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tv   President Trump Meets with USS Arizona Survivors  CSPAN  July 22, 2017 1:26am-1:36am EDT

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to you today by your cable or satellite provider. >> at the white house friday, president trump welcomed service members of the uss arizona who survived the 1941 attack on par pearl harbor. the president was reportedly given a piece of the battleship and a commemorative hat and coin. from the oval office, this is 10 minutes. president trump: how was your press conference, good? thank you very much. today is my distinct privilege to welcome to the white house three of the five living survivors of the uss arizona. this is their first time to our nation's capital. i hope this trip does honor to you and your truly heroic service and we want to thank you
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all, thank you very much. they gave me the nicest hardware plus a beautiful hat. thank you. december 7, 1941, the brutal attack on pearl harbor was seared into their memories and also seared into america's memories because in that grim day, this mighty nation was to defend freedom. each of them has a harrowing a story of courage to share. they tell us of the american spirit under fire and the will of our people to defeat threats to our nation and the civilized world. one of the heroes with us today is ken potts. he was on the shore at pearl harbor when the attack began. of rather than flee, he drove
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his small boat into the blazing hot water. he climbed aboard the sinking arizona and carried off passengers one by one. it is an honor to meet you, an american hero whose love of our country and love of his brothers was greater than his concern for his own safety. he paid a very big price, he has gone through life in a little bit worse condition than it we are deeply grateful as you're here today. nearly 76 years after that december morning. you are living with us, a living example of true american courage. ken. doing good? you feeling good? you better believe it. he looks good to me. thank you very much. thank you.
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they were on the deck of the uss arizona doing their duty when the ship was engulfed by massive flames. they were both fortunate enough to be rescued by another courageous hero, joe george whose daughter joanne is with us today. joe was in a boat next to the uss arizona and when he saw several men still standing, he hurled a rope onto the deck of the ship at tremendous risk to himself. they clung to the rope and hand over hand, they crossed through the 70 feet of flames burning endlessly. the story of their devotion and duty does not end there. despite suffering terrible burns still with them today, they both served in the navy for years
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after, fighting in some of the greatest pacific engagements in world war ii. thank you very much for your lifetime of service and your lifetime of sacrifice. >> pretty good, right -- president trump: how long were you together? that is a long time. that is beautiful. they are here because one man, , stopped at nothing to save them. he rescued six men that day. he is no longer with us, but he will always honor and remember a man whose courage and new no limits.
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thank you for inspiring by top the story of your father. a man who goes down in history with the story of the arizona. a total hero. thank you very much. great to be here. you should be, right? so nice, thank you for being here. i think you loved him. >> i know you understand. president trump: that is true. appreciate it. there are many remarkable things i have witnessed but none can take the place of meeting heroes like these today. we see the strength of our nation, our men and women in uniform. our result to never accept failure. the believe that justice will
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always triumph and that the america we know and love, the united states, will always prevail read we will always prevail. by the way, we are building a figure, you know this, a bigger and stronger and better than ever before. our military is proud. budget and they see lots of ships and planes. i want to thank you for reminding us who we are where we come from. give up.e never, ever, your story gives us all inspiration to do the right thing for our country. our countrymen, and for our god. thank you for being here to read thank you very much. it is a great honor. thank you very much.
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thank you all. >> can you explain what you are trying to accomplish? president trump: make america great again. >> thank you. president trump: want to hear this story? justin you to full statement. >> of all the people we met, we with ourg for, military and everything, this country is coming together. we are going to be there. president trump: beautiful, thank you. i could never have said if that well, believe me. believe me.
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thank you very much. appreciate it. thank you. great respect. i have great respect. thank you very much. i appreciate it. thank you. thank you. thank you, i will. thank you everybody. thank you very much. >> our live coverage of the commissioning of the uss gerald r ford is saturday, the super carrier is the newest nuclear
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powered carrier. president trump will attend the ceremony and deliver remarks to the people expected to attend. saturday, 10:00 eastern on c-span. and listen live on the free radio app. ceremonyissioning marks the beginning of active duty for a newly built naval vessel. up next, we should -- will show you three aircraft carrier commissioning ceremonies. we begin with uss harry truman, the ninth nuclear powered aircraft carrier in the u.s. fleet.


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