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tv   Senate Democrats Unveil Trade and Jobs Agenda  CSPAN  August 3, 2017 4:06am-4:28am EDT

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>> c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. >> senate democrats have unveiled a proposal for reducing trade deficits, which includes a nafta and anf american jobs council with the authority to block for investments that would result in job losses. several democrats discussed the plan outside the capital, beginning with senator debbie stabenow. stabenow: good morning. thank you for being here today. if you to believe that
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work hard every day, somebody has the back of whether you work in a factory, on a form, or on believem, you should our country works for you and that our trade laws work for you. you should have the confidence that we are exporting our products and not our jobs. but that is not the reality for the majority of americans. for too many american workers and small businesses, the rules are rigged against them, that has to change. many people are working harder and longer than ever, but their their wages are down in another part of the world. to wakekers deserve up to good wages that allow you to raise your family and have a good life, and that is why we are here today, offering a better deal on trade and jobs. in michigan, i know that our workers from our small
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businesses, manufacturing, farmers can compete with anybody, anybody in the world, if they have got a level playing field, and that means a trade prosecutor that will be focused on going after countries like china, that manipulates their currency, which has cost us $5 jobs,n jobs -- 5 million it means kathy miller bring jobs home act to close the loopholes that actually incentivizes companies for taking jobs overseas. american families deserve a it's whatl, and that we are committed to make happen. senator joe manchin from the great state of west virginia. nchin: anybody believes that free trade is fair trade, come to west virginia, see what happens to our jobs waiters
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cold, chemical, whatever it is, we lost. on top of that, i am very much concerned about it, not even having minerals in our country that we even mine anymore. these are the things we fighting for and what to bring them to the forefront. different corporations from different countries are buying our financial markets. it is sentimental to the security of our nation. we will fight hard in west virginia. only fair trade but most importantly fair trade. that is not what we have with these deals. we are going to work hard. with that, it is my great opportunity to introduce my great friends, works everyday in indiana, that is my friend joe donnelly.
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sen. donnelly: thank you. we want to make sure that the rules of this country stand up for american workers. my end outsourcing act, it makes it so that come if you want a federal contract, you are going to be determined whether you have outsourced jobs. if you have, when everything is looked at in the contract -- if everything is the same, the th company who has kept jobs in america is the company that gets the contract. on top of that, it also changes tax laws so there is no benefit to moving jobs some more else. -- somewhere else. there are no tax benefits, there is no moving costs included. that includes tax benefits if you are bringing jobs back to the united states. these are simple things to stand up for our workers. in my state, we have 300 carrier workers who just lost their jobs. there are more that will lose their jobs at christmas. we need to stand up for those families and others around the
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country to make sure we are fighting to keep jobs here in america. it's my privilege to introduce someone who fights everyday in the badger state for jobs there. she is a great colleague and she is a straight shooter, senator tammy baldwin. [applause] sen. baldwin: wisconsin families depend on our manufacturing jobs. i believe, if we give our workers and manufacturers a level playing field, we will compete and win. to level the playing field, democrats are proposing a better deal. a better deal that prevents trade deals from hurting our workers. it takes on china's cheating. and it puts in and to rewarding companies with tax cuts for shipping jobs and factories overseas. we would also put in place stronger buy america
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requirements for all taxpayer-funded projects. i have written buy america legislation because i strongly believe american workers should build our infrastructure with american products, and taxpayers' money should not be spent on iron and steel from foreign countries, like china and russia. my buy america reform passed the senate last year with bipartisan support. but when it got to the house, foreign steel companies bought washington lobbyists to kill it. speaker ryan and majority leader mcconnell gave them what they wanted, and american workers were left behind again. in april, president trump came to wisconsin and announced his support for my buy america legislation. the congressional republican leadership continues to stand in the way.
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america and their workers deserve a solid commitment from us on a strong buy america standard that rewards their hard work. it is time washington put american manufacturers and steelworkers first, ahead of powerful special interests. our better deal will close loopholes that provide foreign producers access to large sums of your taxpayer dollars. the bottom line is this -- democrats and republicans agree that we need a major investment in to rebuild our roads, bridges, and water infrastructure. we need republicans to stand with us and with our manufacturers and with american workers. let's get the job done on strong buy america reforms, so we can put people to work rebuilding our infrastructure with the words "made in america."
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it's my pleasure to now introduce my colleague and friend from the commonwealth of pennsylvania, senator bob casey. [applause] sen. casey: thanks very much. a better deal for america starts with a lot of what my colleagues have reviewed today. one of those priorities that we have to focus on his is renegotiating nafta. but seriously renegotiating nafta, not just some kind of a rewrite of tpp. we need a serious effort. most people out there, to look at what has happened with regard to trade deals overtime, feel like they are left out. workers are left out of the negotiation room. working families who do not have a voice in that room need to be included. we believe the administration should negotiate in an open and transparent manner, that the
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public should be regularly given detailed information about the negotiations, so they know what is at stake at every step of the negotiations. the united states trade representative staff should hold town hall meetings open to the public in at least 10 different states to discuss specific nafta priorities before any draft can be finalized. the american people and congress must know what the administration seeks to achieve in the agreement before and throughout the negotiations. that is critical. that process is critical. in addition to that, of course, we talk about nafta. we have to make sure that we have strong buy america standards and that we have strong, enforceable labor standards and wage standards, in addition to environmental standards and so many others that seem to be left out in too many negotiations.
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second, with regard to china, we know in pennsylvania all too well that when china cheats, pennsylvania loses lots of jobs. that has been happening for far too long. when countries cheat, whether it is china or any other, we have to make sure that we go after them with everything that we have. number one, we should make sure that the administration will insist on quick and definitive action on behalf of steel and aluminum producers to make sure that they have a level playing field. and finally, we need to hold companies accountable when they ship jobs overseas. when you ship jobs overseas, there should be a consequence when you seek a federal contract. when companies outsource jobs, they should pay a tax for moving those jobs overseas. when a company does the right thing and brings jobs back, here in the united states, they should get a tax incentive.
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whether it is cracking down on this issue, cracking down on china cheating, or renegotiating nafta, we have a long way to go to make sure we are doing everything we can here in the congress in a bipartisan fashion. and the administration needs to be consistent with what the president said when he was campaigning, to make sure we renegotiate nafta in a serious way. it is my pleasure to introduce a democratic leader, someone that fights for jobs every day on behalf of the people of new york but also on behalf of our country, senator chuck schumer. [applause] sen. schumer: thank you and my colleagues for their great work. every one of these people who you have heard speak puts american workers first. american workers first. last week in berryville, we democrats began to offer a better deal to the american people. the better deal promises three things -- first, higher wages
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and better jobs. second, lower everyday expenses. third, the tools workers need to succeed in the 21st century. nothing is more central to creating jobs and increasing take-home pay than rewriting our backward trade laws that have put foreign workers ahead of american workers, that have put big multinational corporations ahead of the needs of hard-working average american families. for far too long, our trade laws have given multinational corporations and foreign competitors a leg up on the american worker. they put the corporate bottom line ahead of the workers' bottom line. today, we democrats are proposing a better deal for workers, with tough, tough trade laws that finally, finally put american workers first. in addition to the ideas my colleagues have laid out, today, we are also calling for the creation of an american jobs
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security council. right now, foreign countries buy up the best of american companies, but they have to get approval from the committee of foreign investment in the united states. cfius has to certify that the proposed deal doesn't harm our national security. but no one ever checks if it hurts our economic security. the jobs and incomes that workers need. that's where the american jobs security council comes in. the panel of economic experts would be empowered to block foreign companies if their attempt to buy an american company would hurt american workers, potentially leading to the theft of american intellectual property or otherwise distort our market. simply put, this council has the power to slam the door shut on foreign companies that want to buy up american businesses and harm our workers.
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china has made a profession of doing this. we are not going to let them do it anymore. we are not opposed to foreign investment. we are opposed to foreign investment that only benefits the bottom line and leaves workers out in the cold. we are opposed to foreign investment when certain countries, like china, do not allow reciprocal access to american companies in their country. we know china is trying to buy up and dominate the critical industries where america has been dominant. from semiconductors to robotics to steel. we need to revamp our trade laws from top to bottom and provide a better deal for american workers. we have a tough seven-point plan. as you have heard, an independent trade prosecutor to go after companies that are not fair and are outsourcing jobs overseas to countries that are
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coming in, like china, and being unfair to americans. the job security council, which i mentioned. nafta, making it work for people instead of companies outsourcing jobs. penalties for contractors that outsource jobs. buy america provisions. crackdown on companies that manipulate their currency and outsourcing tax for companies leaving the u.s. we do these seven things, it is a new day for american workers. their incomes will go up, the number of good paying jobs will go up. and we will do it under a better deal because we want a better deal for the american worker. ready for your questions. yes. >> [inaudible] sen. schumer: we will move this forward on different proposals. there will be all sorts of bills in september than he to pass. we will offer these and hope our republican colleagues will join us. some of our republican colleagues have understood these issues. we want this to be bipartisan because our job is to protect the american workers. yes.
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>> tax code, the tax incentive, tax penalty, is that something put on the table in negotiations? sen. schumer: absolutely, yes. >> you talked about the emphasis on [indiscernible] mywhat we wanted to do in office is put our own letter forward with our own concepts. that is what we are doing. sen. schumer: next question. >> you said on the senate floor that a lot of this stuff on paper is similar to what president trump is talking about. any concern a big chunk of your base who wants democrats to resist on all fronts -- how the squares with that? sen. schumer: we look at things on merit. president trump talks a good
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game but does nothing on trade. even on steel and aluminum, very important to his state, her state, and my state, so we need action. if president trump wants to work with us to get these done, good, because we need a better deal for american workers, period. yes? is the council will mirror some of these responsibilities. are there specific transactions that need to be approved by cfius that have your concern? sen. schumer: a lot of them, china is trying to buy up our best robotics companies and intelligence companies. hollywood -- we export a lot of movies that employ hundreds of thousands of people in good paying union jobs. china is buying up -- chinese companies, with the aid of their government, are buying up american productions. you know how many films are allowed to be shown in china? every year?
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24. but it is all over. we have to stop it. or what happens with clothing and furniture and toys will happen with our best industry. they are rapacious, the chinese. they do not play by the rules. and we sit there. my father-in-law was in new york city cabdriver. he said that sometimes uncle sam's uncle sap. when it comes to trade, that is .hat happened no longer. thank you, everybody. >> the white house has been announcing [indiscernible] sen. schumer: i put out a statement on that. >> can you say on camera, please. sen. schumer: the bottom line is to cut immigration by half a million people, legal immigration, does not make much sense. this is different than a illegal immigration. this creates jobs in america, it helps america. we think it is a nonstarter.
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[inaudible] sen. schumer: they are studying the issue. we will have another study for six months and then no action. we need action now. >> is there a loophole? sen. schumer: donald trump in wisconsin said he would support, tough as nails. that is what we want from buy america. thank you. >> they you, senator. you, senator.
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♪ -span's "washington journal congo coming up this reform, adampolicy posen from the peterson institute for international economics and the sepp of the national taxpayers union address c-span's washington a.m. thisive at 7:00 morning. join the discussion. a"sunday night on "q and -- >> i wanted to know how this man, who have been told from when he was a child he was not worth anything, can find the
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courage to make it out of slavery. i cannot stop reading about him. cate lineberry discusses her book "the free or die." was a bribery charge against him at one point in his career, and he never fully recovered from that. that is one reason he is not better known today. >> sunday night on c-span's "q&a." institute,rookings political scientists and reporters discussed procedure and how it affects republicans' ability to pass legislation. the panel includes molly reynolds, author of "the politics of filibuster limitations in the u.s. senate." this is an hour and a half.


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