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tv   Washington Journal Representative John Garamendi Discusses the Russia...  CSPAN  July 25, 2017 11:29am-12:01pm EDT

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rng ouje ssis - the president also tweeting this morning -- do you think it is going to be cover for the attorney general to be doing his job today in the wake of disco more tweets about him -- two more tweets about him? guest: if the president doesn't like the attorney general, he can fire the attorney general. if i were sessions come i would --l the president you host: peter. line for independents. caller: good morning. thank you, c-span, for being the last real news outlet we have left.
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have you guys taken into consideration the soviets -- i still call them soviets -- have you taken into consideration their desire to expand their influence into the middle east? this is going back to an old placing soviet assets at water ports. it's always been part of their strategy. guest: it goes back to these get warm water access points -- it's been the strategy of the former soviet union. t appears to me that mr.
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putin came out of that history and hasn't changed much. you mentioned the middle east. had a port ina syria before there was the revolution in syria. they have that poor today. clearly, they want to maintain sodr relationship with the -- with assad. why did president trump last week make a decision to remove the support of united states from the assad -- the rebels fighting assad? that is a gift to the russians. of theved one organizations fighting assad and therefore the government that the russians are supporting.
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for interesting questions which we don't have an answer at this moment. it raises questions about trump's relationship with russia. he handed russia another win in syria. host: congressman garamendi speaks on these issues as a member of the armed services -- i want to ask you about the defense spending bill. your expectations for that this week. guest: we do have what is known as a minibus, as opposed to an omnibus. we will be voting on that presumably later this week. did moments to those bills are now being considered. that's a to those bills are now being considered. -- amendments to those bills are now being considered.
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you mentioned that i am a member of the strategic arms -- we are talking nuclear weapons here. the united states is involved in a new nuclear arms race with china.and it will cost the taxpayers of america a trillion dollars over 25 years to rebuild every one of our nuclear .ombs and new delivery systems it is extremely expensive and externally dangerous. -- extremely dangerous. these weapons are stealth weapons. all the rules of the cold where ar don't apply because you don't know what's going to happen and we are heavily dependent upon satellites, all of which are vulnerable. it is possible that we could be quickly in the dark, literally, not knowing what our opponents
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are doing. therefore, it becomes a very, very dangerous situation. we need to be very careful about how we are spending all this money. host: are we going to see a vote on border wall funding this week? guest: probably so. in the rules on committee for well over an hour and a half about the border wall. $1.6 billion in the appropriation from insecurity. that is your taxpayer money. -- the appropriation for home and security. -- the appropriation for homeland security. a couple more calls with congressman garamendi. susan in illinois. republican. caller: we would have money for
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if we stop sending money over to other countries. we don't have to give arms to any special groups anywhere because you don't know who is who on the ground. america has made the mistake of trying to get involved in controlling things and they send arms to the wrong people and find out later that they are being lied to. russia probably does try to get for all in america -- the newscasters to go on tv and --e russia coverage nonstop it is trying to brainwash the american people. -- iever hear of congress would like to watch c-span and the news and hear a list of exec we what they are doing to help the american people -- exactly what they are doing to help the american people.
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guest: you raise a very important point. i want to deal with one thing you did say. you need to realize that, yes, this russia thing is extremely important and it is being discussed. on the democratic side, we are developing a series of policies that bothth the fact mother and father are working full-time try to figure out how howay for child care -- are they going to afford a college education? why have been they had a real race? -- real raise? that is the story of the american people. clear set ofy policies we would like to put in .lace
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so that people can move from one job to a better job so that kids can go to school. and not be bankrupt or have a huge load of debt by the time they graduate from school and make sure the jobs are there. these are all policies that we're pursuing, including a major effort to really rebuild our infrastructure, whether it's water systems, sanitation systems, even with the problems, for example, in flint, michigan, or in california with the ongoing drought and how we build our water systems for generations to come. this is the democratic agenda, about economic growth in the
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country, about better jobs for the american public so the american families as they he sit around the kitchen table instead of worrying about how they're going to pay their bills the next month they will worry about where they will take a vacation. host: congressman garamendi, thank you for coming in. appreciate it. >> a trump administration rule through the cfpb which would prevent banks from using arbitration. rules that require disputes to be handled in private arbitration instead of in the courts. live coverage of the house. wil in order. the prayer will be offered by reverend lonnie mitchell senior, bethel african methodist church, spokane, washington. reverend mitchell: lord, god


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