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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  August 6, 2017 9:33am-10:01am EDT

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president truman didn't necessarily seek out entertainers or will people but he did cultivate relationships them. this is a quick. -- this is a clip. ♪ [violin playing "happy birthday"] tv, allcan history weekend, every weekend on c-span three. >> c-span, or history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service for america's cable television companies and is brought to today by your
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cable or satellite provider. >> washington journal continues. host: what do you think about a speaker pelosi? we do want to get your reaction to the potentiality. a mcclatchy newspaper article that came out on august 3. democrats begin to see nancy pelosi is a 2018 problem. nancy pelosi might actually be the journalist rights. in a survey of democratic house candidates, only one, a former senate staffer, would state support for the congresswoman staying on as leader of the house democratic caucus.
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rest, 18 declined to say whether she should keep her job newcomer fromcal a culturally conservative ohio district said he would vote for someone other nancy pelosi. theemocrats take over house, what do you think of her being speaker? a little bit more from this article. "we are overdue for a new generation of leadership said a candidate in ohio seven congressional district and the only candidate serving towards a hard know on voting for nancy pelosi as leader. "pen to here's the washington post.
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fundraising for 2018. nancy pelosi has raised nearly $26 million for her already and 2017, a significant lead for a nonelection year according to fundraising figures. most of nancy pelosi's 25.9 million home -- $25.9 million aul was directed towards the coffers of the democratic congressional campaign committee. iso sees efforts have, she faced mounting criticism from a handful of her fellow democrats who criticized the parties in ability to gain more than a handful of seats in last year's house elections. a drumbeat that returned after democrats didn't win a closely
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watched and heavily contested special election in georgia. ,n the immediate aftermath nancy pelosi pointed to her prestigious -- tumor prodigious fundraising. to get your reaction, democrats michael, what do you think about it potential speaker pelosi? caller: yes, good morning. i think she should stay in. one thing that we fail to realize is that we have to have legacy in this party here. and what legacy brings -- breeds, i should say, continuity. before -- what is the difference between a a personive and
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-- voteat you differently or work together. she has proven that we can survive if we work together. host: what do the democrats stand for today? for the united states of america. for all the people who do not make $100,000. madefe and i together $93,000 last year. we are struggling today to pay health care for our daughter in college. she's trying to move on. she is going to school to be a nurse print edition or. my wife and i struggle daily just to send her money for her to eat. this lady here is proving that we need to do something drastically to unite the country.
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about the young folks? i have a military veteran. host: that was michael and this is rick in california. what do you think of a speaker pelosi? caller: i just woke up. in theead that article sacramento beat the other day. and i say she has to go. she committed one of the worst acts of political malpractice that anyone has ever seen when she didn't investigate george bush and the iraq war. the american people will never know that dick cheney went down to the cia 20 times and fired people until he got the intelligence he wanted. so she has to go. host: karl is in michigan. good morning. we are talking to democrats only in this segment.
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nancy pelosi had her run as speaker of the house. i will giveoney and her credit for that. she also held them together during the health-care debate. holding the caucus together to get the vote through to get the aca past. but here are some of the problems. first of all, she is from california, a place that all republicans hate. flyover country hates her even if they are democrats. she has as much negative baggage as hillary and we have seen what that does in election. she is too old. i watch her press conferences and i can barely see that she has a full understanding of anything she is understanding and can she articulate that during a press conference? her power is not what it once was. again, she can raise money but
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that is the only power she has over her own caucus. can she do anything as speaker of the house that can get people to come across the aisle? she can't offer money to republicans. so my last point here is that democrats are not taking the house in the next election. the districts are rigged and there is no way that they would be able to convert enough "r" to "d." it will not happen. and she is a liability in any election because of the advertising that will be run with her name and it in opposition. see: who would you like to leading the democratic party? caller: a great question. i'm not sure where i'm at right now. in the senate, i'm not a great fan of charlie schumer. i have to see more people step forward and see where they could lead.
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that liked the question you asked a previous caller about what do the democrats stand for? i will give you a few. i would like to see national healthcare and i'm willing to pay for that. i would like to see the debt paid down and i am willing to have everybody pay for that with a special section in your taxes that it is to pay down debt. i don't like money for war. i do understand we have to protect our interests. all over the godforsaken world. but i am not for war. i am not for just sending troops all over for anybody's whim. water, clean air, good public school education. i'm willing to pay for. people talk about socialism -- it is misconstrued. we are together as a country and
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we want services that we don't want to pay for them. if we only realize the good services you get and the government out there and quit crying about taxes going up. host: what do you do in michigan? had worked in retail for 30 years. a beer and wine salesman and now i work in and of granik food store. host: thank you for calling in. californian,om a andy. caller: a terrific call from carl. covered many of the points that i want to make. but i am terribly disappointed that the democrats of not come up with their own proposals and connection with some of what is going on in congress. specifically, as of late, late, reforming the affordable care act. they have not come up with
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proposals of that. there should be a slate where to choose the ability from. as opposed to the cruel republican plans. what is the plan? single-payer? it is not likely to pass now. there is no democratic proposal. host: if democrats to take the to see auld you like speaker pelosi? caller: no. on with theo move leadership with a plan. i agree with carl. aom traverse city and to get hold on it and they're probably other ideas of doing.
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i think we could move toward single-payer with the government option in regards. we need to get plans out there. host: here's another californian, edward. i agree with what the other two guys before me just said. i believe in universal health care. i think nancy pelosi needs to step aside. she hasn't accomplished anything in the last few elections. look at what the democrats are doing. now,control everything and they are 45 seats out of the house of representatives.
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i think you have to blame that on her. .he raise a lot of money but i don't like the way she treated this war hero who is speaking about -- i think his name -- from massachusetts? i can't remember his name. she is really attacking him he thinks she should step aside. elizabeth warren is another who was supported. working with other people. so nancy pelosi, she has served a purpose. she should step aside on her
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own, because she is causing and the republicans -- she has done a lot. for us. if she really cared, she would step aside. host: i think we have heard that. thank you for calling in. silver spring, maryland. thank you for taking my call. i think nancy pelosi is the best politician that america ever had. i really believe that. she has health that americans are benefiting from today. problem that democrats have, just like the previous caller's
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that is people who voted bernie sanders, they never voted for hillary clinton. and if we fight for what we field problem that i have with democrats is that they have to go out to small counties. people need jobs and they need to make sure that the jobs aren't going overseas so people can have a job. woman, she has brilliant ideas and white men usually don't like strong white women. she is brilliant. and she is a money machine. she collected a lot of money for the democrats. --tead of attacking
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listening to fox news attacking this woman who the credentials and brilliant ideas and saying something bad about her -- would like to see her as speaker if the democrats take the house? definitely. no question. host: here's a political article. democrats fear russia probe blowback. are increasingly conflicted about how forcefully to address the issue of possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia. fearful of alienating voters who appear more concerned about the economy. democrats campaigning in districts across the country are deemphasizing russia in their rhetoric and some are warning that a persistent focus on the investigation could backfire. steve in arizona, would you speaker pelosi again?
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caller: i think you asked the more important question. what do democrats stand for? traditionally, democrats help has knots get something. this would be original. decideocrats have to what to the maturity of -- what do the majority of people want to hold on to support. that is usually what they want. a minority -- gets civil rights. and stuff like that. about whato decide they can do to help the majority country,ople in this what do the majority of people want? have a great day, great talking to you. host: up next is colleen.
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for taking myyou call. i wouldn't be against nancy speaker but as everyone is saying, the republicans and democrats don't have a plan. none of them do. and if we don't start dealing , it won't get better. nancy pelosi does raise a lot of money and that is important but i don't think that is important to the average american. i don't think we decide to vote based on any of the ads. i think we vote on what their positions are. nancy pelosi or somebody else, it will be fine. i think democrats are going to gain a lot of power at the next election.
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but i don't think there is a plan. with health care, for example, hillary clinton health care for her whole career and she didn't have a plan. the republicans didn't have a plan. , theyy don't get a plan will suffer. host: that was colleen from florida. democrats only for this segment. we're asking you about what you think about a potential speaker pelosi in 2018, when it comes to the midterms. what you think the democratic party stands for, that type of thing. caller: thank you for taking my call. i say no on nancy pelosi. their -- inblood in
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there. she has had her run. host: where you a democrat? why are you a democrat? caller: because i believe in equal rights for everybody. you know? governmentn the working for the people. without the people, there is no government. host: thank you for calling in. ted is in california. caller: can you hear me? i'm behind nancy pelosi.
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she is a hard-working politician and she is honest. drive theicans narrative but they say the same things over and over and over. they live in a dream world. they always find negative things to say about democrats and they harp on what democrats do. but democrats are trying to get health care for working. they are trying to get planned parenthood for single parents. welfare and all sorts of assistance for poor people. the republicans, all they want to do is have tax cuts for corporations and millionaires and cutting health care. didn't try to abolish obamacare because obamacare didn't work. they never worked with him. their whole goal was to defeat everything and block everything he tried to do. if they had to work with him then, we wouldn't be in this position now but we spent
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several years trying to oppose everything that obama tried to do and this is why we are in the position we are in now because of them. if you look back to ronald reagan, every time republicans are in power, we and in war. it takes the democrats for-eight years to get us out of the hole that they dig us, the country, in. and they blame the democrats for not doing it fast enough. in power, clinton left him a surplus. he left the country in shambles. he didn't create one job. do you think nancy pelosi should stay on as leader and potentially speaker, again? caller: nancy pelosi is the best negotiator in the last 50 years. when you are dealing with an opposition party like the republicans, they not only oppose everything she tries to and theyey obstruct
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are not willing to help her. and she still gets things done. host: thank you. we go to ellen. from martinez? did i pronounce that right? caller: no, that's quite all right. clinton.or hillary i held my nose and voted for her because i am afraid of her .orruption foundation,g the although they do international work, while she was in office, i think that was wrong. i am against nancy pelosi and i probably am one of the few californians who is against nancy pelosi and the sanctuary
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city policy. i feel very strongly that this is against federal law and it theld not be allowed in u.s., to allow cities and states immigrants,egal migrants, coming in here and having anchor babies and taking over our citizenship. host: are you a democrat? caller: i was, for most of my life. in the last election, i switched democrat,t -- back to a cousin wanted to vote for hillary based on the supreme court appointments. and i think neil gorsuch is a disaster. host: thank you for calling in. what do you think about a potential speaker pelosi?
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i am with nancy pelosi. she has done a great job. of has gone up against a lot the things that republicans have tried to do. yes, she does make a lot of money. now,ook at what you see money has to be an issue. but with her principles and philosophies for the government, i agree with that. democrats havet -- a better plan. democrats do have a plan. a plan on how to get the country back together. host: thank you to bobby and everyone who participated in the program. washington journal is back at 7:00 a.m. on monday morning. our discussion on the economy and afteren moore
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that, the international affairs director talking about your money and the $21 billion that has been spent on fighting isis. that is tomorrow on the washington journal. coming up in a couple of hours on book tv, another live program. this is with chris van hollen, a .ea party activist promoting her books and talks on the constitution. she will be on in-depth and that begins at noon on book tv on c-span two. thank you for being with us today on the washington journal. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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caption content and accuracy. visit] here on c-span this morning, newsmakers is next with richard neal from massachusetts area that is followed by trump. and up next, housing secretary ben carson speaking to conservatives in washington, d.c.. on newsmakers this week, we're joined by richard neal for the house ways and means committee. and to help with questions in studio, we have richard rubin who is a tax policy reporter. the first question is yours. reporter: i want to start out with the transition we are seeing right nowth


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