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tv   Qatari Ambassador Speaks About Gulf Region Tensions  CSPAN  July 30, 2017 9:21pm-10:33pm EDT

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talks about her group's report on how democrats can retake the house of representatives in 2018. former texas republican congressman, who chaired the house ways and means committee discusses tax and health care policy. and they will talk about republican tax reform proposal. be sure to watch c-span's "washington journal" live at 7:00 a.m. eastern, monday morning. join the discussion. as of last month, several arab countries have let a blockade against qatar for its alleged ties to extremist groups and reports of terrorism financing. on tuesday, qatar's ambassador to the u.s. spoke about the impact of that blockade at an event in washington posted by the world affairs council. this is just over one hour. bonjour.
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evening, ladies and gentlemen. that deserves a round of applause. [applause] i'm the president of the world affairs council, washington, dc. up a half of the council i welcome you to tonight's ambassador series. we are delighted, we have eight of our board members here tonight. we think them for their service. without you, these programs would not be taking place. thank you all, very much. many thanks to our strategic partners at the ronald reagan building and international trade center for their wonderful uspitality, and providing with this beautiful venue to hold our public programs. if the earlybird gets the first than those that got here early tonight got the first 120
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seats. we have another 8000 people downstairs in a spillover room who are watching tonight's broadcast on a large screen. we are also very fortunate tonight that our events are being filmed for nationwide to should be should on our own television show "world affairs -- which airsrs at 3:00 p.m. today. they are on youtube, facebook, linkedin, twitter, and other digital platforms. in addition, tonight's program is being live streamed to a u.s. and global audience and will be immediately available on youtube/ bywill also be broadcasted -- thank you to the ceo of the national press club for providing us with his live streaming services tonight. our event tonight focuses on the
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state of cutter. its relationship with the united states, and the role it plays in the persian gulf region. activities as a member of the gulf cooperation council. has been ruled by the honey family since the mid-19th century. the flag of cutter contains nine serrated edges that separate the colored and the white portions. they signify cutters inclusion as the ninth member of the reconcile emirates of the persian gulf at the conclusion inthe qatari/british treaty 1916. the colored portion of the flag, known as the cutter maroon, acknowledgment is the island's production of purple dye. .he white symbolizes peace
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aiginally known for being backwater -- who was known for diving, cutter made itself known to the world when it declared independence in 1971. economyalized its relied on oil and natural gas production. in 1990 five cutter announced the series of sweeping economic and political reforms. this included the funding and the founding of the pan arab's satellite news network, al jazeera in 1996, a broadcast worldwide. in economic surplus enabled cutter to rebrand cutter airways and support the education city. state-of-the-art academic oasis.
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schools from the united states, britain, france and cutter. this includes our friends at georgetown university, texas a&m, carnegie mellon, cornell, virginia commonwealth, northwestern university, and ucl london. in terms of transparency, which we are very big on at the council, we should inform you that we have had a long and valued relationship with the state of cutter during the 38 years since our founding. the cutter foundation, both the recipient of our 2014 global education award that was accepted on behalf of the foundation. havembassadors of cutter participated in our embassy programs, ambassador
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and support it our annual global education gala. , question,ulation is anybody know? you just googled it, out of bounds. is to million people. at of that number, 11% are native qataris. 88.4% are non-qataris. bilateral relations between the united states should -- united states and cutter are strong. u.s. military central command. they have 11,000 americans cutter. in they actively deployed operations against the islamic state. serves as states qatar's largest foreign
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investor. these include aircraft, machinery, vehicles, medical instruments and agricultural products. is an active member of the u.n., world bank and counsel. it has also been selected to the 2022 fever -- fifa world cup. [applause] >> now to our distinguished guest. sheikh meshal bin thani is a career credential. ambassador has previously served for three years as the
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.mbassador to france he has also served as qatar's permanent representative to the u.n.. he has to her the qatari mission to the eu in brussels and served as qatari official liaison to nato. he is a graduate of of american university. received his master's degree in international relations in 2004. tonight, please to introduce another friend to our world affairs council, family, ledger, asaging editor of usa today our discussant for this evening. donna has served as both an editor and reporter for breaking news. coveredgnments have everything from domestic and international crimes. the war on president of the
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national press club. club ofn the chair visitors for the university of south carolina chapel hill. a graduate of the university of north carolina chapel, she has completed journalistic law withl, the senior john seminar at the university of hawaii. a fellowship at the national journalof -- foundation. we are deeply honored to welcome the ambassador to the worldly cares council -- world affairs council as part of their 2017 ambassador series.
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quite that >> -- >> good evening. before i begin i would like to thank the remarkable board who did a excellent job organizing this event. and for their unwavering commitment to education and providing a platform for open dialogue. ladies and gentlemen, if you have been following the news from the region, i'm sure you're well aware that qatar is under a blockade. saudi arabia and the united emirates and bahrain has imposed an illegal political, economic and social blockade against my country. this country decided overnight
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to close down all borders and airspace. stop the flow of food and medicine during the holy month of ramadan and expel all the citizens from their country. yet these steps were not served enough for them. they recall their citizens, tearing families apart, mothers from the children, wives from their husbands. and to silence people from speaking out against the popular -- their kryptonian and , they havections imposed laws that threaten people with 15 year jail sentence. this is distressing. saudi arabia, the uae and bahrain are toying with the lives of thousands of people. i'm sure you are wondering what
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instigated the inhumane and illegal actions. this all began when individuals of the united emirates decided to launch a cyber attack against a qatar news agency. during this attack, a fabricated statement was published. this fabricated statement was broadcasted in saudi and news outlets even after the rejection retractioner qatar's and the statement declaring it was false. it's crucial to note that qatar media was blocked in this country hours before the cyber attack. ensuring people cannot access the truth. this carefully orchestrated cyber attack was used to justify their illegal and inhumane work -- blockade against the people of qatar. questions i have been asking is why, why have the
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takenrs -- blockaders such measures to silence qatar. unfortunately, the countries have never revealed the true intentions behind these actions. they have never shared their supports and concerns with us nor given us a chance to address problems they may have. three weeks after forcing the unwanted blockade and after pressure from the united states and the international community, they submitted the list of so-called demands. the 13 demands were not reasonable or actionable as the united states had hoped. instead these demands would have forced qatar to hand over individuals to be tortured. reduce our defense capabilities. this regard and go against
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international law. --source our fallen worldly outsource our foreign policy and sign an open check to the countries where they describe as compensation. they are demanding qatar build -- pay compensation to bail them out from losses due to their failed policies. what these countries are demanding is a surrender of our sovereignty at the price of defending the siege. i like to draw your attention to what i believe are the true motives behind this aggression. in a statement the saudi ambassador to jordan said two weeks ago, we have been patient, we have been patient for 21 years with a country that is smaller than a neighborhood. what happened 20 years ago that has tried the patience for so long.
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it was in 1996 that they began that that qatar began -- that qatar began its transformation. this when we decided to focus on development by investing in our own people in building a knowledge-based economy. we abolished censorship and created al jazeera as a platform for free media and free speech. it is when we introduce social and political reform. it is quickly empowered women, it is when we decided for policy should focus on mediation rather than confrontation as a solution to challenges facing our region. as mark twain has said, there are few things harder to put up with that the annoyance of a good example. it is worth highlighting the transformation were effective as -- it is worth highlighting the
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transformation in qatar was confusing to certain government. cannot understand why a country with a similar social background, qatar, with lincoln drive but in saudi she cannot -- women can drive, but in saudi she cannot. so aside from the shortcomings they have accused us of terrorism. these unsubstantiated actions are just a smokescreen created to infringe upon the sovereignty and independence. our international partners know that qatar is relentless in its fight against terrorism. we will be a steadfast partner to the united states in combating this problem in the fight against isis. our efforts have not gone unrecognized. the state department reports that the united states and qatar maintain a strong partnership in the fight against terrorism.
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after signing in mou with united -- within aim of establishing a disabling finance secretary tillerson was the first to respond to the challenge to stop terrorism. it's just as much of a threat to qatar and every other nation and that is why our resolve to fight this threat is unwavering. terrorist are made, not born. that is why we have developed a holistic approach to combat terrorism and that is why we have two american bases in qatar. a military base which everyone is familiar with, but more importantly, an education base. by creating an education hub in qatar that includes some of the best american institutions from georgetown university to
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northwestern university the spread american values we are combating the root causes of terrorism, hopelessness and lack of education. the blockading countries should remember that when they join and pointed the finger at qatar, three fingers are pointing back to them. these countries accuse us of supporting terrorism yet it was saudi citizens behind 9/11 attacks. been scrutinized by the international community. for the spreading of extremism. it is the uae listed as the state department as a country of primary concern and state that primary concern for the state department money laundering and financial crimes report. the destabilizing the region that a society whose under increased international and u.s.
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condemnation for their attack on n, causing 70eme million to be on the point of starvation. for their destabilizing role in libya. it is egypt who has abused their current status from the u.s. security council to put a hold on the u.s. request to add u.s. saudi arabia to the u.s. sanctions list. what these countries have done is made any act supporting their status quo terrorism. a woman driving a car in saudi arabia is tried in the terrace court. that's the terrorists court. individuals calling for social reform in the uae is a social terrorists. this is the work that needs to be done for counterterrorism in the region. the crisis will not be resolved by suppressing media and opposing viewpoints. instead we must all of our
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concerns on the table and have it has and factual discussion about the issues affecting our region. unfortunately the blockaded country have refused to show any genuine want for dialogue. blockade has tarnished the eyes of all the countries in the middle east. it has undermined the fight against terrorism. it has torn families apart and silenced voices. the blockade has also made qatar stronger, resilient and more united. it has helped us diversify our economy and forge new .artnerships thank you again for giving me this platform to share my humble
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views of this ongoing crisis. >> ok, i guess i will start off with a few questions and then we will take questions from the audience. the reasons behind the blockade, you have said that you think the --er attack and the remarks you think it was the reforms. that was 21 years ago, these reforms have been underway for a long time. when you think really prompted this reaction, immediate reaction? why now? >> thank you very much for this
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question. as i mentioned in my speech, this was an attempt from me personally to try to understand the motive behind this. the only example given was by the saudi ambassador in jordan to try to understand where they are coming from. the resentment that has been there for 20 years. what happened last month is obviously something had been planned for some time. we were part of the summit and it was a successful summit. we signed on the establishment of counterterrorism centers. none of the countries at the summit raised any concern with us. we were still puzzled on the motivations, but i tried to talk
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about this, to analyze from their speeches what exactly was going on. qatar is trying to promote a policy based on mediation and mutual understanding versus a policy of confrontation. that does not give us any clear answers for why. >> have to thought at all about possible economic motivations. for example natural gas deal with iran which may be a threat to saudi arabia. >> maybe it is useful to give a background of information on what you just mentioned. and lineion with iran of the gulf cooperation council, in fact the uae has more
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operations with iran than we do. withwe have as a relation iran is we share natural gas fields. the energy going to the world is coming from there. we need to have more mediation how they to understand relationship should be dealt with. i don't think that has anything to do with -- they have more investment with them that we do. i cannot understand. feud, thisioned this bloackade is undermining what
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thinks of the gulf nation, that it is tarnishing the image. earlier in this conflict, you wrote an op-ed in the wall street journal and he repeated some of your remarks were you mentioned the uae and saudi arabia's roles in 9/11. tomorrow the uae is going to respond with a documentary that accuses qatar of fostering terrorism. this back and forth, this tarnishing of images. it takes two to tango or in this case five countries to keep going back and forth and tarnishing one another. at what point does qatar have a responsibility to put an end to it by cutting off its remarks and is there a way you can stop the feud?
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>> i was just stating facts. i'm not trying to tarnish any countries. again, what i have raised our -mentionedur fax - are facts. there was a cyber attack against qatar. a fabricated story. >> if you keep going back and forth how does it and ask what end?w does it i
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what was the motivation in bringing up the role in 9/11 if not super bowl -- not to provoke them? >> i was by then un ambassador to portray and i wanted to remind them of what the facts are and just to state that he should think twice before accusing. >> if you could explain to us the relationship with iran can you explain a little bit about the relationship with turkey which also seems to rank with the other four countries.
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>> the relation with the turkey is a very strong relation. we have strategic dialogue so this relationship is in the context of gcc but we have a stronger relationship bilaterally with turkey. cooperation with nato and that the amount relation. context of our relation. >> why do you think that relationship bothers the uae and saudi arabia and egypt and bahrain? >> maybe this is a question for them to answer. >> ok. so, you've have had a whole range of diplomats coming to try to mediate some diplomats from europe, secretary tellers and -- secretary tillerson and most --ently president heard one
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president erdogan. tell us about the negotiations and what are the biggest sticking points? aswe are trying to be certain as possible an approach in a very mature way. we're asking before countries to sit on the table and discuss their grievance. they have not accepted. we've done our best to address which were very all for anyone to accept. byhave addressed them on point. we continue to ask the
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mediators, the state of kuwait to find an alternative and we discuss our grievances. >> what do you think is the next step? >> the next step is in their hands. his highness addressed the and he stated in his address that we are willing to sit and discuss. we will look forward for them to engage with kuwait, with the united states to sit down and discuss our different. >> the other day in an interview the russian foreign minister comehe would be willing to and do some diplomatic interference. is that something that qatar
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would welcome? >> qatar wants to have this conflict resolved as soon as possible. this is counterproductive for everyone. we have to fight against terrorism that we need to focus on and this is affecting everyone. this was an unnecessary provoke aggression against my country. not only russia is trying to help but europe is trying to help, france, germany. or --welcomes anything any support that brings the countries to the table. regression. >> and the most recent a department report, the u.s. concluded that qatar as a strong partnership in the fight against terrorism. laws but the many one sticking point many of the countries raise is the support
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by qatar of the muslim brotherhood which is something that has been part of qatar's policy for many years. can you explain to us how you see the muslim brotherhood and why you think that alliance is not a problem? >> first of all, it is not an alliance. maybe it is good to do some background information for the audience. this is a perception that has been created about qatar by the arabia that we are supporting the muslim brotherhood. we work with governments, not parties. -- ourouble with reality support goes to the people of the country we try to support institutions in the country's. i can give you a great example of our experience with tunisia.
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we worked on a component and today they continue to work when -- we worked with tunisia when there was a component of the muslim brotherhood in the government. parties,rt is not for it is for the countries. at the end of the day we are dealing with governments. >> tell us a bit about al jazeera and what you see about the mission. what do you think saudi arabia and egypt and bahrain find threatening about al jazeera. >> i cannot speak on behalf of butto zero -- al jazeera what we decided to happen qatar
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is to promote free media. that is what we have embarked on the 1996. they don't look at the issues that we are having in our media . a greatgrams have freedom of maneuver and expression. that is where we stand on the issue of free media and free expression of speech. --t i think they are freedom what i think they are afraid of, they are afraid of being criticized. think what they want is to not
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have the truth come out. they do not love the stories regarding torture, that is what they want to suppress i believe. >> i'm going to have to challenge you a little bit. so, freedom house takes a look at the countries around the world and has given qatar mediocre to low marks on the press freedom. there was some legislation that was proposed in many councils. yet,heik has not signed it it would broaden press freedom. it was the criticism of the ruling family, of the government and islam so that's not what i consider to be complete press freedom. where do you think qatar still needs to get? i didn't say that it is
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complete but i can tell you we are on the right track and working in the right direction. you and the u.s. have not reached where you are in 20 years, interview sometime. grow still taking time to and enhance ourselves. welcome advice and support from freedom house for any organization to fix our own progress. qatar iswould you say in relation to other gulf countries when it comes to both women's rights and press freedoms? >> if i tell you i'm going to look biased. i think we have reached a good level of development.
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women in qatar are free to determine their own lives. that is very important. we still need to do more work but we are determined to do it. we are determined to enhance and progress our society. >> moving away from the press freedom for a second i want to go back to the blockade. can you tell me a little bit about what the humanitarian situation is? you said that they did address the people. -- you said the sheik did address the people of qatar. in what ways are they suffering and what ways are you working around the blockade? >> the best critical aspect of this blockade is that the humanitarian aspect. around 13,000 complaints for the
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separation of families. there are a lot of intermarriages between the countries. enacted, women who are from qatar living with their husbands in the uae have to leave the uae. some cases where kids are separated from their mothers. fathers are separated in some cases. what we in qatar are trying to focus on, the primary objective is to find for release of this humanitarian crisis. >> and where has the health come help come from so far? >> >> in terms of the humanitarian? >> have you gotten any food assistance? >> we've gotten a lot of support
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from some arab countries and from partners internationally. we are moving in the right direction. qatar long do you think can sustain itself in this current state? forevernd sustain this but that is not our objective. our objective is to resolve this. this is a very important entity, and that is what we want to happen. we want to resolve this problem. we cannot resolve this problem if they do not come to the table. we are asking them to come to the table to leave their grievances and let's discuss. if there is anything based on fact we will deal with it. >> so turkey has moved some troops. any time somebody moves troops anywhere, they think well what are the chances that this could
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become a military conflict? is that even something that you are worried about right now or something that you are considering? >> i'm not worried about that. what do you see as the reason for turkey moving these troops? troops and took our turkey's troops- qatar is part of a agreement. turkey is a nato country. that's part of the agreement. >> so you don't anticipate. i know there's a limit on the number of troops that can come from turkey and from the u.s. do , you anticipate raising that limit at any points?
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>> there is no need for us to raise any limit. there is no military threat as we speak. qatar is pushing the plymouth the for the resolution of the crisis and we are not worried about this matter. >> and you are not worried about the other country taking military action which one would -- beyond the blockade which one , would consider? >> we are prepared, but that is -- i think we have said very clearly that we don't think they want to go that way. >> can we open up to questions from the audience? there are microphones on the side if you could use those.
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>> if you could state your name and organization. this is may be off the topic at hand. i spent some time in qatar. a couple of months, it is a lovely place. you've got this blockade and you got this wonderful airline that is not allowed to land now in bahrain and riyadh. what impact do you see that and also your tourism on your workers, many of them
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come from elsewhere. >> at the beginning of the crisis, there was an interruption of flights but qatar year has managed best hasri a --qatari air managed to adapt so far. we are in a very comfortable situation. we need to focus on the humanitarian family issues. is, hoping we will find a solution to our challenge so we can go to mecca. >> is that something in negotiation right now? >> so far, qataris cannot fly there. we need to find a solution. >> have you brought up this issue with saudi arabia and said
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this is a religious thing, not political. how did they respond? >> there is not any communication between us. it's difficult. >> have you asked intermediaries to bring up the issue? >> we are working. we are ready to go with questions. please remember to state your name and organization. cutting diplomatic ties was a shock to all of us throughout the world and my question regarding the gcc, will there be a split between bee gees ec -- the gcc? >> as for qatar.
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qatar will continue to be an active member of the gcc. believe the gcc is a very important entity in this region. qatar's restraint
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in not responding in kind. i can respond for the world board affairs council, we do not take sides in these conflicts traditionally but we will always stand on the side of the empowerment of women, greater anddom of expression mediation over conflict. we appreciate that you have prioritized these issues. one of the things that have been raised by people attacking qatar is the allegation that the money that you are putting into the -- you are funding hamas because of the money you're putting into gaza reconstruction. i know that hamas is the only elected government in the strip, but is there not cooperation
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with the israeli government, doesn't that money have to go through and be coordinated in to theaeli government invested in the reconstruction i think there's some misunderstanding of the role that qatar has played. >> just going back to the ads that are running against qatar, someone told me no publicity is bad publicity. >> they are wrong. after 30 years in politics, that's not true. >> thank you for the important questions raised. it is in the context of the peace process. qatar engagement with mom is in -- with hamas is in the process of peace.
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we were asked by the united states to encourage hamas to enter into elections. that is what we have done being that the united states is an ally to us in the works in order to reach them in a political process. nonviolence. they had elections and a wrist happened between hamas and plm. everyone agreed that in order to have a meaningful peace process, a reconsolidation have to be made. because it is only fair to say that israelis would ask "the trouble with reality -- only fair to say that they would ask who do we discuss with of course the engagement is based on the document that was established and what we are doing is implementing this process.
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again, this engagement in that contact.cess qatar is working but also in the bank in reconstruction efforts through the reconstruction mechanism between the plo and israeli government. we contribute to this and of course everything is being coordinated with the israeli government and we have supervision on the ground to make sure that what we are doing in terms of housing is being delivered and not abused so that is basically our engagement to them.
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>> i am a member of the first council. the question i have is regarding saudi arabia. saudi arabia has a habit of invading its neighbors when they try to invade bahrain just a few years ago and now they are knee-deep, actually more than in yemen with the massive loss of innocent life. so given the confusion in u.s. policy towards qatar in the sense that mr. tillerson doesn't seem to be on the same page of
10:12 pm
saysdent trump and one something and the other says something else. aren't you worried about they -- aren't you worried about what the saudi's may do. they may do something unusual and cause more trouble for the country? isn't that something to worry about? >> i would like to give my vision of the u.s. policy. i don't see any confusion in policy towardses this crisis. i think it was very clear in the state department that the de-escalation is important and people need to come around the table to discuss grievances. it is clear what the u.s. wants. based on the unity of the gcc i can assure you there is no confusion on this matter.
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we hope that we will resolve this crisis as quickly as to make sure the countries of the region focus on what is really important fighting terrorism. ,that is what we need to focus on. thank you, sir. >> i'm the founder of the women's initiative. it is the home of a entrepreneurial place that is the home of seven muslim women who represented several
10:14 pm
different nationalities of islam who climbed kilimanjaro for the benefit of children who were harmed. as a peacemaker and a person engaged in the societies. how can the societies outside of governmental agencies and peacemakers be engaged with your quest for more understanding of a culture i and what tools do you get the societies that i could take back beyond the attempt of reach weeding retreat tweets.tweeting your >> thank you very much for your kind comments. i think you are already helping. we appreciate all the support that the u.s. is doing.
10:15 pm
we have a lot of support and we see people are speaking up about how this aggression is not justified but we really appreciate that. thank you very much. >> i'm a student at new york university, and i need an honest answer. what is your response of qatar has seen people from egypt that has been detained by authorities who are for example prominent members of the muslim brotherhood and they are now being has an qatar best being they are being hosted
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in qatar. you say that qatar supports the egyptian people but that support has stopped since 2013. what are your remarks on the issue. >> that was like five or six question. we see egypt as a very important country in the arab world. we see egypt as a stability to the region. the support of qatar has not stopped. sincee supported egypt the general took power under presidency.
10:17 pm
that's other presidents out the --since the general took power under president asisi. and one remembers egypt went through a difficult time in terms of energy prices. it was requested that qatar provide assistance in this matter. we have assisted and provided egypt five shipments. the last one was received by the president. intention to undermine egypt, we would have stopped that. how -- we continue helping each other through financial assistance and will
10:18 pm
continue keeping that until the terms have ended. i don't speak for al jazeera and can't tell you their coverage but as for the individuals that you are mentioning, i'm not sure that we have people that go by -- people who are in qatar wanted by the egyptian government. if you are mentioning individuals running away from unfair persecutions and seeking asylum, that is a different discussion we have to have. there are international laws and regulations. we will continue to support egypt and every arab country.
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>> thank you for coming and speaking with us. i'm an intern at the council on foreign relations. i would like you have a question about the impact of the u.s. policy on the current qatar crisis. the saudi arabia did impose a blockade after the visit to the country by president trump. furthermore after it was imposed president trump took to twitter and said saudi arabia said they would take a hard line on funding extremism and pointed to qatar. do you think the changing u.s. security policy have any effect on the security council imposing this blockade? >> can you tell us your name please. as i mentioned earlier, the u.s. policy is very clear when
10:20 pm
it comes to the crisis. i don't think the u.s. policy is intending to create a crisis in the region. there was some misinformation given to the united states, these countries misled the united states and quickly the united states understood. they were clear about how this crisis should end and we should negotiate. >> i'm from bahrain. how does the current situation
10:21 pm
within the countries in the region affect qatar's strategy with regards to the coalition human -- ine in yemen. in therole of qatar yemen war was subject only to defend the saudi borders so we don't have any troops down there . >> did they kick out the troops prior to their decision to cut diplomatic ties. >> on the same day they asked the troops to leave.
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>> we have a few more minutes so if anyone has questions you have a few more minutes to ask in the meantime i have plenty. if there's any journalists in the room who want to know a -- want to ask a question feel , free to do so. i would like to ask a few questions about the economy, so beyond this crisis what do you see as the future economic growth areas and expansion in the initiatives in education and energy? >> the fact that we have invited universities from the u.s. to help fight extremist ideology and also empower the youth to
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become entrepreneurs and we want to diversify the economy and to step away from gas and oil and this is something in the long run is achievable so this is where we are focusing. >> you do rely quite a bit on the laborers from other countries. how are you working towards full
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employment for qatari in your country and what do you see about, there have been some allegations that some of the workers are low-paid and mistreated. what kind of labor laws are you looking at? there are a country who come to -- they are expatriates who come to qatar to help us develop. we have had challenges in the past with regards to labor laws. influx ofa huge hispanic who came to qatar. managed to identify the we have managed to
10:25 pm
fix, we have a lot of complete steps on the ground. we will continue to address this issue. we will make sure laborers are protected. this is something that will be ongoing. >> do you have any issues with what we call brain drain in this country. young qatari's going to the u.s. and britain, getting educated and not coming back. >> we do have this but i think most young qatari students do stay.
10:26 pm
they go to the united states and europe to gain experience. we need them back. me about your plans for fifs? fifa? >> we are very excited the world cup is going to be held in an arab region. this is good for the middle east. we are having so many conflicts in the middle east at some point this could be getting some new hope. together,ngs people brings people closer. we are on track and we will do
10:27 pm
our best to host the best world cup. >> one of the issues that has happened in the past is israeli have been barred from countries in the middle east for sporting event. there are religious freedom issues in qatar. how do you plan to deal with that as athletes come in and what path do you see towards allowing more religious freedom in qatar for christians and jews? >> i am happy to tell you that there is a great tolerance in qatar for people of other faiths. ,e have three churches in qatar the hispanics are free to practice their religion. there is a great tolerance for other religions.
10:28 pm
we have great respect for , islam is the third phase. that is not going to be any problem. >> one about 40 israeli athletes for israelit athletes? >> israel is part of the united nations. we've has many games before and they were not banned from coming to qatar. items see why they would be banned in the future. see why they would be banned in the future. >> thank you for enlightening us on the situation. >> i hope it was useful insights. [applause]
10:29 pm
>> the council has a reputation for being an organization of learning. i hope you all feel the knowledge shared by the ambassador and the questioning was well worth your time in terms of coming here to be part of our celebration of shared values. one of those is peace. peace is coming. the ambassador is going to stay for 5-10 minutes area we would like our -- 5-10 minutes. the ambassador from nepal, i hope you will join. thank you so much.
10:30 pm
announcer: the washington institute for near east policy looks tomorrow at the risk of lone wolf terrorism and how to combat the threat. later in the day, the american conservative institute host the discussion on ways to encourage robust urban development in cities and towns. that is also live your aunties and starting at five: already p.m. 5:30 p.m. internet grew, people were putting things online. money at risk. emails fromng these people telling me, give me an announcement for def con. defnt my boss to send me to on for my job.
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so i was trying to make it seem professional. i knew someone said, you should just make it a real conference. i thought was brilliant but i did not have the money. i saved up my money, i took out alone, in and i started black hat a year after. announcer: black hat founder jeff moss talks about black hat. now they all seem to have catchers. tower, fake -- if youare going to
10:32 pm
monitor, you will see all these take stations. washington, d.c., had a fake tower outside of it one time. this is the way it is done. if you are criminal, you could build a backpack to intercept information and just leave it somewhere. that is so much more low risk than trying to rob a bank. announcer: watch the communicators on cspan2. announcer: on tuesday, president trump welcomed the lebanese prime minister to the white house. they discussed threats in the middle east before holding a press conference in the rose garden. -- president also took questions about his relationship with attorney general geoff sessions. this is about 20 minutes. ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states


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