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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 26, 2017 9:34am-10:01am EDT

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ringing of hands about social security and can be solved immediately by lifting the cap. afterwards sunday night 9 eastern on c-span's book t.v. >> "washington journal" continues. it's open phones until the house comes in at 10:00. if you are interested in debate on health care that is on c-span 2. 202-748-8000 for democrats. for republicans. and 202-748-8002 for independents. want to reach us on that, we told you a little about this n the last segment, series of tweets from president trump looking at future of transgender military, this after consultation with generals nd military experts, please be advised the united states government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to any capacity in the u.s. military, our military must
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e focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with tremendous transgender and military would entail. thank you. the only comment on this topic, as the day goes on, you clarification. during the campaign he reached out specifically to lgbt folks saying thank you to the lgbt community, i will hillary you while bring necessary peep toll threaten your freedom and beliefs, that is a little bit of has gone on this morning. of course, open phones, comment the segments we have done and the numbers will be available to us. tweet us, do so frchlt wisconsin, democrat's line, morning, you're first up. caller: good morning. on calling to make a comment president trump in ohio, talking
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back to the g jobs united states. he's been touting that for quite sometime. don't understand is how a clothes ughter has line and accessory for clothes, else andes, everything yet all her products are made in countries that provide low wages to produce her products and then sells them here. don't understand why she doesn't have all her products that is whatca, if her father is pushing. i'm confused on that. taking my call. host: youngstown, ohio, is where president spoke. look for that at, if you want to. bethesda, maryland, independent line. aller: i'm on air, i'm not sure. host: you are, go ahead.
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gabriel, i was -- saying man from montana the common man can travel on airlines now that it has been deregulated. i want people in america to recognize that is attitude of health care the and number two, i enjoy the fact is run by the e federal government, thank god that. and it would be great if our the h care was run by federal government. host: a federal judge looking at districtaw that serves of columbia and a story about it ie andrea nobel this morning saying strict law that prevents firearm owners from carrying public in andguns in the nation's public is uncondition bedford-stuyvesantitutional. the city government cannot emand good reason before being issued permit. 2-1 decision in the u.s. court
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circuit, for dc permanent injunctions block wall and t of the second amendment core lies right responses to home, -- beyond the traditional limits are for but not requirements, bans on areas like d.c., or bans a special need for self-defense. diane in austin, texas, republican line. diane, go ahead. yes, it was surprising that in the middle of the night, watching what is going on, that the seven republica republicans -- i don't know on h ones have campaigned repealing and fixing health care system, it just feels like why
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in front of us. a nd -- host: you mean the vote taken yesterday in the senate to allow happen?it caller: right. instead of the middle of the night, they -- seven of them don't want to go forward. why can't they do that in front people?merican are they afraid they will lose their senate seat? ell, they should, if you are going to lie to us like that, repeal this ant to and replace it and when time up and have your beliefs set, do it in front of people, don't high. watch ot babies, we can you. accountable you also, our healthcare keeps going up, up, even before having
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insurance for us. bernie in ohio, new c carlisle. caller: good beautiful morning o you and thank goodness for c-span and you're welcome, i kept dialing and dialing until i my bad ugh, that is joke. hello. host: bernie, you are on, go ahead. anything, didn't hear it was dead wind, dead air. things real quick. congressman and so many people nowadays in our country the government, the government comes in and does the hing, as though government is some alien life force and it's not. people. t's we the that is number one. say wetwo, whenever they want more competition, we want choices, alle more i know, as a person who one time
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life and health insurance and a person who gets cell phone electricity es on and choices on natural gas and is the on -- all i know more choices sometimes, the more and at the end of confusion comes a chance for with e to scam us something we don't really want or need. i didn't realize until recently a.c.a., fared afford did something i've been saying that is it mandated certain things had to be covered because -- surance most of the people who lost heir health insurance when the a.c.a. came in were people who didn't pay icies, anything. people should get together and if somebody will sell health insurance in this area thas to cover this and this and
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or considered a junk pile that, is what the a.c.a. did. argent in virginia. go ahead. caller: hello, how are you? you, good thank morning. caller: i want to talk about republican misconception and the free market and better products. don't think that you are creating no standards -- down healthcare with -- a better product i think good for the federal government the a.c.a. to create standards to compete in a insurance. i think that -- works on standards and republicans has to understand that because history shows us that. free market can exist, it needs standard regulation. thank you. host: 202-748-8000, is our line
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democrats. and748-8001 for republicans 202-748-8002 for independents. tweet us your thought at c-span wj. f you want to send us something on the website there it is. the washington examiner night rex ast tillerson, secretary of state is according in texas, to a report saying he's taking home ff, spending in the state of texas. lonestar r dc for the state. a spokesman for the state department said he was taking off.time he does have the ability to go away for a few days on his own. lot of work, just came back from the megatrip few days he can take a
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for himself. rumors, he is -- be back to work state ington at the -- the state in epartment, there was bit of exchange about rex tillerson about the idea or these reports and theose to resigning spokesman for the state department had exchange with a reporter on the topic. here is a little bit of that exchange. >> is it true or false that he's resigning or leaving administration early? false.t is we have spoken with the secretary, the secretary has been very clear he intepds to stay at the state department. we have a lot of work left to be done ahead of us, he recognizes deeply engaged in that work. we have meetings scheduled, he scheduled here in washington. he serves at the pleasure of the
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resident as any cabinet official would. >> you spoke to him today? this seems to be gaining new hour.very >> everyone loves to report on intrigue stories, the secretary staying, i'll leave it at that. host: also, if you go to "wall house journal," the approving sanctions against this took place yesterday. may put at odds with president skepticism about russian interference, but the white ouse says infringes on his executive authority. house vote 419-3. voted against ns it. goes on to say in an interview "wall sident had with street journal," he hasn't decided. he said he hasn't decided the legislation into law. has concern about
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the influence in that area. haron in worth, illinois, democrat's line. caller: hi, i want to say i have the totally baffled by opposition to the mandates for health insurance. my whole lifetime been mandated to buy auto insurance and the auto insurance industry certainly recognizes he difference between older drivers and younger drivers and older drivers have to pay higher rates. even though older drivers tatistically have fewer accidents, we are not exempt from buying insurance. who are hit by motorists complain bitterly people who don't carry insurance because why should the them.f us have to carry i find the same thing absolutely
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healthcare, when everyone participates, it the integrity of the market.e understand that and i don't understand people who bitterly. so that is my comment. constance, from jupiter, republican line, you are next, go ahead. caller: the lady earlier calling about single payer -- we have it i was born, here lastived in denmark and my ago, died two iarys curious how the system worked. he should have live thered and suffered under that system. people now, when they get a they have to get
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their profit money that, is all pay on left after you the taxes. nd there is no way out of it because there is no one in practice, youivate have to leave for another to have f you want about six ithin months. my parents had to often wait six to get a nths colonoscopy, or a ct scan. in addition to that, when you go we now have a , women whereby, muslims, and men, have to have a private share aause they cannot oom with unbeliever, an infidel, such as we near denmark because we are lutheran and both parents at one time or
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the er, had to lie out in busy corridors of the hospital ill. very that system for country has a little over five million going to work er in the united states. host: okay, constance in florida. from michigan, independent line. hi.tte, caller: yes, hi, i'm from michigan, appalled at the center around can't ople get together on this. we need a better health system, there toore people out buy health insurance to make it less. think ity concerned, i all comes down to one level thing here. hey want everybody, the government wants single payer system, be able to control our lives, it is all about power, money and i'm just sick of it. look at the smart meters on eople's houses that are invading our privacy and are
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causing health problems. senate and all senators and congressional people need to look into that. is here and it's sustainability is what they want. thank you. host: from the "new york times" morning, profile of the arizona senator jeff flake in a coming ing book he has out, this is out of phoenix saying that he faces political sides nges from both seeking re-election. n the left, enboldened democrats recruiting candidates to run against him. trump want esident to punish mr. flake for outspoken rejection of mr. trump last year. mr. flake planned a campaign kickoff, intensifying both hreats without interest of political advisors, has written for conservatism, according to three people who discussed it. said it was likely to
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enflame debate about the irection of the republican party and in his writing mr. flake draws bright-line his outlook etween on government and the position ith mr. trump mrchlt flake described as nationalist and populous in nature. flake links himself with pairry goldwater, candidate from arizona. here is david t, from our independent line. good morning. to w me to change the topic ever-increasing area of concern for americans and internationally and that is foreign policy. the current administration increasingly is resorting to times giving at indecisive, ambivalent or mixed comes to our it international competitiveness respect to , with leadership. for instance, when it comes to rights, they continue to use it as a tool against regime
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nations that they did not giving carte blanche to regimes such as others, who among ave blatantly violateded for deckat -- in the long run and may not be killed and to follow.or decades cliff is next, raleigh, north carolina, republican line. thank you. i just want to comment just information weis are hearing about loyalty and president stands. i spent most of my adult life military and the ore values we've learned, try to operate with loyalty and duty
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nd honor and service, integrity, it seems that we have thinks that is a one-way street. how are we in the military, both honor core values and same expectations specifically the of the united states, here is something we live our life on and it just seems isgusting to me that we can have a president and others that eel like it is okay to think loyalty should be directional. of xpect the same degree loyalty and duty and honor and selfless service from our leaders. we can't operate, as far as i'm concerned, i couldn't operate in military by thinking that goes ng that i feel without any kind of regard for , i think it is
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disgusting and that is all i except really disgusted about this idea of thinking that loyalty in this street, s a one-way totally wrong and i think they need to reverse their attitude be loyal to uld whom. it should be -- thank you. line, democrats woodbridge, virginia, here is karen. caller: hi. just want to comment on the woman who called to say that she mandated should have insurance. i totally agree. a product of military family. my husband's family was in the military. we were all required to have health insurance for a reason nd that was so that our military forces could be ready and healthy in the event they were called upon. i think our country also needs to have healthy citizens, every be le one of them should required to have healthcare and why we don't tand expect that of everyone. insurance.r our car
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just need to make it affordable and make it something that everyone with conditions that really affect their lives if our president would take questions and have press where people could actually ask him about his rather than two questions in any given time when other flecting to the person he's out there with, i think we could pin him down and consider some ly of the things that the people in this country are worried about. thank you. host: the president uses twitter quite a bit, to communicate essages, new ones particularly concerning the attorney general jeff sessions and ones posted recently. why didn't ag sessions, goes on say, replace andrew mckay, in charge of the clinton administration got big dollars, 700,000 for his wife's
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political run and swamp ntatives drain the exclamation point. he was asked about the attorney general in the "wall street journal" in an interview published this morning in the pages of the "washington post," people on om other capitol hill when it comes to the statement of president has made toward the attorney general on tuesday, republicans publicly rallied to session's defense. orin hatch says he has full in jeff sessions and above all uphold the rule of law bright bart posted article saying the president's public serves n sessions "only to highlight trump's hypocrisy," president arns the could fuel concern from his base which sees sessions as best help fulfill trump's immigration policy. lawrence from illinois. thanks , you are next, for calling. caller: yeah, i got a couple about to make, one insurance mandate and the other
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about the argument people are a ing about insurance being right or an entitlement. concerning the insurance people are mistaken when they compare it to auto nsurance or any kind of insurance. you are not required to have auto insurance to ensure required to are have auto insurance to ensure somebody else. older car and an you choose not to ensure the reason your car, you're required to have liability is to ensure the other state or ensure the the city. if i run into a telephone pole, money from my get insurance company to repair that telephone pole. car, i a brand-new wouldn't be required to have insurance on my own car unless i loan. but once i own title to the car, have t required to insurance on myself and if i ranch, e on 100 acre driving that vehicle on my
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property, i wouldn't be required any insurance at i'm not saying we shouldn't have insurance, i'm just saying what the law states. homeowners insurance, the reason you get notice to auto -- home insurance, if you have mortgage. once you pay off your mortgage, won't get a request from anybody, nobody cares whether you have insurance or not, you title to the property. host: okay, christian in virginia. the house is about to come in, so go ahead. caller: hi. to first of all express my frustration and with the way st mitch mcconnell and the republicans are trying to ram the health care bill through congress. we recognize in the last teration of the health care bill, ahip and kaiser came out announced y opposition for this bill, which is unprecedented. cruz amendment, baked into
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the secret version has potential low risk high and insurance pools, which will drive up cost for people with pre-existing conditions. i think a lot of debate going on today, people have generally country d in this protection of pre-existing conditions and obamacare is doing a good job, it is not perfect, but cloak and trying to ram rod the bill through congress is shameful and i just want to voice my opinion. thank you. host: again, the senate voting debate when start it comes to look at various paths it may rious take when it comes to health care, took place yesterday, 20 hours of debate. stay close to c-span 2 to follow what will proceed with that. also our website at, if you want to do that and the considering many measures concerning spending and issues that nature. to the house about to come in to
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start work for that and stay to, for information on the house's activities, as well. in are just about to come and again, let's try one quick springfield, rd, massachusetts, independent line. edward, go right in. about to go to the house. how come trump is still family still his has security clearance, do uding himself, we should something to get them the hell out until we can figure out what going on.s host: okay. with that, we will leave it for today's program. we go to the house of representatives. lays before th a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. july 26, 2017. i hereby appoint the honorable mike coffm


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