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tv   90th Anniversary of Chinas Peoples Liberation Army  CSPAN  August 7, 2017 12:00am-12:59am EDT

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c-span, where history unfold daily. it was created by america's cable television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. the british parliament is in recess until september, prime minister's questions will not be tonight. presidentxu delivered a message. it is courtesy of china global television network. > li keqiang: comrades, now i declare the opening of the conference in celebration of the 90th anniversary of the founding
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of the people's liberation army. [applause] li kequiang: please stand up, everyone. we will sing the national anthem together. ♪ [singing chinese national anthem]
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♪ li kequiang: please be seated. today, the central committee, of the cpc, the central council, the commission is holding this conference in commemoration and the celebration of the united anniversary of the founding of the people's liberation army, to review the glorious history of the army under the leadership of the communist party of china. and to look into the beautiful future of the cause of a strong military. together, a strong force to realize the chinese dream of a
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strong military. in this conference, we have the general, chairman of the people's republic of china, and a chairman of the central military commission to president xi jinping. and other members of the standing committee of the politburo of the people's central committee. and present we also have the leading figures of the party of the nation and we also have members of the central military commission, representatives of the veterans, family members, the retirees of the military, the retired militia. and representatives of a military heroes models
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supporting people and representatives of the demobilized officers of modern corps. and also figures of the central government, the different agencies of the beijing municipality, and representatives of different agencies of the central government, the military, and social organizations. also, representatives of different democratic delegations, the social organizations of our military, the armed forces, the military officers and soldiers. now i would like to give the floor to to mr. xi jinping the secretary-general of the central committee and chairman of the commission of china.
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[applause] pres. xi jinping: dear comrades and friends, today, we are gathered at this very big gathering in celebration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of the of the people's liberation army. the glorious history of the people's army under the communist party of china. and to look forward into the future of the modernization development of the national defense, and to mobilize the
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whole military and nation to continue to struggle. together, we are a strong force. we will strengthen the military together to realize the dreams and to endeavor persistently for the realization of the chinese dream of the chinese nation. comrades and friends, nine decades ago china was in a semi-field status as a society. the chinese nation is in and of this of it suffering a future divide and weakness.
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the people strive in foreign aggression. to have national independence and a liberation of the people, and to overthrow the imperialism and capitalism, the chinese people have been fighting ferociously under the leadership of the communist party. however, when the great revolution was like a raging fire, the counter revolution created a revolution in the people and raised a butcher's knife against the communists and the revolutionary people. this land, for a period, was covered in bloodshed.
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the chinese communist party was in serious danger, to be chased away and killed. the chinese revolution was in a very crucial moment. in this kind of lesson, our party realized that without an armed force, we could not fight against armed counterrevolutionaries. and we could not pick up the leadership of the chinese revolution. we could not change the victory of the chinese revolution and we could not change the fate of the chinese people in the chinese nation.
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first of august, 1927. a gunshot started it in the city of nanchang, started our party's armed resistance against the counterrevolutionaries. this is a big event in the history of the cpc. it is also a great event in the history of the chinese revolution. it is also a great event in the history of the development of the chinese nation. the first gunshots in the nanchang sea was just like lightning cracking the night sky. for the chinese people to see hope of revolution in adversity, they saw an uprising force. the nanchang uprising, together with the autumn harvest uprising, and many other local armed uprisings, marked the
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beginning of the cpc independently to leave the revolutionary war and establish a people's army. it started a new epoch in the chinese revolution. since then, the people's army, under the leadership of the cpc, have been devoting themselves to the historical cause of the liberation of the chinese people and happiness of the chinese people. and to the rejuvenation of the chinese people. since then, they have bonded their fate with the chinese people and the chinese nation. since nine decades ago, the people's army has overcome obstacles of different kinds.
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they have made great sacrifices and they have one one victory after another and achieved historical feats for the party and for the people. one of the historical feats, the heroic people's army in the '22 armed struggle, with its fortitude, its bravery, its strategies and tactics. it overcame different kinds of obstacles and it has beaten ferocious enemies of different kinds and has achieved
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victories in the revolutionary war, the war against the japanese aggression, and the war of the liberation. it helped to overthrow the three helped to lay part of the foundation for the new china, where the china of the people is of the masters. they helped change the situation where the chinese nation was featured by the weakness. one of the historical feats is that the historical people's army actively devoted itself to the socialist revolution and development. it helped to protect the
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motherland, and it helped to peace and it won the victory in the war to resisting u.s. aggression and aid korea. and, it has one wars many times to show the might of the nation and the military. and it safeguarded the borders over the land and on the sea, and it protected the newly established people's republic and it helped her to form the status of china as a big power and it has become a safeguard for the dignity of the chinese nation. one of the historical feats is it devoted itself to reform and opening up and it helped in
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servicing the reform and the development and the stability of china. it also emphasized the defense duties in hong kong and macau. it effectively helped to cope with different threats against the nation's security. the fights against separatists, activities of different kinds, actively engaged in international military exchanges and cooperation and peacekeeping of the united nations. it safeguarded the political system under the leadership of the communist party. it helped to protect the sovereignty, security, and national development interest of china. it also helped to protect the
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major strategic opportunities for the chinese people's development, and has become a major force in safeguarding regional and world peace. the people's army, under the leadership of the party, has been helping with the development of the country and it has been growing in the different fights and the heritage emphasizes innovation. in development, it has been modernizing itself. its modernization and stabilization have been proved continuously. it is a deterrent and combative power has been strengthened. it has grown from a single
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to differentary services. it has developed from muskets to a modernized strong power. since nine decades ago, the chinese nation and country has been growing up. we have scored historical changes. and we have realized a leap forward in dignity and wealth and strong power. this is a victory of the communist party of china. it is a victory of the chinese people. it is also a victory for the chinese military. in this glorious and solemn moment, we will deeply commemorate those leading figures who founded the people's
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army, including mao zedong and others. revolutionaries in the military. there feats will be described in chinese history. we will deeply commemorate those who founded the people's army. this includes many revolutionary
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and military experts, who will be inscribed in chinese history. in this glorious and solemn moment, we think dearly and deeply about those who devoted their lives to the liberation cause and the development cause of chinese socialism and they will be always remembered. [applause] >> hereby, on behalf of the central committee of the cpc, this counsel for the military commission, i would like to extend my congratulations to the officers and soldiers of the people's republic army, the armed police, and the military people doing their duties and leadership. i would also like to extend my greetings to the retirees and veterans who have served to the chinese revolution, the chinese
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construction, and the reform, who have made major contributions. i would also like to extend my greetings to the demobilized veterans and to the disabled service people, and to the family members of mothers who have made contributions. i would also like to express my gratitude to the scientists, engineers, technicians, who have served the national defense industries. i would also like to pay my respects to people who have shown their care and support to the people's liberation army. [applause] >> comrades and friends, in the
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past nine decades, there have been long-term practices. the people's army has been making progress under the leadership of the communist party of china. and they have formed a whole set of principles to govern the military. we have formed strategies and tactics. they have formed special, glorious traditions. it is the trick of our army to go from victory to victory. this is the blood of the people's army, which we will never forget. the people's army goes from victory to victory.
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it shows the power of the cpc. comrade mao zedong pointed out the principle is to command the military, not the military commanding the party. the absolute leadership of the party of the military is a basic principle started in the nanchang uprising and in the reformation. it matured. there is a difference between the military army of china and the old militaries of china. millions of the soldiers and officers have always shown their loyalty to the party.
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and they have been fighting, they have been overcoming difficulties under the leadership of the party. and, they have become an elite force led by the capability to fight and to win. and in the long history of the army, the officers and shoulders -- soldiers often say, so long as we follow the party we will win victory.
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it has he come a feature of the army and solidified the strong bond between the people's army and the people. it also has formed the strong will of the military army to fight for the party and for the people. history shows us that the command should always command the military. it is fundamental. so long as we have the party in leadership, the people's army will have a greater election and we will have the might to move will forward. the people's army will always abide by the role of the absolute leadership of the party. they will take this is the soul of the military and they will is take it by the root which they will never abandon. in any situation they take the party banner as its own banner. they take the party's direction as their direction and they take the parties will power as their
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willpower. the people's army can bring victory after victory. it is because it has its idealism. it is the political soul of the communist party of china and it is the spirit of the people's army. in difficult situations, we can fight and overcome difficulties. why? it is because we have idealism, marxism, communism, as a strong faith. in the long march to the war against japanese aggression, to
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the war of liberation, in the state of sovereignty and territorial integrity, and national disaster relief with the protection of people's lives and property, the military has always shown devotion. it has also shown devotion to the economic development of china and in peacekeeping of the world. idealism is like a beacon over us guiding the military army. history shows us military idealism can give us a strong power to overcome difficulties. and we are equipped with the
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market -- marx theory of dualism. that gives us stronger power to makes choices. it is already the spirits of the people's army. it is a term -- eight porch burning into the hearts of the soldiers. now anple's army is swerved in this idealism. situation it incites idealism. the people's army can fight with great victory. it shows the great power of reform and innovation. historyle's army is the of the development and
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innovation. in the long war against the from theaggression troops in the administration against japan's aggression to the five sources during the war numeroustion and adjustments. the army has been reforming the and they have to come stronger. the 16 characters in the red army period, and the success of the war in the war against japanese aggression in the
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small-scale ambush, the war against the u.s. aggression and korea, to the adjustments since the founding of the people's republic of china, the people's army has always been winning wars. it is always upheld rules and principles. it has written glorious chapters in the world history in the military. history shows us resolution, reform, innovation, and progress with the times is a broad role for the military to continue to have a role. the people's army's power is from innovation. and the military's victory is from reform and innovation. only by continuous reform and
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innovation can the military enjoy development and dynamics. they can continue to weigh the options. the people's army will always be brave in reforms. in any time, it will not be rigid, and it will not stop in reform. the people's army can win one victory after another. it has shown the power of a fighting spirit. it is brave enough to fight. it is not afraid of difficulties. it is not afraid of death.
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the history of the people's army showed many stories of this kind. the five martyrs on the mountain. it is historic. the company and the heroes all these men showed this kind of fortitude. against a ferocious enemy, we emphasize these non-beliefs. for revolutionary soldiers, we do not believe that there are tasks that we cannot accomplish. there is no difficulties we cannot overcome.
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there is no enemy which we cannot win victory over. we take death as going back home. we believe in bravery. in this way, we have won the belief, the faith of the party. we have won the praise of the people. we have won the respect of the world. history shows that war is not only about its heroes, it is about the spirit. without strong willpower, the quality to make a sacrifice, we cannot win wars only by armaments. from day one, the armies have integrated awareness and strict discipline. from date one of the army political discipline
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and strict awareness. the army has fulfilled many missions. this is because of the discipline built on the high-level political awareness that the army never infringes on people's interests. they speak to the pulse and are willing to die a glorious death. the army has always been a unified combat force. history tells us that this allows us to be invincible. the strength of the army not only it wise on the strength of soldier, but also relies on discipline. without strict discipline, our army won't move forward. the army should build an iron
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will with iron discipline, and obey no circumstances must -- must the army obey the commands of the party and march forward with a unified pace. from victory to victory, the people's army has demonstrated strength in military civility. the people's army has always shared the same destiny with the people. they fight for the people. they will be pra soldiers. if they keep people in their hearts, they will be remembered by people. as a popular song goes, the last ball will ride, and the last piece of cloth will be sent to the soldiers.
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the last of these men will be sent to join the army. the sun vividly embodies the unity between the army and people. history tells us that when fully supported by people, the people's army are invincible. we stand on the side of the people. we can win their full and sincere support, and build a wall of iron and steel. when going forward, the people's army should remember the fundamental principle of serving the people, heart and soul. under any circumstances shall we remain the people's army.
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comrades and friends, we shall always remember the glory and splendor of the army. this is been created with blood, sweat. the experience of the army has been gained through unrelenting efforts. the historic development of the army has been driven by loyalty and the responsibility which will always help us to move -- motivate us to move forward. since the party congress, we have focused on fulfilling the goal, and the chinese dream of
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rejuvenation that we put forward under building a powerful army. under the parties command, with combat readiness and fine work style. we must keep up with the times. we have convened the political work conference, and we have put forward a new party. we should deeply perform the national defense and army, and we should -- taking overall command, combat zones and including different military types. we have reshaped the army, and have taken historical steps to build a military system with chinese characteristics.
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the army has become a brand-new force in structure and temperament, and organization. we have promoted the fundamental changes of the army. have to combat capabilities. we will promote military skills in combat. readiness to defend sovereignty and maritime interests. we should focus on new concepts in combat, and driven by innovation, we will focus on the construction of military systems to build the army into a high-quality, high-efficiency people's army. in the five years of hard work, the people's army has achieved
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the restructuring of political ecology, organizational bonds, strength, and work style. the people's army is working to start a new journey and take a firm step in building an army with chinese characteristics. >> [applause] pres. xi: friends, comrades, but -- history has always moved forward. in today's world, we have seen that the international situation is taking on unprecedented changes.
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china is witnessing the first scale development of construction and chinese characteristics. to fulfill the dream of rejuvenating the transformation, and where opportunities. we have laid a good foundation and have unlimited confidence. meanwhile, we must be fully clear that the road ahead will never be smooth. we will encounter a lot of challenges, major resistance and contradiction. we will continue to engage in the great struggle with new, historical features. we are keenly aware that china
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has stepped out of suffering. the chinese people have been liberated, because we have had a week people's army. if we want to achieve the dream of rejuvenating the chinese nation, if the chinese people want to have a better future, we must quicken the pace of building the people's army into a world-class army. we mustn't forget our own purposes and wishes. we must continue to march forward, to build a strong army with chinese characteristics. this moves ahead with our course of strengthening our army. in order to strengthen the army, we must stick to the leadership
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-- principal of the party's absolute leadership of the army, to ensure that the army always follows the party. the party leadership is guaranteed for the army's creativity, combat capabilities, and organization. the absolute leadership of the party over the army is the best -- classic feature of socialism with chinese characteristics. it is the absolute, and an important political advantages to the party and the states. our army will remain the army of the party and the people. the army should enhance this. that the political awareness, and formally maintain the authority of the citizens central committee and move forward and implement the
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party's absolute leadership of the party. for this important principle, we must be clear with firm attitudes and resolute actions. there should not be any doubt, hesitation or ambiguity. we want to promote our army. we have to stick to the principle of developing parties. integrating the marxist military theories with the modern chinese army practice. the development of the people's army depends on the guidance of advanced military theories.
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we put forward new concepts, new ideas and new requirements. these are the guidelines in the military theories for guiding the party in the new era. the president should implement the military theories of the party, to integrate these features with the new guiding principles of the party. so that we can make continuous achievements in our cause of building a powerful army. the process of exploring the truth will be never-ending. theoretical innovation will be never-ending. the army is an innovative undertaking, we have to adapt to new situations and new challenges. we have to make innovations in
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our practices and theories. we have to improve our ideas in building a strong army. we should let marxism military theories shine in our practices of building a strong army. we have to focus on combat an armys and build which can fight and win. in peace, we should not forget the rules and risks. we uphold peace and maintain security. and deter wars. we have many options, but the military means the military will always be the bottom line.
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the people's army is an army with strong world capabilities. we should focus on world readiness, and we should work hard towards this goal. we must ensure that when the people and the army lead, the army can fight all over the world and achieve success. the army should study the military guidelines and research in modern theories and practices. we should understand the modern rules of the wars. we should carry out live drills according to the needs of the war. we should solve the problems in world combat. we should improve our capacities
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in military training. since the people cherish the peace, we never invade other countries. but we are confident that we can defeat all the aggressors. we will never allow anyone, any organization, any political parties, at any time, in any form to separate any piece of land from china. >> [applause] pres. xi: we should expect to influence on china's sovereignty, security, and the development of its interests. the people's army should formally maintain the leadership
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of the cpc and the socialist system of china. and formally maintain china's sovereignty and the word of peace. -- the world of peace. >> [laughter] >> [applause] pres. xi: in order to build a strong army, we must stick to the principles of building the army through political awareness, reform and, science and technology, and the rule of law. we should assume the modernization of the army. we should implement with political confidence the important role of the political work. we should build an army with capabilities, with high
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morality, and iron discipline. we should always remember the nature of the people's army. the people's army needs military reform and national defense. we should solve the institutional barriers, structural contradictions, and policy issues, restricting the developments of the national defense and the building of the army. we should be improving the chinese military systems and build a new military force, which can win and fulfill the mission of the chinese nation. we should implement the strategy of building an army with science and technology, we should stick to independent innovation.
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we should aim at the state of the arts. the technologies of the world. we should deepen our reform, and also, we should contribute the army's power to improving the combat capabilities. we should strengthen the chinese military system. with chinese characteristics, and fundamental change of the way of managing the army. we should continue to promote the military/civilian integration, and build the national system which integrate the military and civilian power. our party has long been the fulfillment in
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development economies and coordinate the national defense. this is an important decision from the perspective of national development and security. we should respond to this -- the threats, and also to improve china's strategic advantages, which would strengthen the point of design, and would also promote institutional and mechanism reform. we should also build a new passion of integrating different elements, skills. we should have coordinated and balanced development of economic development and national defense construction. our national defense is the defense for all the people.
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it is our common cause to promote national defense and the minima's eyes asian -- minimize asian of the army -- minimize ation of theimiz -- modernization of the army. the cpc chinese committee, the state government, and all levels should strengthen the national defense and fully support national defense and the reforming military arms. also, we should create other conditions, improvise -- improving important parts of the army. we should stick to the principle of serving the people. the army should always remain a force trusted by the people, supported by the people, and loved by the people. if this army wants to win the war, they have to rely on the people. the foot of the people's army is in the people. the great force of the people's war comes from the great force
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of the people. the full army needs to put the people in their hearts. and so we remember that we are fighting for the people. this is our sacred responsibility. we should formally protect people's lives, and also ensure that they lead a happy life. we should bring forward the fine traditions of globally uniting the people, and we will always be the defender of the people of interest. the army should actively participate in local socialist construction. we should respond to disaster and other emergencies and create benefits for the people. the unity between the army of the people is one of our political advantages.
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we should put forward this glorious tradition of support between the people and the army. friends and comrades, we have always tried to promote world peace and development and maintain world peace. the chinese army has always been a strong force in maintaining world peace. as always, the chinese military and army will conduct international military missions to respond together to international security challenges, and also fulfill our responsibilities and obligations corresponding to china's national interests. we will contribute actively to the building of the common community of destiny.
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friends and comrades, 90 years of relentless efforts has proved that our cause is glorious, our future is bright. the party, the army, and the nation, and the people must unite as one and move forward. in our glorious practice, we -- of building chinese socialism and communities, we must continue to write a new, glorious chapter of building a new army and we should create new glories and achievements in the new historical era. >> [applause]
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comrades, just now, the ancretary xi jinping made important speech. he looked back on the glorious road of the people's army from small to big, from weak to strong, from victory to victory. he extolled the people's army's great achievements in liberating the chinese army and seeking the
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happiness of the people in the -- people and the independence of the chinese nation. he talked about the secrets of the army's success. he also mentioned the cost of building a powerful army, and building the army into a world-class army. we have to understand that our climate. we need to learn. look closely around the cbc, central committee. we must not forget our wishes. we will continue to go in the a armyn with --
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an army with chinese characteristics. we will also work to achieve the of rejuvenating the nation. now, let's all stand up. please play the anthem of the army. pra] ♪ of the
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>> this is the 90th anniversary of the pra army. thank you. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] british parliament is currently in recess. the next prime minister's questions are scheduled for september 6. you can go to to find
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video of past prime minister's questions and other british public affairs questions. monday night on the communicators. we are at the black hat conference in las vegas with jeff maltin, executive director of the stevenson national center for security research and training at louisiana state university. >> the hospitals are packed almost daily. whackeds are getting almost daily. we will not eliminate this threat, we have to learn to live with it. we have lived for millenniums with the flu virus. we never are eradicated the flu virus, we learned to live with it. you do certain things when you are exposed. you try to get a shot and an oculi yourself. you isolate yourself from other people who have it. there are hygienic measures you take in the physical world that are necessary in the digital world. >> watch tom


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