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tv   Washington Journal Elaine Donnelly Discusses Proposed Transgender Military...  CSPAN  July 29, 2017 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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that is why i think he likes people like anthony scaramucci and steve bannon, people that will go along with his agenda and not tell him to stop with the i honestly don't feel it is going to make a much of a difference. thank you for taking my call. host: howard beach, new york. bernie on the line for republicans. caller: i appreciate the fact you are able to keep a straight face. you are doing a heck of a job. i don't think i could. to your question about -- it reflects the personality of this man. the real tragedy for the country. perhaps even more, some of the callers who live in oz. what are they talking about? it is transparent this man does not belong in this job. get him out.
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and i'm a republican. i never voted for a democrat. give this man out, please. host: our last call will be sheila from little river, south carolina. good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to say i think all of this that trump has going on in the white house is making america look bad. it is all just a cover-up. he has got to get the spotlight off of him with this russia's situation. -- russia situation. this is what we need to be concerned about. trump is doing something in that white house that is not right and we need to get him out of there today. thank you. host: that will do it for this hour. coming up, president trump's call for a transgender military ban. we will talk with elaine
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donnelly of the center for military readiness. piper will be here from the drug policy alliance to talk about plans by the justice department to crackdown on the growing, selling and use of marijuana across the u.s. stay with us. ♪ sunday an american history tv on c-span3, we look at two u.s. presidents. john f. kennedy's life and photos from the collection of images that chronicle the life of the 35th president. >> the wonderful thing about the kennedy's is a never pushed photographers or writers away. they do not care how they were photographed, give their tie was fixed, if their coat was on. they knew that they made themselves accessible to the media, they would be published. and of course it was a
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groundswell. there is no question about it, that the media coverage of jfk was the first time we had seen anything like it. >> kelby followed by looking at ronald reagan's relationship with pope john paul ii. "a pope and president, john paul ii, ronald reagan and the untold story of the 20th century." i sundaypaul i cable to reagan saying i am praying for you. they developed the world's most exclusive mutual prayer society. as for moscow, if they are worried at this point about a pope and theen the president, now they have to really worry about it. >> american history tv, all weekend, every weekend on c-span 3. c-span, where history unfolds
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daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service'by americas cable-television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. >> washington journal continues. host: welcome back. elaine donnelly, founder and president of the center for military readiness is here with us to talk about the president's decision to ban transgender individuals from serving in the u.s. military. thank you for being here. guest: i am delighted to be here. host: tell us what your organization is. guest: the center for military readiness is a public policy organization. we report on and analyze military and social issues. we are very busy on a lot of different issues. right now, what the president has done is a good thing for the military.
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it is not about banning people from the military. there are a number of people not eligible for the armed forces. this includes people who have mental conditions, psychological conditions. if you are claustrophobic, he cannot be a submariner. even minor physical conditions can cause you to be ineligible. the president has said let's get the ball rolling. the next step will be formal directives to repeal what president obama put in place in the last two years of his administration. president obama said to the military, well, you have to pretend you can change in gender even though science says he cannot. military doctors and nurses to be involved in or perform medical procedures that they know are unethical. if you operate on normal, healthy organs and someone has a psychological condition, it is not going to improve that condition. it is going to affect a lot of people. the president realizes women have an interest in this.
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if we have an open door policy in private areas where there is an excitation of minimal privacy. now we had training programs telling women, well, get used to the idea of biological men in your showers and private areas. common sense tells you that is not a good thing for the military. nothing about any of this would improve military readiness or morale. we know the three branches of the service, army, air force and marine corps asked for a two-year delay before full implementation. i think the president has done a very good thing in listening to those military leaders and saying enough. we need to reassess everything put in place by the previous administration and reinstate sound policy that will benefit everyone, including all of us and taxpayers. we don't want defense dollars used for transgender surgeries that attempt to change appearance but don't really change gender or solve the
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underlying psychological problem. host: let's hear an opposing view. this is democratic congress and -- congressman head of the lgbt caucus. he is talking about the president's proposed ban. [video] >> military service is not a mechanism. to deny americans are freedom transgender americans should be able to serve our nation, wear our uniform to the full extent of their merit and abilities. the units and service members to defend and rely on transgender teammates are faced with uncertainty about the future, possible holes in readiness and holes in units that have trained so hard for each and every member of those teams are essential for our mission's success. when transgender service members are supposed to be focusing on the emissions, they are grappling with questions
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about their own future in the military. it is a dangerous world and we ourt afford to weaken military by kicking out high-performance members because of gender identity. host: there is a story originally reported by the new york times but summarized in the hill. trump tweet announcing transgender ban. secretary james mattis was apparently on vacation at the time of trump's decision, and reports described him as appalled. you are the congressman in this report from james mattis. what are your specific objectives -- objections? guest: i would question their assessment of the secretary's mood. this president does two things in an unconventional way. he announced what his intent is. and irse everyone knows, think the new york times and the congressmen need to understand, you need to have formal changes in regulations that are on the books right now.
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they were left there by the previous administration. people are not going to be affected adversely. the congressman needs to calm down. anytime there is a change from one administration to another, and i've seen this happen several times, if a policy change is made, individuals can be protected from adverse effects. the policy still needs to change. the primary principle is is not about individuals. if you talk about people not allowed to serve, well, that includes people who are anorexic, to believe they are overweight even know they are rail thin. do we let people in the military who have such a psychological problem? no, we don't. if you have airsickness or seasickness, you cannot be in the armed services. there are people that can serve in other ways, but we don't treat her military like it is just another equal opportunity employer. it is there to defend the country. this includes the military health system.
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it is a force multiplier. it is there to keep the troops healthy and their families so they are ready to deploy when needed. wholgbt activist groups, wrote a lot of these policy directives i need to be repealed, they are saying, well, everything should be put at the disposal of people who are confused about their sexuality. gender dysphoria, the name of the disorder, gender dysphoria must be very difficult to deal with, to live with. obviously you have to have compassion and families need to be supportive of people who are going through this kind of a condition, but the military is not obligated to provide expensive surgeries, $135,000 each on average, for thousands of people. imagine the economic incentive. after 18 months you can join the military under directives that need to be repealed. billions off this, dollars would be wasted if this policy goes into effect.
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the next step is to include dependence, minor children. this gets into an area of psychology where there is a lot of alarm. young children are not capable of understanding what sexuality is, much less being able to judge whether they should have irreversible hormone therapy or surgery. most young children who have confusion of this kind outgrow it. yet the military health system, according to congressman polis and his activists, they want to politicize it. they want to force doctors and nurses to perform procedures they know are unethical, contrary to medical ethics whether on personal standards or values. these kind of things are demoralizing. there is this problem of time off. in order to prepare for these surgeries and hormone treatments, there is something called real life experience in these directives. it means a person who is
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sexually confused and take as much as a year off to live as a person of the opposite sex, out of uniform. four they can do it as a man during the day or a woman at night. it is called rle. this is now an official dod the president indicates he will repeal this. how demoralizing is it for unit manee their commander as a during the day and then go dancing as a woman at night? the impact on troops is incalculable. the numbers we do know, the cost for surgeries and life on the hormone treatments are very great. none of this would benefit the armed forces. i think the president has taken a modest step that will restore sound priorities. it is not about individuals. it is about the best interest of the armed forces. he has stood by the majority of people the military who are strongly opposed to this policy change. host: another story from the hill.
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"pentagon spends 10 times more on erectile dysfunction and transgender services." spent $84he military --lion on that as opposed to before he lost it, roughly $8 million. the phone lines are lighting up. guest: that is a silly threat. host: let's hear from due from michigan -- sue from michigan. we are inviting your calls for this segment. if you are active military or retired, call (202) 748-8000. everybody else, call (202) 748-8001. sue for others. good morning. caller: how are you today? i'm not too bad. thisestion is, i hear suicidal rate for a transgender is very high.
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guest: that is right. caller: we have got somebody in the service and all of a sudden they will go nutso and blow their brains away in the service? guest: suicide is such a tragic event in the military and the rates keep going up. yes, gender dysphoria does involve a very high rate of suicide. johns hopkins university, which pioneered so-called sex change surgeries back in the 1960's, did a 10-year-long study. they found at the end of those 10 years people who had surgery had no reduction in the underlying mental issues and problems they had, including high risk of surgery. johns hopkins university decided to discontinue doing those surgeries. that is that the only study we have seen. psychologists all over the world are saying we are trying to pretend that by changes in appearance, hairstyle, makeup,
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body parts -- take a body part off, quote one on that was not there before, it does not change basic human psychology and science. dna. we have chromosomes. if the notes whether or not you are a male or female. my big problem with the department of defense handbooks -- and i haven't read here with me -- it is full of lgbt ideology. it says you are assigned gender at birth. no. who does the assignee? gender is identified at birth and it is unchanging. no matter how you change your appearance or pretend to be a person of the opposite sex, it doesn't change basic biology. commanders, doctors, nurses, everybody in the military is supposed to pretend with a change in a biological marker, that means you have transformed from a man to a woman or a woman to a man. buteally is ludicrous,
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nobody in the military is supposed to say that. regulations say you may not deny medical treatment. there are no conscious clauses involved. --10% of doctors and nurses the loss of the incalculable. this will not improve our military and we don't need it. note are a number of people eligible to serve in the military for physical or psychological reasons. transgenderism is only one category, but it is politically sensitive. it has a powerful political lobby. that is not mean the policy should be continued as if obama was still president. we have a new president now. the voters said we want to end political correctness in the military. president trump is delivering on that promise. formal steps will be next. it will be phased in in a way that transgender individuals. not be negatively affected host: frank is calling.
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retired from the armed services. what branch? caller: u.s. army. i served in the infantry in vietnam. i served with a couple of guys that were gay. we had people that were gay that were killed in vietnam. it seems that president trump would deny people like transgenders being able to serve the country, and probably if they were killed, the next thing he would say is they don't deserve an american flag on their coffin. this is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard of. guest: that is a ridiculous comment. not everyone is eligible to serve in the armed forces. it is not an equal opportunity employer. it must be deployable on short notice. everyone has to be directly affected and ready to deploy. if you have people undergoing hormone treatments or psychological treatments before the hormone thereof he begins,
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or they are recovering from theery 280 something days, estimate of how much lost time would accrue to people who were confused about gender identity and seeking treatment. goes up in the unit has to go to that person is not available, how does that improve combat readiness? it is not just about individuals. the military is not there to provide health care to just individuals. it is there to make sure we have a strong, ready, healthy force. we have to have our priorities straight. people opportunity is important in the military. there is lots of opportunities. if there is a conflict between the needs of the military and equal opportunity, the needs of the military must come first. the commander-in-chief has said that. i think it will be an interesting process as it unfolds over the next several months. host: gary from west virginia, war, west virginia.
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an appropriately titled town. good morning. .aller: it is war i've got one question. bathroomgoes to the and he has got his junk in his hand, but his brain tells him he is a female, should that man be in a psychiatric hospital or mental ward? not in a little girl's bathroom? on a veryl, you hit gritty sort of issue that i think a lot of women especially understand. if you go into an area where you have minimal expectations of privacy, you don't want people of the opposite sex in those areas. that is a reasonable expectation. yet the department of army has a training program within -- say it is to train women to get used
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to the idea of biological men and their showers and other private areas. this is not a proper use of defense department dollars or military peoples' time. this is a social experiment. guess he wrote those vignettes and all these scenarios being put into the training program. it is the lgbt activist groups, the human rights campaign, the palm center. -- henow that under obama get the order and everyone had to salute and make it happen. this president has the same power. the regulations put in effect -- congress had nothing to say about this. they can and should be revoked in the same way. congress has a role. congress has been ignoring this issue. why have they not had hearings to bring in experts who write about the study and johns hopkins university? why they don't -- why don't they
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invite child psychologists who say treating children with surgery or hormone treatment is a form of child abuse? we have not gotten there yet, but this is definitely on the agenda. if you treat people who are confused about gender as a protected class, the civil rights group, you have to go down that road all the way. even though the president expressed his view t in threewee -- in three twees, he got to the nut of the matter. in the coming days on the regulations are revoked and repealed, it will be done in a consistent way. then there will be lawsuits. of course. anytime the courtroom doors open anyone can file a lawsuit. the courts will defer to the president's judgment if he is basing it on military readiness. i believe he will and i think
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all the military leaders are breathing a sigh of relief that the president has shown leadership in this area. host: we have a tweet from jill lewis. enoughpeople are scary that i should fear them in a public restroom that i should not let them in the military?" guest: when you are undergoing treatments as a man, cable feminize your body. conversely a woman against tess testosterone, will not be a strong as a man. you have people in transition. commanders have to figure out where to work with this person to do a job as opposed to another person. someone going into the navy seals, a man transitioning to a woman, and the announcement was made that we will have a woman in the navy seals. the muscular structure of that person will remain the same, but with hormones changing that man
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into a woman who knows what that person will be capable of? i don't think we need to go down that route of gender experiments. it is sort of trendy these days. a lot of people think it is cool. caitlyn jenner syndrome. these are people who have a psychological problem, an issue that we can all feel compassion but we can't transform the military into something that accommodates all of that. guest: we have mary from pennsylvania, retired military. when and where did you serve? caller: i served around the country and the world in the medical corps. guest: thank you for your service. caller: thank you. my concern with your comments is that you are spreading absolute trans issues. you are calling them
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psychological problems. they are no longer classified as psychological problems in the diagnostic manual describing psychological problems. this is not a choice, not a psychological problem. guest: the name was changed to gender dysphoria. caller: it is gender dysphoria for people who are not certain about who they are. that is very, very different. you are stretching the definition. the second point i have is you are saying these people that are undergoing hormone treatments are not ready to fight on a moments notice. what about women who are pregnant? they are not ready to fight at a moments notice. they are not allowed to deploy. they cannot avoid during pregnancy or for weeks or months after pregnancy. why don't you take all women of childbearing years out of the military? your arguments do not hold weight and they are biased against people who have no mental health problems.
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you are way behind the times. guest: you confirm that point. gender dysphoria is the new name for what used to be called gender identity disorder. they just changed the name little bit, but it is a psychological condition. even the lgbt activists have admitted that. they expect medical treatment for it. i am on sound ground on that point. as for pregnant women, the military made the decision that women are still valuable to the armed forces. when do have women in great numbers that accommodations will be made. yes, that are sometimes inconveniences. sometimes pregnancy rates and are here with the playability. .hem -- deployedability that havingevidence people with psychological issues, whether it is claustrophobia or anorexia or being afraid of heights, that people in those categories
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improve or benefit military readiness. been -- hasoria has become a politicized issue. it is like a pressure group. lgbt activists were invited into the pentagon to create for themselves almost the new industry. there is a group of advisers called sccc, service coordinating cells. they are supposed to be available to commanders who wonder what the lady with this soldier named marty who says he is pregnant? how do i deal with that. you were supposed to call the activist groups, the scc's. every one of these scenarios about unusual things that are going to happen with people who want to be treated as the opposite sex, everything is supposed to be coordinated by lgbt theorists. but the theories don't hold up. you cannot prove it.
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there is no science, no biological science that says by changing appearance you can change gender. people who attempt to do that have a psychological issue. wicked have sympathy for them and compassion. -- to be supported in various ways. the military should not be bullied into having to extend very expensive lifelong benefits to make these people feel more comfortable. even though for a large periods of time they would not be available for deployment. host: spring grove, virginia, harry is on the line, a veteran. caller: good morning. what the lady just said about , it is ang pregnant total different sickness men ared to when two making love, or two women are
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making love and get married. they need to be in a mental facility, not the military. they need to control their own minds how they will work with the military. guest: i think the colonies pregnancy is a normal biological function, a privilege for everyone involved. but when you get into psychological conditions were people try to pretend or are confused about gender identity, that is a psychological disorder. it is called gender dysphoria. yet we are being told by the department of defense directives doctors and nurses have to pretend that i getting certain hormone treatments or surgeries, that person can change their gender. there is no room for any dissent whatsoever, even though medical ethics say you don't operate on healthy organs. you don't remove healthy organs, especially when you know at the
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end of that surgery and recovery in all the expense, $130,000 per person, at the end of that you will still have the underlying psychological problem. we have to have respect for people who have mental disorders, and certainly this is something modern science can deal with. but transgenderism in the military is not compatible with having the best, strongest ready force we can have. that is what it think the president is saying as commander-in-chief. officials who are subordinate to him will follow through. i think the military will be much better for it. host: we have a tweet. "the diagnostic manual says is ar dysphoria problem only if it causes psychological -- mental distress in the person." richard on the line for all others. caller: i have two points i would like to make. number one is i am a taxpayer.
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i don't care if you want to be a kangaroo, you do it on your own dime. we should not be paying for this kind of procedure. number two is i really think the volving.ce is de even a dog knows whether to lift its leg or squat. guest: i think they caller represents millions of taxpayers who have seen this story unfold and realize just how expensive this social experiment would be. the organized lgbt activist groups have come out with ridiculously lowball estimates. they make no sense. they don't even cap hormone therapy, which can be very expensive over a lifetime. they don't count time off. they have to replace people who are away because


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