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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  July 29, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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later, amy wax talks about her recent article which looks at the education of this advantage to youth's in the u.s. ♪ today is saturday, july 29, 2017. president trump announced his biggest west wing shakeup yet, the president sent to tweets yesterday announcing the end of the shortest serving white house chief of staff in modern presidential history. 202-748-8001 is out --reince priebus is out and john kelly will move into the west wing starting monday. is signals a major change in direction for the administration on the heels of a major legislative failure with the senate and ability to approve based senate obamacare reveal here
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what is your view. democrats call 202-748-8000. republicans call 202-748-8001. independents, for you is -- the line for you is 202-748-8002. on social media, on twitter @cspanwj and facebook at in this staffing shakeup, it follows a public and at times profane feud between top white house officials, the incoming communications director anthony scaramucci accusing reince priebus of being the source of white house links -- leaks to the media. baker and peter maggie haberman, it says reince priebus ouster was the latest convulsion in a white house infused by political setbacks, the president became convinced that reince priebus was not strong enough to run the white
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house operations and told him two weeks ago that he wanted to make a change. intrigued at the idea of putting a general in charge, donald trump offer the job to mr. kelly a few days ago. mr. kelly was not always in lockstep with donald trump's policies and publicly questioned the need for a full border wall with mexico and calling russia a threat to the united states as the president signaled a friendlier approach to moscow but over six months of leaving homeland security, mr. kelly who friends describe is not afraid to challenge superiors, emerged as an important and highly visible surrogate to the president. the associated press writes and asks the question, can kelly pull things together? much of his success will depend on factors outside of his control, including whether donald trump's swallowing staff will put aside rivalries that have complicated efforts to
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enact policy. no question looms larger than this -- can kelly do what reince curb theould not and president's tendency to focus more on settling scores than policy agenda. no other advisor has been successful on the front as a candidate and now as president, donald trump has cycled through campaign cheese and political advisers that has remained easily distracted by his personal interests and only loosely tattered to any policy plan. we have darling who cover -- darlene who covers the white house for the associated press. what has transpired that led to reince priebus departing the white house? >> there was always speculation that reince priebus was on his way out. that he was not doing the job and could not control the people that reported to the president. what happened yesterday seems to
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have the ball rolling on that seems to have happened last friday when the president announced he was bringing in anthony scaramucci to be the white house communications director. anthony scaramucci and reince priebus do not have the best relationship, even though they tried to put a good face on it last week. then you had, this week, the astounding new yorker magazine interview where anthony hurtfulci said a lot of , ugly things about reince priebus, accusing him of leaking. anthony scaramucci's financial form. then, we find out that the president is replacing reince priebus with general john kelly. host: tell us more about general john kelly. i understand he is the nation's larger -- longest-serving commanders?
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>> he served in the marines for 40 plus years and has one of the most torrid military general careers. as you and i know, president trump is an them are of military withd emerged -- enamored military officials, he has jim mattis and inside the white house there is h.r. mcmaster, the national security adviser. the job to bek secretary of homeland security and has been there for six months. in contrast to the way the president has spoken about other members of the administration, he has had very positive things to say about john kelly, he is doing a great job, he is a star of the administration, he is working on the president's plan to build a wall on the border between the u.s. and mexico, he is doing a lot of work to try to reduce illegal immigration, and
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president trump has been very high on john kelly. it is not surprising that he would turn to him at this time. not: you say it is surprising, help us understand what a chief of staff typically does in the white house. guest: the chief of staff is the gatekeeper to the oval office. he or she will try to help the president manages their time and limit the people who come in to see him, limit the number of people who report to him, that is one of the problems this current white house seems to have, there are a number of top advisers to president donald trump who report directly to him , they do not go through the chief of staff in the normal structure. the most recent one being anthony scaramucci who, when he was hired, made it very clear that he reports directly to the president. when you have all of these people going around the chief of staff and going directly to the president, the chief of staff in
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some respects is cut out of the loop and cannot do his or her job. host: given all of that, do you think general kelly will be effective in this new role, giving the president's management style? guest: that is the hope, given his military background, and president trump's admiration for generals. the hope is general kelly will be able to bring some stability and some order to this white house operation. six months in. that does not have it. time will tell, he starts on monday. the president has to give him the authority to make the changes, give a general kelly the authority that he needs to make the changes that he thinks are necessary to improve white house operations and get the white house focused on its ,genda, health care, tax reform there is not a lot of time in the congressional calendar to work on these big issues. there is a budget that is
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needed. the debt ceiling needs to be lifted. there is a lot on the table that needs done. the white house cannot just be overtaken with all of this sort of staff turnover and churn. host: great insight, thank you. guest: thank you. host: she covers the white house for the associated press. from greensboro, north carolina, on the line for democrats. good morning. we lost her. let's go to brooke calling from maryland on the line for independents. what you make of this? caller: it is complete drama. it also shows donald trump's priorities, more concerned about himself and the way he looks in the public then the country, otherwise he would not be taking on homeland security visor.
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-- our homeland security adviser. the only branch that seems to be running well, that is who he picked to run his chaotic white house, do not worry about homeland security, i need my white house fixed. host: do you think john kelly will have a better chance of bringing discipline to the white house? caller: that would be great but come at the same time, if nobody reports to the chief of staff, they cannot do their job. upt is the system he has set where some people go directly to him and do not answer anybody but him, which is what he wants. you cannot corral all these people, if there is nobody in charge but donald trump. facebook, john kelly is an honorable american that is has not only served his country for decades but has had remarkable results in his current position, border
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crossings down 60%, 70% and making an impact wherever he is. the circle is tight, another establishment figure is out of the loop. the less on the inside, the better. iz, democrat line. caller: i think general kelly is probably a very good person. i think he could come in a normal administration, benefit -- i think he could, in a normal administration, benefit from being chief of staff. you are asking him to control the president. the president has no ability to control himself. i do not think putting mr. kelly will make much of a difference. mark callingo to from emerson, new jersey, on the line for independents. caller: good morning and thank you.
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a lot of this is normal growing pains that many new administrations will go through with -- i think much of it is being exaggerated. theonly conflict is democratic media, who are upset that madame hillary lost and obama's legacy is in the garbage can of history because they refused to report accomplishments of our president. for example, the veterans, he is helping them get the care they need in a more quick fashion, instead of waiting on line and getting sicker. and of forcing the laws by putting -- enforcing the laws by putting criminals in jail, including this ms-13 gang and other convicted murderers, as opposed to mr. obama and mr. holder, what they did by
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releasing or failing to incarcerate many of these people. rescindingobama's rather it -- rescinding obama's and same after meeting in public schools which allowed boys and men to walk into girls bathrooms. these things are ignored by much of the media, positive things, and they highlight the minor conflicts. i think it is pretty sad. host: montgomery, texas, john, on the line for republicans. what do make of the latest staffing shakeup in the west wing? caller: regular shakeups going down that happens in any administration. i believe the media is blowing it out of proportion so they can cover up for the other things -- testimony on
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the russia thing. i believe it is blown out of proportion and they are doing anything they can to avoid having to cover that and the washer mitchell's, they do not -- debbie wasserman schultz, they do not want to cover that, but this is just normal growing pains for administration that has never been in power. host: we have a chart that says reince priebus is the shortest serving chief of staff in modern u.s. history, 189 days, the only other person who served as short was one in the ronald reagan era. donald trump has gone through a number of key staffers. you say it is an exaggeration and over reported by the media. caller: how many days? 189.
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only difference -- host: highland mills, new york, deborah on the line for democrats. caller: good morning. i was thinking this morning that a person who is head of homeland security obviously is pretty too -- privy information of different agencies. i am wondering if this move is part of a strategy by donald trump to try to get as much information as he can about russia. if you cannot fire jeff sessions , maybe -- if he cannot fire jeff sessions, maybe this is a way for them to stop the investigation. host: what about the way the president has publicly criticized jeff sessions? i think it isler: a disgrace to our democracy and
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s wish american public' for us to take a higher stand. that solves our problems more honorably. host: ok. let's go to tennessee, thomas on the line for republicans. caller: good morning. mannted to call in, the that calls about three calls ago , i agree with him 100%. too not want the president mess with jeff sessions. i think he is a fine man. , let's talk about health care real quick. john mccain voted against the health care, not the republican party, but the country.
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i think john mccain is sort of like jane fonda. that is my personal opinion. he is just like jane fonda. that is my feelings and my comment. i appreciate you letting me speak. thank you very much. host: we talked about anthony scaramucci, the new -- the incoming white house communications director and that expletive filled tirade he unlaced against reince priebus. there is what laura ingraham have to say filling in for tucker carlson before reince priebus departed the white house, she talked about anthony scaramucci. feuden it is such a public versus keeping it inside the family. anthony scaramucci was saying i am a straight shooter. sometimes these fights are better settled behind closed doors rather than in public.
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i am sorry but to go after steve bannon, to say he is in the white house until 11:00 every night because he tried to build his brand. then and does not need to build his brand -- steve bannon does not need to build his brand, he is trying to help the country and donald trump, i think anthony scaramucci is talented but this episode is humiliating to the president and it does not serve the communications of this agenda well. i will probably make him mad but i say it out of deep love and affection, he is not helping his agenda. host: this comment on facebook , i detest theght weight the president is cleaning house, nothing has been more damaging to his presidency that his tweets, if he does not like someone, fire them, do not say it in public. linda calling from kansas city, missouri, democrat line. caller: i am a democrat. yes, i think that the president
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is really doing things wrong. he is doing things for the democratic system. guy, he did a great everything right. telling -- challenging the whole system. we have to come back to the system. host: what do you think the president -- what do you think of the president's choice of john kelly for chief of staff? caller: he does not know anything about the system, he guythe right, this moochy needs to go, he needs to fire him right now. host: let's go to robert calling from indiana, republican line. caller: thank you for the call. i do not understand the health care bill, the democrats talk
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about how they will help the republicans did it straightened out, why haven't they done it in the last eight years? why are they blaming republicans for all of this mess that we have? if you are going to blame anybody, it is obama and i believe he is behind all this crap that is going on and people better wake up. we need this country straightened out, right now, not next week or next year, right now, we need people to do the job. if they will not do the job we voted them into do, get them out. one of them,damn either side. host: he mentioned the collapse of the senate health care plan which played out in drama on the hill. in the washington post, they write about john mccain who delivered the fatal blow to the senate health care plan and susan collins and lisa murkowski did also. democrats have been running their home full-court press to
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win over john mccain and not just inside the senate, he heard from two longtime friends pleading with him to oppose mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader, joseph lieberman and joe biden, the former senator from connecticut was long one of john mccain's best friends and they formed the three amigos with lindsey graham. along with his conservative leavings on national security, joe lieberman remain loyal enough on the democrats that he supported the affordable care act and relayed the continued support to john mccain. , who often joe biden clashed with makena foreign policy matters, had a more emotional decision -- discussion, john mccain's brain cancer was the same as that beau biden had. the story goes on from there to detail what happened on the senate floor. we are talking about the staff shakeup on the west wing.
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jersey city, new jersey, democrat line. good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to say, what donald trump needs to do is stand in front of his dresser and remove everything, so he can see the mirror and fire himself, along with his son, his son-in-law, , they are not trying to do the job. they are lining their pockets behind our back. every other country is looking at us like we are fools. we are in a place of nothing. that is where he put us. they tried to blame obama for everything. made clearresident he is not a politician, he is a businessman, news -- new to the way of washington, if he finds out how to do things effectively, why should he not
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be able to? you cannot trust the people you picked? how good is your business? where are your tax returns? you are not a billionaire. i do not make a lot of money but i know a billion or does not cry over money, do not cry over your taxes, warren buffett says, i have billions, i am under same investigation but i will show my taxes. he has billions, donald trump is bum, and ifobody, a you do not see it, that is on you. he is not my president, as your president, he will never be my president. host: he talked about the way the world is looking at the u.s. , an international view from the financial times, the headline, donald trump week staggered from bad to worse, i believe this published before reince priebus was fired but it says following the health care collapse, donald
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trump turning to what he val be history's largest tax-cut but behindort months schedule and may not be ready for congress and took 2018, how many cuts will be paid for it is unclear after all ryan's abandoning of a border adjusted tax that would have raised $1 trillion over 10 years. still he shows no sign of adjusting to washington and instead by siding with workers seemsnthony scaramucci he determined to double down on the approach that got him to the white house to the brink of a failed presidency. texas, dorisaredo, on the line for republicans. good morning. are you there? we go to our next quarter, a tweet from michael writes -- john kelly should run as far as he can away from real donald trump before he tarnishes his reputation. scroll down so you can see it. calling fromran
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jacksonville, florida, on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. from what i have heard about general kelly, i am curious as to why he would even tie his faith to donald trump. trump. to donald it is clear that donald trump is totally not rational and you do not know who he will target from day-to-day. he targets the people around him , i guess because they are the closest ones to him. as far as his agenda is concerned, he is only concerned with undoing anything that president obama implemented. anything. i think you have a list, he is checking it twice to see if he has missed anything. he started with reversing the quarter of a percent tax break for -- the interest for the
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people who wanted to get more -- mortgages, i was one of the last things the president obama did, was give the common person a quarter of a percent break in the mortgage rate. the very first thing donald trump it was at a quarter of a person back. 8% back.e quarter of -- quarter of a percent back. -- i'm donts to do anything president obama did. host: joe calling from new york, independent line. caller: i wanted to start by saying -- i try to read the wall street journal and new york times together to see -- i bounce them off each other, i tried to do that but do not do it all the time. it takes time. in terms of donald trump
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himself, he is too narcissistic and too nepotistic to do anything, he makes it obvious. maybe other administrations have done that but they always hide it and keep it under the table, he does not know how to do that. but heve in his agenda does not know how to approach his own agenda. he is always -- everything he does is based on self-interest. his own. whatever he does, it is -- he has distractions, what about homophobia associated with the army. or servicen printed members -- transgender service members. caller: he uses these things as a distraction. host: there were some thoughts that the president may govern like a moderate new york republican's, president obama
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last press conference said donald trump is practical and not an ideologue. with the president be better served if he tried to govern like a moderate new york republican -- would be president be better served if you try to govern like a moderate new york republican? caller: i do not know, if you kept a much lower profile, he would be better served, he is his own worst enemy. unfortunately, it his agenda is correct, in my opinion, but he does not -- he cannot be trusted to do his own agenda. host: that was joe from new york. let's go to dennis in westchester, new york, upstate, a republican, good morning, dennis. caller: good morning. i would like to say that -- as a person who has a phd and written three books on leadership -- president trump is doing a great job.
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but he did pick some wrong people for the wrong job. all right? one of the things mr. kelly will bring to the white house is structure. he is a military man. engineer,neer, a past i believe in structure. everything is done based on structured analysis. he will make the schedule for the president. but keep an open door but be in an appointment. president trump is a businessman. he is frustrated by the bureaucracy of washington, which she promised to grant -- which he promised to drain the swap. he will do it. he will do it. reince priebus is a great guy. but he was chairman of the republican party and all of that.
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but, he cannot manage. he cannot manage the in and out of access to the white house. general kelly will do that. from we have a tweet someone who writes chaos is a consequence of in that leadership and this chaos starts at the top. beverly calling from north carolina, on the line for democrats, good morning. caller: good morning. listening to the republicans, with mr. trump said months ago, if he killed someone, they still would believe in him. the integrity in the white house is over. yesterday, put in who will start on monday, i feel so sorry for him. the only people that donald trump really likes are the
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and tello honor him him how they love him. he has an ego problem. i do not know what to say about him. i wish only one thing mr. trump would do -- make his health records public. and maybe we will know what his problem is. because he definitely has one. there is a mental problem somewhere. macon,udrey calling from georgia, on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning, how are you? host: well, what do you think about this? caller: i listen to republicans and i've heard them called in, maybe not today, talking about what a man this is, this is a manchild needs mental help. my thing is this, all of these
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republicans, whether republican or whatever, if you are supporting this man, think about your children, the children is watching this, children are listening. ihave some little boys adopted and took them to the movie one day and i said something about the popcorn being so high -- hot. a little girl said that is obama, you should be happy. children are watching. children learn what they live. if their children get out here and act like this, called names like this, curse like this, what is the world coming to? host: what was your response to the girl who said that? sayer: i wanted to something to her but she was a child. and her grandmother was there. i looked at the grandmother, she turned her head like she was ashamed. this is what you taught her. fran froms go to
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south carolina, on the line for republicans. caller: i just wish that people would think before they speak. -- we have such a bad attitude in washington. both on republicans and democrats. there is so much scandal from the last administration on down through the years. presidential working. you take john kennedy, he was a wonderful man, but there was scandal attached to him. roosevelt, scandal attached to him. correct --ave courage and people will build up scandal, we have a black man as a resident and they try to build
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up scandal against him. there are people who are supposedly seasoned people in washington that do not live according to the golden rule, they are not sincere, they do not believe in turning the other cheek. kind to are just not one another. we need more kindness. yes, we need direction, but we need a soft voice. thank you. , if: we will switch gears you are on the line, we ask for your patience because we want to talk about an equally important story about north korea, the ballistic missile that experts say could hit california which is the headline in the new york times. your three attested an intercontinental ballistic theile on friday that for
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first time appeared capable of reaching the west coast of the united states, according to experts, a milestone that american presidents have declared the u.s. could not tolerate. it was the second and economist missile launch and 24 days did not answer the question of whether the north has mastered all of the technologies necessary to deliver a nuclear weapon to target in the lower 48. a fewer days ago, the defense intelligence agency warned decrepit penetration that the north would probably be able to do so within one year. the test left little doubt that kim jong-un is speeding towards the goal. defense news senior pentagon correspondent, thank you for being with us. guest: thank you for having me. host: how big of an escalation is this? guest: it depends how closely you have been watching this. it was a similar design with perhaps some small modifications
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of what was launched early in july, the first time the pentagon had called one of these launches an intercontinental ballistic missile. that is something that had been quite of the dream of the regime in north korea when they started their nuclear program in 1994. if you can hold the rest of the world at risk, it means they will not come after you, the same concept the u.s. and russia employees. loys.p teapot was it would take long -- the thought was that it would take them longer. this is based on 24 hours a day that but experts looked at this and said, if it can do that, go 100 kilometers and kilometers into the air, that means they have the ability to have the range to get to the continental united states. host: they do not have the ability yet for a nuclear war
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head and put it on this thing and launch it in our direction? guest: that is our best understanding and there are a couple of things you have to keep in mind, you have reentry, you can launch them as far as you want but if they do not have a system to come back and land with precision, it is useless. old -- to launch an apollo 13 into the air and have engines that certainly all apart and the next engine takes over. if you are an astronaut, you have to get back in position and get back to earth. that is what they do not appear to have yet and unclear if they can make a nuclear weapon on top of this thing. if you talk to experts and people in the pentagon, they say , if they come this far this quickly, they know what they are doing and have tests we are not aware of. it is just a matter of time. host: what has the u.s. response
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been so far? guest: the pentagon put on a statement quickly saying that a general, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff was discussing with his counterparts "military response options." a phrase we have not seen before used in this context and people asked if it meant we were going to work, as of today, no. last night, the u.s. and south korea launched missiles, 13 foot long rockets into the sea of as lasthe same response time to deter future launches which did not happen. i do not put much expectations that will deter north korea either. host: the story from your outlet, north korea appears to have launched another missile. a coordinatedn international action against north korea will need the support of china and russia, it
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says we know the with russia but what is china's role in this? guest: as long as china is the protector of north korea, since the time of the korean war, that is what kept the work going, china was protecting the communist country to the south. there are a lot of questions about how guaranteed china support for north korea is, the donald trump administration has made that a focus on trying to deal with north korea and use china to pressure north korea. china is very aware that it has a country full of uneducated poverty-stricken folks who they do not want floating their border if kim on june -- kim jong-un falls so it is not in their interest to have north korea collapsed but the chinese do not love the idea of a country with nuclear weapons. host: you cover the pentagon for
7:39 am
defense news, thank you for your time. guest: thank you. host: bactrim question of the morning, the staff shakeup in the white house -- back to our question, the morning, the shakeup in the white house, john kelly is replacing reince priebus. there are a couple of things about the indignities reince priebus had to suffer through, his final departure was a -- for what had been a largely demeaning tenure and witchy got --
7:40 am
host: trump's the meaning of previous --reince priebus, during a meeting in the oval office, a fly distractedly president as it continued to circle, donald trump summoned the chief of staff and asked him to kill the insect. lethargy janice from -- let's go to arthur from baltimore, maryland, on the line for independents. caller: this is what i think. the president has been elected based on our democracy.
7:41 am
whether it was by electoral college or popular vote. we are embarrassing our political status to the rest of the world by trying to get rid of this man. oning to impose democracy other countries when we use democracy to be elected president and that we will not support him. i am talking about the politicians. donald trump is a businessman and i am glad he is a businessman. the politicians have done nothing but line their pockets for the last 100 years. and not do what they were elected to do. donald trump, as far as cap the numbers, i thought it was a constitutional right of the president, who he deems necessary. like a good businessman, if you read someone's resume and they do not compare with what you were standards are, you fire them and replace them. this is what he is doing. from the president,
7:42 am
talking about the rules of the senate and how it is complicated his agenda come here right republican senate must get rid of 60 votes now, it is killing the republican party, allowing a democrats to control the country, 200 bills in the senate. a joke. the outdated filibuster rule must go as budget reconciliation is killing, go to 51 votes now and win, it is time. republicans will never win if they do not go to a 51 vote majority now, they look like fools and i just wasting time. a democrats controlled the u.s. senate, many great republicans will never -- bills will never pass, like case law and complete health care, get smart. and complete health care. get smart! democrat line, good morning, janice. caller: i am glad you took my call.
7:43 am
i am calling to say i am nervous. because donald trump, i think he is out of control. the things he does do not make sense. i have never seen a president behave in this manner. i am concerned that the president's do not call more than what they do, if president obama had done any of these things, he would been impeached on day one. this is horrible. about the missile from north thea, i am afraid that leader will launch one to the united states and donald trump does not have the intelligence to know what to do. the thing he did to reince priebus, they will get what they have coming to them, it was horrible. they got what they deserved. those men were so disrespectful to president obama and i'm glad to see reince priebus go down and i cannot wait to see jeff sessions go down.
7:44 am
donald trump is bad for this country. the things he does are horrible. he is not presidential. he is inciting violence. even with the police now. it is outrageous. i cannot wait for him to be impeached. i will be glad when it happens. i think he deserves it. host: a tweet from carol arrives it gop cannot get their act together on fixing or repealing the affordable care act, they should give primary opponents and be booted out. i imagine the president agrees. , barbara isvirginia going on the line for republicans. caller: good morning. bym first of all appalled all of the people on the democrat line who are calling in and saying that our president -- that hel health has mental health issues, they do not know what he is doing,
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obama went through five chief of staffs while he was in office. i never recall hearing all of ak that our- fl president is getting, our president, considering the fact he has all the news media, all they do is shout bad things about him, they never say anything -- talk about the good things he does. it is just -- i mean, he is doing great. for all the opposition he is getting. thingsgot half of the that he does that are good, publicized, there would be more people that understand what good he is doing. saying he should release his health records or his tax records, most of the people that are not in left coast or east coast, they do not
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care about that stuff, they care about the jobs he is trying to create. and trying to bring people together. he is not the one that is calling for violence, it is the people on the left that are doing that. alexandria, virginia, kelly on the line for republicans. caller: good morning. i would like to say that president trump is the man for the job. i do not regret casting my vote for trump. if he keeps it up, 2020, he would get my vote again. the people are saying that president obama was a bad president. to me, he did a good job. he did a very good job.
7:47 am
george bush trashed the country, allowing foreign nationals to come in and kill over 2000 americans. it is so much, no one talks about that. getting rid of all of these criminal foreign nationals in this country, which donald trump is doing, he is working on it. nationals, they have proven that they do not like americans because they do not hire americans at all, black or white. they have proven themselves, get them out of this country. trump forpresident doing what he is doing. i love the guy. choosei do not have to which i like better, trump or obama. i love both of them. host: what did you think of what anthony scaramucci said this week about reince priebus? the fact anthony scaramucci he
7:48 am
had the president's -- said he had the president blessing saying it? caller: anthony scaramucci will do a fine job. he will do a fine job. i applaud him for it. what the people that trump is putting in place, they are the right guys. they are the right guys. host: here is what a louisiana republican senator john kennedy said about this, particularly about what anthony scaramucci said, kennedy is no donald trump critic. he is on cnn. >> i do not know what is going on in the white house but i have never worked there but i work for two governors and i can tell you what it looks like is going on, you have all of these aids that work for the president and they want daddy to love them best. they fight over turf and tried
7:49 am
to hurt each other. they leak stuff. it hurts the person you are working for. some of that is inevitable, human nature, but it looks to me like this -- in this white house, it is out of control. making all of of these announcements about who is doing what to whom, somebody should check the water in the white house because folks seem to grow anxious when they have an unexpressed thought. you do not have to talk about all of this publicly. if somebody is caught leaking and doing a disservice to the country and the president, fire him, do not talk about it, just fire him. huntsville alabama, independent line, good morning, frank. caller: good morning. host: what do you think of what the senator said? caller: not thinking about it,
7:50 am
everybody is angry, steve bannon said he wants to deconstruct and he is deconstructing the country with president trump. and the republicans are standing by watching it take place. they have just found their voice because there was an attack on jeff sessions and when there was an attack on jeff sessions, it is an attack on them. they need to get hillary, barack obama, and barack obama's attorney general's name out of their mouth, donald trump is president and it is his turn, he is responsible. patty calling to in from warned, ohio, a democrat. caller: good morning, how are you? host: how are you? caller: good, i want to comment on the shakeup in the white house. i think it is appalling what is happening in the white house.
7:51 am
but we watched from the primaries, a president who attacked every person who ran against him in the most outrageous way. i have been an educator for 40 years and i would not expect one except one day from a student what president trump has -- he ishas disrespectful, if he was in my room, he would be in the corner or the principal's office every day and i cannot believe we have let a man like this seven example for our country, for our children -- set an example for our children, for our country, he says about his leakers, i would leak on him every day because he is running our country with his absurd behavior. a friend of mine just got back from countries in europe and said that people were questioning her everywhere she went when they found out she was from the united states, saying, how could we ever elect a man
7:52 am
like this president of the united states? what were we thinking about? she did not know how to answer and said she could not believe it that other concerns were so concerned and following what was going on. i think he is a disrespectful person and i do not know how we can trust him in the white house when he has no moral compass at all to -- at all. host: a tweet about north korea from someone north of boston, maybe some have not noticed it but china and russia are helping north korea, not u.s., trump does not have a clue. we have a call from raleigh, north carolina, republican line. good morning. and it i am a republican is pitiful that republicans will not stand up to this man. he is a snowflake. he has always been a snowflake. people keep saying he is a businessman, he is not a businessman, not with all the
7:53 am
bankruptcies. if he was a businessman, how would he have the bankruptcies? --o the fact that he is very our allies are against us. if we do go to war, we will be alone. we will be destroyed because of him. that is all i got to say. host: another tweet from liz mooch camewrites, in to find a vigorous and the press is upset, they love the leakers or leakers and did not mind paying for the info, although i do not know reporters paid for information they reported. debbie calling from flint, michigan, democrat line. good morning. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call, i love c-span. i believe the conflicts are self-inflicted and, if anyone -- is anyone surprised the white house has a fly problem?
7:54 am
he has called us democrats obstructionist, so we do not have a thought process. for me, the straw that broke the camel's back was the day he entertained the russians in our oval office. that is our white house. not his white house, our white house. he entertained the russians without our media and took in russian media. why anyone would think the meetings he had with west mayor putin at the g20, with any differently than what -- the way they went in the oval office because i do not, i believe his time is coming and they will perp want him out of the white house. him out of the white house and i do not want to miss that so i stay glued to my television. caller: south milwaukee, wisconsin, for republicans. -- the line for republicans.
7:55 am
caller: it is an exciting day for you today. [laughter] caller: god bless america and i hope among us here in america, the folks can find a way to ask what we are asking of the government, which is to set an example by putting aside our personal differences. i would like to bring attention to the fact that this, to me, is of grave national concern. office have a senator in who has cast a deciding vote gvm, that used to be one of the more rare brain cancers in the united states. since the nuclear meltdown in japan and several other chemicals that have been dispensed, my brother died of the brain cancer and i have first-hand knowledge of this.
7:56 am
stage four means be tumor is the size of a baseball. ok? cancer,like any other leaves in its wake dead tissue. speaking,, medically means this gentle man is not in his full capacity of his main organ, which is his brain. he went and was allowed on the floor to cast a vote. this, to me, is of grave concern. i do not understand how it is that, in this day and age, we do not have a medical examiner, we put up such a fight over hillary's falls, and whatever her situation was, god bless us all, we are all children of god. ,ut, under this administration with the advance of all of the amendments that have come through, i would advise and i
7:57 am
ask and beg you, america, to watch what is happening on c-span. watch the amendments being put through and watch what is going on on the floor. at thisreat offense heightened state of time with north korea, i do not know, maybe it is just the midwest, but what i see is korea, russia, iran, we are seeing advance in our military. we have a president who is under attack in his own house. we have our country at attack. nowave a military who is has been disrupted, not because of donald trump, this thing with the transgender being introduced obama andrmy was to not received well from the military.
7:58 am
as a family member of military -- i want to tell you, first-hand, that was the worst mistake they ever entered into. it is a privilege to serve. we can reject you on age, asthma, anything. grave amounts of time, which we could be spending -- host: we will talk about that later in the program and have to get to a few more callers. tonya calling from charlotte, north carolina, on the line for independents. caller: good morning, darling. i am a staunch democrat but i want to see donald trump as president. country, before me, i do not care if you are
7:59 am
transgender, black, white, green, if you can shoot straight , we could go into another war and we need everybody who wants to serve. everybody must serve their country and until you serve, shut up. have a good day. callingt's go to cheryl from dade city, florida, on the line for democrats. caller: thank you for taking my call. i want to get back to your original question about the shakeup regarding reince priebus leaving. i know john kelly has a good record as far as being a strong leader but i think that donald trump is used to surround himself with yes men and i do not think it will make that much of a difference. i do not know he will be able to penetrate that kind of business leadership that donald trump is used to any private sector. -- in the private sector and
8:00 am
that is why i think he likes people like anthony scaramucci and steve bannon, people that will go along with his agenda and not tell him to stop with the i honestly don't feel it is going to make a much of a difference. thank you for taking my call. host: howard beach, new york. bernie on the line for republicans. caller: i appreciate the fact you are able to keep a straight face. you are doing a heck of a job. i don't think i could. to your question about -- it reflects the personality of this man. the real tragedy for the country. perhaps even more, some of the callers who live in oz. what are they talking about? it is transparent this man does not belong in this job.


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