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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 23, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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-- iran nuclear agreement. and with this weekend marking the 50th anniversary of the detroit riots, clarence lusane joins us to discuss that event and its impact. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] host: good morning. when congress returns this week, the senate taking up health care as republicans make some additional last minute changes to the legislation. to the "wall street journal" is reporting on some of those revisions. we'll have more in just a moment. the house also in session this week and look for a new round of sanctions aimed at russia, iran and north korea. here are some of your hmms for this sunday morning. reuters is reporting that investigators are now examining money laundering accusations against paul manafort. one of the goals to push him to cooperate in their
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investigation. the "washington post" has more on the presidents' weekend 2003 where is he is sergeant he has complete power to pardon. all of this coming with a sharper focus on the man leading the investigation, robert miller. and that's where we begin on this sunday morning. your calls and comments. do you trust the special counsel and his investigation into the president and the 2016 campaign? ur phone lines are open at 202-748-8000. democrats, 202-748-8001. if you are a republican, we have a line for independence and we're also taking -- independents and we're also taking your tweet or join the conversation online at we're asking you about robert muller in part about a series of weekend stories about the special counsel including this from reuters. let me share you a part of the story. u.s. investigators seeking to turn paul manafort in to the russia probe.
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that's the headline and here are the details. investigators examining money laundering accusations against ul manafort -- host: the sources did not say whether mueller has uncovered any evidence but they do doing
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so was seen by investigators in getting his full cooperation in their investigation. nd this there is this -- -- the full stories available online at joining us live on the phone is louise who is following all of this for the "wall street journal," white house reporter. thank you so much for being with us. guest: thank you for having me. host: let's begin with the president's week ahead. health care is on the agenda. sergeant that he has the right to pardon himself. what -- asserting himself. what are we expecting? >> the official theme of the
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week is "made in america" week honoring american heroes as part of three-week series that that white house is put on aimed at the american industry and part of the broader strategy by the white house to focus every week around a theme. what's interesting about the theme is few of them has anything to do with health care. this week is one of those weeks, again, where the senate could vote on g.o.p. legislation to overturn the affordable care act and that could ultimately be a huge turning point for mr. trump's presidency. host: let me ask you about the story that you're reporting this morning. some republicans are floating the idea of making some change to medicaid. john mccain will not be here in dealing with breast cancer. what specific changes are being talked about in the senate bill? guest: the key changes for medicaid are coming from a group of centrist republicans.
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they sneand program under the affordable care act. and to use money to help money who might move medicaid into private coverage cope with the higher deductibles that are associate with that. so the key sticking point to win their vote. and those who have a number of certain demands that have to be met. otherwise, the legislation cannot get through the majority. host: and so do you think this will be successful based on what you've been able to report the last couple of days? guest: we know the white house has been making a huge push to get senators in voting for a bit. it's for promotion to -- motion to debate on a bill. they've been able to come back
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from low prospects before as they did in the house. supporters of the 2010 health law to defend it had also said they aren't taking anything for granted. at this point, it's going to a very action packed weekend. host: we're talking to louise, who is following this for the "wall street journal." let me ask you about the house taking up sanctions against russia, also-ran and north korea. but apparently the white house is not happy with the tough republican plan that's likely to receive bipartisan and overwhelming support as the white house tries to water down some of those sanctions at least towards russia. why? what is the goal in all of this? guest: what we've heard in the briefing room is while the trump conversation supports the sanction, they're concerned the threags is going too far to give congress power and not enough leeway that the white house to decide when it is in their power.
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and the overarching story makes it fraught when people see the white house trying to deal with sanctions particularly on the question of russia. with them. host: when you hear about these theme week in which the president went after his attorney general and jeff sessions and the staff shakeup on friday with the surprise announcement that sean spicer is quitting his job at the press secretary. another week at the white house? guest: certainly another turbulent week in staffing. the white house staff articularly wants to remain at place. and sarah huckabee said the president's mind is focused on the policy issues at hand and a tax code over others. there are plenty going on to suggest there are more on the
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president's mind. more on the mind of the white house. host: louise live on this sunday morning, thanks for being with us. guest: thank you for having me. host: her work is available on do you trust the investigation being led by special counsel robert mueller? this is from carol who says so far, i trust mueller. time will tell. manafort always seems sleazy but one cannot blame his misdeeds on our president. don, republican line, good morning. caller: hi. let me give my little explanation here on why i do not trust mueller as far as i could throw him. i don't care how great a guy he is. the old saying goes our corrupt, absolute power corrupt and this guy right now has absolute
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power. he has no oversight. the attorney general has recused himself. the assistant attorney tees hiding you should his vest somewhere. nobody's asking this guy who. and the whole investigation right now is running on hearsay and conjecture. there's no absolute proof of anything anybody's done. and nobody's saying any of this. and also, mueller is doing half of the leaking in my opinion when president trump threatened him over looking into his personal finance, boomer, here come this story about sessions and the rugs -- russian ambassador leaked out. this guy is becoming a real piece of work and his whole investigation has turned into a super pack for the democrats' midterm. host: and here is conny in chicago.
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good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i want to say that i have absolute trust in bob mueller om what i have seen of his investigative past so far has given me some measure of comfort. who i don't trust is trump. because of the consistent pattern of lies just day in and day out and every day every hour. there seems to be a new breaking news every time we turn on any cable station. i trust that he will turn over every piece of rock to find --
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to find what is going on with trump and these russians. and trump has associated himself and closely aligned himself with all man and all types of sleazy individuals. he has associated with people that of questionable character. so, yes, i completely, completely trust mr. mueller. thank you. host: conny from illinois, thanks for the accustom this is rom mark, friend of comey. and there's this from johnny. what has mueller done to earn my trust? no, i don't trust him. this story from "time" magazine, available online at with the developing story about the president's tweets yesterday. "hours before he was to help commission a new aircraft carrier at a patriotic ceremony fired virginia coast, he
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a 2003 that shows how furious he remains over multiple investigations into russian meddling in the 2016 election. the tweets were unusual in their breath and scope even for trump given the wide variety of topics he touched on as saturday. his 10 tweets sent within two hours ranging from the russian investigation and attorney general jeff sessions to hillary clinton to the health care effort and his newly appointed white house communications director. trump said in one quote while they all have the complete power to pardon, why think of that when only crimes so far is leaks against us? calling it fake news." you can read the full story at let's go to keith from jacksonville, florida, independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. i appreciate the c-span having the program. it's very valuable. host: thank you. you make it work.
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so thank you, keith. caller: yes, sir. comey and mueller has spent their entire career covering up the crimes main of the clintons and also the bushes and they're tout get trump. trump had built a great business empire and he saw the danger our country is in with the takeover of hard left politicians. and so he put his own life and career on the line to save this country. and he has been attacked before he even took office with dirty tricks and leaks. and julian assange had said the leeker of the wikileaks of the d.n.c. e-mails was not russia. it was to get a reward for the catcher of the murder of seth ridge who was a disgruntled d.n.c. staffer that was in favor of bernie sanders.
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host: that story has been strongly disputed and there's no evidence to draw the connection. even fox news has retracted some f its reporting on that. caller: well that this fact and it's been fought by the establishment. and russia did not hack. it was a. story concocted by john podesta and they're feeding the story to the washington and "new york times" where he worked. host: so you don't trust the intelligence community that said russia was involved in the election. caller: they're all a bunch of obama lackeys who all supported obama. all easy to guys need to go to prison. they're just corrupt as hell. and trims trying to straighten things out that i fear for his life. i fear for all our lives because he has been attacked from all sides, the intelligence, the people that were appointed by balm for eight years and the -- obama for eight years and the anti-trumpers, the never
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trumpers and people should just be thankful that we have donald trump and he's trying to do things to straighten this country out. host: heath, from jacksonville, florida. bill king -- my question is if trump fires robert mueller, will republicans still back him or abandon him? if you are just tuning in. if you are listening to c-span radio or this program on sunday, in. we're asking you about special counsel robert mueller. do you trust his investigations? carol is joining us from ohio. good morning, thank you for waiting. caller: i absolutely trust counsel mueller. -- even way of being though he's a lifelong republican, he's a lifelong man
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that has stands up for his principles. .ut i have one on trump i want to ask if trump if represents the americans or the russians? and what does russia have on trump related to the 2013 trip to russia? i see something. but trump doesn't want us to know. and by asking about a pardon, he knows he has sent a -- in a great deal of trouble and may be treason. thank you. host: carol, thanks for the call. although i trust mueller, writes one viewer, i believe we should have one independent prosecutor. the more working on it, the more we find the dirt. and the level of stupidity ty in trump callers never ceases to amaze me. tell us what you think. a horrific story in san antonio, texas. this is the hfpble eight found
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dead in a tractor-trailer outside of a wal-mart in san antonio. the eight people found in the tractor-trailer in what police are calling a horrific human trafficking case. several other people, possibly dozens were found in the truck. record heat in the east and central part of the country. a person from the truck approach adewale employee in the parking lot and asked for water late saturday night, early sunday morning according to police. the employee gave the person the water and then called police and when officers arrived, they found eight people dead in the back of a tractor-trailer. that's your phone call. frank joining us from vero beach, florida, independent line. good morning. welcome to the conversation. caller: good morning. c-span is great. really love it. just real quick, i'm 64, going on 65. this is the first year, first election that it voted in through my whole life. i did it for a reason. i voted for trump.
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long story short. this country is so divided. and you get it from the phone calls that you hear and it's -- i don't know. i don't understand what people are coming from. it's two sides to every story. with all these inyou went dose specifically against trump. no matter who you talk, to it's no backup. it's all just hearsay to me. and i try to pay attention and i read and it's really disheartening. i'm glad trump is the president. but like i said, this country is 50/50, it seems to me and it's not going to change. and that's all. i just wanted to put my opinion out there. and again, i think c-span does a great job in -- and god bless america. host: a look at the front page of today's "new york times." the developing story in
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venezuela. a lens on venezuela's furious resistance. i'll share with you sosme the photographs that are inside the "new york times." infrastructure, a trump priority is pushed aside. online is this headline. trump aides seeking leverage investigates mueller's investigation. president trump's lawyers and aides are scouring the professional and political backgrounds hired by robert mueller looking for conflicts of interest that they could use to discredit the investigation or build a case to fire mr. mueller or get some members of his teams recused according with thee people with knowledge of the research effort. it includes scrutinizing donations to candidates. investigators passed clients and mr. mueller's relationship with james comey whose firing is part of the special counsel's investigation. the effort to investigate the investigators is another sign of
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the looming showdown between mr. trump and mr. mueller. that from the "new york times." henry from oakridge, tennessee. democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. all i got say in my conversation going to be short. host: ok. caller: i heard last night on the news. i was watching that russia have quite a few spice in this country. only thing that i got say is the white russia is taking over our country. tear not white. they got russian blood in them. so that's the reason mr. trump is doing so good. in 20 years, this country will belong to russia. not white america. white america just sitting out there on the limb. russia is really taking over this country. and it's going to happen if you keep voting like you're doing. this country don't care no -- how it votes. mr. mueller, keep doing what
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you're doing. follow the money. if you follow the money, you will turn over the white rocks. that's always been our problem is the money. thank you very much. have a blessed day, everybody. host: thank you for the call. june on the republican line. knoxville, tennessee. good morning. caller: hello. host: good morning, june. caller: good morning. host: thinner volume down on your set. i'm going to read a story from the "chicago tribune" and will come back to get your comments. this is what we mentioned at the top of the program. congress will be looking to vote on the house on a series of sanction scombills the headline from the "chicago" tribute. congress reaches a bipartisan agreement on sweeping russian sanctions bit. congressional republicans and democrats announcing yesterday they had reached that agreement on russian sanctions to punish moscow for meddling in the presidential election. citizeny hoyer of maryland said lawmakers had settled some
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lingering issues on the bill. the sanctions which target russia have drawn the most attention due to president trump's persistent push for warmer relations with vladimir putin and the ongoing zpwigse the russia campaign. a photograph from the "chicago tribune" story, senator schumer as congress reaches that agreement on a sweeping sanctions bill. june, go ahead, please. caller: well do y'all not realize that clinton was impeached and knicks was for much than he's done? this man is destroying our country and the party and they're setting up there laughing. are they afraid of him? what's wrong with him? host: turn the volume down when you get through. steve from los angeles. good morning. caller: hey, how are you? host: fine, thank you. caller: i wanted to say that it have full trust in robert mueller. he's a lifelong republican. he's not into the bull.
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he's not into leaking stuff. he's just in to doing his job. i mean, he's proven that many times over. he doesn't get wrapped up in the -- you know, in the whole drama of it all. he just wants do his job. he's bringing in lawyers that will specialize in white collar crimes because it's all about money laundering, ok? we're being rulet by -- ruled by russia. read the dossier on buzzfeed. that dossier done through england, i don't know what it is. but i mean, this whole trump is about two things. his ego and money he can make. about his trump hotels. i mean, he did nothing but, you know, throw obama under the bus for ever going on a holiday or anything. trump has taken more holidays than i think any president
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living, you know, or any president. he's taken -- i mean, he just started and he's taken like 40 different days. so he's a complete sham as far as i'm concerned. host: steve, thanks for weighing in. we'll get to more of your calls in just a minute. some of your tweets. it is alarming how many trump supporters ignoring the facts that it is not hillary or obama that documented russia's help. i'm concerned that the republicans will tramp whatever it takes to block him. send us a a tweet at @c-spanwj. shawn here on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. . trust mueller 100% trump is a crook. it is amazing how trump supporters just ignore anything. and that one trump supporter caller that you had talking
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about obama lackeys, that's like blaming the black man for everything. i mean, trump's son got caught in the e-mail. i mean, this stuff is so blatant. it is right in front of their faces but yet trump is such an angel. he's such a christian. he is a crook. i mean, the e-mails said it all. and for people to think that trump jr. didn't tell his father ? yes. i trust the special prosecutor 100%. he needs to investigate everybody and they all need to get out of the white house because trump is destroying this country and if something's not done, it is only going to get
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worse. host: don from here in washington, d.c., thanks for the call. trump has himself, not sessions to blame for the limitless mueller investigation. that is the piece from national review and the essay by andrew mccarthy. he where is the following. his misstatements and accusations make it doll limit the special counsel scope. president trump's rant against jeff sessions in an interview the "new york times" is a foolish bit of revisionist history. sessions heired in the rashness from his refusal from the russian investigation but the president has himself to blame for the appointment of a special counsel. he goes on to write president trump established only one thing by railing at the attorney general jeff sessions. he added to the growing disinclination of quality people to work in his administration. no one with vice president wants to -- self-respect to work when the boss not only backs you up
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but will turnon out on a intelligence. whether we're talking about the shotty behavior that intensifies calls for special counsel or the selection of the official who is made the key decision that have armed the special counsel with limitless jurisdiction. the president has only himself o blame. kenny is joining us on the i want line. good morning. caller: good morning. i remember in 2012, someone by the name of barack obama said , russia this, russia that. then, russia starts acting up badly in 2012, 2013, 2014. now trump has to take up the mess. now, if he meets with putin, he is colluding -- that is his job.
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what about seth rich? he got killed. they were both democratic dnc workers. they got murdered. no one cares about them. then, the wikileaks guy says i want to give $20,000 or whatever to whoever solves this guy's murder. to the clintons and find out. hell.people are dirty as tot: trump asserts the power pardon based on his tweets yesterday. say i havet want to full confidence in mr. mueller. i think you will do a good job. by the way, trump said rod
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rosenstein was from baltimore -- he is not. by the way, rosenstein and trump went to the same school, university of pennsylvania. fromump, rosenstein is you, not baltimore. presidenthe way, the was in norfolk, virginia for the dedication and christian thing andthe uss gerald r fold -- christianing of the uss gerald r. ford. he was there to tour the gerald r. ford, the only president appointed, serving nine months as vice president before serving two-and-a-half years as president. so trump along with ford family members and the virginia governor, terry mcauliffe. on thejoined
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independent line -- trust robert mueller? caller: not for a single minute. not even a second. this investigation going on in washington is such a farce. the election, and they are trying to get rid of trump any way they can. solid supporter of c-span. i have been watching you for years. but lately, every time i turn you on, you are reading an article that is such a mental to to trump. detrimental i am getting sick of it. they assassinate his character. and you do not a word against it and i am getting tired of it. i am getting tired of this
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washington la-la. host: we received the same criticism when obama and clinton and bush were in the white house. you knowst letting what people are writing about, in this case, trump. we are not making any assertions . we're not trying to do anything except tell you what leading news organizations are saying about the president. writers, they do not have the mental capacity to understand what is going on around them. uellerannot see that m is putting in a team of clinton supporters. what does that tell you? you do not have to be a scientist c that something stinks. that something stinks. host: what would you tell the
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writers? toler: i would tell them write the truth. they are writing opinions. their opinion is trump has to go, because they want hillary, or they wanted the socialist. socialists.e the american people are not stupid. i am 77 years old. i have never seen anything like this in my life. i'm sick of it, i really am. i would be willing to take up arms against these liberal democrats. i do not think all democrats are bad, but these liberals, they have lost all touch with reality. they think the american people are going to swallow this. i will not. host: maxine, thank you. "cq is a story from
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weekly." a look at congressional british are being -- a look at congressional redistricting. which will be significant when it comes to how congressional districts are drawn for 2020. l" is reporting on senator chuck schumer, the ,emocrats trying to rebrand saying that the democrats are to blame, not russia, for the lost to trump. eric is joining us. caller: good morning, america. i do trust mueller. we are in the most divided, of rich newkest
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times. it's funny how america has such irch -- rich people that they can do anything. i am upset. i am a veteran. i volunteered to kill or be killed to protect this country. now, we have a president's son dealing with a foreign country the x information on president and the secretary of state for an election, and they do not think this is a problem? we have a problem. yes, the president can pardon himself, with jubilee. we need jubilee. if we get jubilee, we get unity back in america. host: eric from california. james has this tweet -- i trust the former fbi director and
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comey's best friend to do whatever to make his ex-agency look less guilty of a witchhunt. america react if america elect did an honest man who really loved our country as resident. and generally, people who are innocent are not concerned about pardons. next, we are joined from port saint lucie, florida. caller: good morning. i think that all the democrats go mueller's party should back in the woods with hillary clinton. they all lie about what donald trump is doing. they make fun of his family. they talk bad about his family. why isn't hillary being investigating for everything she has done? mueller does not investigate her because she is a democrat. i think trump is doing a
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fantastic job. they should leave him alone and let him get his job done. lantic" is reporting on robert mueller. the headline is " mueller can pursue whatever crimes he uncovers." the order, written by the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, establishing the special counsel, is broad. it states the special counsel is "authorized to conduct the investigation." ort includes any links coronation between the russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of donald trump as well as any matters that may arise directly from the investigation. the special counsel has to look into matters under his jurisdiction. katyal, them neal former acting solicitor general under the obama administration. he went on to say if trump
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family financial matters are relevant to the russia investigation, he would have to look into them. the regulations do not permit the president to define the scope of the investigation. you can read the essay at lee is joining us from alaska. caller: thank you. as i follow this news, i have heard people say there is no evidence of collusion between trump and the russians. includeeard people dianne feinstein, james comey, and james clapper. i am surprised the democrats do not curse these people. you see you then use -- you see the news.
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violate the free speech amendment for people at college campuses. host: thank you for the call. if you have been in washington in any type of last 45 years, you may have today into nbc 4. the death yesterday of jim obituary, thehis "washington post." broadcastaster straight from the heart of the district. only briefly, passing away at the age of 75. he worked at nbc 4 here in washington, d.c. let's go to lawrence, joining us from texas.
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yes, i just want to ask a simple question. usually, when a special prosecutor is appointed, there is some sort of evidence that there is a crime. what crime is trump accused of? i never understood this. the russian hack into the email of the dnc and john podesta, that is the only thing they did to affect the election. how does that have anything to do with donald trump? he is notas said involved, he has nothing to do with that. what is the crime? host: i guess the answer is "that's why they are investigating." or the larger issue, what did the russian government do? how do they try to affect election? magazinen "time" looked at this last week.
7:40 am
let me show you the cover story -- the secret plan to stop putin 's election plot. 15 page article on what russia was trying to do in 2016. areer: that is fine if they investigating russia, but it seems that they are investigating trump and not russia. host: that is part of it to you we do not know because we do not have the details of the investigation, but we know they are looking into trump's finances, russian collusion, if there is any, and russian involvement in the campaign itself. every time at know special prosecutor is appointed, he does not wait until he finds something. everybody -- they can find something out everybody any time. that is why they are doing this. they are trying to get him out of office. i do not understand why he was appointed in the first place.
7:41 am
they said it is because he fired comey -- that guy recommended he fire comey. it is like he cannot win for losing. host: the president did say he was going to fire him regardless of what the deputy attorney general wrote in that memo. caller: so what? he has the right to fire him. host: you are right. i am just putting the fact out there that regardless of what the justice department said, he was going to fire the fbi director. caller: that does not matter. that does not mean a special prosecutor should be appointed because he fire comey. he can do that for no reason. host: laura, thank you. the secret history of election 2016. this is the first two pages of an in-depth piece. the white house was prepared to call out the military to guard the vote from a russian hack. it begins with what happened in june of last year in central
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california, concerns they thought could spread into the general election. we are joined by dean from the democratic line. do you trust special prosecutor mueller? caller: i do not trust none of them. we need to get a logitech there test and then we can set up and -- we need a lie detector test, and then we can shut up we stop wasting money and can get something done. maybe bring the united states back. the --- he told that is what is wrong with the country today. they get paid to do everything for the rich and no one for the working class of people. host: we want to share with you
7:43 am
some of the photographs of the story in venezuela. from the "new york times conquer the battle for venezuela through a lens and a gas -- from the "new york times," the battle for venezuela through eight lens and a gas mask -- through a lens and a gas mask. we are joined from michigan. welcome to the program. caller: good morning. we have to get back to the beginning. trump brought a lot of this on himself. isolated the he hillary group. i am not a hillary fan by any means, okay? to he did not do anything bring the country together. and i cannot believe how divided everybody is. are one-sided and not looking at the middle,
7:44 am
especially the independents. points, butme good he has a lot of bad points. these people calling in our saying they are independent -- they are not really independent. let thise on and country get going. it is not working that way. everyone is taking a side and they are not looking in the middle. i think that is a big problem with our country. trump needs to bring our country together and not divide it more. that is what he is doing. host: this is from a democrat -- like other employers, trump can a reason,ployee for no reason, but not for a bad reason we are joined from georgia, republican line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have been proud of a lot of people who have called in. i love c-span.
7:45 am
i have watched you for years. i think what a lot of people wee been tired of is what are seeing as the double standard. i remember during the obama years when people called in, and if they said anything negative, one word negative, about policy, itbama's turned into a discussion of race. you would call out people and say that is disrespectful to the president, you would say that sounds racist -- host: the only time we would do that is if they used profane language. but if it was a discussion on race, this is an open forum, so we would let that discussion go through unless they crossed the line. caller: that is your version, but i remember -- host: the good thing is everything on this network is on our website. you can go back and look at it and verify what i said. i welcome your point.
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i am just letting you know we are very transparent. every minute of this network is online at caller: let me now mention about the mueller investigation. back to the double sided-ness. how many things should have been investigated about the obama administration? not one special investigation. not one. now, everything trump--should be investigated. host: thanks for the call. on the democrat line from san antonio. caller: thank you for taking my call. c-span is doing an excellent job. on the mueller situation, we should give him a chance like we a chance. trump as far as obama and clinton, they are not in the white house now. we need to focus on the here and now. trump is in the spotlight now.
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they were way -- the way he ran his election, now he's getting karma. you're awesome. have a good day. host: it was in the early morning hours of july 23, 1967 that riots broke out in detroit, lasting five days. more than 40 people were killed. the looting and dish auction -- the looting and destruction took place across the detroit area. we will look at the riots on as we look aton what happened in the city of detroit and how this date and federal -- how the state and federal government tried to quell the violence. american history tv. from philadelphia, dawn, you're next. caller: good morning.
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i am calling to say i hope this doneer investigation is quickly and we can find out the truth. i believe trump has been involved with the russians since back in the 2000's. where all find out the money comes from, and then we will see they were involved with trying to get him elected. hopefully it will be resolved in at least the next six months. host: in about 15 minutes, a member of presidential voter commission, looking election integrity. this from the "washington post," reporting on the president's tweets. a defiant trump releasing a dozen of at least a
7:49 am
tweets, saying he has the complete power to pardon aides, family members, and possibly even himself. an apparent response to the special counsel's widening probe and a crying what he called illegal leaks in the fake news. at president also lashed out a report of previously undisclosed contacts between the attorney general jeff sessions, at time a senior advisor to the trump campaign, and a russian official. the tweet in which trump called an illegal new intelligence leak, part of his effort to shift the public focus to what he claims is a partisan attempt to undermine his presidency. the president's defense of his pardoning authority came just "ays after the "washington post reported he and his legal team
7:50 am
discussed his power to pardon those close to himself. we are joined from ohio. welcome to the conversation. caller: thank you for taking my call. long time listener, second time caller. the reason i am calling is about trump and the mueller investigation. wereoughts is mueller picked up by the same group of people trying to persecute him. accurately, comey and mueller -- havedly, comey and mueller been friends for years. they went to school together. they are very close, all of them, all of the democrats are very close, and mueller is tight with them as well. comey has lied on the witness than -- stand. rice, all ofd,
7:51 am
them need to go. including hillary clinton, bill clinton, every single one of the democrats that has spawned nothing but racism and indifference to being an american citizen. do not know how good they have it in this country. i have been to the middle east. i know what it is like. here are ignorant to what we are facing. we are facing a tremendous battle. it will be waged on our shores some. we will need a president, a strong-backed president, like donald trump, to prevent and set out a barrier to protect the american people. host: thank you for the call. we have had a couple
7:52 am
pronunciations. it is robert "muller," not "mule-r." caller: affirmative. about the last caller, hillary clinton and the likes of her have done so much over the past eight years, and inclusive of obama, and nothing was said, nothing was done. now, there are many democrats admitting no collusion with trump and russia. russia admits to no collusion -- not that they would. but they found no collusion. to my understanding, it takes a certain amount of, a quick megabyte -- it takes a certain source to connect for that to
7:53 am
happen. host: thank you for the call. we want to share with you the headline from the "washington post." the house to vote on sanctions against russia, iran, and north korea. more details on expected to pass with overwhelming majority in the house and the senate before lawmakers leave for their annual august recess, giving the republican-led congress a major bipartisan agreement, albeit an agreement that gives a thumb in the eye to trump. the legislation would block trump from easing sanctions against russia. we will have coverage of that when the house is back this week.
7:54 am
the senate on c-span 2 and the health care debate. mark is joining us. good morning and welcome to the program. caller: good morning. thanks for doing a great job you did i have been speaking with you 10 years, when i am lucky enough to get on air. you are very professional, and very transparent. you are very balanced. i am a marine corps veteran. host: thank you for your service. caller: thank you. it does not make me any more special or american. i want to correct the last caller's observation of robert mueller -- and thank you for pronouncing his name -- he graduated from princeton. james comey graduated from william and mary. they did not go to college together. and neither one of them are
7:55 am
democrats. they are both republicans. distrust republicans immediately. i voted for george bush, sr. and i voted for president carter. that is how old i am. i would just share with my enlisted that mueller in the marine corps after graduating from princeton after watching a friend of his from college, that was popular with people at that school, a white-collar school, who had and gottentnam killed as a marine. so he enlisted out of respect to his friend. that shows tremendous devotion and brotherhood and love of country. i will not speak negatively of donald trump, though i did not support him, nor will i, with his agenda. presidentthing is
7:56 am
barack obama met directly with putin in 2016 and asked him, in person, less than a foot away, to knock it off concerning meddling with the american system, which were there -- wich hich they were onto at the time. he did not do that to trap donald trump, he did that to protect the american people. let's stay honest with ourselves. have a great morning. is to all my marines out there. host: thank you. this is from the "new york times" sunday magazine. amazon's acquisition of whole foods is not only a clash between brick and mortar and online, it is also one between vastly differ visions of future service work. you can also read it at
7:57 am
when we first went on the air, our very first college game from south dakota, which is where our caller now is from. i bet you didn't know that. you're calling on the republican line. caller: donald trump professed that he would drain the swamp in washington. i think this investigation from mueller is a defense of the swamp. people should read a little bit about deep state or the administrative state of washington. what is going to happen is our representative democracy will be abolished by the bureaucrats in washington. that is my biggest concern, is that the process occurring in washington is to concentrate all of the power and bureaucracy of the federal government. should beerybody
7:58 am
concerned about this. thank you. host: thank you. com the "washington post, trump averages 4.6 made pleasing -- 4.6 misleading or false claims per day. last call from north vernon, indiana. joseph on the democrat line, you have the last word. caller: hi. my first thought is why was there a special prosecutor appointed when there was no crime by donald trump that anybody, at that point after six months of investigating, had ever found yet. for one. two, it should seem like he should probably be having a split of the people he has hired to do the investigating. yet all the people he has put in
7:59 am
voters,e democrat people who work with the clinton campaign, and so on and so forth. it does not seem to add up to me. it does not seem like it is above board. it seems wrong at this point. financiald trump's records from way before he ever became president -- i do not see how any of that could have anything to do with it. mr. obama, when he was president, they started knowing about some interference by russia, actually way back in 2015. host: thank you for the call. coming up, a member of the commission looking at voter integrity. we will also turn our attention to iran. in the final hour, we will look at detroit and the 50th iniversary of the riots
8:00 am
1967. it was a sunday morning 50 years ago today. will talk about the gop agenda. the chair of the republican policy committee, health care, and other items to remain in limbo. here is a portion of our conversation. [video clip] >> are you upset with the senate? >> absolutely. absolutely. there are a majority of senators that have promised the american people that they would repeal obamacare. my house colleagues passed the bill. the senate, so far we have gotten nothing. that is unacceptable. it is my understanding the leader mitch mcconnell has said there will be at a minimum a vote on a repeal only bill. i see no reason that bill cannot pass.


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