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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 19, 2017 9:31am-10:01am EDT

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of the riots. not -- gave the order let shoot, be cool, just it go, that was the order they gave. and word got out. suddenly thereat is 50,000 people on 12th street helping themselves to everything. >>the 1967 detroit riots, live sunday, starting noon eastern on history t.v. on c-span 3. >> c-span, where history unfolds 1979, c-span was created as a public service by merica's cable television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. >> "washington journal" continues. host: so looking forward to your
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thoughts. democrats only, you view of health care at this point, effort ally the failed by republicans so far to round up enough votes. short to begin with a piece from president trump, where yesterday he talked about supporting are not the bill and whether they were being disloyal, but at the end talked about e democrats. we'll take a look and be back with your calls. loyal, they had their reasons, i was surprised when the two folks came out last thought they were in fairly good shape, but they did. everybody has their own reason, you really think about it, you look at it and we have we had no democrat support, which is really something that should be said, democrats ave had voting, it is a great plan for a lot of people. support. democrat 52 people and four no's, we might have had another one in there, essentially the vote would have been pretty 48-4, if you look at it,
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that's a pretty impressive vote standard and yet you have a vote of 48-4 or something like you need more? that's pretty tough. the way i look at it, in 18, going to have to get more people elected, we have to go people elected that are republicans and we have people, pull in those few peep they'll voted against it, theyville to explain to you hy they did and i'm sure they will have -- we have to get more republicans elected, we have to get it done. we got it passed in the house, would have gotten it very much, head as a stand, we don't want that to happen. ou are messing with the wrong guy here. -- well in '18, i would be not surprise federal were done long before that, but in any event, because is so small,margin
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we'll have to go out and get more republicans elected in '18 i'll be working hard for that to happen, okay. it would be nice to have support, really they are obstructionists, they have process, no thought all they want to do is obstruct obstruct this and think of it, so many good things, didn't get one vote and has obamacare is not failing, it's failed, gone. something is going to happen, we'll find out, stay tuned. yesterday dent there about democrats and today just a couple ile ago, left a tweets, i, meaning the president, will have lunch at today with use republican senators concerning health care, they must keep to america.e trump wrote this morning republicans never discuss how the health care bill is, it will get better at lunchtime, if emocrats scream death as
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obamacare dies, couple tweets from the president. brian on the line from robertsville, missouri, democrats only. what do you make of this situation, brian? caller: hi, thank you for taking my call. of it is this is one-third of our deficit. universal health care, you don't need to behave, medicaid or d alone e, you -- that would pay for everything. you get the insurance companies out of there and you control the prices, we would actually have money coming back to our for the politicians to wait. third ance the budget, a is tax cut for the rich, that is coming up next and the other out of control spending. we have a county clerk up in a that makes over bonuses and r, add
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benefits over $100,000 a year making for a $30,000 a year job. are all paid off from the nsurance companies mostly, not past universal health care. that is all that will work, that is what i want to tell ryan before, that is why the losing because hey won't stand for nothing, obama caved on everything. thanks for taking my call, have a good day. jacksonville, florida, melvin on the line. again, democrats only. the n, what do you make of way the republicans are handling the health care issue at this point? frustrated, i'm very by the process. you know, republicans want to inputabout how they had no back in, when they were drafting bill. 88 amendments filed by
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democrats and republicans. amendments were by republicans and of the 210 amendments, 160 of the amendments were passed and there of things that made a lot progressives very upset, like public option off the table. i'm frustrated with the process democrats, we need to stand up and let the truth be known. guide just like to everybody to an article from 2010, back the g.o.p. on health care reform by ethan sherwood straus, in article from of 2009 that says this is what bipartisanship looks like. thank you. host: to martha in virginia beach, virginia, good morning. good morning. is in an area which
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controlled by a hospital company called pantera, and they control and doctors tals offices and everything else, so how it is really going to affect this area, that is -- i feel for people who, you under this system because i have to go to all doctors and honest with you, i don't really think that is a good itself.system in thank you. host: thanks for calling. charles hurt of the washington times says, blame democrats who reated obamacare and are dishonest about it. he writes to listen to house minority leader pelosi or schumer talk about obamacare, think this is not what they signed up for when they jammed obamacare through debate and h little
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zero bipartisan support. expect heck did you putting federal bureaucrat necessary charge of the american people's health care? it would be messy forever, did you really think washington was all ofest suited to make the decisions about the most intimate and personal health decision? democrat says charles hurt, washington dave, irvine, california. how you doing? how you doing? comment, they need single-payer people are for the poor and stuff and need like if you ant to go to your regular doctor, let the rich people pay per their insurance. he reason you need single payer, you can't have 40% of all emergencygoing to the room and you go out and commit a crime and they put you in prison 100% medical. charlie manson is getting his they had a rison,
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guy in prison that wanted a sex change, he was in for murder and let him out. you'll have to pay for it one way or the other. payer, put single everybody in the pool and the rates exactly down. to can't have people going the emergency room, the people love it. dex : to dayton, ohio, calling in. caller: president trump calling obstructionists sdshgs he say they don't have the right to vote the way they believe? in hey don't believe something, they don't believe in it. it?should they vote for the republicans didn't vote in the first place, i don't think obamacare is perfect, but just fix what we have, not worry about about -- i think they call it bamacare, they want to see black man's care is that good and i don't think that is right.
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it's health care. top calling it names, stop worrying about who is getting credit for it and just fix bewho there and not wor did what in the past? host: can you see both sides together, house, congress, democrats, republican? are r: not the way they now, i see certain people, yes, it., some would do nfortunately, the political process pressures them to not do that. wayne.ear from good morning, wayne. for taking my call. people need to realize the current administration is the american public, this bill was never about health are, the only thing this bill was about was tax cuts for the rich. matter is that and ve administration
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republican party only worried about their own self interest about the are less evident public, it is by policies they have written. electing more cons or office is one the of the worst things we could possibly do. host: thanks for calling. is the washington times take on this, front page today. it die, he's t referring to the obamacare, the so-called obamacare bill. they write the president hreatened tuesday to let the obamabill collapse under its own weight. senator chuck schumer spoke yesterday in reaction to the said let obamacare fail, here is what the senator had to say. be very clear about what the president is proposing would lead.s path
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the president would not be collapse," heacare is actively, actively trying to systemne the health care in this country using millions americans as political pawns in a cynical game. the ntinuing to deny surance markets their certainty they need to function, the president is playing a with the health care of our country. republican colleagues here in have a choice to make, they can follow the president down path that will to higher premiums, less of americans ons losing coverage. they can join president trump in sabotage the system and hurt millions of innocent try and make a political point that is failed
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already. r they can start working with democrats. host: more headlines, second replacement has been kill gop bill, the dayton aily news, the alaska dispatch news this morning, merkowski, epublican of the state, rejecting aca repeal as flows.ican effort moving on, the press telegram out of long beach, california, is the headline, prognosis, southland patient health care bill fails, moving from california to crumbles.a.c.a. here is the president's quote, let obamacare fail. journal star from pe illinois. a.c.a. repeal effort sputters and another headline here from
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morning call in allentown, pennsylvania. bamacare repeal dead on arrival. southe lewis calling from carolina now. what do you make of all of this? caller: ooh, first of all, good morning, america and c-span. you know, it's just remarkable can look at the trump letting b care of just everything go for millions of show concernant to bout the syrian people being gassed. we know that is hypocritical of the president to make statements that, his true colors are showing. one caller w, ouched on it and i really believe it is all about race, it is racism in the republican of all those white obamacare do not want
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to exist in our country, they to try anything they can o eradicate it just to put something else in do america health. don't understand it, i don't see why they don't tweet what is is high, premium should be no problem bringing it down with less money, but at the want to go ahead on and cancel everything because obama name is on it. they don't want obama to take of they mama. host: shern, your take on the debate in washington? caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. believe that our democrats, ur leadership, it's time for them to step up. they need to reach across the this.e need to repair we have so many people who are
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finally able to get coverage with the a.c.a. we need them to continue having that. us who have insurance through our employers, our skyrocketed, to see an't get in doctors or specialists because they won't accept our insurance whereas before all his happened, they would have accepted. we need to step up as people, we to come -- what the previous caller stated, it's frightening to me that it would come down to race, believes that. it is race, it can't be that way. we have got to step up as people demand they repair it, do not repeal it, repair it. with are finally covered this, that is my take. host: okay, about 10 minutes the before we send it to
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house of representatives, they're in at 10:00 for morning hour, noon for business, they have more energy related tems on the floor today, as been the process all week. next week they turn to fiscal budget.and the the senate continues on today with nominations and we mention inviting ent republican senators to the white house today, we'll see if there surrounding that event, but the "wall street there will inds me next week, yet, even the day defections make it clear the effort would fail. this move from mcconnell mean vote theyan to hold a expect to lose. unusual move that may be designed to let the senate move from the health debate after turbulent month-long effort to the
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republicans saying they wouldn't upport a broader health bill, two major elth efforts by party hours, the wall street republicans wanted to focus on winning senate seat committeed 18 and a it would seek challenges against .o.p. senators, that is in the "wall street journal." deb has been hanging on from houston, texas, good morning, deb. morning, i'm in 55-year-old a alliative patient, i am ill but not with a date yet. uninsured when affordable care act was worked on and done. the effect here is like reliving some kind of twilight zone.
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live in shadow of the texas medical center with barbara bush her husbandary with at methodist and the people that ive here in the county, in harris county, we have two ounty real old run down hospitals and harris county, stadiums for all, i the one person explain problem and will pass this on to you because i hadn't heard this angle. two groups of people that have to go down with the ship, all the medicaid people, getting nothing nyway or the people that do work and deductibles are $5000 kids' can't get the medicine. why does one group of us have to know, that sh, you is the whole thing. cornyn, i sendohn
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a postcard every monday, they call.answer the urgess says health care is not a right. i make $736 a month, less than $10,000 a year. i will not have a health savings to remember people th -- can't buy and can't take family.their they care about me. how ed and blue, that is they make money off of it, fighting and quit blaming media worrying about russia will be taken care of by mueller. health care, s on we all see it and are hurting. that is what i want to tell you, for the host: thank you, deb, thank you for sharing your situation with our audience. south bend, indiana, you are on the lieb now. democrats only, your view of the
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healthcare situation this far and the failure on the part of the g.o.p.? caller: yeah, i love your show. affordable care act should be termed wall street care. positions for national health and we wish expose c-span would cover numbers of the top five u.s. health nsurers by the statements that sore. title of the bill is medicare single payer john you want to get involved, call your congressman. senators told them to support single payer. lastly, world health organization, maybe c-span can group.ebody on from that america ranks 39 out of the top 0 countries in the world for healthcare, best systems in the world do not go through wall class.and billionaire
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number one in the world, france, number two, italy, they have a single-payer health plan like america should have had years ago. want to get involved, call your congresspeople, tell them hr676, medicare for votededicare and medicaid best healthplan in america. works of healthcare, great for people who sell it, ut americans can't afford to buy it. host: thanks for calling. we'll get a few more on before up.rap from "washington post," shaping ealth care bill, senator sidelined trump and now they're paying the price. republicans began working on healthcare legislation, they spectacles,from two unpopular health bill and resident of the united states prematur remature -- senator majority
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leader mcconnell decided to work up a different bill inside office and let trump on the sideline where he stayed. t might have seemed right move back then, pushing away unpopular president whose thin more cerebrial -- reach consensus needed to repeal dreaded affordable care act tweett the din of trump's storms getting in the way. week, however -- of how difficult major legislative undertakings can do, picking ights with t.v. note host and randy is calling from michigan. good morning. morning, paul, i'd like to start by thanking you and all the men and women blind
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scenes for bringing this great show. thank you, you are doing a great the nation. being only a high school graduate, i learned in civics when you have of house, senate and presidency, that you own under your pens watch. , on the aca, he made it clear he didn't want democrats.the this one here, mr. trump, you're owns it, so are the republicans, you want, you brag seven ving a plan for years, you're the guys that go 't get it done, don't blame us democrats, we asked you way back to start, you didn't us. to join we didn't invoke that reconciliation back then.
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to join, thank -- for host: go ahead, john. caller: good morning. thank god for c-span because it allows us americans, real to voice our opinions. mitch mcconnell in the beginning of barack obama's presidency, said one thing he's going to toward is time making opinions. president obama a one-term president. willing to work with him on anything, he wasn't illing to discuss with him and he made his stance from the beginning. i think this is personal. this is personal with republicans, mitch mcconnell and against barack obama. they don't call it the health are plan, a.c.a., they call it the rock obamacare, that is wrong. i think president trump fhe to make america great, because we're democrats, e're republicans, we're
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independents in america f. he wants to make america great he n, like he says, then would bring democrats onboard, drain the swamp, that would drain the swamp. bring democrats onboard, republicans onboard, and do a ts onboard healthcare plan, tweak what we already have and you can call it call it, ou want to make it right for the american people. great, like he said. that is my comment, start americans ether as and come up with solutions to make it great for america and stop doing bickering and fussing and arguing, it looks ridiculous, it does to me as an my life, got to look crazy to foreigners and folks from the outside looking allowing me toor enforce my opinion. host: words of john there in writes about senator o'connell, blow to the majority obamacaree failure of lowest point at the g.o.p.
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senator. despite republican in the white ouse, control congress seven years of campaign proktiss, mcconnell acknowledge today did not have votes to start bebaiting -- sxrafrng ce the senators, moderate and conservatives blamed each for over who was at fault the setback. a lot more at rene, california, good morning. caller: good morning. to comment on what the other gentleman has said democrats really when obama came into office, refused to work with barack obama, they had a dinner even that said, we refuse to him on anything, we'll make him a one-term president. would wish the democrats
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speak up about that a little bit more. they never seem to talk about it. they never bring up the fact obstructionists like republicans have been is ructionists, i think it funny even the bipartisanship going on in this country, he's a carnival barker and they all know it and still support him. frustrating. that is all i want to say. host: one last caller, i think nelson from st. louis. agree good morning, i what the lady just said, president obama came in, epublicans made a vow they would do everything and they aid, i mean, everything, according to john boehner, to down or obstruct president obama. o the affordable care act was originally a republican idea took on fornt obama
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himself and then republicans 145 able to submit amendments to the affordable own act, they oppose their amendments. so, the trouble, then they tried program, that is why we're having trouble with obamacare right now. opposition. host: nelson, thanks for calling. time to go live to the u.s. hour. for morning legislative business at noon today, energy on the agend a. lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, a. hington, d.c. lays before thh ouse a communication from the speaker. 2017.9, i hereby appoint the honorable 2017. i hereby appoint the honorable bruce westerman to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the the spr


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