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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 21, 2017 7:00am-8:06am EDT

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cap's of the migration policy institute talks about the department homes meant -- homeland security announcement to increase unskilled words are dutch worker visas by 15,000 this year. worker visas by 15,000 this year. >> is going beyond any sought i would have ever had for myself. we love this job, we love this department, and a plan to continue to do so as long as that is appropriate. ♪ that was attorney general jeff sessions, vowing to take in his post at the helm of the justice department, despite president donald trump statement in the you -- new york times interview that he regretted giving sessions the job after he recused himself from the russia investigation. yesterday, white house spokesperson sarah huckabee sanders said that president
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trump "has confidence" in attorney general jeff sessions, although he was disappointed in his decision. so we are asking our viewers, should jeff sessions remain attorney general? democrats can call (202) 748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001. independents can call (202) 748-8002. you can also reach us on twitter and on facebook. and this morning, politico has more about these comments that the president made about jeff sessions, and we expect that -- president donald trump broadsides against general jeff sessions, no careless accident or slip of the tongue. instead, trump was sending a
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message. making a deliberate effort to convey his lingering displeasure with his attorney general, who recused himself in march from the federal investigation from the russian meddling into the 2016 election, but he did not just do that randomly, the adviser says of the president. there was a certain sinking behind it. that tops off our question today, asking you do you think that the attorney general should be in his post or should he resign? we have a bit more from today's new york times about jeff sessions as well, because even sessions remains in his job, the relationship between him and mr. trump, the alabama lawyer, and the queens real estate developer, and on couple bound by a shared conviction that illegal immigration is destroying america, is unlikely to ever be the same. this according to a half-dozen people close to mr. trump. and this is not the typical
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trump administration feud. the story goes on to say that mr. trump preoccupied by investigations that he believes are unfairly aimed at him. mr. sessions decisions seemed impossible to forgive. everything that was happening by thevor -- triggered recusal. mr. stone listed a chain of events mr. trump often takes off against mr. sessions. be attorney general rod rosenstein took over the russia investigation after mr. sessions recusal was led to the appointment of robert f mueller the third, the former fbi director and special counsel, which in turn led to irrepressible presidential rage. seattle, independent line. good morning. caller: good morning.
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like jeffrey beauregard sessions should remain as attorney general. i feel like donald trump is the king. basically what we are seeing is the united states government is the constitution is it really is. it is only as good as the people who interpret it. donald trump is corrupt. jeff sessions is corrupt. they will do whatever they can to destroy america. does notn why he would want any investigation is because donald trump change the votes of the elections. everything he said his reverse psychology that he used. you will find out that those machines and those swing states were hacked. i can hack him -- hack them, and i want you to look this up, because i have been asked to do this in georgia. host: getting back to the
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discussion about jeff sessions, if he were to leave, do you have whether theyut would find somebody to replace him as attorney general? caller: it is not hard to replace anyone. but the system of laws are breaking down. we have a system of men now. donald trump is actually a king. can -- all these who committed these crimes, and the republicans are going to do it in order to put their right-wing agenda in on the american people. thank you. --t: rob, from baton rouge, boca raton, florida. do you think attorney general sessions -- caller: yes lulu should. -- yes, hetay desk, absolutely should.
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and he should say to protect the american people. and i think senator mccain should reach out to lindsey graham to act on behalf of the dreamers. we need our politicians to be patriotic, to protect the american people, to do what is right by themselves and their own conscience and their own lives, to do what is right for themselves, which would also the right thing for the american people. i think the attorney general has a conscience and tino's -- good people know what it is to do the right thing. host: you mentioned the dreamers and the dream act that was unveiled yesterday. hasrney general sessions taken a pretty hardline when comes to immigration reform. say -- you want him to stay but that could create tension there. caller: i wish senator mccain
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all the best. mitch mcconnell, all of these ourin office are aging and time is limited. i hope that senator mccain has another 20 good years on the earth. but it is time that people search their own souls, their own consciousness. -- i myselfw what am becoming elderly, and it is time that we turn around and do the right thing for the generations to follow, and it is not just the dreamers. it has to do with health care, i think we should tax the imports and open up medicare. i'm a ross perot traitor. i believe -- trader. i believe that when he talked about unfair trade, which is where president trump got a lot of his ideas from, i think that is on the right track.
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our democratica, line. good morning, dolly. caller: good morning. host: do you think that attorney general sessions should remain in his post? caller: yes, i do. a handshake does withean he is in cahoots the russians. and he should not have stepped down. but he did. that is ok. i think that donald trump, or president trump -- by the way, i am a democrat and i try to call on the democrat line and it would not go through. host: you are on the line, go ahead. caller: oh, ok thank you. , and i for donald trump
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believe that he speaks his mind and that is what we need, someone who speaks their mind. host: do you think his comments about attorney general sessions are expressing regret that he hired him? do you agree with the president? caller: you know, i agree with that mr. do believe is right on the dot , because iing -- believe they have a good relationship and he understands president trump of the frustrations -- president trump's frustrations. an awesomeis doing job, and i wish we would all, especially the democrat party, all get along and do their job. i'm very disappointed in the republican party.
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i will probably be a registered republican next time voting, but i believe both sides need to get start doing and their job, especially the democrat party. i'm so disappointed in what they are doing right now. sessions, just the work he has been doing lately is unbelievable. we should all be very proud. and i know that president trump is very proud of what sessions is doing, he is just disappointed in what is going on with the whole russia, russia, russia. host: let's take a look at a little bit more of what attorney general sessions said yesterday in response to the president's comments. we will continue every single day to work hard, serve the national interest, and wholeheartedly join in the priorities of president trump. he gave us several directives.
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one of them is to dismantle internet transnational criminal organizations. that is what we are announcing today. dismantling the largest of the -- dark websites on the world. i congratulate our people for that. asave an honor as serving attorney general. it goes beyond any thought i would have for myself area and we love this job, this department, and have plans to continue to do so as long as that is appropriate. attorney general sessions, how do you feel you can effectively serve from here on out if you do not have the confidence of the president? we are serving right now. what we are doing today is the kind of work we intend to continue. last week, we announced the largest health-care takedown
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ever in the united states. we had all of the major law enforcement leaders in my office yesterday to talk about a ouried effort to improve crime-fighting with state and local officials. i am totally confident that we can continue to run this office and effective way -- in an effective way, but i would like you to focus now on the work of the individuals behind me who helped put this case together so that we can celebrate and affirm the work that they have done so that we can learn from it and get even better in the future. is on ourkey republican line from alaska. do you think sessions should remain in office? caller: yes, they do. and i know proud of c-span for allowing this form to speak to other americans in the country. we are in challenging times right now, financially, emotionally, structurally, politically, and we need to
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recognize that there is a force coming against our country that is trying to take us down. not democratic, not republican, not indian,t, whatever. they're coming after us, we're the only three nation on the planet. they can say they have democracy, but we are a republic. and we have laws, and they are written in the constitution. the rest of our documentation, and i think the attorney general knees to test the judges and see what their knowledge really is -- needs to test the judges and see what their knowledge really is. in the old days they would be called communists and fascist. host: are you concerned about the tensions? caller: i'm concerned about the young people that have no education in our socialist. host: we are talking about attorney general dust -- jeff sessions here.
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the tensions between sessions and president trump. that isi think fabricated, personally. they're working many hours and i'm so proud of them all. i was really afraid for our country not to get these independent individuals in and to actually straighten the ship, if you want to put it on those terms. thank you for a long me to speak, and you are doing a wonderful job. i think trump does not even have all of his cabinet. he hasn't even gotten all of his people appointed yet. it is absurd. host: ok. kevin from jackson, mississippi. independent. caller: thank you for taking my call. host: do you think that jeff sessions should remain as attorney general? caller: yes, i do. host: why is that? caller: look. fought for him
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to be approved, and it was a pretty close vote. i believe it was 52-53 to get him approved but use the attorney general. notnow since he is following directions, he wants out of a job. what do you think of that? the fact that there is a tension between the president and the attorney general, his chief law enforcement official. does that concern you? caller: yes, it does. i saw the press conference yesterday where he was talking about the opioid and the other -- slavery and all, and i
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was actually against him because of his voting rights act, but they said it was ok. he was, you know, so i will take their word on it. host: democrat line, mississippi. do you think of the attorney general should remain on the job? keeps hisly if he dignity and knows the position that he hold. he is not the president attorney. he is serving the united states. i think he needs to stay, because i am afraid of who trump might put in that would further denigrate our laws in a certain spectrum.
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he is looking for ways to protect his family. he is working for his family. donald trump, i am speaking of, not the american people. wants the congress to stay in for the weekend to get the works, but i guarantee you that was on air force one, and going to mar-a-lago this weekend. i heard one caller said that our country is being attacked. it is being attacked from the inside. donald trump, his family, his , they are looking to assert the constitution. urp the constitution. he does not understand it and he really does not care. we need to pay attention to what
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he does, not what he says. he walks around on the white house lawn like he is a child, like he does not know where he is. but when you get him in the spotlight, he is [indiscernible] host: ok. a little more from the politico piece this morning about the relationship. president trump and attorney general sessions, says one person close to sessions that he has no interest in designing even though he offered to do so in late may following rollout first by trump over his recusal. by -- while the resignation --empt was easily reported, was earlier reported, trump had sessions send in a resignation letter. by the time it was submitted, trump had cooled down and rejected the offer. caller: c-span, thank you for taking my call.
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sessions should never have been nominated, never have been a did. i'm a born and bred southerner. he is a known racist, he fought to oppress voters throughout the south and in his own state, so let's just forget that nitwit. my proudestump, moment was not getting my drivers license, not getting my pilot license as a teenager, it was eating my voter's card, which i am now going down and canceling so trump cannot get my information. narcissistic, misogynist confabulation, and the people who elected him need to stop thinking the kool-aid and wake up. deep,ountry is in deep, peril. i'm frightened, i am scared, and i have never felt this way. i have been very politically involved. i cannot even watch the news
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anymore because he is sickening and the sycophants that are following them down the rabbit hole are insane. it is all in aim. absolute insanity. host: mark, michigan, democratic line. do you think that attorney general sessions should state? caller: no, he should resign. he should have never been up there. he is a racist anyway. i'm from michigan. and as for president trump, [indiscernible] what is that say about our country? what about our country? they are taking us back. they wanted to be the good old days. that is what? 1962? i remember when you cannot even vote or get health care.
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they got for somebody, the last lady who spoke up and knows something. she is from the south, i am from michigan. what let's take a look at white house press -- deputy sec -- deputy press secretary said yesterday from the audio only press briefing, answering questions about president trump's comment. >> is the president of confidence in the attorney general? does he want the attorney general to stay in his post? >> the president said, as he said yesterday, he is disappointed in the attorney general jetsons -- sessions decision to recuse himself, but he clearly has confidence in him or he would not be the attorney general. said he has confidence in the attorney general. as he believed that the attorney general is serving the president for the country? >> i believe that the president -- i think that is kind of a both, obviously. the attorney general's job is to follow and uphold the
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constitution, but also every member of the cabinet and the administration serves at the pleasure of the president. whether attorney general be resigning? >> i believe i have answered that. i think you know this president well enough to know that if you wanted the money -- if you action,omebody and take he would make that quite clear. host: james from florida, -- cheney, from florida. good morning. caller: do you thinkhost: -- he, how are you? host: do you think the attorney general should remain on the job? caller: i think he should not go anywhere. and i beg to differ, he has not been proven to be a racist or anything. people always grow that kind of stuff around. as far as trump and him and their relationship, i am not worried about it. i voted for clinton, and he hated janet reno, and i do not
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member anybody asking for her to step down when he was all upset .ith her if you go back through the archives, you will see that he really did not like her at all, you know yarbrough but he did not get rid of her and nobody made a big deal about it. so i do not think this is a big deal. i think trump, since he is not a politically savvy person with his words, he just throws stuff out there. but it is a nice change from all silversmooth talking tongued devils that have destroyed part of this country. doi am good with it, and i not think there is any problem. i think it is a lot to do about nothing. host: ok. d from okeechobee, florida, republican line. do you think that attorney general jeff sessions should remain as attorney general? yet -- caller: yes, i do, kimberly.
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but i have a comment to make if you do not mine. i really like you, you seem like a very nice person, but you are kind of making special things with people here, ok? people will call and ask that question about russians, but -- sessions, but the minute they start going something else, you stop them, interrupt them, and tell them this is about russians. the three causes that you had a woman come on, never mentions russians and went on the whole tirade about anti-trump, and you let her go on and on and on. she was not interrupted, you let her go because she was anti-trump. host: do you want to make a comment about attorney general sessions? caller: i told you come i think you should stay where he is at. he is doing a good job, and the president gets a little upset now it again, but knowing the personality he does not mean what he says. inhink you doing a great job the president knows this. i think he was frustrated, is all. thank you very much.
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calling from is seminal, alabama. republican line. what are your? caller: jeff sessions is well qualified for the job. he is a great man. if you call him or talk to him, he will write you a letter, i am a veteran and you will help the veterans. and he has done one thing alabama, pulling us that we are the -- in the south. we got it all. and we build airplanes, all of this is starting and jeff sessions has helped us. he is well qualified for the job. somebody me ask you, from the attorney general's home state, does it concern you and the president makes statements saying that he would not have elected actions had he known he would recuse himself? -- sessions had he known he would recuse himself? caller: jeff sessions is
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qualified for the job he has, he would do an excellent job. host: but are you concerned about what the president said? caller: no, no. there are a couple of buddies. they have to have somebody -- something to talk about. host: ok. on the front of today's usa ,oday, a column run susan page where she says trump does not spare his loyalists. his greatest political asset is turning out to be his most damaging governing liability. after six months on the job, he has not changed. he is still a disruptor who defies the republican establishment, and then the white house, against all odds, having few traditional allies to ally on. waitinge trump won by and on apologetic attack on political norms and niceties. but to get anything done in office, president trump needs
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friends. james, virginia. democratic line. what do you think? caller: first of all, let me say i think you are doing an outstanding job. you are betting everybody and allowing to speak her mind. that lady who was on here a few minutes ago that trashed you, how dare she do that? she got her own opinion, ok. but you are doing a good job. let me talk about russians. i do not think sessions should have been able to think about this for a moment. i am a democrat. i did not vote for trump, but if he knew that he was going to recuse himself, why would you hire a man that is already rugged and -- crooked and has to recuse himself? but trump does not know the ethics of being a leader because the bottom line is this. you criticize in private. you praise people in public. you do not sit there and do what he did. all of me say one thing,
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your hard-core trump followers that will jump off the bridge with him and off the cliff, go ahead and jump off the cliff because he is about to go over. guess what? when you jump off the bridge with trump, he will have a parachute. he will watch you as you hit rock bottom with health care, jobs, and he will not hit any of those because he is a businessman that was not a good businessman in the very beginning. go ahead and follow him down that road of darkness. at the end, guess what? there will be no light for you. that is all i got to say. host: let's take a listen to what the president actually said during this new york times interview about jeff sessions. pres. trump: sessions got the job. writerter -- after he gets the job you recuses himself. should have never recused himself. if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me
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before he took the job and i would have picked somebody else. >> [indiscernible] zero, ok echoes of jeff sessions takes the job, gets into the job, recuses -- which frankly, i think it is very unfair to the president. how do you take a job and then recuse yourself? viewer to recuse himself before the job, i would have said thanks jeff, but i'm not going to take you. unfair, so hey recuses himself. rob, independent line, louisville, kentucky. given those, the president may come at you think attorney jeff sessions should remain in his office? caller: first, thank you for taking my call. yes, i think sessions should stay in. he was a staunch supporter from the beginning. and the only thing that a lot of
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people do not like about trump is when he comes up, was going hillary, he kept saying he was going to do it all. bring jobs back, put people back to work, and it scared a lot of people. thethey did not understand word work now. but this man has a back of steel. straight, and [indiscernible] politicians. thank you very much. host: republican line from woodridge, illinois. what do you think? caller: i think he should stay in. and i think he is doing a great job.
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host: so does the tension that is coming out between the president and one of his top cabinet members, the existence of that tension does it worry you? would you prefer to see the president, as another color said, praise him publicly more? i would not. what worries me is how our country is knowing, how they go to the u.n. ways where you do not even get to take care of your own baby your own way, and how they want to change everything, including how the united states was founded. we are one country under one god. we cannot need people coming in here and telling us how to change our religion, how to leave our doors open and let them do whatever they want to us , and stand back and listen to it. this in thisd country. we do not want people who come
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from every country. we want them to come legally. he is doing that. is i realize president trump off the wall sometimes, and i do not care about his versatility. all i care about is the way our country should go back the way it should be. that is all i care about. host: let's look at some other headlines. said john mccain is going to be coming back to the senate soon. the day after he -- it was announced he had aggressive brain cancer, john mccain says he will be back to work state. unfortunately for my sparring partners in congress, i will be back soon, so stand by. one of the many people calling mccain with their support, former president george w. bush. president -- the former president called the senator and encouraged him to fight, but
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"instead, he encouraged me," bush said in a statement. color on our democratic line, do you think the attorney general should stay in his post? caller: yes, i do. i did not like sessions. but i think he is standing for what he believes, showing integrity, and i think he has been in very serious danger, because if you do not agree with donald trump you are out. so you either have to resign or he will be fired, and that is a shame because we need people who will stand up for our country and for the constitution, because we certainly do not have a president that means that way. eans that way. what do you think?
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caller: he said some things that are true. i never like sessions because i grew up in alabama, and he was always kind of racial, you know? kind of racial. but he has a good ending and he may have come around, i do not know. he sounds well, but donald trump is going to do with donald trump wants to do. the next time he disagrees, will we hear that as well? secessions is going to be walking a thin line, so let's keep it around for a while and he what he does. and you do a great job. thank you. host: some of our other headlines from the washington post. president trump is exploring his hardening powers, summa president trump's lawyers are undercutthe limits to
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robert s mueller the birds russia investigation, bringing a case against what they allege conflicts ofct -- interest and discussing the president's authority to grant pardons, according to people familiar with the effort. as trump has asked his advisers to pardon aids, family members, even himself in connection with a pro, according to one of those people. a second person said that trump lawyers have been discussing the president's hardening powers -- pardoning powers amongst themselves. you about attorney general jeff sessions. should he stay in his post after the president criticized him? the new york times article. democrats, (202) 748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001. .ndependents, (202) 748-8002 brooklyn, democratic line. good morning. i amr: how are you? host:
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good. you think the attorney general should remain where he is or step down? caller: i really do not like sessions, however at this point i think the president is now trying to get rid of him so that he can get to mueller. that i have a problem with. why did he go to the times to speak when he calls them fake news? and he is also talking about trying to pardon his family and investigation the is even completed. so i have a problem with that. a, on the line from corpus christi, texas, independent line. do you think that the attorney general should stay put or should he leave? caller: i believe jeff sessions should recuse himself permanently. if the man had any stones at all, which he does not, he would leave his position.
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i think he is protecting his own agenda, and quite frankly i believe back in the 1980's, congress denied him because he was too racist. so what are we doing having this around not doing his job? winter term limits going to happen? when her third parties going to be able to get the base? i think he is doing a horrible job. another headline from the hill today in reaction to the president exploring his pardoning powers. one democratic senator says that pardoning targets of the russia probe would be crossing a fundamental line. the hill report says that senator mark moran from virginia , the democrat from virginia -- sorry, i have not had my coffee, on monday warmed president trump that pardoning any targets of
7:38 am
the investigation is a collusion between his campaign and russia would be crossing a fundamental line. in a statement late thursday night issued by his office, the virginia democrat left over news reports that trump had spoken to ideaop advisers about the of issuing pardons. russia 2016 election was attack on our democracy. but the senate investigation -- the senate committee and robert investigatingth whether any coronation incurred between the visuals -- coordination occurred between the trump campaign and russian officials. caller: i just wanted to say that what president trump fails to realize is that the reason that jeff sessions recused himself may not have in -- been for the reasons that he thinks,
7:39 am
but more so along the lines of so that when he is found innocent of any and all charges, the naysayers and those and the trump haters out there can't say there was any ambiguity in regards to the investigations that are taking place. when he is found innocent of all charges, they cannot a he had any in ruins in regards to it, you know? so that is what i think. and i really wish people would get behind trump. enforce this travel ban. he's just trying to make our country safe. is how i feel about it. i wish everybody would get behind trump. he's out to do the right and by us. -- thing by us. host: thank you. man well, democratic line. what do you think? that what ists me
7:40 am
going on right now is that mr. trump, president trump is practically controlling the inia because he just jumped the media asks how high, because he changes what is going on in being reported every day. one week we hear about his family collusion with russia, and then he comes up with something else and the entire media changes to something else. he changes what is being reported. jeff sessions is doing excellent job. but it makes me sick that trump changes what we talk about every single day. host: more from the piece today in usa today about the situation between jeff sessions and president trump. saying that it moves to go against his allies could backfire because the president has a legal authority to fire officials he appoints, but it is hard to overstate the political
7:41 am
conflagration that would corrupt if he ousted sessions or rosen's dine, or the artist -- or rosenstein, or ordered the department to oust mueller. his decision to fire fbi director james comey created a firestorm of its own and created allegations of collusion -- obstruction of justice. his willingness to denigrate one of the staunchest supporters, someone who as alabama senator stood up were trump when none of his colleagues were willing to do so. he could have repercussions on his efforts to persuade members of congress to support his proposal to pass a budget, overhaul health care, cut taxes, and more. carolyn, atlantic, republican line. should the attorney general stay put? caller: he should stay. he is doing a very good job. he stepped down from being a senator, so i think you ought to stay in the job. and we know that people across this whole country in various jobs go through the same thing
7:42 am
that jeff is going through. people wanting them out because of what they may have read or or done, but that is not the case. he should stay there. and president trump is doing a very good job. for himave been looking to do a good job. the news media is causing chaos and is difficult and twisting the people's mind, according to what the media wants to believe. it is very difficult when you have had reporting news all the when you have bad reporting news all the time. this was not the media changing the president's words. he spoke openly to the new york times. word forscribed him word and release the audio. these are his words criticizing the attorney general, not the media. caller: i understand that, and that goes on in every work lace. you will have things like that.
7:43 am
host: ok. steve calling in from harmonic, illinois on the democratic line read what do you think, leave? -- steve? to thinkeople need back to in the senate was reviewing sessions. he stuck his foot right in his mouth because he said it first that he did not have anything to do with the meeting with russians and this and that, and he kind of just outright told on himself that he did. so he had to recuse himself from it. he is having to keep himself out of the limelight. i do not think you doing that great of a job. he is to bring back the three strikes law, and if it was up to all ofwould go against the states that have legalized marijuana. and if it was up to him he would go in and probably rate every store that they had -- raid every store that they have.
7:44 am
he is known to be a racist, he was one of the most racist senators in the senate when he was there. because now, since caught upas getting in the apple there, he recused -- howdy yourump know you are going to tell somebody that you are not going him if you had known that he would say that beforehand? trump is kind of telling on himself. studied -- to anyone who has studied trump for a while, which i have back to his grandfather, he is in bed with s and the russian mob. some other headlines
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today. the nbc news is reporting that president trump and vladimir putin may have met more times. it says russians sergey lavrov says donald trump may have held more meetings with vladimir putin at the g20 summit earlier this month. -- thes foreign minister russia foreign minister set on saturday, but he shrugged off the importance of being counted read them i have met more than just three times, he told nbc news in an exclusive interview. dismissing speculation about the leader's meetings. childrenhe analogy of mingling at a kindergarten. when you are brought by her parents to kindergarten, you mix with the people who are waiting going same room to start to a classroom, he asked. so that is the possibility of more meetings happening between
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and trump andin the g20. charles, alabama, republican line. do you think jeff sessions should stay cap co -- say? caller: are you there? host: -- are you there? let us know if you think jeff sessions should stay. caller: hello. how are you doing? and: charles, turn your tv let us know. do you think jeff sessions should day? caller: hello? host: charles is having some difficulty. pat, callingin to on our independent line from new jersey. do you think the independent -- attorney general should stay? caller: i think you should stay. i think you should because i think the russia investigation -- i'm kind of nervous.
7:47 am
it should still be going on where sessions is not have anything to do with it. the investigation is going on. there,trump somebody in that puts somebody in there, they might try to -- let's somebody in there they might try to interfere with the investigation. host: is there concern that this might be more difficult for the ministry's to work effectively if the president has somebody in there -- for the administration to work effectively if the president has somebody in there who he is not happy with. he even asked for his resignation once before. caller: i cannot really hear you that good. that yousaying is know, i think the investigation should go on. put trump
7:48 am
sessions in there because he thought he would stand up for him. and he would try to interfere. and mr. trump is not getting his , and i think that the job is being done because it should be an investigation on russia and the interference in our election. host: carol, arkansas, republican line. what do you think? i really like jeff sessions. i have really watched. i have gotten into the political part of it all since 2000 three. i've really gotten interested in all of it. i did not have any interest in the political part of it, but he anddone an excellent job, he shows outside the political scene of it all, i think.
7:49 am
but what i have seen in the last -- i'mof days is that disabled, i am 55. and everyone i have seen call in the past couple of days, nobody has -- i'm about to throw a piece into the fire here. everybody needs to stop to think about this. obama was in office eight years, president obama, excuse me. raise the whole time he was in, if i remember correctly for the disabled and senior citizens. as of been informed that january, we are getting a raise for the senior citizens and disabled. i have been told that we are getting a raise. so everybody needs to stop condemning president trump because we are going to finally get a good raise in january. host: let's take a look at what
7:50 am
attorney general jeff sessions said before the senate intelligence committee back in june about his decision to recuse himself. >> i recuse myself not because orany asserted wrongdoing any believe that i may have been involved in any wrongdoing in the campaign, but because a department of justice regulation , i thought.2 required it. that regulation states in effect that the department employees should not participate in ifestigations of a campaign they served as a campaign adviser. so the scope of my recusal, however, does not and cannot interfere with my ability to oversee the department of pi, whichncluding the has an $8 billion budget -- the
7:51 am
a billion dollar budget and 35,000 employees. i presented my can turns to the president, and those of deputy attorney general rod rosenstein about the ongoing leadership stating inhe fbi, as my letter, recommending the removal of mr. comey, as well as the memorandum on that issue, which has been released publicly by the white house. those represent a steer clayton -- clear statement of my views. that rod the points rosenstein made in his memorandum and made my regulation. ridiculous to suggest that a recusal from a specific investigation would render the attorney general unable to manage the leadership of the various department of justice law enforcement component, and conducts thousands of investigations. host: dennis, democratic line,
7:52 am
texas. should the attorney general stay on the job? it would be kind of difficult for us, because it is getting to the point where if you asked anybody in the cabinet what is going on, you would get the runaround, and they would bounce around questions. i know for a fact is a business owner is someone's goes up -- if someone goes up and put themselves in a position where they want to quit and do not tell the ministration they are quitting, something is going on. it is going to hit the fan and they are trying to get out of the way. host: the attorney general already offered to resign once before in may, and the president did not accept that resignation. do you think the situation here is different macro caller: maybe -- different?
7:53 am
maybe he is looking at it like it is time for him to get out of the way? i do not know. paul, manchester, connecticut, independent line. what do you think? caller: i think he should stay in office. as slimy ass trumpets, but he can play the game. i think it is good is to hang in there and say ok, go ahead and fire me, see where that gets you. he wants to fire mueller, and says he cannot get sessions to do it because he recused himself, as he should have. he will not get the next guy down to do it, so he thinks he will put someone in there who will do the job for me. that is the only reason he wants to fire jeff sessions. actually, he throws all of his
7:54 am
friends under the bus. anyone who is loyal to trump, he has the brain of a pure old -- of an eight-year-old. if you say something bad about him or crossan, you are not his friend anymore and he treats you like an eight-year-old would. i think the man personally is an -- is unhinged and should not be in office. sessions should hang in there and say all right, go ahead and fire me. let's take a look at this in today's washington post, where it is written that trump missed "ethics 101, saying sessions is failing to do his sees it, not overseeing impartial , butistration of justice protecting the legal interest of donald j. trump." in his view, this was extremely unfair to the president, and that is a mild word, for sessions to have refused himself from overseeing the department's probe into russian meddling and the possible role of the trump
7:55 am
campaign. she goes on to say that the question of whether he should oversee the russia investigation as sessionsse call, told the intelligence committee last month that the regulation is in effect that department employees should not participate in investigations of a campaign of they served as an advisor. jack from south carolina, republican line. caller: good morning. listen here, this jeff sessions is bringing quality to the office that does not have it for the last eight years. he is an honest man, upfront, and takes things to heart. he should stay where he is at. he is outstanding. i have been watching him since i was six years old. he wasacross alabama and a quality individual in those years. i'm worried that a lot of
7:56 am
college students will think those were republicans on schoolhouse steps down there. most of the people who talk about him being racist are liars , and most are from new jersey and places like that that did not know the man. so he is a good, honest man. host: you like jeff sessions. but do you worry it might be hard for him to do his job if he does not have the continuous support of the president? caller: he should i have refused himself that she should not have recused -- he should not have recused himself. there is not a democrat out there that has the character of jeff sessions. and it is frustrating to sit here and watch people that do not know and bring false witness. i was raised in the south. i know what people witness it, and we grew up by democrats in the south. host: ok.
7:57 am
darrell, democratic line, from the bronx. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i cannot believe this last caller. to proclaim that jeff sessions is an honest man -- evidently, he must not have tuned in during his confirmation hearing. jeff sessions lied under oath. is not a rumor, that is a fact. i'm pretty sure c-span has it on tape. jack, you might want to go back and watch that confirmation hearing. sevens, i think esther -- mr. sessions should immediately leave office. i think you should leave office because he disqualified himself when he lied on the post. these republicans calling in and talking about honest deals and the fake media -- i will remind them that they did not call in
7:58 am
complaining about fake news the entire eight years that president obama was in office, he suffered so many negative attacks by the media. host: i do not mean to interrupt you, but i want to ask you a question. is attorney general sessions -- if he does step down, he would be replaced again by the president. not a fan of his administration, do you think change if thed president still picks the attorney general? caller: no, i do not think. i do understand that mr. trump is not well steeped in governmental functions and operations, but i am not at all concerned about him taking that next step and trying to dismiss mr. mueller, because if he was to do that without that the focus back on the republicans, where it should be in the first place. the republicans are controlling our government, white house and
7:59 am
the congress. in the other headlines today, the wall street journal reports that the u.s. and exxon are sparring over sanctions. the u.s. treasury department on thursday imposed a $2 million fine on exxon mobil corporation for what is called "reckless disregard" of u.s. sanctions on russia. while secretary of state rex tillerson was the oil giants , a finding the company said it would immediately challenge. long-standing partnership with the kremlin, despite washington levying sanctions against russia for sanctioning crimea andnnexing supporting pro-russian separatists in the ukraine. i think sessions should
8:00 am
resign immediately. two, when i think about jeff sessions and his history, 38% of americans who happen to be white americans brothers and sisters who have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, and think they of race i are holding on simply because of race. ,hen barack obama was president i feel like just because he was black he got a percentage. trump because he is white gets a percentage. they are reluctant to say "look what the hell we have done."
8:01 am
host: jeffrey calling in from frederick, maryland. it seems like we are regurgitating the same thing that happened with president obama. neither party wants to work with each other. i am 30 years old. it is a new generation. we want different things. we want better options when it comes to health. host: we are talking about attorney general jeff sessions in the few seconds we have left. should he stay in office? caller: he should not. he is nowhere near a good attorney general. we need someone with actual factual reasons for the opiate crisis that has killed all of my friends in high school. it is epidemic. we need to separate the addiction problem from chronic pain patients and go after arfyntanyl.
8:02 am
host: we will divan with 2 top budget experts. and allowing an additional 15,000 foreign workers into the country. explaining what it means and who is impacted. we will be right back. >> i think one of the hugest problems is that huge ceo pay. is harming the companies that use it. .t is harming the employees it is terrible for the economy.
8:03 am
it is one of the principal drivers of increasing economic inequality in this country. >> saturday at 7:00 p.m. on booktv stephen clifford, the former ceo of king broadcast company talks about his book "the ceo pay machine." a christianarker and abortion provider talks about "life's work: a moral argument for choice." >> three perspective on the morbidity of abortion or tree push back on the claim it is dangerous. we haven't made the case that women who are making decision about reproduction, a process that occurs within their body, that is within their agency as human beings to make those decisions. org.or more go to booktv.
8:04 am
afterwards,ght on reporting on houseman tactics are used to influence -- on how smear tactics are used to influence opinion. by is interviewed "washington post" media critic. you feel "the washington post" has properly reported on the issue rather than saying " donald trump, why are you smearing john mccain?" wasn't "the washington post" i wrote about. i am not here to defend john mccain or donald trump. i think when people mistake when you criticize media behavior for how it treats donald trump. it is not that i'm supporting him or cheering them on. it is misread often as you must
8:05 am
be supporting him or you must not like x or y because he said this. it is looking at what i see as fair or accurate media coverage about the candidate. i have spoken out about that. >> 9:00 eastern on c-span 2's booktv. "washington journal" continues. now, here to us discuss ongoing budget deliberations in the 2018 house gop budget released this week. thank you for joining us. viewers what the heritage foundation and the center for american progress are. guest: the heritage foundation


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