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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 24, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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journal, a look at the week andd with rachel bade, catherine lucy. clark neely with the cato institute talks about ♪ good morning. it is one day -- it is monday, july 24. the house gavels in at noon today. 5:30 two todayat on capitol hill, jared kushner expected to testify behind closed doors for the senate intelligence panel. .e'll get to that this morning we begin with the president's complaint via twitter that republicans do very little to protect him in the wake of that tweet. we will begin by opening our phones to republicans only. you think republicans did --
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congressional republicans should do more to protect president trump? you can also catch up with us on social media. a very good monday morning to you. we'll have a question for democrats, 30 minutes from now. for the first 30 minutes, it is just republicans only and hour question is based on this tweet yesterday from the president could he said, "it is sad that republicans, even some that were carried over the line on my back to very little to protect their president." aboutesident also talked the rush investigation. in that tweet, complaints about republicans and whether they are
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protecting him. do you think congressional republicans are doing enough to protect the president? "roll call" newspaper in washington, d.c. focusing on this tweet yesterday. trump lashes out at republicans saying they will not protect him. it is not clear, they write -- this morning i want to hear from you. elected republicans, should they do more to protect president
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trump. if you are can can only. are republicans go ahead. caller: thank you for c-span. trump is asident little lacking in some experience in politics and government. i think what republican leaders and to do is sit him down tell him the truth and tell him how it works and try to straighten him out because he is wild on the tweets and i don't think -- i think he still thinks he can control his image and the image of the white house. i don't think he can. the new guy -- the
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communications fellow, i think he is a bit too slick. seniors that are there need to sit him down and tell him the truth and tell him how it really works. host: are you a republican who voted in the primary last year for donald trump? caller: no. host: who did you support? supported -- i was a supporter of [indiscernible] host: what is the truth? caller: i am not an expert but i think he is mismanaging his image. he is mismanaging the image of the white house.
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i think it is reflecting -- my father used to have a saying when team people tell you that you are drunk, lie down. host: that is robin new york. how is an -- al is in rhode island. caller: i will tell you his problem, the people he has around them are not in his corner. the first one i would say is paul ryan. he's to spend more time dealing with the freedom caucus, mark meadows and tim jordan. he to spend more time with them because they are more on his train of thought. the newremark about communications director, i think he is a little slick looking. i think that is the wrong kind of look. these republicans, they should be voted out of office if they do not back camp. they have had no backbone
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they have been control of congress and the senate and they have no backbone. i feel sorry for mccain but i don't trust him. he is no republican. paul ryan has not done anything for president trump. i think he should be gotten away from. host: the president tweeting this morning. 17 minutes ago saying -- the president talking about chuck schumer who has been making the rounds as a democrats announced the new policy agenda rolling it out today. that is the question we are going to have in 25 minutes. we are going to be talking about that policy agenda. it is going to be a democrats
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only 30 minutes. republicans only based on the president's tweet from yesterday at 4:14 in which he said -- you think elected republicans should do more to protect the president? what does he need protection from? california, good morning. caller: it is melissa but that is all right. it is ridiculous and sad. i'm so disappointed with the republican party. the betrayal of the voters that voted for trump and put them in
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-- it is likem to they are cowards. the corruption against the president. they never stand up for him. they are never loyal. that is why we voted for trump. oft: what are some examples lack of loyalty? everywhere at how many months has it been and they don't do anything? they all have excuses. it is always his fault. no, it is not his fault. they are the ones who are supposed to legislate in past things and get things done. he signs off. they are making excuses and stupid. they are discussing. -- they are disgusting. one thing after another.
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host: do you think he needs protection question mark -- protection? caller: it is insane. he has everybody against him. i am so disappointed in the republican party. i am almost ashamed to call myself a republican anymore. they don't stand up for anything. there are like a whole bunch of dogs with their tails between their legs. they are paid off are just afraid of their shadow. host: that is catherine in california. jared kushner is scheduled to meet behind closed doors with the senate intelligence committee today. he will be appearing before them . the north side of the capital will see him when he goes in for the testimony but the testimony
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itself will be behind closed doors. cnn reporting a copy of the testimony though that is being released publicly by jared kushner. that is coming out this morning. put that online this morning. jared kushner's about russia and the congressional committees in that. there are several highlighted points cnn noting. one of those highlighted parts saying --
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as he said, we will look for his arrival on capitol hill at the heart senate office building. after the phones. should be -- should elect a group of can do more? good morning pmi there? i completely agree with president trump. i voted for president trump. i think he is honest. all they see is he lies. the republicans did not have his back. they are jealous of him. the democrats are jealous because they lost the election. .asted all of this money
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there is no case against the man . this is a case against the american people does this is a clue trying to overthrow this president. i would run from that place. they threaten his family, his life. the republicans, they are sold out. the democrats are sold out. it is a sewer and the media is a sewer. i agree with him completely. god bless them. he is protecting him. i'm ashamed and what is going on in our country. arkansas.springs, caller: i do agree with the president, 100%. the congress needs to protect him from all of the infighting. for eight years, they were yelling and screaming that if they only had a presidency they could do stuff. now they have got it and everybody is trying to overthrow him, like the last caller said. he is not a part of the good old
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boy system. the good boy system is what the swamp is peter we need to change that. -- what the swamp is. we need to change that. the repugnant party needs to understand it is the people who -- the republican party needs to understand that it is the people who elected him. it really irks me about this. they screamed and yelled for eight years, we need the presidency, we need to come together. now they need to protect and do what they are told to do by the people. thank you. host: you mentioned infighting among the republicans. here's the jump page from that story.
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columbus, georgia. good morning. caller: i love and some boarded desk and support him 100%, donald trump and michael pence. [indiscernible] i have a son [indiscernible] kutcher point, jeanette.
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jerry -- got your point, jeanette. what does the president need protection from echo -- protection from? caller: from the news media. it is all a scam. it is a clue that is try to take over our government. they to go over when hillary clinton was trying to run. i believe she was in -- they were trying to start a war with russia and trump would put forward any effort he could to stop that. i believe he won by 70 to 80% and that is what they are covering up. let's fix the voting system where every citizen can pick up that phone and call in on our state and be up to tell who we voted for. i am from florida. this voting system is rigged. you want to talk about marco rubio. he was a no good bum who was never elected in the state.
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trumpyou think president received four out of every five votes? caller: absolutely. he was totally dominated. host: what evidence do you have? caller: he beat hillary clinton by landslide. virginia.n, mclean, good morning. caller: i wanted to say that i think there's a little bit of this going on but that is the politics. the democrats are just better at sticking together. this is true that the republicans really are not supporting him as much as they could be. the worst of the story is to see what has happened after this election. the democratic party is trying everything to bring this president down. i don't think we have seen anything like this since reagan. this is exactly what their
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reaction was after reagan. thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to listen. host: let me read a little bit more from that "washington post" story. to see if you agree with roger stone. what do you think about roger stone's comments? caller: i'm not so sure i agree with what he is saying. how is one person running for an election against a party machine take over the party? how does one person do that? is it the same story as what happened to bernie, that hillary
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took over his campaign? think -- i don't understand how that really happened. call.thanks for the did you want to finish a comment? caller: i think these parties are machines unto themselves. certainly the republican party did not want trump to win, just like the democratic party did right?t or need to win, i am not so sure i agree. host: pennsylvania, good morning. is one ofe president the most powerful officers in the world. as far as president trump's staff supporting him or not, i think the thing should speak for itself. the president of the united , whys has so much power would she -- why would we be so
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concerned about public opinion echoed host: -- opinion? host: usa today has a new poll out today. ,resident trump's impeachment the topic that they pulled adults on. -- they polled adults on. usa today with a full-page story on that. the caller just now mentioned the president's staff. it has been brought up a couple of times, anthony scaramucci taking over the job on friday.
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sean spicer announcing he is stepping down from that position on friday. scaramucci was on cbs face the nation. one of the questions he was asked is about leaks that we keep hearing about from the trump white house. here is what he had to say. >> i'm going to make it very clear. tomorrow i'm going to have a staff meeting and it is going to be a very binary thing. i am not going to make any pre-judgments, if they want to stay on the staff, they are going to have to stop leaking. if the leaks continued, we are as strong as our weakest link. we are as strong as our weakest link. when at you all get together and make a decision as a team that .ou are going to stop leaking if you keep leaking, i am going to fire everybody. host: we're asking republicans only to: come asking this question, should elected republicans do more to protect
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president trump? clearances from nashville, tennessee. good morning. caller: good morning to c-span. disappointed in so much of the news concerning earthresident, why on would there be interested in running a poll on impeachment? so many of these senators, especially in the leadership of some of these committees that will frequently answer a question from the press as if toy must answer the question suit the interests of the generalist versus what is really going on? the democratic minority relate -- leadership has been possibly how muchr discussing
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evidence is supposedly there on this russian thing. you ask a republican senator such as our junior senator from tennessee, corker, and he will give some snide remark concerning the president or the issue. yet he will never meet with the general public of the state to find out what their feelings are . the same goes for so many other senators. host: you think that is what the president meant when he sent out that tweet yesterday? i wish he hadn't of use the word protect. word --e had used the answered the way they should have and let the public know about the doubt there is about the russian connection.
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while the democratic senators are all using words that make it proof, and itnce is said the way this party has been operating the last two years. i am a lifelong republican, but i am getting really tired many of these senators. host: we will talk more about the russian investigation. that is a part of our week ahead coming up between 8:00 and 9:00. we will be joined by two reporters. one of the issues will be the russia investigation. jared kushner testifying today before the senate intelligence committee. that will happen behind closed doors, expected to testify before the house intelligence committee this week also behind closed doors. some public statements already
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released from the president's son-in-law on that. several news outlets reporting about that. richard is up next as we talk of the president's tweet on being protected by elected officials. what do you think? caller: i think president trump is completely correct. reince priebus has a lot of answering to do because he was the one who found -- who got a lot of these guys elected. now he is chief of staff and president trump is trying to do so many good things, the other guys should pretty much all in line and they cannot do that. maybe they have some kind of secret squad to take these guys and send them to a reeducation camp. so they can learn what a patriot is. host: you want reince priebus to
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be sent to a reeducation camp, richard echo -- richard? before this was passed in 1912, i guess the state legislators were able to put in senators that gave the balance to the states as opposed to another cause array of peacocks. [indiscernible] i think trump is getting a raw deal from a lot of these peacocks who are running around .he senate about time everybody start supporting the president because this country is in trouble and he is the only solution that we have. host: a couple of tweets since we have been having this conversation. trump has destroyed the republican party. they don't know what they are supposed to stand for any more. the gop will stand long after
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trump. kevin says -- we are going to talk to democrats only in about five minutes. the house and senate leaders of the democratic party launch the new agenda today. we are going to be talking with the democrats only. as we continue to talk to republicans only. ocean springs, mississippi. caller: yes. veteran --d were two world war ii veteran and i lived in germany from 1968 to 1996. country but ithis know about a lot what was going before i camed back to the united states in 1996.
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this problem started back in the 1950's after world war ii. and it is worldwide. host: what is the problem? i am in contact with the national revoking committee and i have filled out a lot of surveys and done a lot of work for them. i'm trying to get information to classified.consider they consider a lot of the classified. on what is going on in the world. host: what is going on in the world? caller: democrat friends that i
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don't even talk to anymore that obamae two years ago that was going to be impeached. i told them i didn't think obama would last through the second term. [indiscernible] democrats try to convince me that obama was going to be surviving and he has survived and he is still one of the ringleaders of this problem that we have in this country. host: we're try to stick to this trump administration. republicans only on this question on whether elected republicans should do more to protect the president. keith, what do you think in tennessee? you with us echo -- you with us?
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go ahead, kate. caller: i am very hurt with what the democrats are doing and how they are acting against this wonderful man that god has put in office for the american people. we have been tossed to and fro. we have bone teared and women to and it has been the democrats now that are causing all of our trouble. i will never vote for one of these republicans that have stood against our president, because he is a god cold man. they are not going to put him down and hurt him anymore because our creator, god, is the one who put him in office. you democrats, you better start praying and getting forgiveness for what you have done to this american country and the people. republican in
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this first segment of the west in general did want to switch gears -- in our washington journal. we want to switch gears and have a question for democrats only. partyoes the democratic stand for? we ask this today because them credit leaders in congress today are launching a new democratic election agenda. the wall street journal with their story about it. chuck schumer was on abc this week yesterday and he was asked
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about why americans don't know what the democratic party stands for. here's what he said. ask it is in part our fault. when you lose an election with someone who has a 40% popularity , you look in the mirror and say what did we do wrong? the number one thing that we did wrong is we didn't have -- we didn't tell people what we stood for, even today. they know we are standing up to trump. they want to know what do you stand for? tomorrow, democrats will unveil our economic agenda, it's called a better deal. it has three components. we are going to raise people's wages and create better paying jobs. we are going to cut down on their everyday expenses have to pay and we are going to give them the tools they need to compete in the 21st century. simply put, what do democrats stand for? a better deal for working families. higher wages, less cost, tools for the 21st century. host: the tagline you'll be
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hearing about from democrats, a better deal, better jobs, better future. health and senate democrats are traveling to berryville, virginia to launch this new election agenda. in the houseand with her column in the washington post talking about the better deal agenda. we'll go through some of that but chuck schumer with his own op-ed in today's new york times. we will go through it this morning. william is up first. go ahead. caller: how are you doing this morning? host: doing well. caller: i'm a lifelong democrat. the first time i ever voted was in 2008 when president obama.
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i am proud to -- democrats need to do is keep resisting. resist this fraud president that we have. he is a con man. he doesn't represent the interest of the working class american. he only represent himself and his family. i like what they are doing about a better deal, that sounds good. you want to inspire people to come out, resist the stake president. he is a fake president. host: you think this to be the primary focus of what democrats stand for, a resistance party? caller: that is right. when he to resist this fake, -- we need to resist this fake, fraud president. he is a disgrace. all the democrats have to show is to resist. we will back the democratic party 1000%. host: doug is in michigan. a democrat.
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what does the democratic party stand for? caller: it doesn't stand for anything. all they do is fight. nothing gets done and that is the perfect reason why we need term limits. these congressmen and senators given there and they are way too comfortable. all they care about israel action -- care about is reelection. they work a three-day week. they get in august recess. they take part of september off. we need term limits. that is basically my comment. host: when was the last time you voted for democrat? john kerry.d be host: has it been mostly independent since? --ler: i vote republican
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first i voted for was george h.w. bush. then he betrayed us when he said "read my lips." host: you identify as a democrat now echo caller: yes i do because i am angry at republicans for being such pansies when they should be standing up to help donald trump. host: charles is democrat. what does it the democratic party stand for? democratic party stands for the average person in this country where is the republican party -- i guess i can't talk about invoking party on this call. host: you can talk about whatever you want to.
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caller: the people who called in on the hook inside to find it in my book. term limits are ridiculous. when we go to the polls, that determines term limits. we have a right to vote for whoever we want and the government to get the hell out of the business of dictating who we vote for. in oure said the calls first half hour to find think the republican party stands for and what did you mean? they are for corporate enterprise, corporate business. host: you heard that in the calls from the first half-hour? caller: i get from the they'll seeing the same song. all they can do is get on their and criticized desk it on there
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and criticize the democrats. the way this is set up on today show is you're supposed to talk about your party, which i have never voted for republican. economically say that. i'm a democrat and i'm not thinking to be a democrat like that last caller with term limits. term limits favor the rich because rich people can go when for those term limits and get out and make their big bucks again. where is democrats have to run hard to win those elections. republicans also the same song that's all sing the same song. host: his nancy pelosi's op-ed in the washington post. what she says democrats -- what she says motivates democrats.
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that is from nancy pelosi's op-ed this morning. chuck schumer also with one nancy pelosi in the boston post. want to hear from you, the democrats another country. what the think the democratic party stands for? washington, go ahead. .aller: thank you very much in the past i always voted democratic because they have
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always been -- they need cooperation and unity. the last tell you election, i was disgusted with both. clinton and trump campaign with all of the slurs against each other. division, quit the the citizens of the u.s. and have a bipartisan go to. democrat,publican or we need unity globally. we all want clean water and sustainable food to eat. democrats and republicans want a safe, warm place to live and raise a family. all of us want something
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productive and purposeful to do. -- : on twitter today on the day that democrats are announcing their new agenda, the new better deal agenda. want to hear from democrats only . what do you think the democratic party stands for? ebony, georgia. i think they stand for the people as opposed to the republicans standing for business. it seems like every time a new agenda it looks like the balkans, they are talking about free market and money. the democrats are talking about these things affecting people.
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i think at this point the democrats/republicans are getting a little tired. each person that runs for congress or the president, they should run on their own merits and what they believe in, not part of a party or things like that because people are getting really brainwashed about what is important just because someone said they are republican or democrat. people don't know who their commerce people are and what they really stand for other than a democrat or republican. we're getting too far away from that and not looking at the actual person. when you first section guys talked about the republicans and how many people talking in talking about donald trump is an honest man. withdy qs what is happened a straight face and say this guy is an honest man, i think they have some soul-searching to do. host: maryland, good morning.
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caller: yes, i believe this party needs to have unity. that should be it's number one focus. the best thing this party can do is get money out of politics. we need to be leaders and show that by removing it. campaign finance reform has not been done since bill clinton. that was something he promised. you don't see that. we need to bring that back and we also need to show this country that private-sector economy does not fill this economy. we need to work as people and unite as people. we have got to get this two-sided football game parties system out of our government and we're not winning. because this two-part system does not work anymore. i personally supported the green party in the last election. it is one of the most neutralized parties that do not
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put money in politics. i was the democrats would put their viewpoints. they need to be a centrist party. they need to be the people uniting party. that is what has to happen if they want to stay further in politics. host: you talk about unity. what you think of the first caller who said unity comes from being a resistant party? host: that is an excellent point -- caller: that is an excellent point. that is always causing up section. that is why the republicans are blaming the democrats. we don't want to hear their lies anymore about resistance. we believe in working together. the republicans have not and we have to keep standing united as a party that we will unite this country. if people don't believe that, we should improve during the last years of barack obama. the other party just wants to divide us. we will stand united and that is "we the people."
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that is what the democrats should stand for. they need to stay centrist. host: a democrat in san antonio, texas. stand for me, they caring about the person that is struggling and trying to better themselves. they definitely stand for protecting medicare and social security. the republicans, whatever they talk about those programs, they say, we need to reform them so that they will last longer. what they really mean is they want to undermine them and cut them as badly as they can. when trump was running, one of the things he said was he would not accept cuts to medicaid, medicare or social security.
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right now, the health care programs that the republicans have put out there definitely make tremendous cuts to medicare which affects seniors in nursing homes because that is a 90% of them get paid. the new budget that they put cuts inis making big if you want to find out what the republicans really stand for, then listen to what paul ryan always puts forward. he is for putting vouchers out there for medicare which basically gives seniors a certain amount that they can go hunt down insurance with, and if they can't, that is just too bad.
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another thing i want to say is for years i have listened to ,hem talk about how obama said if you liked your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your policy, you can keep your policy. you were misinformed. one of the things i still hear republicans say in their town hall is there are death panels obamacare. that is not true. they still continue to say things. i am proud to be a liberal. the reason is for years i paid more taxes each year than most people even make. fact that was in the my solace is in the fact that as long they spend that money that need food i am ok with that.
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host: you bring up a lot of the issues that we are going to be talking about in the next second -- the next segment like the health care vote that is expected this week in the senate. what is being voted on. the budget and appropriations issues that you bring up, where that stands. the august recess. stick around for that. we are going to be talking about that. this better deal agenda that they launched today, the democrats in the house and senate. they will be headed to berryville, virginia. being led by nancy pelosi. some polling on how the public views those two democratic leaders. this from the "washington times" today. looking at a morning consult lyrical poll just consult lyft poll.- consult politico
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a morning consult politico poll. about 2000 registered u.s. voters. act your calls. what does the democratic party stand for? pomeroy, ohio. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. party isda that my going to put forth today, look at it.
7:49 am
it is the same thing that president trump ran on. we're just about a year and a half to late in getting this party -- this agenda going. is, i don't agree with the resistance. resist, resist, resist. did not tell us exactly what in the world you stand for when our leadership in washington stands for. ever since day one of president trump, it is been in peach, impeach, impeach. woman who started that california has a $4 million home . some of us democrats, we criticize the republicans for all of their money, look at all of the money in the democratic party. look at the billions donated to these people to rerun. pelosi,humer and nancy they need to be voted out and we
7:50 am
need some younger, smarter new ideas into the party to get this party going ahead. the republicans said they resisted and resisted, but then they had something they ran on. we didn't run on nothing this last election. that is what got us beat. host: you mentioned chuck schumer. this is how he ends his column.
7:51 am
jerry in georgia. what do you think democrats stand for? caller: well i think democrats stand for the average person in this country, the middle class. i have a couple of comments i want to make. that better deal, that is the link which -- in each to be updated to something. democrats always come of these lame slogans. the main thing i called up to say is that in the south where i live, in my generation and the younger generation, people are benefiting from democratic programs like medicare, medicaid. mild family -- my own family, is no telling how many millions of family -- millions of dollars
7:52 am
keeping them healthy. it is a disconnect. it is like the democrats have never done anything. i like what they do for me, but it is a disconnect. i don't understand that. i cannot understand that in my own family. they go get these big operations and then a comeback, i didn't have to pay a bill. why don't you have a bill yet? because you are on medicare. why did you get that medicaid card? does president obama made sure that medicaid card came to you. they don't realize. the democrats need to work on the disconnect in the south. host: you don't like the new slogan, we have heard of the new deal, this a better deal. caller: i would have to sit down and think about that more. the republicans always come up with a catchy phrase.
7:53 am
the democrats never, -- it is always lame. they sound lame. chuck schumer sounds lame. they need to have more passion. host: here is what super tone has to say on twitter. philip in michigan, what do you think that democratic party stands for decca -- stands for. hillary isir reason not in office, she didn't feel the burn. if she had grabbed bernie sanders and made them vice president, it would've been a landslide. hillary.ity voted for she should be president right now. when is someone going to go ahead and petition to get rid of the electoral college? i think the democratic party there was majority,
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the sleeping giant. we are here, we are ready to jump up and get something but it has to be for something that is right, not just for a bunch of rich people to make more money. the first caller in the segment said the thing that could unite democrats is being a resistance party. telling people that they will resist president trump. do you think that is the right message? caller: actually know i don't. i believe democrats are pretty much the silent majority. election and my sisters like, i am voting for trump. at 11:30 or almost 12:00, i realized who was going to be president. i said this is my concession call, trump is going to be president.
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i'm ready to stand behind him. i can switch that fast. guess he isave seen done a lot of cool things. i like what he has done for immigration. admit, where on a different foot right now. i cannot help but wonder what it is going to be like, the middle section hits in the next election hits, it is going to be outstanding. you have to have a positive attitude about it. host: a few more tweets as we're having this conversation. mike says --
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roslyn, new york. what do democrats stand for? caller: the democratic party should keep reminding people that they have given us social security and medicare. they have been for medicaid and they are pro-choice and things like that. they have always and for the worker. they forgot to tell us that. now that they are talking about running for congress again getting the congress again, they are starting to talk about it. that is how -- democrats from my point of view have always been for the poorer people. always try to help out with programs. they have failed to get their message across. that is one of the big reasons they lost.
7:57 am
host: in a lando, florida. -- in orlando, florida. caller: the democrats stand by the individual versus the gop oh -- the gop. [indiscernible] what i noticed is the gop infiltrating the schools. they had young republicans but not young democrats in the school. to teach the students they had to be republican. teachers they were pro-trump. the never stop discrimination. people from the church is saying [indiscernible]
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these people should have the right to be healthy. the right to get up and get going. [indiscernible] people are going to stay ignorant. host: you said you volunteered for the hillary clinton campaign. d think the campaign had a message -- do you think the campaign had a clear message that amick and understood? understood?icans volunteered, she was giving you a package to you could graduate. she wanted wi-fi connections in rural areas. there were a lot of places where people can start jobs.
7:59 am
host: what would you say that message was in one sentence yet -- in one sentence? to -- i grewanted up in another country where everything.ed up gas go up and down. i just think that people are waiting for the congress to stop when we have the power. resisting, where stopping this mass destruction of the constitution. host: our last call in the segment. what you are good be hearing about today, a better deal. better jobs, better future. that is the tagline that democrats will be promoting today is a part of the new
8:00 am
agenda. we are talking about the agenda for the week ahead coming up in our next segment. we are going to be joined by catherine lucey of the associated press. rachael bade will be here. but the stories that are driving the week in politics. what the justice department announced last week. clark riley will be here. president trump commissioned the new aircraft here are some of the presence this navyn dedicating ship. president trump: we must pay tribute to the thousands of citizens who designed and built this, their love of country has been put into every rivet and bulkhead on this vessel. you hammered, chiseled, and sculpted this mighty hull. you werehe


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