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tv   Washington Journal Representative Jimmy Panetta Discusses National...  CSPAN  July 20, 2017 3:17pm-3:33pm EDT

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>> another one of the events at the white house this week on president trump's made in america agenda, also happening at the white house, the deputy press secretary, sara huckabee sanders, finishing up her briefing. the associated press saying that the president, donald trump, has confidence, quote in attorney general jeff sessions. look for that briefing later at we are waiting to take you live to the helsinki commission and their discussion on the russian leadership on president putin. we'll have that coming up at 3:30 eastern. we'll have it live here on c-span. in the meantime, part of today's "washington journal." host: freshman congressman jimmy panetta. many of you are thinking that last name sounds familiar. the son of leon panetta. thank you for being here. why start this task force? my cochairs approached me
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and said we would like you to be on this. we feel the democrats need to recapture messaging when it comes to security policy. the democrats need to make sure credibility is associated with national security. be it credibility with national security abroad. that is something we want to work out and make sure we obtain that information and that we are a forcefuliculate message. history of the united states is about making sure we get out there and promote the common good.
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we have done that historically by engaging with partnerships and other countries. countries look to us to provide that and we must continue that. is basically starting a discussion early on, yesterday was spoke with former secretary william perry, our first meeting , secretary albright, we have and we director basically start these discussions and make sure we're hearing from people involved in our national security structure. we start to obtain information and articulate a proper message. democrats do stand for the security of the united states of america. host: where do you believe the united states these to be
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tougher question mark what countries are adversaries? guest: we have the list out -- russia, north korea, dealing with terrorism. he takes outward thinking. we need to continue looking at partnerships with other countries in those areas to deal .ith it host: what about afghanistan and making decisions on this? times -- new york times the other day -- in afghanistan? guest: i served in 2008 what -- under president bush.
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it is the longest war in our nation pauses history. it is something where we cannot just leave the country. no doubt. do, there will be a vacuum created in the noise will be filled mostly by an entity we don't want. we are guiding the country along ensuring that only their safety but our safety. that is an issue and i believe the white house does need to be involved in the decision-making process. we are fortunate to have someone in that position as part of this stash whenunderstand commanding general and general manager, as secretary of defense, i'm sure the children -- the general will
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invide necessary strategy how to deal with the future of afghanistan and our presence there. call it what you want. to put for that amount of troops, let's listen to it and hear why. of decision-making, you want to go through at least a couple of layers of vetting. host: on the government of bashar al-assad. guest: that obviously does not .ean we are leaving syria
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we have to be engaged, a country like syria. there in the south -- in the ceremony, what happened after that? needs to bea engaged in one way or the other. as a part of a special operations task force that focused on high-value targets, it gave me a sense of what was going on in the middle east and what has been going on in the sense it is very focused and targeted and we need to continue the strategy. let's hear what our caller has to say. caller: thank you for taking my call. i want to talk about civility. i stayed over to talk to you, sir, a democrat.
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the day after the election, democrats and certain societies trump toher to stop they have to do everything are in step with each other against everything he brings msnbc arethat cnn and going along with him. the only time i get any kind of good news, i feel like our government has fallen down because there is so much against trump. host: let's have the congressman respond. guest: this is an issue i have been dealing with as a new member for the past six months. walk and chew gum
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at the same time. of course there's pushback but i do believe democrats need to come with our own messaging, our own strategy on how to bring the country forward. coming into congress, sure, you saw a separation between democrats and republicans. the week after our election, we were separated. democrats went to one side and republicans went to the other. what we eventually ended up doing is kicking leadership out of the room, coming together, and talking together. we have more in common than we do apart. from constituents like i heard from the campaign and they sent us back here not to go our own way but to get it done
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and do it together. i was listening to the representative when he was talking about civility. there are times when we will have to stand our ground and pushback. to push backnue against president trump but at the same time, we need to work together. important in my neck of the woods. it takes humans to produce these crops. we need these workers coming to the country to help with our community and culture. when that message together freshman democrats and republicans came together to talk about immigration. he will see this more. the is why i'm a part of bipartisan working group that gets together every week. these are purely bipartisan
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groups, same number of democrats and republicans in the caucus coming together and talking about how to move the process forward and how we can do these jobs for the american people. you're on the air. caller: thank you for your service. ike -- i'm glad you guys are taking this up. this guy originated the birther. he was on alex jones. give me a break. but national security, the arms , the question i have is andwas qatar terroristic
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then we did a $12 billion purchase a day later? let's talk about that because it is one area where we see headlines in the paper but not a lot of discussion about the is happening with relationship between saudi arabia and other countries. guest: that is something to be mindful of but we need to also understand the historical relationship, what they have done for us in our ventures in the middle east. it is clearly one of the relationships like all relationships should be. trust but verify. understand what is going on. , we have aworks close intelligence sharing relationship with them. i hope we continue that aspect of. host: lori, independent. caller: thanks for taking my
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call to the trust but verify is a good, that we need to take heat today. -- take heed today. have such a hard time trusting what is going on with the white house. i can honestly say in the past i have leaned more along democratic side. time, i'm having a hard with both parties because of all the talk going on on both sides. with what isto do going on with the people of the united states today. because of the fact that you are noting such discord with each representative of each but some of them, you want to talk about what happened with the congressman who got i wish johnrd knows
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mccain well with -- well wishes. i hope he gets well. but you cannot throw fuel on the fire and then want to point at the media. and blame it all on the reporters and so forth and what is going on there. you have representatives in congress saying things about this and that. i do believe we need to investigate it with russia. it does not stop until we get to the end of it wherever that will lead. where do democrats agree with the president's foreign-policy agenda? guest: what she just said when she started off the, something people need to listen to. democrats and republicans need to listen.
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there is a growing frustration with the building that stands behind you with both political parties. number seeing a growing decline. i believe that is why we have president trump. he was the effect of dissatisfaction. we need to talk to roughly two people in here with exactly what is said. our job isunderstand to get things done and do it together. we will continue to push back on president trump especially when it comes to his dealings with russia, making sure that is
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appropriate and fully investigated. could never just stand up in court and say someone is guilty in and sit down. you prove your case. you present evidence, clear and concise evidence, that people can [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] we're going take you now to a discussion on russia's vladimir putin. his geopolitical goals and interests. it's being held by the commission on security and cooperation in europe. more commonly known as the helsinki commission. live coverage just getting under way here on c-span. >> corruption takes many forms. but the one that concerns us thieves. ule by nowhere is this idea of corruption as a system of government more fully realized than in the russian federation.


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