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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 24, 2017 9:31am-10:05am EDT

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americans killed because that westmoreland denied that the city had been taken. to as a fact, he continued deny it nearly the whole time the battle was fought. consequence, would never conceive the sheer number of forces in the city. so small units of marines and being ordered to ttack positions that were held by overwhelmingly superior enemy positions.entrenched >> sunday night 8 eastern on c-span q&a. >> "washington journal" continues. phones to end our program today, any public policy issue you want to talk about, the time to call in. democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. tell you we are waiting
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for the president's son-in-law to arrive at the hart building not far from where expected to see that when he arrives today. he's testifying before the intelligence committee, the committee probing russian 2016 ference in the election, testimony happening behind closed doors, we won't be questions and answers from that, he's expected o appear behind closed doors with the house intelligence committee later this week. phones, show en what you is on the president's mind right now. just a few minutes ago, a couple tweets this morning. republicans have a last chance to do the right thing on years of lace after talking and campaigning. here is what the president said minutes ago. 18 minutes ago, the shift, totally biassed congressman look intoing russia spends his time on television pushing the loss excuse that is
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congressman schiff of california, ranking member on intelligence committee. the president clearly watching some of his remarks this morning. taking your calls. phone lines are yours. new jersey, county, line for democrats, you are up first. go ahead. much.r: thank you so i was calling regarding the civil forfeiture. i just want to make a comment or everyone to think about, that mitch mcconnell, the the ity leader who is richest senator, i believe while in the past couple father-in-law, hipping vessel company, i'm not -- i can't remember off the top of my head, the details of was actually seized and found cargo of coal, over
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cocaine and now federal agents to seize any drugs in the international borders. seeing he's a -- where did you get this news story? news : it was breaking story, within the month. intercept -- okay. aller: did pick it up and so his father-in-law owns this company and is large mitch n donor to mcconnell's campaign, obviously, father-in-law. when mitch mcconnell was asked for seizing --
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aking sure our u.s. dea laws are enacted and our federal laws seize that assets from that and also put sanctions bank accounts, due to that and also, you know, with -- agents normally do such a large drug bust ssentially, and actually i forget, it was on its way to one country and it was intercepted another country. now some of the richest mainly a lot of too, politicians and insider llowed to do tradeing and all this stuff and and act i've -- senator house representative regarding about myhcare bill and
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xtreme concern and the shameful -- they are going to $850 billion from medicaid and wic programs alone, give 1.3 atgoing to dollar tax trillion gift to the richest american supposed health care bill. host: that health care bill, the a vote ill expected tomorrow on whether to proceed to debate on that legislation. the caller mentions the richest msnbc with congress, their chart from last year on the 25 richest members of congress. through the five richest, jared pollis, member of the house, net worth estimated to be over $90 million. warner, democrat for virginia, with net worth approaching $91 million.
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john delaney, democrat from aryland, net worth almost $93 million, and it is coming in number two, republican michael texas, a house member, with assets worth close to $108 and number one on the list last year republican daryl isa of california, estimated net worth $250 million, the top five on that list. monroeville, ohio, line for independents. morning. caller: your last comments were erfect examples how somebody could be a millionaire. these individuals have their everything.o let's talk about, is there an ethics committee still in washington? if there is, why aren't they doing their job? had wasserman fired.
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donna breeze fire friday cnn, or giving questions to a candidate running, hillary clinton. now with all this insider back-door d all that deals and everything, i mean, ridiculous, everybody is upset because trump is not part this corrupt organization that has been going on for the last 30 years. are going tothings be done if we stay with trump or -- and get rid of -- host: the president tweeting with the swamp, drain the swamp the d be changed to drain sewer, the president said, it is worse than anything thought and news is what ke the president said. margie, line for republicans, open phones, go ahead. wanted to , i just say this morning, this is so frustrating to watch on the news people understand
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in washington that people care about putting food on their table? they care about buying things their kids need to go to school with? and, you know, these people don't have to worry about that, becan on't have to wor they go to the doctor of their choice, they have the montow do it. it is frustrating to hear ickering back and forth like two school girl necessary a schoolyard. merican people's lives depend what they do in there and they need to do their job on both sides. thank you. victoria, line for democrats, open phones, go ahead. caller: hi, good morning. host: good morning. caller: hey, stellar job this absolutely wonderful. i have to be honest, i was a little bit taken back that you at the civil forfeiture from the angle you did. must tell urprise, i you. neily, was it?
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host: clark neily, cato a topic we've talked about. caller: excellent, i was afraid on and oing to get praise the attorney general, who unevolved and te living in a different time zone, era.the whole different he wants us to go back to that era. victoria -- caller: i don't think we should. host: do you know anybody with -- rience caller: i want to heap praise on you guys for having this -- ersation and host: let me ask you, how did you get into the issue of civil forfeiture, do you know anybody it happened to? caller: just being aware of it. i think it is a racket. if a cartel is nvolved, sure, you know, we .hould get everything they have
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if someone's kid, you know, goes of marijuana or and hard trug or whatever, that et caught and then child's mother comes home to a -- a big chain-link lock because now t door the court says, nope, now that know, the ngs to, you court system, that is all wrong. not the way to do things and it is, i believe it's a racket portrayed or me, by the pardon cities and the government. also believe that the entire prison system is back door and i think obama was on he right track and not
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privatize i privatizing the prison systems get some of the -- the eople out in sentencing -- everything is so we're finally addressing it and sessions just us back and his thinking, wanting to restart the it didn't workg, the first time. host: victoria, on the private issue, that is another area where the attorney general reversed some policies put in place from the obama administration. want to show our viewers the scene outside the hart building where ow, the building the senate intelligence committee meets and there is kushner, the son-in-law of the president, testifying today senate intelligence committee, walking in the doors there. their shington post" in
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reporting of jared kushner's testimony today, note that expected to be under oath during his questioning monday, he's expected to answer committee's questions not amendment rights, they are reporting on it, testifying oday before the senate intelligence committee, later this week before the house intelligence committee. building in the hart senate office building and hat testimony behind closed doors expected to get underway shortly. for independents. good morning. caller: good morning, john. ahead.ood morning, go caller: good morning, america. john, you know when the democrats and the were campaigning, they kept brochures and kept calling me and asking me what my opinion was. and all i did was -- all i said jobs, jobs is what you
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need to get for the people. i wrote something on the questionnaire, i didn't fill it jobs, jobs put jobs, on it. does itmuch brain cells that or anyone to realize is what the people need and if people have jobs, other things they can't afford like all ealth care, those will really o place and i have mentioned before that i people nd helping other who really need it and there are people who have, you know, capacity that you know,
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are not capable to take care of themselves, they need our help. old people who no longer can ork, they certainly need our help. have en some mothers just absolutely no way of going to have children. those types of people and i'm who also need our help. this t mind helping, but hangers or leaches the way you do for yourself is to get up. host: alecia, on the issue of the agenda should be from our elected officials. emocrats in the house and
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senate unveiling their new agenda, it's the better deal agenda. jobs, better wages, better uture is the tag line of that agenda, expected to be unveiled y democrats, nancy pelosi noting in the "washington post" hey will travel to virginia to announce their new vision, this new deal that they have been working on. look for more on that today. burrwick, in north maine, good morning. caller: good morning. doing today? host: doing well. caller: well, the reason i like a way we can stop all these security leaks in is by offing 00,000 dollars to anybody that ill give our officials the legal people that take care of of the people
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nd in particular leads, it is per occurrence, they could have 10 occurrences where they know leaks and they could become a millionaire overnight. like a lost money, when you are talking about security issues, our country able to operate in these things of that are being leaked and it is just not right. host: you want a bounty on the leakers? caller: well, i don't know if i all the bounty, but time throughout like the us, if ce towns around you turn someone in, we will $100 or whatever, but that don't amount to nothing in world, you figure some congressment -- all
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people work for them not making a lot of money and waser one, if you knew that out there, i doubt you would be eaking because you know the incentive is high enough to make -- one want to host: got your point. scarmucci, new white house communications director vowed to cut down on leaks that of the white house, vowing to talk about it in a the meeting today with white house communications team. jack is in williamstown, north line for democrats, go ahead. caller: yes, good morning, john, you?re host: doing well. go ahead. anyway, mr.t topic, trump needs to drain the sewer, too been there too long, corrupt and bless his heart, the hung in there fighting
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put sessions in there under him to have some he moved er him since through what, 16, 16 other in the same party, so fight on both sides. the leaks are coming from both sides, so they need to look homer at some of their own team. and that's about all i got to say about it. the president said yesterday on twitter that it is sad republicans, even some over the line on my back do little to protect their president. republicans need to protect the president more and what?, protect him from caller: well, you have that far left that is -- we've become a country, number one, you destroy industry, you know,
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said, you fly over vacant and that are rotten and falling to the ground f. it ain't made in america, it destroyed in america. host: that is jack in williamstown, north carolina. again, showed you a few minutes ago, walking into the senate building, jared kushner, the president's son-in-law, the out of his getting vehicle up here on capitol hill. e's testifying before the senate intelligence committee oday, released testimony publicly this morning about that testimony that he'll give both today and later this week before the house intelligence committee. the actual questions and answers closed doors in a closed session. we'll look for any news that may of that later today and talk about it on tomorrow's show if there is. south s in greenville, carolina, line for independents, just a few minutes left this morning. ahead.
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caller: hey, john, how are you? i've been doing research on no fornia there with the shot no school policy, that is completely unconstitutional. the no shot, no school policy? caller: the good governor brown religious away the exemption, took away hiropractor's ability to write a letter for vaccines, on the label it has been prufb they are ineffective n. america, you should have a choice, since you re forced to pay taxes, if you want to have your children vaccinated or not. a myth, a fal s see. gno -- familiar with the cloud seating? it, : why don't you explain john. caller: the long trails that the country, the entire over every country, like here in south carolina, i take a lot of you have a chem
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trail, it lasts an hour and that is nasty clouds, not condensation, no matter what temperature or how height the is, condensation lasts 30 seconds. you should watch a video called world -- host: the airline industry and governments? up, justobviously, look watch one film on youtube by 1959 filmok up disney about the future of chem trails, away.ll blow you host: all right. ricardo in laredo, texas, good morning. john, how d morning, are you? host: doing well. caller: that's great. taking , thank you for my call. host: go ahead. what is on your mind? with both has to do topics, forfeiture from to private property nd legal ambiguity kind of thing kind of goes against the constitutional rights. to that, shed light
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maybe you will cover the caller on the chem trails. do with the government of the trusts that s created in name of the people. host: okay. ricardo, are you still there? o to paul in enid, oklahoma, line for democrats. what is on your mind? caller: yes. yes. ahead, sir. caller: hello. host: you're on air, go ahead. had a question that it seems real funny, all volunteeringns are to go into the senate intelligence hearings, but i aven't heard about any democrats volunteering to go in nd the msn even mentioned that the republicans aren't going to don't know d and i why that would have to be mentioned since they all willingly, my go
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question is why haven't any of the democrats under question? host: what democrats specifically do you think should before the committee looking into russian interference? one.r: susan rice would be farcas would be another. is more, but i didn't write them down, i wasn't ready for your questions, there are haven't heard of any that are volunteering to go in. i've heard that usually hey refuse first and then they have to be subpoenaed. host: paul, you are calling for democrats. did you vote for donald trump in the last election? all.r: i didn't vote at i am a registered democrat. enid, oklahoma. bob is in tyler, texas, independent. good morning. you so much for the service you provide. be these issues will never
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solved until we get back to the principles and that's the constitution and enumerated is no way, it just evolves into travelism the way now with everybody fighting for their own issue. we can understand principles of constitution and need to get will o that, only way we save america. host: headlines from front pages newspapers around america. lead story from north town, herald, ania, times medicaid changes raise alarms, that story focusing on the health care bill and the changes that are possible in the from from the eagle dothan, alabama, one of their ead stories, failure or success, five reasons why the bill may be voted down, three voted down ot be again focusing on the senate vote happening on tuesday to debate on a senate
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plan to either repeal and and tla and peal one other, not story, but advertisement to point out to today, this full page ad in the "new york times," every u.s. senator should vote no on healthcare repeal and you will who helped fund that ad, and join this ad paid for by cancer cancer society, action network includes american diabetes association, march of american college of physicians, american academy of amily physicians, the national health council, american heart association and many others that full page ad, today's "new york times." in california, line for republicans, open phones, go ahead. i'd like od morning, to call in and talk about voter fraud in my town. paolo is 30,000 people, town in st diverse
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5000ura county, 70% latino, illegal immigrants and 1000 gang members, the reason i'm calling, we had two motors the other night, this town is going down. of voter is because fraud and what happened is farm worker t houseing that have 150 units in hem, they take absentee ballots, fill them out for them and vote. and that is how our absentee ballots used to be 3 or 400 people, now up to 1500 people they are fixing elections in 25 own and i lived here for years, in the last 10 years, it's gone down. -- host: how do you know the elections are being fixed in town? caller: i know it because i've been to their rallies. be a democrat and i used to be involved with the rally their uld
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part of it and go in and rally all the workers and then they go into the farm worker housing and take all the absentee ballots and fill them out and send them in, that is how they stuffed the ballot box. host: john in santa paula, california. coming back to the call, two or ago, the caller who said that susan rice, among before should testify the senate intelligence committee. that has happened. rice met privately with investigators on friday as part investigation into russian election interference, this is from the spokesperson for rice confirmed the close-door meeting saying the national advisor met voluntarily with the committee as part of their ongoing probe. time for one or two more calls. iane, arlington, texas, independent caller. go ahead. go ahead, diane. calling to i was
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finds out your opinion basically. i watch a variety of different stations tis amazing every time you turn on to a news the people y say, want to know, it goes back to i listenax returns and to your program and there are people out there who really do ave questions, they want to know a variety of different things. 10 this morning, i heard different things that are really interesting that i was thinking, okay, i'm going crazy because i things, am i other the only one out there. listening to your program, i'm that to say i do see people want other information. you communicate with the major news stations and tell them what the people want are call nothing to your show or does it stop on the program? ost: we make this a forum for people to express opinions and peep kel say what they want to live, we're here, we're we're available online afterward to give you that voice, so cusay know about.t to
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what are things before we run out of time, diane, that you and would to know like to see in a future seg snment caller: i love the fact you sit and you have a gentleman that offered $100,000 for every that goes out. you make the comment, you want bounty on their head? yeah, i would want to put a head. on their you did announce documentation about how rice did go before and made a few statements and things, i continuing needs that side.deeper on as independent, it should be fair and equal to both sides. the information about the democrats, we all have questions about that. 'm not so concerned about trump's tax return because, you know what, he approves final budget, he doesn't make the final budget, those are people, republicans, they should be working together. this is ridiculous that the democrats want to oppose
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that trump wants to do and it is ridiculous that the come together 't and they should approve the health care, why are we bailing insurance companies? it is simple. if you read it, they are bailing out insurance companies in order to keep those currently on the medicaid system to be able to mean, a lot of this stuff is simple, if people would read on their own and not news media. host: diane, we will end it there. ee you back tomorrow morning for more phone calls at 7 a.m. eastern, 4 a.m. pacific. meantime, have a great monday.
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kushnerr adviser gerrit arriving for closed-door testimony for the senate intelligence committee this morning. he will be back on the hill tomorrow, offering the same to the house intelligence committee as lawmakers try to determine whether the trump campaign enlisted russia and their help in winning the white house in last year's election. that hearing underway right now. again, watching jared kushner as he arrives this morning, reporters shouting out russians as he heads into the senate intelligence committee hearing. he ising to reuters, expected to face questions about his contacts with russian officials and individuals. according to a statement this morning, jared kushner said he did not collude nor know of anyone else who looted with any
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foreign government. you see nancy pelosi's picture on the screen -- house minority leader pelosi has released a displeasure.ting she says in part we have been informed of that house republican leadership has placed on the2018 authorization deprive monday would democrats of the ability to have a full and open debate on a intelligence issue. this is unacceptable when critical intelligence decisions are being made that impact america's national security while the house and senate committees are leading investigations into russia's continued efforts to undermine our democracy. we will see how this plays out when the house gavels in at noon
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eastern. live coverage here on c-span. we will be back on capitol hill with jared kushner offering the same to the house intelligence committee. lawmakers trying to determine if the trump campaign got russia's help last year. away from capitol hill tomorrow evening, trump will be holding an event in youngstown, ohio. live coverage starts at 7:00 ..m. eastern on c-span 3 wednesday, justice department onicials will test of my foreign agent registration requirements. live coverage starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span arena and online -- on c-span 3 and online at you can also listen on the c-span radio app. saturday, trump attended and spoke at the commissioning of fe uss gerald r.


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