws on hold to be overseas to serve our country. welcome to his wife mary. thank you for joining us today. appreciate the fact that mrs. glass is willing to join her husband in traveling in representing the united states in portugal. portugal has been a very important outside -- ally. we have seen successful economic
11:52 pm
stories unfold there. i think nurturing this relationship will be a great forice and i think you undertaking that mission. thank you for serving the great state of oregon and the united states senate. the wanted to follow-up on question that was asked in encyclical.e he gave it as a present to president trump when he was there. has president trump had a chance to read or digest that in encyclical? >> i'm not aware. i have looks at some of it. >> farther pieces that resonate for you? >> i think we are all called to be stewards of the land.
11:53 pm
as i said earlier, president trumpcare's for our environment. clean airo sustain and water and wants the united states to be an environmental leader. we are not backing off of that but we are looking to increase the security of this country. increase the security of this country. more jobs for americans and to have better prosperity. the focus is slightly different. ando what to remain environmental leader. >> the pope indicated he feels there's a huge urgency to acting quickly to address the basic factors driving climate disruption. do you share that sense of urgency? change>elieve climate exists and some is due to human behavior. athink if the present pursues better deal for americans, we will remain an environmental
11:54 pm
leader in the world. >> i appreciate your confidence. i must say i must have missed a few of the presidents statements that have given you that faith. i wish it were so. i'm not persuaded. perhaps we will see more unfold in that regard. what other two or three things to youree as the key particular responsibility, should you hold this post? >> i'm looking forward to working with the holy see to combat human trafficking. a threat to our global security. ae president has made it priority to combat human trafficking. members of this committee have made it a priority as well. a valued partner in this regard, the pope has lent international focus to this issue. if confirmed i look forward to working with you white house,
11:55 pm
congress, and the holy see to combat human trafficking around the world. of> appreciation to all complex and difficult nomination process. i yield back the rest of my time. >> looking at my list of questions, when i do follow-ups, we have pretty well covered it. everybody except for mrs. gingrich. let me give you an opportunity. george santiago, i am mispronouncing it. thoseme statement that who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it. in particular, your study of pope john paul ii. your documentary, nine days to change the world, from my standpoint that puts you in a good addition to understand the power of leadership.
11:56 pm
i believe, i am sure you do, america has been eight from nominal -- phenomenal force for good. one of the things i got involved in got me involved in public service, trying to save the catholic school system. studyu talk about your that produced those documentaries and how that learned-in= -what you terms of leadership to say --change the world. >> the movie highlights this exact topic. in 1979 pope john paul ii on a historicland program to see the polish people. it was against the wishes of the communist government. millions came out to greet the holy father. it was seen as the beginning of the end of communism in poland and eastern europe. pope john paul ii worked very
11:57 pm
closely with presidents reagan. tenures later you have the first free elections in poland. it is important that we reach out to places like the holy see to forward good in this world and make it a better place to advance peace and read them and human dignity. >> i think the investor understands and is perfectly suited. questions, we have been talking about this administration's policy towards refugees. multiple courts have held that the policy is the legal, in part because it appears discriminatory given that it is targeted at two refugees of certain countries when we have security vulnerabilities that still exist in many refugee programs. -- immigration programs.
11:58 pm
visa waiver at the top of that list. can you speak to whether you believe that the only means of protecting this country is an outright ban on refugees or whether you believe that at some point there is going to be an in and vent of this policy by the administration, may be advocated by you once you are in place, to provide additional screening within the allow it to restart do you need -- program to allow it to restart. >> thank you. as for refugee policy, i will point out that it really is not something that would fall under the bureau of affairs. that would be under drm and their relation see -- relationship with another agency. vetting,ssessing --
11:59 pm
interviews are very detailed and grow -- go into great detail about persecution story, data is spoken by every one of them to an american officer. they most certainly are in the sense that they are spoken to at great length about their qualifications. as for the current situation from certain countries and the way that is playing out, i certainly support any kind of steps necessary to review our national security posture. >> let me ask you one specific toestion and i will defer written questions for the remainder.
12:00 am
we talked in my office of our current conflicts in the middle east, the most recent intelligence estimate provided to congress shows that aqap, which has always been the most lethal and homeland oriented arm of al qaeda is growing stronger and stronger inside of yemen because of the civil war. under the obama administration there was a robust political process that secretary kerry was leading to try to and that violence and end the benefit being provided to thank you ap. p.none of theto aqa leaders see that happening today. it is by and large dead in part because the saudis feel empowered by the green light they interpret to being given through the president's visit there.
12:01 am
can you speak to the importance of a political process inside yemen, and the danger of allowing this civil war to persist given the growth of aqap during that time? mr. risch: senator, i could not agree more with the premise of your question that a purely military solution is never going to achieve the counterterrorism gains we need. what is needed is a stable environment. thrive in political vacuums. that is the lesson of afghanistan, libya, iraq. diplomatic engagement is absolutely essential to a durable and stable status quo in yemen. to bring the fighting to an end and empower local players to gain control over territorial borders. that is the only way you will get aqap under control senator.
12:02 am
>> i want to thank all of the witnesses for your testimony. congratulations again on your nominations. i want to congratulate the president. i think the selection -- your unique backgrounds and capabilities soon you will for the positions to which you have been nominated. i want to thank your families. these are serious responsibilities. again, thank you very much. with that, i have to find the secret words. do we have questions for the record? for the information of members, the record will remain open until end of business on july 30. this hearing is adjourned.
12:03 am
>> [chatter] >> at the end of today's senate session, majority leader mitch mcconnell said the senate will take a procedural vote on repealing the affordable care act next week. we will hear from president trump, senate majority leader mcconnell and senate democratic leader schumer on gop efforts to repeal the health care law coming up on c-span. c-span's "washington journal"
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live with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up wednesday morning we will continue our conversation on the federal budget. republican congressman tom reed from new york will join us to talk about that and efforts to boost u.s. manufacturing. ohio democratic caucus men tim wyatt on the republican proposal and future of the republican party. william boldin from the wall street journal will look at the future of nafta and renegotiating the agreement. future to watch "washington journal" live at 7:00 a.m. eastern wednesday morning. join the discussion. >> house republicans unveiled their $1.1 trillion 2018 budget plan tuesday. it includes $622 billion in pentagon spending and $511 billion in nondefense spending. the plan also calls for an overhaul of the u.s. tax code


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