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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 20, 2017 7:00am-7:39am EDT

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for renewed stability in congress. then a discussion about national security with congressman jimmy panetta, cochair of the newly created democratic caucus national security task force. ♪ host: good morning. in and in her be with the new york times, president trump said he would not have picked attorney general jeff sessions if he had known he would recuse himself on the russian investigation. he also said robert mueller should not widen his scope and look beyond the russia investigation. the interview happened yesterday right after the president sat down for lunch with republican senators to publicly pressure them to move forward on repealing and replacing the affordable care act saying if they cannot agree to the draft of legislation to do so they should at least repeal now and replace later.
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an action is not an option, said the president. this and any action is comforted by the news that senator john mccain has been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor that will require treatment and more time away from his work in washington. more on all of those stories coming up. washington journal. we ask all of you to give us your take on this repeal now and replace later strategy. are you for it or against it? democrats (202) 748-8000. republicans (202) 748-8001. independents (202) 748-8002. or facebookwitter as well. we want to get your thoughts on health care this morning. start dialing in. the phone lines are open. to your thoughts on whether or not repeal now replace later is a good strategy let me show you what the president had to say in his own
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words. the audio of the president's interview with the new york times on attorney general jeff sessions. >> sessions gets the job. right after he gets the job he recuses himself. >> was that a mistake? neversions should have recused himself and if he was going to recuse himself at you should have told the before he took the job and i would have picked somebody else. job,sessions takes the gets into the job, recuses .imself think is veryi unfair to the president. how do you take a job and then recuse yourself? if you would have recused himself before the job i would have said, thanks but i'm not going to take you. it's extremely unfair and that's a mild word to the president. so he recuses himself.
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host: president trump on the attorney general in that interview with the new york times yesterday. he also gave more details about the meeting he had with vladimir putin previously undisclosed at the g20 when they were having dinner. it was reported that that meeting took place and it was about an hour. here's what the president had to say to the new york times. she sitting next to somebody else. i went down just to say hello to milani up. pleasantries more than anything else. it was not a long conversation. it could be 15 minutes. talked about things. actually it was very interesting. reduction.bout russian reduction.
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i talked about russian adoption with him which is interesting because that was a part of the conversation that don had. call up andpeople say we have information on your opponent. .ost politicians host: you can hear and read what the president had to say if you go to the new york times website. . also inside the newspaper this morning they have the transcript of the interview. the president describing the russia investigation. the president sat down for this interview after he had lunch with senators to tell them they need to move on health care. he said his preference is the repeal and replace bill that has been drafted by mitch mcconnell. if they can't do that they have to repeal now and replace later. that's our question for you this morning.
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the you agree with that strategy? let's listen to mitch mcconnell at the white house yesterday after he had lunch with the president. there is a large majority in our conference i want to demonstrate to the american people that they intend to keep the commitment they made in four straight elections to repeal obama care. i think we all agree it's better to both repeal and replace. we could have a vote on either. if we end up voting on repeal only, they will be fully amendable on the senate floor. if it were to pass without any amendment at all, there is a two-year delay before it kicks in. the take away from what i'm telling you no harm is done by getting the bill. the matter what i offer as a substitute first, it's fully amendable. host: mitch mcconnell after
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meeting with the president. when he talks about the bill being fully amendable, they first have to get to the bill. this is from the wall street journal this morning. earlier this week three said they would oppose the motion to proceed on a repeal only bill. unless one of them changes her mind, debate can't begin because democrats are uniformly opposed. repeal now, replace later. tim in arlington, texas. what do you think? absolute worste idea he's ever had so far. this is absolutely crazy. we have never been able to trust him to come out with anything honest about anything. he has zero plan in place. all he's doing is leaving the company and the entire country without health care. there's absolutely nothing he americanthat gets an
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person any faith in the ability to put something in place that might be good for this country. let's say the repeal and replace doesn't happen. they don't have the votes for it. something,ust legislation, if democrats were part of the process? about: it's not even whose part of the process. it's not transparent. they have absolutely nothing out there for us to actually look at and see. if they come to the table i don't care who it comes from if they come to the table with something in writing that shows us what's going to happen and how it's going to be handled than it would be something to get behind. until that time they shouldn't touch anything because all they are doing is denying everybody everything and denying us all the knowledge and the transparency we should have. host: deryl in plainfield, indiana. good morning. what do you think?
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i say we leave theything as it is until have anything tangible they can show the american people that it would make the affordable care act better. they haven't showed anything. they haven't been transparent. in showing us a plan that would make it better. it's like a crapshoot. they're are just shooting money in the dark. it is still designed to give the and entitlements. and that's not fair to american people. and it's not showing what is designed for to make it more affordable for the people in need of care.
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i just can't see it. host: should democrats work with republicans if it comes to that? caller: it should be bipartisan. flip the script when they called it obamacare. republicans weren't working. it's not the fact of democrats or republicans. whatould be the fact that they need to do his work for the american people. host: one senator that agrees with you is john mccain. as many of you know, after surgery last week to remove a blood clot he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. there is the washington post. is he has said he is in good spirits. the statement did not say when
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he would return to washington. many good wishers on twitter. hospitallise from a himself said, praying for my friend john mccain. one of the toughest people i know. and gabrielle giffords from arizona, hang in there, john mccain. you are tough. you can beat this. i am proud to call you my friend. donald trump, we send our thoughts and prayers to senator mccain. get well soon. , johnrmer president mccain is an american hero and one of the bravest fighters i have ever known. mccaskill who was diagnosed with cancer herself, senator from missouri. we can't wait to welcome you to the club. you got this. cancer survivors is what she had to say.
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the former commitment from michigan, my friend john mccain sob. dogged old ess and meghan mccain had a statement that she had on twitter saying it won't surprise you to learn that in all of this the one of us who was most confident and calm is my father. he is the toughest person i know. the aggressions of political life could not bend him. he is meeting this challenge as he has every other cancer may afflict him but it will not make him surrender. nothing ever has. the daughter of john mccain with her statement on twitter. let's go to martha in huntington, indiana. republican. senator john mccain will not be returning to the senate for a while while he undergoes this cancer treatment, complicating
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the efforts out here for what the president and the leader of the senate are doing should be either repeal and replace or repeal now, replace later. what do you think about straight repeal? caller: i think they should just straight repeal it and just take the time getting the new one done. i think they didn't take enough time on the other one. let's get it right on this one. host: what about the uncertainty for markets if there's not a replacement right away for the affordable care act? caller: i don't know. i just think there's more than the stock market. i think they just should take their time and get it right. north carolina. independent. good morning. what do you think? caller: i opposed.
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-- i oppose. is likeeason for this senator mccain, he has an injury that we should be focusing on. opposethe reason they and what to appeal. it's because obama's name is on it. they don't think about people like senator mccain. who has cancer right now. be the thing you should be focused on. the injury and the sickness that affect the american people regardless of whether you are republican, democrat or whatever. the main point is they just oppose it because it's obamacare. and come down front and stop lying to the american people. i'm a world war ii veteran.
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a korean war veteran. and a vietnam veteran. and i'm catching hell here with these people trying to get my compensation and everything right. all of these and i support senator mccain because he was a military man, too. on the sickness that affects the american people. a military man, an 80-year-old military man from a longtime military family. jenny in lancaster, ohio. you are on the air. caller: hello. this is what i think. i am republican, but i wish democrats and republicans would quit worrying about their own egos and agendas and work for the american people. all they're doing is worrying about what side they are on and
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that's too bad about john mccain. because he is a fighter and i do appreciate him. anybody that serves our country. we should take care of them. i think it's awful about some of the va hospital's and so forth. they just drag everything out. they want to fight over everything and they are too worried about their own agendas to take care of the american people. jenny and ohio. 20 republican senators met last night on capitol hill to try to hammer out a deal. saysall street journal these 20 gop senators huddled for more than two hours wednesday night but wasn't clear if they have gotten any closer to securing the needed 50 votes. hard to say upon leaving the meeting. staffhouse chief of reince priebus came to the
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meeting. he was asked to stay in a room separate from the one where senators held their discussions because some lawmakers wanted to speak privately. initially they had invited staff. priebus along with the legislative liaison between the white house and congress. in the end the senators wanted to be left alone. no white house chief of staff and no mr. short in the meeting. it were in a separate room while the senators discussed this. here's a headline tag to the conversation. usa today front page. 32 million more could be uninsured. the congressional budget office says obamacare repeal plan would increase premiums. a bill the senate plans to vote on next week to repeal parts of obamacare would make the insurance market unstable. raise premiums and increased by 32 million the number of uninsured people. taxes to pay for
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it -- the legislation would still decrease deficits by 473 billion over 10 years as of the spending reduction. the repeal bill is similar to one approved by the house and senate in 2015 but vetoed by barack obama. legislation would immediately and the important care act mandate for people to end insurers and insurers to offer it. the regulations on what insurers have to cover and the requirement that they not turn down sick people seeking coverage. insurance plans could cost about 50% more after subsidies are limited and could double in 10 years. with that information, what do you all think? do you oppose or support the idea of repealing the affordable care act and replacing it with
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something down the road? a democrat in washington, utah. you are next. president trump, it his main thing -- he's a businessman. he's not good for our country. he's too unpredictable. for like he's got a hard on barack obama because he was a black man. anything barack did, he wants to change it. he's jealous. he's jealous of the man. and barack obama was a good president. everything that comes out of trump's mouth is a lie. host: let's stick to health care. what do you think they should do? caller: i think they should leave it alone. it, take theeplace time to figure out the ways they need to fix it. don't come in and change the whole thing. not everything is perfect. how many thousands of people
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americans health insurance? some didn't get it. -- they-- they just need to leave it be. it's working. when they find out it's not working, then work on that one. host: mary and more so, pennsylvania. you are next. good morning. i think obamacare never should have been done in the first place. they ought to just leave it be. let it fall on its own. and then the democrats will see how the american people will be ofeaming about the expense everything. because nothing ever changes. the working person pays for everything. host: did you vote for president
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trump? caller: yes. int: you have a republican the white house. you have a republican-controlled congress. if they just let obamacare be as it is and it fails -- caller: collapse. collapse. collapse. host: if it fails, do they bear responsibility since they are in power? caller: no. they didn't start it. obama started it. so it's on obama. host: ok. here's the washington post. the anti-trump protest unlikely to feel democratic voters. the pool offers conflicting forecasts for the midterm elections with voters clearly preferring democrats in control of congress to check president trump even as republicans appear more motivated to show up at the polls. 52% say they want democrats to control the next congress.
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anti-trump protest does not to have translated into heightened democratic voter enthusiasm. it could temper democrat hopes majorityg the house next year. trump's low approval rating which dropped to 36% could also be significant if it fails to improve in the next year. the survey suggests a shifting electric could propel democrats to major gains if voters have skipped previous midterm elections show up to cast ballots in 2018. a republican in danbury, connecticut. lifer: for america expectancy declined during obamacare. i think obamacare contributed to it. the country was less healthy. off in thater respect prior to its enactment. think any one party has the wisdom to write a law that
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will solve health care. i think democrats, obamacare or anything that would replace it would be just as bad. it's too complicated. involves too many people. host: elizabeth, democrat. what do you think? i am totally -- i am thelly against repealing affordable care act. until something else is in place. fors absolutely unnecessary people to lose pre-existing conditions. i'm disabled. i would not be able to have insurance. i have worked all my life until a couple years ago. when i got hurt. so i'm sorry.
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i know the affordable care act it really isn't affordable and that's what we really need to do needople in our government to put on their big boy and girl pants and work together because this is just getting out of hand. poll from fox. throughaken sunday tuesday foreign support continues to fall for the gop to replaceoffered president obama's signature law. only 25% of voters favor the latest health care bill which was pulled monday. that's less than the 27% who favored last months senate draft and false short of those who support the house bill in may. 52% favors the second bill for the house legislation. if existing law isn't repealed
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47% of all voters say congressional republicans deserve all or most of the blame. in glenwood springs, colorado. independent. what do you think? i support the repeal of obamacare and just letting it collapse. it's not the government's job to be everybody's daddy. with your previous callers said the congress needs to put on their big boy pants or some nonsense. it's not government's job to take care of people. that's really about it. harold, new jersey. a republican. caller: good morning. the political contributions control the agenda, sadly. i am a 94-year-old veteran. with a big family, we have all been devastated by obamacare. passed athould have the first place. they said, you have to pass it
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to find out what's in it. canproponents of it said it only pass because the american voters are stupid. that's what the democrats said when they passed it. the political contributions come from the trial lawyers. planned parenthood takes millions of dollars they get and return a good portion of it and political contributions to the democrats. that's why they will never support a clean good bill. because of the trial lawyers and planned parenthood given the money back. they want that political contributions that takes millions of dollars to rent campaign. host: all right, harold. on twitter, here is shelley west virginia. senators who said they would not allow a bill to repeal the affordable care act to even come to debate on the senate floor. potus agreessays
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that we cannot just to repeal obama care without a replacement plan that addresses the needs of west virginians. in one of the first responses to the senator, club for growth says we are glad you agreed in 2015's bill was repeal and replace. 17 whenpping into a there is potus ready to sign? andvoted in 2015 to repeal maybe you did so because you knew president obama would veto it. but i'm here now and he's waiting for them to take action. the president yesterday saying to senators, you shouldn't leave town until you do so. blue-collar voters and democrat strongholds still support trump. after putting pennsylvania in the republican column in nearly
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three decades, working-class voters say they are still happy they took a gamble in sending a celebrity new york billionaire to shake up washington. stephen, good morning. go ahead. good morning. not only do i oppose this whole repeal thing, there are with they problems aca. but they are fixable. let's remind everybody that the aca is based on a heritage foundation proposal for health care in the united states and it was a conservative republican proposal. that has been implemented. are there problems? yes. ruel tot be abjectly c put 30 million people -- it
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doesn't make sense that americans should have such anxiety and suffering. other thingssome about planned parenthood taking millions of dollars and putting it back into campaigns. i'm just amazed at some of this stuff. russian headlines this morning. back to the new york times interview president did yesterday. on the front page. after molars investigation, the special counsel to cross a hisine if it looked at finances related to russia. he did not say what he would do about it. below that is a story in the new york times about regulators review german bank at the center of trump's finances. during the presidential campaign donald trump pointed to his with deutsche bank
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to counter reports that take banks were skeptical of doing business with him. now that two decades long relationship is coming under scrutiny. deutsche bank has been in contact with federal investigators about the trump account. the bank is expecting to eventually have to provide information to robert mueller. this story in the washington post. trump and cia program in syria. president trump has decided to end the program charm and train syrian rebels battling the government of bashar al-assad. the move long sought by russia. a central plank of a policy begun by the obama administration in 2013 to put pressure on assad to step aside.
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backers have questioned its efficacy. the anti-program as an assault on its interests. also this morning, there's this story in the new york times about paul manafort. the former campaign manager of president trump. the lead paragraph by mike mcintyre reporting that records the secretyear, attack haven of cyprus were paul manafort kept bank accounts during his years working in ukraine and investing with the russian oligarchs indicate that he has been in debt to pro-russian interests by as much as 17 million before he joined donald trump's campaign in march 2016. a spokesman for mr. metaphor it says he is not indebted to this oligarchs were the party of regions which is a pro-russian part of ukraine nor was he at
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the time he began working for a trump campaign. pointman says the broader is that he did not collude with the russian government to influence the 2016 campaign. investigation into whether or not the russians interfering in the election. those investigations on capitol hill according to the wall street journal. we will hear from mr. metaphor to a lot of donald trump jr. and jared kushner. mr. kushner is set to hold a private interview on monday with senate intelligence committee. 's firstown wal-mart time speaking with congressional investigators. of the trump administration have testified before the senate panels as part of the russia probe. next week's it interview show the inquiries extending to some people closest to the president including his family members. that's the latest on russia.
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got in plainville, kansas. republican. good morning. what do you think on this issue of health care? caller: repeal now, replaced later. there is -- it's so big that you in't just whip something up six or eight months. as a republican i have listened for seven years. we have got to repeal this. we're going to repeal this. we've got something. i figured they had something ready. but they didn't. now we have these republicans who two years ago they were all for repeal and now when it comes time to actually do it, we can't do that. because there are going to be 29 that are going to be covered. while half of those 20 million people didn't want the health
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care to begin with. they didn't sign up for it. of 20 million, that's 10 people left out there that's not going to be covered. ok? at six this. you cannot -- you can keep your doctor. that was a lie. health care costs are going to go down. that's a lie. everything the aca was supposed to fix they've made worse. you blame for not having a replacement plan ready to go? caller: i blame everybody. there were people out there who thought, ok. we will do this. it will look good. it's actually
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happened because there were a lot of people who did not think president trump was going to get this threw them a curve ball and now they're trying to scramble and figure out just what -- i'm going to have to do what i promised i was going to do. there's a whole bunch of politicians in washington will say and do whatever it takes so they can stay in politics. host: peggy in washington state. independent. what do you think? i think we should bring the democrats in. the republicans should get the democrats and everybody together. and i think they can get it done. host: just take the time to fix it. caller: yes. because it could be to disastrous. headline more quick
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from the wall street journal. top court revises travel bantered supreme court reinstated the trump administration's plans to keep many refugees from entering the u.s. but blocked the white house from sweeping travel restrictions on families of american residents. court in a one-page order wednesday prohibiting the trump administration from banning travel by people from six muslim majority countries. did say the administration could move ahead for now to been a broad group of refugees with no u.s. family ties. a short break. when we come back, turn our attention to members of congress . first up, republican mark sanford of south carolina with his views on the need for more stability in congress and later california democrat jimmy
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panetta. cochair of the democratic caucus national security task force. that's coming up on the washington journal. ♪ >> sunday night on afterwards. journalist cheryl attkisson reports on houseware tactics are used to influence public opinion smear: how, the shady political operatives and fake news control what you see, how you think and how you vote. she's interested by washington post media critic.
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>> you don't stick up for mccain. you hammer the washington post who you feel has not properly reported on this incident. , donalded to saying trump, where he spent john mccain. >> no offense to you. this was the washington post i wrote about. i'm not here to cheer on or defend john mccain or donald trump. i think the media behavior -- and people do mistake when you for howe media behavior it treats donald trump. it doesn't mean i support him or am cheering him on. i can see those as separate things. it is misread often as you must .e supporting him it has nothing to do with that. it's looking at what i see as fair or accurate media coverage about the candidate and i have spoken out and frequently about that. >> watched sunday night at 9:00 eastern on c-span twos but tv.
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booktv.n2's >> it's hard to believe this was once a thriving and booming business district, but it really was. there were stores owned by black, white, you name it. it, a rock was thrown. a glass was broken. fire started. it wasn't just black folks. it was one of the most integrated incidents that is ever happened in detroit. >> join us on the 50th anniversary of the 1967 detroit riots. live sunday starting at noon eastern on american history tv on c-span3. host: washington journal continues. -- host: i want to begin with


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