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tv   Paul Demko on Affordable Care Act Stabilization Proposal  CSPAN  July 31, 2017 4:31pm-4:40pm EDT

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after john kelly was sworn in as white house chief of staff. the wall street journal expects of after that anthony scaramucci will hold his position at the u.s. import-export bank. thisdent trump tweeting message today -- "if obamacare is hurting people, why shouldn't insurance companies and why should congress not be paying what public pays?" a bipartisan group of 40 house numbers unveiled a number of proposed changes to the health care law. an effort they say will stabilize the health insurance market. after the defeat of the senate republicans partial repeal of health care. here is more about this new plan. >> days after after the defeat e so-called skinny repeal health-care effort, a bipartisan group in the house is picking up the effort and releasing a proposal today. we are joined by paul demko who is a health care reporter.
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who is involved in this house effort? paul: a group of about 40 mostly centrists from the house democratic and republican caucuses. they have been quietly meeting for weeks to reach an agreement on things that they all might be able to get behind in terms of short-term market stabilization. this has been hanging in the background as the repeal effort pushed forward in the house and senate. >> what are some of the pieces of the proposals that they think can get through? paul: the biggest one is to provide funding for the obamacare's subsidies which are payments that insurances rely on to reduce out-of-pocket costs for their customers, for their poorest customers. it is estimated to be about $7
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billion this year. president trump has repeatedly wanted to pull the payments which he can do you unilaterally. he is acquitted to have the white house meeting. theould weaken employer mandate so it only applies to companies with 500 workers instead of 50 currently. they also want to get rid of the which hasvice acts had a bipartisan support in the past, like senator franken and senator warren. those are some of the big ideas. >> yourpast, like senator franka picture of tom reed, one of the members of the so-called problem solvers. they want a bipartisan health care stabilization bill. they had been meeting
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for months. do you think there is any republican traction in the house or senate to take this thing up? paul: it is difficult to say. fighting against this is really the actions and tweets of president trump in recent days. since this effort collapsed, he has really taken to bullying, one word you could use, trying to bully the senate republicans to get back up on the repeal effort right away and mocking their inability to get this done. trump is really doubling and tripling down on this repeal effort and it seems difficult to see how something along these lines could gain traction while there is still sort of -- even effort, if ill-fated there is still some kind of repeal effort going on because democrats aren't going to participate if they think
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republicans are trying to scrap obamacare. >> that proposal has been posted on a number of members' web site. it's to stabilize the individual market. it was on martha make sally's mcsally's website. a lot of groups coming out against it. any early word on whether those groups would support something like this? paul: i will give you one indication on maybe this would get more support from the health care industry and that is the former senate for medicare and medicaid services administrator essentially the guy in charge of a medicare and medicaid in the obama administration, he's -- i would not say in board with every proposal in this plan, but he's supportive of the effort and has said encouraging words about it. he's somebody who i think has been -- has a lot of ties to
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industry groups and whatnot. i think that is an indication, too early to know, that maybe this might be more palatable to the health-care industry groups than what we have seen previously. >> paul demko is health care reporter with politico pro. thank you for joining us. paul: you are welcome. >> so, the house is off on their august recess. senate began session today looking on a vote on whether to advance the judge in the 11th circuit court. that is scheduled for about one hour from now. that is a live look. you can see the senate gavel-to-gavel on c-span2. your live coverage coming up this evening. the american conservatives will make the case for what they call traditional urbanism in developing cities and towns. we have our coverage of that event at 5:30 p.m. eastern on c-span. at 7:30 p.m., senator rand paul
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addresses the national conservative student conference. that is sponsored by the young america's foundation. live coverage at 7:30 p.m. eastern. that is sponsored by the young america's foundation. >> tonight on the communicators. >> as an intergroup, and there were jobs and people where online and money at risk, all of a sudden, hackers started getting jobs in security. by checking the emails of people an announcement> tonight on the on the desktop makes them sound professional. i was rewriting our announcement to make it sound corporate and more professional. finally one of my friends said you should just throw a real conference, charge real money and make it a professional conference. i thought that was brilliant. i didn't have the money at the time. i was too young. i save my money for a year and i
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started black cahat a year late. every year it has grown. >> jeff moss, founder and creator of black hat and def con , talks about his back to that conference is for security researchers, hackers, emerging threats inside the security and how hacking works. >> now, it is pretty hostile everywhere. in def conbe hostile and black hat. but now every airport has a fake tower, because if you are going to steal somebody logins, why not the high-value targets? if you monitor your wi-fi signal when you are traveling, you will see all these fake base stations. amtrak has a fake cell tower outside of it. this is the way that it is. if you are a criminal and you can build a backpack to intercept information and just leave the backpack plug-in somewhere, that is so much more
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low risk than robbing a bank. >> watch the communicators tonight on c-span2. iranian support restarting their nuclear program as the u.s. backs out of the deal. a phone survey of about 1000 iranians conducted at the center for international studies. other survey topics an center fe intervention in syria and iran's 2017 presidential election. >> ok. good afternoon. thank you for braving the weather. slayton from the atlantic council. i want to thank you all for coming. i want to thank c-span for covering this. here athe things we do the atlantic council is look at the impact of u.s.


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