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tv   U.S. House Debates Minibus Spending Bill  CSPAN  July 26, 2017 11:59pm-12:24am EDT

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pennsylvania. the chair: per subte to theres. lution, the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. perry and the a member opposed each will control five minutes. mr. perry: i yield myself such time as i may consume. the chair: the gentleman is recognized. mr. perry: this amendment, first of all, want to thank the appropriations committee for the extraordinary work they've done in a very limited amount of time in the subcommittee -- and the subcommittee chairman for this opportunity. this amendment would prohibit the use of funds to implement or enforce the final rule published by the former secretary of energy entitled test proceed wrurs for central air conditioners and heat pump. mr. chairman, this is simply an example of too much washington. too much government. i'm sure it was well intended but i'm not sure if the good idea fairies in washington really realize fully what they did. certainly we want to have test standard and so on and so forth but the one size fits all approach that comes out of
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washington misses some folks and has some irreparable, can impact some -- has irreparable damage to businesses around the country. all around the country are small manufacturers that are trying to build some air conditioners and in particular, there's one in the district i represent that builds custom-made air conditioners and heat pumps for skyscrapers and high rise buildings. you can picture the scene, these -- the original units are put in when the buildings are being construct. there are cranes available, openings in the walls in the structure and they move stuff in and close it all up. 10, 15, 20, 30 years later, when they go toe replace it, the walls are in, the windows are in, the people are in, the offices are in. there's no crane available and they've got to pose this thing together through the elevator, into the closet. so this company like other one arn the country made custom made ones, each one, for specific application. each one. but the department of energy and this rule in particular says
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that this company must test each model that they make for these efficiency standards. each one. an arduous test take, months if not years or of documentation for one application. again, i'm i'm sure the department of energy was well intended. however this rule's going put a business out, they work in the city of york, a fine city in central pennsylvania, right downtown, where we want merchandizing to half -- where we want manufacturing to happen. where people can walk to work. these people are struggling to survive in this economy and the only thing that's going to put them out is this regulation. mr. chairman. while well intended it's not going to be helpful. these folks are trying to do the right thing. but the government is getting in the way. believe it or not, consumer reports actually said that -- recommended against buying some of these systems under this testing rule, because the
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systems had higher costs and poor repair records. believe it or not, mr. chairman, the free market actually fixes most of this stuff. most of us want to buy more efficient things. that are cheaper. that are easier to maintain and have a better record. this is consumer reports talking. this isn't perry's record. this is consumer reports talking. let's not put this company out of business. let's not put these companies out of business. let's be responsible. i urge passage and i reserve. the chair: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. is there any member that wishes to rise in opposition? for what purpose does the gentlewoman from ohio seek recognition? ms. kaptur: i claim time in opposition. the chair: the gentlewoman is recognize now -- the gentlewoman is now recognized. ms. kaptur: i rise in strong opposition to this particular amendment and say to the gentleman, for the company in your district, -- district, the regulations include the opportunity for a waiver. i would hope that the company in your district would be able to
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work that out. but the amendment that the gentleman proposes seeks to prohibit the department of energy from implementing testing procedures for the energy efficiency standards set for heat pumps and air conditioners. i as a consumer, whether i'm buying a heat pump, a furnace, a refrigerator, and every american who now shops looks for those, that's like the sticker. that's what you look for and you want to know how much you're going to pay every year for what that product will cost you for energy. and the better product you have, and you're able to put that on the label, and it's verified by the department of energy, that helps sales. the original standards that were created were supported and had been supported by the edison electric institute, the association which represents all investor-owned utilities. the amendment by the way is opposed by the air conditioning, heating and rerefrigeration
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institute, which represents manufacturers of systems that employ over one million americans, and industry opposes the amendment. environmentalists oppose it. because it would cost the average the accumulative cost to americans, $12.2 billion over 30 years. there's a lot of opposition to this. it's important to note that these standards were negotiated in a collaborative process by industry groups, environmental, nonprofits and consumer advocates, with the department of energy. a rider like this one damages the integrity of the negotiated rulemaking process, which is designed to provide certainty and voice to the industry. and education and information to consumers. test procedures are simple and important. the department of energy develops them to make sure companies are rating their products accurately.
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so consumers don't get stuck paying higher bills than they expect. so you know what you buy. let's be clear. this amendment would effectively nullify the efficiency standards for heating and cooling systems, in spite of the fact that these standards project that it will save billions and billions of dollars over the period that they are applied. and that's equivalent to having one million fewer homes connected to the grid over the same period. it's an enormous savings. if there's a particular company that's unfairly impacted by these rules, there are outlets for regulatory relief through waivers, as i've mentioned. and this amendment would neuter those standards and thereby allow cheap imports to undercut american products by exploiting the lack of standards. we don't want to go back to that. i look for those yellow labels. to protect american manufacturers, save americans money on their utility bills and
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reduce air pollution, i strongly oppose this amendment and urge my colleagues to vote no. the gentleman may have a good intention in offering this amendment, but i don't think you want to take away the benefits to the american people for one company in your district, when that company in fact can negotiate and receive a waiver. so i just ask my colleagues to vote no. and i yield back the balance of my time. the chair: the gentlelady yields back the balance of her time. the gentleman from pennsylvania is recognized. mr. perry: thank you, mr. chairman. we're in agreement that the regulations have to be in place. and i too like the yellow stickers. just like you do. somehow the yellow stickers are in place without this new rule. they're there right now. you've been seeing them for years. right? this is new. this is new regulation. i would contend that, yeah, the manufacturers have gotten onboard and they negotiated this rule. because what choice did they have, right? the federal government's going to regulate, they're going to do it. you either get in the game and play ball, or you know what
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happens to the bat, right? they didn't want to be in that position. so they took the best they could. i'm telling you, and it's my contention that the free market's going to figure this out because we all want the most efficient, the most cost effective, and the most maintenance effective, whether it's an air conditioner, whether it's a car or whether it's an electric tooth brush. we don't need the federal government telling us to do it. and by the way, this company has applied for a waiver. years in the making. years in the making. they literally have -- the president of the company spends almost, he said 85ers had of his time deeming -- 85% of his team dealing with federal regulation compliance. the president of the company. this is a guy that wants to hire these 125 people, go make sales, and produce things. but instead all he's doing is dealing with the federal government. somehow, some way we all got to this point. it feels pretty cool in the capitol right now. right? feels pretty cool in the house of representatives.
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the yellow labels were there before this regulation ever happened. mr. chairman, i ask and urge the members to vote in favor and i yield. the chair: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the question is on the amendment offered by the gentleman from pennsylvania. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it. the amendment is agreed to. ms. kaptur: mr. chairman. the chair: for what purpose does the gentlewoman from ohio rise? ms. kaptur: on that i request a recorded vote. the chair: pursuant to clause 6 of rule 18, further proceedings offered by the gentleman from ennsylvania will be postponed. it is now in order to consider amendment number 64 printed in house report 115-259. for what purpose does the gentleman from north carolina seek recognition? bud bud mr. chairman, i have -- mr. budd: mr. chairman, i have an amendment at the desk. does the gentleman rise as the designee? the clerk will designate the amendment. the clerk: amendment number 64 printed in house report 115-259
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offered by mr. budd of north carolina. the chair: pursuant to house resolution 473, the gentleman from north carolina and a member opposed each will control five minutes. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from north carolina. mr. budd: thank you, mr. chairman. i yield myself as much time as i may consume. the chair: the gentleman is recognized. mr. budd: the davis-bacon act hinders economic growth and increases the federal deficit. it imposes enormous burdens and stifles contractor productivity, ignores skill differences for different jobs, and imposes rigid craft work rules. the congressional budget office has estimated that the davis-bacon act will raise ederal construction costs by $13 billion between 2015 and 2023. wages are often set at or above the union scale, bede-spite the fact that only -- despite the fact that only 13% of the private construction work force is even unionized nationwide,
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mr. chairman. the davis-bacon wage determinations have also been known to be lower than the current market rate. which is equally problematic. and especially detrimental for local contractors. it's just erratic. now the g.a.o., the government accountability office, has repeatedly criticized d.o.l.'s davis-bacon wage determination process for its lack of transparency. in how the published wage rates and its tendency to gather erroneous data through unscientific surveys. this would allow the government to build more infrastructure and create 155,000 new construction-related jobs at the very same cost to the taxpayers. in fact, repealing the davis-bacon would have saved the federal government $10.9 billion, and that was back in 2011. this amendment would uphold the government's responsibility to deliver quality infrastructure improvements at the best possible price to the taxpayers. which is certainly what we owe them. it is imperative that all levels
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of government guarantee the general public that their tax dollars are being spent in the most effective way possible. so i thank the gentleman from florida, mr. rooney, for his work on this amendment and i ask for unanimous consent to withdraw. the chair: the amendment is withdrawn. the chair understands that amendment number 65 will not be offered. it is now in order to consider amendment number 70 printed in house report 115-259. for what purpose does the gentleman from michigan seek recognition? mitchell mitchell i have an amendment at -- mr. mitchell: i have an amendment at the desk. the clerk: amendment offered by mr. mitchell of michigan. the chair: pursuant to house resolution 473, the gentleman from michigan, mr. mitchell, and a member opposed each will control five minutes.
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the chair recognizes the gentleman from michigan. mr. mitchell: mr. chairman, i rise today as an advocate of the great lakes. it is with that spirit i propose my amendment to prevent funds to further delay the release of the brandon road study. anyone who has spent time in my home state of michigan or any of the great lakes states knows the beauty and importance of the lakes. in addition to their majesty, the great lakes apply -- supply 90% of the united states' freshwater supply, 30 million people live in the great lakes basin, and they're all impacted by the quality of our lakes. whether it's a water source, a source of business, recreational opportunity, or the lakes' inherent values and natural wonder. any risk to the great lakes is a significant problem, no matter how you measure that risk. one of the threats facing our lakes is the potential entry of an invasive species. the most pressing which is the threat of asian carp entering the great lakes. asian carp has no natural predators in the lakes. meaning once they enter the great lakes, there's no way to
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stop their spread. their growth would disrupt the entire ecosystem. in addition to the damage to native wildlife of the lakes, the introduction of asian carp would damage several multibillion dollar industries, including the fishing and boating industries, which support countless jobs and my home -- in my home state of michigan and the great lakes. given the threat imposed by invasive species, the army corps of engineers has been studying best way to prevent the introduction of the asian carp into the great lakes basin. the brandon road study was initially scheduled to be released on february 28 but it's been delayed until further notice. delaying the study impedes the ability of all interested parties to develop a long-term strategy to thwart this threat. the continued delays create a great risk. yet no reason for delaying that release has been provided. in late june, a live asian carp was caught in the illinois waterway about two miles below the t.j. o'brien lock and dam. nine miles from lake michigan.
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this is the first time an asian carp has been discovered in such close proximity to our lakes. though further study is necessary to determine how this carp entered the area, it is an alarming warning that the window is quickly closing to prevent large scale devastation to the great lakes ecosystem. the best way to mitigate the damage of asian carp in our lakes is to stop it from happening altogether. for several months, members of the great lakes task force have requested the release of the brandon roads study to no avail. i stand here today to again call on the army corps to release the study, which we've already paid for and they've conducted. my amendment would prevent the corps from using any more money, our money, to delay the release of the study. i urge my colleagues to support the amendment for the sake of the great lakes and for the well-being of our entire region. i reserve the balance of my time. the chair: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. does any member seek time in opposition? ms. kaptur: mr. chair, i ask unanimous consent to claim the time in opposition, although i
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do not oppose the amendment. the chair: the gentlelady is recognized. weck. - without objection. ms. kaptur: i rise in strong support of this amendment offered by my friends, mr. mitchell and mr. high zen ba -- huizenga and i have no doubt many fellow travelers from the great lakes delegation on both sides of the aisle. i find it somewhat unusual it's the last amendment this evening after midnight. i wish it had come up about 6:00 on the evening news. but this is an issue we know well. as mr. huizenga, mr. mitchell and certainly our chairman, mr. simpson, has heard a great deal about this now. and our ranking members on the full committee as well. we introduced the bill last month with the same ultimate effect of preventing the spread
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of asian carp into the great lakes. the great lakes represent a $7 billion fishery deeply threatened by these critters. asian carp that shouldn't even be in this country but began their movement up the mississippi river when they were brought in to do bottom cleaning in mississippi in the special fish tanks that were set up down ere many years ago as bottom feeders and there was some type of storm and they hopped out, the walls were breach and they began their journey up the mississippi until now they're within just a few miles of lake michigan. just a few weeks ago, a 28-inch asian carp was caught beyond the protective barriers which is a temporary solution, only nine miles from lake michigan. yet even in this time of greatest danger, the brandon rhodes study which congressman mitchell outlined, which merely
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identified options for preventing asian carp from reaching the great lakes, has not been released by the u.s. army corps of engineers. this amendment would prevent the administration from expend manager funds to further delay the release of this study for public comment. my colleagues should know that this study is already completed after working on it for years at a cost of nearly $7 million it now sitz on a shelf at the corps and they are unwilling to release it for reasons we do not understand. asian carp represent a serious economic and environmental threat to the entire great lakes and these mean critters are voracious eaters. they destroy native species and overwhelm their new ecosystem. they've got intoon the ohio river, they've gotten into rivers near peoria, they eat up everything in their sight. they completely upend native ecosystems. it is truly terrifying what they
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will do to our lakes as you can see in this photograph. they're prolific, they're large, and they are predatory. we should be aggressively pursuing action to prevent the spread of the asian carp to the great lakes yet the road map to getting there is locked in bureaucratic purgatory. finally i would like to point out, this is not a partisan issue. our similarly substantive bill has 15 republicans and 16 democratic co-sponsors who represent the vast majority of the great lakes coastline. in these hyper-partisan times, our constituents are united in their love for the great lakes, their desire to protect them, and their understanding of how vital they are to the future of this country and continent. i urge support for this amendment from all my colleagues in order to save the national treasures that are the great lakes and i thank congressman mitchell and congressman huizenga for taking this lead this evening from the great wolverine state, and we buckeyes
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don't often say that, do we, for embraces what is truly important to all of us. i urge my colleagues to support the mitchell-huizenga amendment. the chair: the gentlewoman yields. for what purpose does the gentleman rise? mr. simpson: ride to -- move to strike the last word. the chair: the gentleman is recognized. mr. simpson: while i would like to support this amendment, i can't. believe me i understand, and have learned from ms. kaptur and the member os they have great lakes states when i was chairman of the interior committee and now she sitz on the interior committee with me and they have all come and talked to me about this problem. this unfortunately poses -- pits kind of one state against another. what i'm trying to do is find a solution to this. i happen to agree with these individuals that it seems rather silly that we go out and ask a report to be done and can't seem to get it released, not even the
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final report but we can't even get the draft report released that will go out for comment. that doesn't make any sense to me. ut i know that there are members who have also concerns about that but that's frankly why you release a draft report. so that you can get the comments. and i -- during full committee consideration in the energy and water bill, we discussed a similar amendment that was offered by ms. kaptur and my ranking member, mr. joyce and mr. moll far, and i committed to them at the time that i would work with all interested parties and members to try to move these efforts forward and i am happy to reiterate that commitment now and what i'm asking is if the gentleman will withdraw the amendment, i will commit that, give me a chance. to try to get this report out. because i think it needs to get done. i think together we can convince the army corps and maybe the administration that it needs to
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get done. that's -- that would be my request. i yield back. the chair: the gentleman yields. the gentleman from michigan is recognized. mr. mitchell: in deference to the chair i will withdraw the amendment with unanimous consent tond work with him to see if we can't move forward on this issue. the chair: without objection, he amendment is withdrawn. the chair understands that amendment numbers 71 and 72 will ot be offered. mr. simpson: mr. chairman. the chair: for what purpose does the gentleman seek recognition? mr. sitchson spb i move that the committee do now rise. the chair: the question is on the motion that the committee rise. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no, the ayes have it. the motion is adopted. accordingly, the committee rises.
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the speaker pro tempore: mr. chairman. the chair: mr. speaker, the committee of the whole house on the state of the union, having had under consideration h.r. 3219, directs me to report that it has come to no resolution thereon. the speaker pro tempore: the chair of the committee of the whole house on the state of the union reports that the committee of has under consideration h.r. 3219 and has come to no esolution thereon. for what purpose does the gentleman from idaho seek recognition? mr. simpson: i move that the house co-now adjourn. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on the motion to adjourn. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it. the motion is adopted. accordingly the house stands
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adjourned until 10:00 a.m. today


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