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tv   Washington Journal John Fund Discusses President Trump and the GO Ps...  CSPAN  August 8, 2017 8:03am-8:33am EDT

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in edison middle school, a number of is one honorable mentions. thank you to all the students who took part in the studentcam documentary competition. to watch the videos, go to to chooseing students a provision of the constitution and create a video illustrating why it's important. >> washington journal continues. host: our first guest is john
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fund, the national affairs columnist or the national review. good morning. the president talked about the strength of his base coming out of rallies. what do you think about what he is saying through those tweet? trump face is largely supportive of him still. think they are dissatisfied with the pace of change in washington. he said he would bring real change. they like him still mostly, but they don't take the focus is enough on the big issues. caller: how does he change that tony western mark -- tone? guest: they have admitted we did not expect donald trump to win.
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we did not expect to have the senate and the house in the white house. we did not expect to have to repeal obama care. the best thing that has happened in weeks is the arrival of john kelly as chief of staff. he is going to bring it discipline and structure and end the backstabbing in the white house. it's been a chaotic white house. the people don't care about ins and outs like we do in wash in. if you can't manage the white house, you can't manage the federal government are in -- government. the tweets, most of them go through john kelly first. sometimes the president accepts changes. haveresident now has to
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clearance from his chief of staff or anyone that comes into the oval office, that includes eye vodka and jared kushner. not everybody can just stop by now. the president's reading material which was highly varied and sometimes from bad sources is more controlled. he still gets lots of interest in stuff, but someone sorts the wheat from the chaff. senate leftuse and without passing anything. do they focus on tax reform western mark what is the best way forward on that? supported reform is by a broad range of the american people. have an people don't ideological ax to grind know we have tons of dollars sitting
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overseas because of tax rates. that should he a non-ideological item. thebest way to do that is president has laid down some principles on tax return. of hades to start negotiating. he was not an active negotiator on health care. he was not interested in the bill. i think he is going to return to health care after congress. he sent out to very interesting tweets. he said he is going to demand exchanges.r the enrollednts have unconstitutional by a federal judge. congress wants to fix that in put that under a firm foundation. i think the president can negotiate some changes. congress has in the section from
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obama pick -- care. congress falls under the small business category. getgress cook the books to an exemption so they can continue subsidizing health care for employees. the president threatened to end that unless the act it on health care. i don't think he is going to go through with that. it's great leverage to use. john fund is with us. of if you have a conversation, and colin. -- you can call in.
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what do you think about ringing abouticans back republicans looking at 2020 already? how does the president bring them back? caller: we always have a four year campaign are in -- campaign. guest: the president is held in minimal high regard. they did not support him in the primaries. he was a democrat until 2009. in 2016 was a hostile takeover of the republican party. a lot of republicans have not forgiven him for that. they want him to succeed. they are worried about the chaos in the white house. of they are glad there is some struck her to it. -- structure to it.
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you have no idea what you're president is about to do. cnn has something up this morning, 38 percent say they approve of trump. 56% say they disapprove. do those things matter? guest: yes. members of congress are not scared of you. you don't have that much. democrats be careful to think those low approval numbers if they go into next year mean a bonanza of new congressional seats for them. numbercrunching, they did an analysis of the mid-term. astonishing. if the democrats were to carry
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every district that hillary clinton one plus every district at donald trump one by less than 3% and every senate that hillary clinton one, they still would not take back the house and they would lose five senate because of the imbalance of what are up. understand,ould that will help them, but they can't run just on that area -- that are in their own polls show over 50% of americans to democrats only stand for trump resistance. their they came out with better deal plan. they have a lot of work to do. host: i want to ask you about that in a little bit. this is michael in new york. i think the president is
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insane. he doesn't know what he is talking about. they have to start thinking about the reality. our congressmen should start his impeachment. thank you. guest: the only district that donald trump lost in the republican primary in new york was manhattan. there are new york republicans who share that view. impeachment is a political act. it does not require crimes. it's an extremely divisive act. impeached, i think it
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would tear the country apart area nothing else would get done. insane, isident is leave that to medical psychologist spirit of -- psychologist. if you trigger it, there is a separate crisis. host: bill kristol of the weekly has started a committee to renominate the president. there will be lots of people running for president in 2020. i think john kasich is already running a lot of this will depend on the hotly. -- economy.
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should the economy be in pretty good shape, he would be in pretty good shape to be renominated. doldrums, that is the biggest threat to an incumbent presidency. a lot of this depends on if trump policies are enacted. work?y it's too early for that to be known. host: this is virginia. caller: good morning. wondering, why do we have to give welfare to u.s. corporations for them to do the right thing and repatriate funds they have sitting overseas? don't they use the roads, doesn't the military protect them, don't they use the water supply western mark -- supply? shouldn't they do the right
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thing? guest: can you force them? that money was earned overseas. the tax rates are very high. we have the highest corporate tax rate. they have good as this reasons. their job is to maximize shareholder value. they would be going against that. thatu want to pass a law forces them to do that, i don't take that would work. follow other countries. if he wants to send the army out, good luck with that. host: from california. mentionedrlier, you
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trumps reading material was being censored. the irregular reading material, can you name the irregular reading material? that sounded add to me. it's not up to you to decide what reading material is irregular? guest: you completely misunderstood what i said. i said the chief of staff was deciding and directing people to edit the president reading material. if the president wants to find something on the internet or watch a channel, nothing prevents him from doing that. no one should have the ability to come by his desk and throw papers on his desk. it has to go through a process. there are some websites out
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there that don't have a high degree of act receipt. info wars is entertaining. i would not go to the bank on what is in it. if the president wants to look at that, it's perfectly acceptable and the president read to this. of the president read he needs more of the filter to see the important stuff. censor thet to president. host: we get lost -- asked a lot about twitter use. guest: it keeps them in touch with his base. he doesn't have a filter. he is a master of social media. he has a powerful megaphone. on the other hand, he gotten himself into trouble. i don't think anyone should tweak it for 5:00 a.m.
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the independent line, your next up. william from new jersey. go ahead. to mr. funduestion trump you feel about the residency and how it's going now? what can be done to improve it? thing, democrats responsibility, he is been very slow in appointing people to the positions. people and is only appointed 150 of them.
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there are lots of positions at state and the pentagon that are important to nationals dirty that have not filled. the president is new to politics. game, but hethe has to step up his game. you can't change the government unless you have people who understand your agenda and are willing to implement it. holdovers from the previous administration will call the shots. host: is that part of john kelly's role western mark -- role? guest: it's been a disaster. when bill clinton was in office peopleear, he had 100 working in the personnel office. this president has 17. that is a recipe for slowness.
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you can't pass your agenda without your own people. host: joseph is next. he is from massachusetts. you are on. believe the president -- there has to be a way the has made mistakes. i would fire people too. is barry people because of the reason. anybody would do that if they had the power to do it. i think he needs to move it down a notch. then they can work together. i don't like the way they are going at each other. he's got to be careful what he
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tweets. i think he is a new president. he is a businessman. i respect the president even though i am endemic at. together and try to jump over what we can't get done. guest: the president likes to act like a ceo. he has fired people. john kelly is a breath of fresh air because he does have more of 40. -- authority. i don't think the president grass that the ceo of a country can change the way it corporation is going very quickly. he doesn't have to obey a lot of norms and rules. the president is bound by the
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cap to share in and tradition and a range of things. the american people voted for somebody who would break from that. the president is constrained. if you were to a point every single person to the federal the only way a president can read that troop of people he did not bring in with them is to inspire them and say we are going in the same direction. talk about what you seen with the president addressing the work of the attorney general. the justice department's handling of the russia thing has raised questions. if frankly, i don't take that's fair. jeff sessions was interviewed by the president for the job.
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there were scenarios as to what would happen with the russia question. wante president did not jeff sessions to recuse himself, he should have asked him. i think this is a mistake on management. jeff sessions had to follow the advice of the lawyers and recuse himself area -- himself. sessions was only one of several people for attorney general. they're the president is laying blame on someone worthy blame is closer to the president. host: jim, it morning. -- good morning. caller: hello. good morning. thinking about the bailout
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in the george bush administration. my friends, they chelated $150,000 in debt with reddit card companies -- credit card companies. , was thinking that the hmo there is so much deficit in mental health and it is overrun with treatment.
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mostly addiction services and rehabilitation harvest -- services, health care should be an issue because it's responsible for people not being able to -- the government -- guest: there were three or four questions in there. host: let's go back to michael. you are on with our guest. i was listening about the concern over immigration. it's like figures on the chalk board. i'm sure you know what the cartels are up to with the influx of the drug.
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it is pouring in through the borders. there were 1140 pounds of cocaine and heroine with a value of $91 million. we aren't such a war with them. they have all these routes they are going through. i am sure you are familiar with that. guest: i think the caller is right, the drug problem is serious one. my brother was deputy chief of police in tucson. tried to cut off the flow of drug. it's almost impossible unless you focus on real law enforcement priorities. one of the things we're going to
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have do is seven image rations of them that is more of a point based system. openould have an immigration system. we have to sort out our illegal immigration problem. president eisenhower solved this, but it did work. i wish you been run better and there had been your human rights abuses. at the unless we have a work visa program and a regularized program for people seeking jobs with willing employers, were not going to have the ability to stop the drug problem. richard nixon tried to shut down the border in 19 nine. 1969. it shut down commerce for 45
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days. i think we're going to have to realize we are want to solve the immigration problem to solve the drug problem. host: how does the border wall factor into that western mark -- that? wall, it you want a doesn't have to be a complete physical wall the entire distance. there are some geographical barriers. wall, hedent wants the is a commentator himself to the fact that it going to be a slightly different wall. the real issue is we had a situation where we address illegal immigration problems. strict enforcement for people that are here illegally, but a visa program that takes people.human issues of we've got to have some way to regularize them and deal with
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them. we're not going to deport 11 million people. host: one more call on the independent line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i agree with the previous call to set the trap should be impeached. i am really tired of the line. , too is too much lying much alternative facts. i think we need someone we can trust. this president doesn't seem to be trusted. guest: if we impeached president's relying, we would have a long list. i can remember if you want to keep your doctor, you can keep them. i remember mission accomplished. clinton who had alternate conceptualizations of reality on many issues.
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as far as looking at the administration, do you think as far as the current track is concerned, is it correctable? host: i think the marker is going to be tax reform. i think the corollary to that will be does john kelly develop a structure around the white house and the trust with the president that he can tell the president you can't do that. fund, you can find the work on the website. thank you for your time. we appreciate it. we are going to hear from the president and ceo of the council of civil rights. she is a former justice department official. bipartisan center,
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we will discuss the opioid crisis. we will talk about those subjects when washington journal continues. >> when you look at every major that has risen up in the united states, when black people have abandoned peaceful protest in newark and baltimore and angeles, it has always been because of something the police of one. >> paul butler takes a critical look at the criminal justice it -- system. who ought took at men, the of black
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number one victims are other black men. if a white person is concerned about the new victim of crime, the main person she should be concerned about is her intimate partner or her husband. statistically that is the person most likely to cause her harm. >> c-span, where history unfold daily. he's been was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and is not to you today by your cable or satellite provider. >> washington journal continues. host: our next guest is formally of the attorney general's office. assistant as the rn


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