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  President Trump Announces Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Initiative  CSPAN  July 20, 2017 7:46pm-8:01pm EDT

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presidency, there were scores and scores of people in illinois who had known in years earlier, who were deeply disappointed with the trajectory of the obama presidency, disappointed in two ways. number one, disappointed that the people, many of the people, most of the people, who were central to his political -- >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's, q and a. >> next, president trump announces a joint partnership to modernize from a suitable glass packaging. according to the white house, the total investment in the initiative is expected to reach $4 billion, and create 4000 manufacturing jobs. this is 15 minutes. president trump: this is what we call made in america right here. they're all here. some of the great business minds, business
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geniuses. congratulations, fellas. that's not bad. but they're right here with us. i'll tell you, it's an honor to have them. we're continuing our celebration of american manufacturing and american manufacturing and it's been something very important to us. made in the u.s.a. made in america. and our tribute to the skill, dedication and grit of the american worker. we're showcasing products from all around the country that are stamped with the beautiful letters, made in the u.s.a. today i'm proud to welcome three more great companies. we've had quite a few wonderful companies, a little bit smaller generally speaking than yours. but every company is smaller than yours when you get right down to it. to the white house for really a major announcement. you'll be hearing maerk, pfizer and corning. these three companies
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are announcing that pharmaceuticals packaging will now be made in america. that's a big step. that's a big statement. we're very proud of that. thank you very much, by the way. i know they wouldn't have done it under another administration. i feel confident. these companies have formed a groundbreaking partnership to create thousands of american manufacturing jobs with its innovative new product. an incredible product. these companies are coming together to create an advanced pharmaceutical packaging operations which include an immediate investment of at least $500 million and the creation of nearly 1,000 new jobs. and quickly. the initially investment will be spread across facilities in new york, new jersey, and a new manufacturing plant in southeast of the united states, they're looking right now, which corning will be announcing in the coming months. and there's some pretty good competition. i know they're
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going make a great deal. eventually the companies here today expect a total investment of this initiative to reach at least $4 billion and create some 4,000 american jobs. that is very innovative on top of it. this initiative will bring a key industry to our shores, that for too long has been dominated by foreign countries. we're moving top of more and more companies back into the united states and they're doing more and more of these products. that would have been unheard of even a couple of years ago. these companies have achieved a breakthrough in pharmaceutical glass technology that will be used to store and deliver injectable drugs and vials and cart rajs. this technology is not only great for american jobs and manufacturing, it's great for patients who now will have access to safer medicines and vaccines. it's
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also great for the health care workers who can administer the drugs, makes it much, much safer for them. and safely, without having any problems and worrying about vial breaking, which as i understand it is a tremendous problem that we're not going to have anymore. i know that secretary price and the f.d.a. are committed to working with innovative companies like these. we have tremendous excitement going on at the f.d.a. amazing things are happening there. i think we're going to be announcing some of them over the next two months. we're going to be streamlining, as we have in other industries, regulations. so that advancements can reach patients quickly. you're going to see a big streamlining. i think you already have. to a large extent you already have. very proud of that. i especially want to thank ken frazier, ian reid, and wendell weeks. the three of the great, great
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leaders of business in this country. along with all of the great people at maerk, pfizer and corning for believing in america and the american workers. this announcement reflects a central theme of my administration, that when we invest in america, it's a win for our companies, our workers and our nation as a whole. every day we're fighting to bring back our jobs, to restore our industry, and to put america first. or, as you've heard, make america great again. that's exactly what we're doing. some people have heard that expression. it's been fairly well used, i think. i want to thank you all for being here and want to thank you for your dedication to made in america. really appreciate it. very much. and i'd like to have you say a few words. come on up. thank you. [applause]
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>> thank you, mr. president. for your leadership. it's an honor to be here at the white house. and i'm grateful for the administration's continued support for american innovation and manufacturing. maerk is proud to have collaborated with corning and fieser to modernize pharmaceutical glass packaging since the start of this project. many maerk engineers and scientists work side by side with corning's glass experts to make this exceptional new glass a reality. biologic medicines and vaccines remain on the leading edge of scientific vadgesment in material science. glass that is purpose-built for these medical inventions. occasional breakage and cracks have been a fact of life for our industry. maerk has comprehensive quality control processes to deal with them. but
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when these defects occur, they can have impacts on us and, more importantly, on patients by interrupting supply. during our testing, it exhibited reduced damage and also allowed an increase in our processing rate as well. this innovation supports our manufacturing priorities of agility, quality assurance and supply predictability. most importantly, it helps further ensure reliable access to vital medicines for patients. we're excited about our test results and we plan to convert several products to glass as soon as we work through the appropriate reviews with the f.d.a. and other regulatory agencies. now it's my pleasure to turn things over to ian reid, pfizer's chairman and chief executive officer. [applause] mr. reid: it's great to be here at the white house. reappreciate this strong sfor for -- we appreciate the strong support for this effort. pfizer makes about 25% of injectables in the
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united states. this is a really important advance for us. i'd like to thank secretary price for his leadership in being willing to look at innovative ways to accelerate the approval of this glass. and i'm delighted to join with america and corning to a-- maerk and corning to announce this breakthrough that is a collaboration between three storied american companies. each of us represent over century of innovation that has yielded significant benefits for patients, american competitiveness and the u.s. economy through investment, jobs, capital, and a stream of high-quality and safe productses. we believe that our collaboration with corn something a potential game changer and supports are focused on bringing the highest quality products to patients. the glass industry represents about $4 billion of expend it you are for
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the pharmaceutical industry. -- expenditure for the pharmaceutical industry. potential breakages, we have strong quality control to ensure that doesn't get through to the patients. but the subsequent costs are multiams of the glass costs to make sure that we deliver a high quality product to patients. so this is a major innovation and a major way that we can be more competitive in this industry. as an aside, to ensure we have an environment that supports innovation, and creates a positive investment climate in the u.s., we're looking forward to working with the administration on both its regulatory policy and its tax reform, to ensure we can be competitive. thank you very much. [applause] >> you've heard heard the president, ken and ian describe this remarkable new product. sometimes i think it's better to show than to tell. mr.
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president, if you'll do the honors with me. president trump: sounds good. >> now, one of the many extraordinary features of this glass is this system. this helps protect patients and improve farm suit cap manufacturing. so what we're going -- farm suit cap manufacturing. so -- pharmaceutical manufacturing. so what we're going to do is start with a conventional glass vile that's been through a -- vial that's been through a typical manufacturing process. what this screen is going to show is how much force the president exerts before the vial -- so, mr. president. if you could please depress the lever. president trump: ok. >> press it down. stop. you did ok. [laughter] [inaudible] now let's turn to the new product
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that we're now seeing today. this is corning's valor glals. mr. president, if you just do the same thing, but this time, don't be afraid to lean into it a little. go on. really. [applause] we don't normally measure things in kilogramses. the president just exerted about 1,000 pounds of force. the important thing is that glass vial is still in tact, and is protecting the vital ingredients inside. now, this next generation product requires a new advanced manufacturing platform. as the president has announced, we plan to build that platform right here in the
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united states. thanks to our great customers, like merck and pfizer, with strong support from the administration, the office of american innovation, and the f.d.a.'s emerging technologies team. we're going to put this together and reindustrialize around next generation jobs and next generation products. thank you, all of you, for making this happen. [applause]
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>> [inaudible] -- wanted me to -- 1,000 pounds is about the same as a punch from a professional boxer. [laughter] people never knew that about you. [laughter] >> some of them do. >> exactly. [laughter] >> congratulations. president trump: thank you, thank you. [inaudible] reporter: mr. president -- [inaudible] president trump: thank you, everybody. reporter: mr. president -- [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> tonight on c-span, the senate foreign relations committee considers u.s. ambassador nominations. efforts examined to fight gang violence. south carolina congressman -- on find consensus on major issues in progress. >> the senate foreign relations committee held the confirmation hearing for investor nominations to key u.s. allies. including singapore, italy, the united kingdom -- nominees include former u.s. senator -- president trump's nominee for investor to nato. this is 2.5 hours. [chatter]